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Read Lipozene Testimonials, Comments & Feedback

Below you’ll find some unsolicited customer comments and testimonials on Lipozene and details about the results they obtained with the product. If you’d like to have your own comments on Lipozene featured here, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear your story, and so would our readers!

Second, please recognize that there are many valid reasons why any product will or will not work for an individual person.Just because Lipozene receives a few positive reviews does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Conversely, a negative product review does not always mean you should dismiss it. Regardless, be sure to recognize that personal feedback is always highly anecdotal, so use your own judgement if you are using these reviews to influence your buying decision.

Special note: We often get asked why the feedback and testimonials found on this site “look” a lot different than those posted on most review sites. It’s because we don’t edit or filter the comments to remove the bad ones – we post them exactly as we get them.

I purchased Lipozene and it was a huge scam!

The website ( says if you buy 1 bottle for 29.99 you get 1 bottle free!


You purchase the 1 bottle for 29.99 then get charged an extra 59.99 for the 2nd bottle. They don’t charge you the additional 59.99 until about a week after you receive the product.

When I saw the additional 59.99 that was charged to my account I immediately called lipozene and they told me they would remove the charge.

About 2 weeks later I saw anoter 29.99 charge on my online banking statement from lipozene. Again I called lipozene to see what was going on. The gentlemen that I talked to said that they could not remove the charge like the previous saleswoman said, but they could break it up into payments!

I dont know why the first saleswoman didn’t tell me that in the first place! She just told me that they would remove the charge! He said another 29.99 would be charged to my account in another 2 weeks.

I would not mind spending that much money on a product if it worked, but it does not work AT ALL!

The bottle says take 2 capsules a day, or for faster results take 2 capsuls twice a day. i’ve been taking the 4 capsuls for the faster results for almost 2 months and NOTHING has happend! NOTHING! Lipozene is a complete joke. I called again…. to lipozene because there is a money back guarantee, and I straight-up asked the representative if a lot of people have been returning this product and he told me “yes!” So, just some advice to everyone! Dont buy Lipozene! its a SCAM!

Steph (

I’ve used Lipozene for a month now, can’t say that I see or feel significant difference. I am on a workout program, TAE BO. I do this for about 1hr 20 mins mon-fri and I would credit all my wieghtloss to the program alone.

It’s a vigorous workout which I’ve used before to lose weight (and was succesful) and the pounds do not seem to come off any quicker then they did in my past without use of Lipozene.

So frankly I think had I not been doing Tae Bo I would have seen little to no change in my weight and body fat percentage.

Renee (

I worked as a contractor for the company that represents LIPOZENE and took product orders. The order process is so long and confusing that even I had a hard time ensuring that my customers did not get charged for product shipments they did not order.

There are six upsells that the customer has to say no to in order not to get charged monthly. They are only written this way with the intent to deceive.

Who is the perpetrator of this attempted fraud?

The company is West Corporation and they write these scripts for companies like Obesity Research Institute LLC for LIPOZENE. Call your local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission (202-326-3291 or 202-326-2752) to make a complaint if you have been taken. This is fraud.

Or better yet, make sure you call the West Corporation CEO Thomas B. Barker at 402-963-1200 to complain. And call often to ensure the message is received.

I have seen this up close and this is a scam. West represents other reputable companies like Time Life and Guthy Renker. I bet they would run for the hills if they became associated with this scam.

K Balou (k_b AT

I’m not yet sure if this product reduces body fat or not, but I will say that it DOES make you feel full.

Never in my life had I ever walked through a grocery store and not been able to come up with something to cook for dinner, simply because nothing looked appetizing.

If your goal is to eat less, YES it works. One note, though, initially you tend to hold on to fluids. Water is extremely highly absorbed by fiber. If you can be patient enough to wait out this initial period, and not get discouraged in the process, Lipozene can work.

Alli (

Lipozene did help me lose a few pounds so I would recommend it for people who just need to get a few pounds off. I believe in order to lose a lot of weight using Lipozene you must use it over a long period of time.

I also believe that just simply taking a fiber supplement will help you lose weight also, and in the end is alot better for people with tight budgets because fiber supplements are about half the cost of Lipozene.

Stephanie (

I ordered Lipozene over the phone and was told I would be billed 29.95 plus shipping.

I was debited $164.00 from my account and have just been taken for another $41 without my consent.

Lipozene has done nothing for me or my husband in 30 days and we cannot reach this company for the refund we were promised. My bank will now get involved. Lousy product no results.

Dorothy (

I have been using this product for one week now with absolutely no weight loss. I have been taking 2 tablets 3 times a day. It hasn’t reduced my craving for foods, though I don’t overeat on a regular basis. I have tried to call customer service without any luck. I will try this product for 3 more weeks for any results, but at this point I am not holding my breath.

I also noticed an unusual billing on my credit card. I was paying for a 4 month supply for $149.00 with shipping. My card was charged $49.91 with a balance due. This was not the agreement when ordered.

Dean (

I am on my second bottle of Lipozene now and not only have I not lost any weight, I have gained two pounds. It was the biggest waste of $39.95 I have ever seen.

Of course, I was hooked by the TV ad but when I called, the telephone operator for Lipozene was so insistent that I make a commitment to continued shipments, I was immedicately skeptical.

I told her I wanted the trial bottle only and she was not authorized to ship me any more of the product. Needless to say, I will never use this product again. I wish someone would put a stop to this false advertising and shut these people down.

Crystal (

Lipozene did nothing for me and when I called to cancel any further orders, they sent me out one anyway and then told me that I could not get my money back. Now I am stuck with the extra bottles of this product plus the old bottle. Would not recommend it to any one.

Angeleta M. Beverly (

I read on your site that you would not recommend Lipozene.

Well, I am an overweight person, weighing 300 (last time I weighed) and have tried, for the last 8 years or more, different diets and diet pills.

Then, I heard about Lipozene. I tried it at my own risk and have been taking it for about 3 weeks. After the second week of taking the pills, I am happy to say that I record my measurements every two days and I see that I have lost between .5 to 1 inch every time I check my measurements.

I have not been exercising like I should and have still been losing inches. No matter what anyone says, Lipozene worked for me. Thank God for Lipozene!

Trina (

I’ve purchased Lipozene. I’m a 35 year old Black American, and my work hours are between 10 to 14 hours a day. I really had no time for exercise, so I tried the product. I must say, I was nervous about trying the product. Everybody’s trying to make a quick buck from the other man.

I’ve taken the product for about 2 months now, and I’ve lost about 7 pounds. I don’t think taking Lipozene alone did it. I started playing basketball two days a week for about 3 hours at times. I’ve also started taking Metamucil and have changed my eating habits. I think and feel I could have gotten the same results by taking Glucomannan – 665Mg. It’s the same stuff in the Lipozene pills, and guess what, it’s only 9 dollars a bottle.

SKU: 255.101 Size/Form: 100/Caps Product On Sale Retail Price: 6.49 ON SALE Price: $8.96 (Now Save 46%)

Incredible huh? I’m not too upset though. If I didn’t start taken Lipozene, I don’t think I would have gotten on the right track on seriously loosing some weight. I’m not fat, just have a gut that won’t go away. I weight about 230lbs, and I’m now down to abut 223lb. I’m going to loose weight and reach my goal of about 205, but I’m going to do it the right way and stop waiting money on commercials that are set up to take your money. Thanks for listening.

Christopher (

I first ordered Lipozene back in March of 06, the product did nothing miraculous and was no more effective that anything else on the market. Therefore I did not want to order this product anymore.

I did not request any more of their product. I kept getting shipments of this product, uncilicited, and I returned all of them. Then about a month ago, I saw where they had cahrged my account $59.00 and $60.00 four times.

When I contacted the customer service center they said that I needed to fax them the order numbers and dates and the amount and they would refund my money. Big surprise there!! I get an email from them saying they never received any of my returns. (I always sent them back right away, having never even opened them). They had all of the info that was requested and now they tell me I am not getting my money back!!!!

When I asked to speak with someone in charge, like a supervisor, I was put on hold and then told that there was no supervisor to be found. I am furious, I work hard for my money and don’t like being scammed and treated in the disrespectful way that I was. This is not the end of this. I will not just give up and let Lipozene take my money.

I guess they think we are all just stupid consumers who don’t know how the system works. I do. I started where I was supposed to on trying to get my money back and now I will go to the next level. Lipozene will wish that they had just given me my money back before this is all over.

Trust me, this company is a giant consumer rip off. Now they are going to be taken to task for the garbage they offer you in return. It’s a crying shame when a company stoops to the shoddy practices that they do to make a dollor (oops, I mean millions of dollars!).

I am not going to take this. It will be taken care of and I will get my money back!

Linda (

I ordered this product in November. No noticable difference in what they promised.

I was then sent another 2 bottles in December without ordering or without approving that the money be taken out of my account. Which over drew my account. When I called to complain, I was told well they told you when you ordered the 1st time you where put on a continuing mailing.

Which I was not told. I told them that I was not told that and the people they have on the phones do not speak english very well and talk way to fast. All they could do was tell me sorry, but that I was wrong. Still haven’t gotten my refund back.

This company should be put out of business… VERY P0OR CUSTOMER SERVICE… said it is not their problem how long it takes me to get my money back.. Hope they go bankrupt.

Jill (

I tried to return the product, and they said they’d return the money but it’s been 2 months and i have yet to see a penny of it.

I should have known that it was a scam from the TV commercials themselves. Lipozene is no different that taking some metamucil or eating allbran, and both other options are much much cheaper than buying Lipozene itself.

Please do not support these products that make a buck to their owners by scamming people. If you want to take a product that will make you lose weight, eat more fiber in your diet, and exercise.

Sam (

I ordered over the phone 1 bottel of Lipozene.They asked me if I wanted to continue with future orders automaticly and I said no! I told them that if the product worked that I would call them back.

They assured me that I would only get the one bottel. I got it and tried it and it sucked. Waist of money!

But now they keep charging my credit card for orders I didn’t make and they keep sending me pills. I keep sending them back and asking for a refund and they keep sending me the pills.

I had to call my credit card holder and change my account. I now realize that I am just out the money and I will never get a refund! If they send any more pills I will give them away!

Lonna (

I have not been using lipozene that long, so i dont know if it works for me. I was reading what some of the costumers had said about the big charges from ordering it online or on the phone. I

just wanted to say that I buy it at Walmart for $20 (buy one get one free).

I think that if people wanna buy it and try it and they are worried about the charges they should check out their local stores first.

Jennifer (

Do not fall into the trap of Lipozene!!

Like all the other comments on this website they are a scam! I too found it does nothing! I too have been charged wiothout my permission on my credit card.

I am having to dispute the charges on my card and am thinking of changing my card number to stop this.

We need to pull together and get a lawyer and file a class action suit against them! Anyone interested? Contact me at

Thank God for this site so hopefully we can stop these people!

Marcella (

I have not yet tried Lipozene, however, after reading the consumer remarks on your website I doubt that I will. In the past, I have ordered Propolene from the same company and encountered similar problems.

Eventually I got them to remove the “auotship” feature for the product, although it took several phone calls, emails, threat of legal action etc. before it was eliminated. Propolene worked initially, as it seems Lipozene has for many consumers based on their comments.

This company really does need to be put out of business, though. It’s bad enough to push products that don’t really work as they claim to, but when you add rude, un-helpful “customer service” (I use the term lightly) to the mix, it is a consumer’s nightmare.

Should the Better Business Bureau be involved? What about Consumer Affairs? David Horowitz? Or the news media? ABC, NBC, CBS? Get the big dogs to bite! A blitz of bad press may have some impact.

A Class Action lawsuit might be another option, not for the money so much, but to put these unscrupulous, unethical, bad business practicing fools out of business, permanently!

My heart goes out to all of you who struggle with your weight, whether it’s 10 pounds or 200 pounds, the fight seems endless and companies like this one can really set you back. Been there, done that, 150 pounds worth! Be encouraged, though, for any loss you do have is YOUR success, not some product, even though many out there are effective and can help, it is YOU who can do it, YOU who ultimately puts in the time, energy, blood, sweat and tears, so be PROUD of yourselves, no matter what! and try not to let companies like this one make you feel foolish.

We have all tried something to help us lose weight, gimmicks, tricks and anything that might make it a little easier on us, so this product is just another “oops,” which is okay because we are only human and we make mistakes.

Don’t beat yourselves up over a company with unethical business practices; what goes around, comes around, and they’ll get theirs someday! Hang in there folks, somebody will take this company down before too long. It is a shame that in this land of plenty and opportunity there are still scummy opportunists like these out there who give America and American business a bad name!

Heidi (

Hello, I purchased a “trial offer” of Lipozene for $9.98.

They assured me that it was a trial offer, but then at the end of the phone conversation they said they would be sending it monthly. This has been going on for several months now. They charge my credit card 9.98, and I send the bottle back with them NOT crediting my account.

I cannot get Lipozene to answer my request to terminate this service, and I have finally got the credit card company to listen to me. This month my card credited my account because after they had said they would not allow Lipozene to charge it, they did. When I called them and asked why they said they would take care of it.

Well, today in the mail I recieved a letter from a retrieval masters Creditors Bureau (a collection agency) to contact me about a past due amount of 9.95 to Lipozene.

When I tried to contact them to explain the situation, I get an automated system. Go figure!!

Anyone know of any way to get Lipozene to stop sending me “trial monthlys?”

I apparently am not getting through to anyone at their company! I would like to have the money back they have charged my credit card, or basically stole out of my pocket at a high percentage rate.


Priscilla (cpcraigATleru.ent)

I have encountered the same as the rest of you being overcharged. I also ordered on line and was buying the 1 bottle for $29.95 and rec. the second one free.

When I rec. my bank stmt. I was charged $95 on my account, which also put me in the negative, and I had to pay $120 for 4 checks that bounced.

When I called the company they said that I had ordered the bigger bottles, I argued with them and this did no good. I explained to them I just wanted to return it all and get my money back I had not even opened the pkg. Which is what I did, and never received any money back.

I then received another shipment and called them again after they charged my account again. I was unable to reach anyone to speak to them & after several attempts I gave up.

After 2 months I opened the second pkg. and figured I had paid for them might as well try them. I agree with the person that says she has not lost any weight but they do make you feel very full. I have found I eat about half what I used to. And when I do eat I feel very bloated like i have just eaten a thanksgiving dinner.

I think maybe with taking them for an extended period of time that it might would be possible to maybe lose weight by not eating as much or even at all. But I don’t need a pill to do that. And the cost of it was not what they advertised someone should file a suit against this co.

Kim (

I just want everyone to know that if you deal with this company you will get screwed! Yes, I know that I feel into the whole diet weight loss pill thing that doesn’t work to begin with.

But…I bought these pills in Jan 2007 and cancelled shortly after. It is now June 28, 2007 and I see a charge on my bank statement for this that bounces several of my other payments. I called and couldn’t get a supervisor. They would call me back within 24 hours. NEVER happened. I called back and finally got one.

It was a computer error about the cancellation and the reason it was auto shipped 6 MONTHES LATER was a delay!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! They will not refund my money until I get the pills in the mail and send them back.

Thanks alot for causing me about $150 in overlimit fees for something that was cancelled several months ago!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. YOU MIGHT BE NEXT!!!

Beth (wcatspaw AT

I started off ordering Lipozene online 6/20/07 and gave all of my credit card information, I did not follow through with my order because there were a lot of solicit pop ups for me to get orders automatically monthly and I did not want them.

I never received a confirmation that my order went through until 6/25/07 (which it did), and I received it on 6/27/07. I had already went to Walmart and bought this product for $19.99 6/21/07 and was told when I called that I could not cancel my order and send it back once received until 30 days.

So far I have been taking the product and working out, but do not see any changes due to the pills. I have not been having any bowel movements, and is always feeling full and bloated.

I called customer service on 6/27/07 at 3:15 and 3:18p.m. and asked them not to bill me in the future after I have read all of the other feed backs. I told them that I did not give them permission for future billings. They told me that I was not set up automatically and will not be billed in the future for future shipments.

By the way I talked to Caroll Employee # 3284. I am asking everyone who bought this product to document dates, times that they called, and whom they spoke with with employee #’s for future references just in case we have to file a lawsuit.Especially if there are any side effects.

Cyndi (c.pharms AT

I worked as a contractor for the company that represents LIPOZENE and took product orders. The order process is so long and confusing that even I had a hard time ensuring that my customers did not get charged for product shipments they did not order. There are six upsells that the customer has to say no to in order not to get charged monthly. They are only written this way with the intent to deceive.

Who is the perpetrator of this attempted fraud??? The company is West Corporation and they write these scripts for companies like Obesity Research Institute LLC for LIPOZENE. Call your local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission (202-326-3291 or 202-326-2752) to make a complaint if you have been taken. This is fraud.

Or better yet, make sure you call the West Corporation CEO Thomas B. Barker at 402-963-1200 to complain. And call often to ensure the message is received.

I have seen this up close and this is a scam. West represents other reputable companies like Time Life and Guthy Renker. I bet they would run for the hills if they became associated with this scam.

K Balou (k_b AT

As some one else said I purchased the Lipozene from Wal-Mart and it was $20.00. I have lost about 9 pounds in 2 months. I like it. It makes me not hungery before I even want to eat.

Erin (purplelilly84 AT

I am on medications that makes my appetite increase quite a bit. I was constantly hungry! Then I went to Walmart and purchased my first box of Lipozene.

I noticed effects on cravings and hunger right away and and subsequently, I am not nearly as grumpy. It used to be where I would eat two ordinary meals and feel satisfied, but now I only eat enough for one and feel relatively full.

I am HAPPY to say Lipozene is working for me and I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble with hunger and cravings. Not only has it helped with this, but I don’t feel “wired” or “hyper” like other diet pills containing caffeine. For me, it really works!

Linette (linetteprince AT

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  1. for those wishing to purchase without all the added offers and for way less money walmart now sells it for 19.99 and you get two bottles. I personally have not tried it.

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    • Thanks for the info, Kim!

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    • I tried lipozine 3 months ago and I was 160 pounds. Now I weigh 119 so yes lipozine worked for me. I don’t understand All the negitive commets from everyone on here. Lipozine really works and I recomend the product to anyone who wants to lose weight. So please everyone stop saying bad things about this product because it really works. Thanks susan from michigan

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    • They cashed my check and it cleared the my bank Dec. 17,2014 and to this day I have not received the five bottles they promised me. It cost me (rounded off) $92 dollars. So What is this??? A major scam??????
      What is the phone number at that company??? I have to contact them again if I can find the phone number to try and find out why they have not sent the package yet???????????
      If this is how they do business, this is the last time for me and I will tell everyone what they have done. This is totally stupid, since they are in California and I am in Oregon. It sure as heck doesn’t take that long to mail something?????? If they mailed it at all??????????????

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      • Robert, the number listed on the Lipozene web site is (800) 998-6763. There’s another number listed on the Better Business Bureau page that you also may want to check out.

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  2. I recently brought lipozene from walmart for 19.99 I see a lot of ppl upset because of the extra charges just go to walmart. Im sure as some of the other ppl have said you have to exercise aswell as take the pills I believe no pills you buy and take will work if you dont exercise some.

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  3. Hi my name is Katherine Klaus and I would like to say that I’ve tried all kinds of diet pills and all kinds of diet food and nothing has ever worked for me until I found Lipozene. This product has changed my life. I have lost 34 lbs. in the last 6 months. and I feel wonderful. If you are a person that has a hard time sticking to a diet you should try Lipozene. Just want to say Thank You to the wonderful people who make and sell this product.

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    • Katherine, we’re glad you had good luck with Lipozene. Just for your information though, you can get the same results and save some money by using glucomannan. That’s all Lipozene really is!

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      • Cool thanks for the info.

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    • Katherine did you have to change anything from your normal routine? did you exerices on a daily base. I have been trying to lose weight and lost 67 lbs on my own but now cannt go anywhere. I was having to exercise everyday walking 5 miles plus more just to accomplish what I did.

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  4. Every one who taken, report the company to the FTC. Go to their website and fill out the complaint forms.
    When enough complain they will act and shut them down, and may charge the perpetrators with criminal charges. They will certainly fine them large numbers.

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  5. For anyone who had ordered it online if you read all the pages when they popped up it says that there will be additional charges every month. I just recieved my two bottles plus my metabo up to see how they work. Take into account they say it’s for people who really need it. No pill actually works without changing youre lifestyle, you do need to work with it. Change eating habbits, workout (doesn’t have to be and intense workout) I am 6’1″ and 20 years old with 2 kids and i weigh 285 pounds and i keep gaining weight due to being on the shot to prevent pregnancy so im not expecting dramatic results right off the bat. you can’t expect to see a difference witin the month trial. My back is in horrible shape due to having two kids so close together my body just gained mad weight. better to try and start loosing weight in the summer go for 30 minute speed walks, (running is horrible on you’re joints) do some sit ups. When i started grade 9 i went on a pure salad diet and lost 10 pounds in 2 months. But if you are looking for something that really does work look on facebook for Flo Daughtry she sells wraps that get rid of stretch marks selulite, tons and tightens youre body like crazy!! All natural product. The doctor who invented it his wife used it while she was pregnant. All depends on you’re preference!! There are other merchandise you can buy but this product got rid of all my stretch marks in 3 weeks. One wrap once a week for 45 minutes sit back and relax and you can feel it working while you have it on!! best investment ever and i can promise you it works!! I do trial runs on multiple weight loss products and the wrap is something that i have seen work but it was time for me to move on and try something else. Just giving my input to friends and family so i can tell them what works and doesn’t.

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    From: “[email protected]
    To: Linda C Andrighetti
    Sent: Fri, May 31, 2013 6:07:34 PM
    Subject: Order Shipped

    Dear Linda C Andrighetti,

    Thank you for your order!

    We wanted to let you know that your order has been processed and shipped. You should receive your order in 3 to 5 weeks for regular shipping, or 5 to 8 business days for rush shipping.

    Your order will appear on your credit card statement with the entry: DEN*LIPOZENE

    For questions or concerns about your Lipozene, MetaboUP or MetaboUP PLUS order, you may phone our Customer Service department at 1-888-220-8907.

    If you would like to place another order for Lipozene, please visit Or if you are interested in ordering more MetaboUP or MetaboUP PLUS please visit

    As a special “Thank You” for your order we would like to give you the opportunity to claim a FREE $25 Wal-Mart GiftCard offer.

    Go to to redeem your gift now.


    Order Information:

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    • Linda… we understand your frustration, but we’re a product review site only. We do not sell, fulfill or even recommend Lipozene. So you’re not going to accomplish much for reporting us, since we have nothing to do with your order or the product.

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  7. I spoke to them this morning but became concerned when they insisted on selling me other products that I did not want. I keep telling them no I did not want any other products and they kept offering other products. I tried to cancel and then they refused and then I hung up and tried to cancel all the order but could not get througth.

    Do not buy anything from these people. its a scam

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  8. I am a recovering addict and I’ve watched your ads. Why would I even think of buying a product when one of your customers is obviously ‘totally ‘ wasted! that person is older black woman. I am not at all prejudiced and I am Not picking on her specifically because of her race, but this woman is wasted!!!!!!!

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  9. I have spent 140.00 on this product and have not lost any weight or fat do I GET MY MONEY BACK

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  10. I am scammed by Lipozene. I only ordered 1 bottle for $29.95 as was advertised on tv, didn’t care much for any free product nor energy pills, I just wanted to lose a few lbs and my God these people send me a whole box of pills which I didn’t order and went in my account and took $127 and put that account in negative. I called and they said I should return for a refund, which I did and was refunded but is charged again $53 for what I don’t know, I only got an alert from my bank statement saying my account is below threshold. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR PILLS LIPOZENE. PLEASE STOP THIEFING MY MONEY. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Actually, the reviews on Amazon are easy to “game.” You can buy them from outsourcing sites like They mean nothing because you can’t authenticate them. And when they’re all positive, it’s a sure sign of a scam. Claims made for fat burners are rarely based in reality, so if you get reams of feedback that doesn’t look like the above (i.e., lots of unhappy customers), that’s a HUGE red flag.

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  11. I had try lipozene that I buy at walmart …it majes me feel full all the time ..and I cannot think about eat much food …it really works …it doesn’t meant its gonna work for everybody I fell great with the results ….I have less body fat in two months

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  12. I have been using Lipozene now for a few months and it does not do a darn thing. The TV ads are a fake as you can get. I too tried to return the product for the refund and it took me nearly 4 months to get my money. The ad is a bogus as the product. Guaranteed my butt.

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  13. I was NOT Pleased with the product and Returned it Back to Lipozene for my Refund . Do Not Buy this Product it does Not At ALL do what they CLAIM !!!!!!! How do We or I receive the WALMART GIFT CARD ?????

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    • We have no affiliation with Wal-Mart, I’m sorry. I have no idea how to get this card.

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  14. I’ve been taking Lipozene now for 2 1/2 weeks and haven’t lost a pound , or inches or anything, I have not changed my daily workout routine or lifestyle I go to the gym regularly I’m not sure how all these people supposedly lost all this weight when I’ve taken it faithfully 2 times a day and did everything that was required! If it works for you, then more power to you but this stuff has done absolutely nothing for me! I’m not bashing this product by any means I’m just giving 100% honest feedback! Thank you for reading!!!!

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  15. After reading all this negative feedback I think I’m going to consult my attorney and have her send them legal documents explaining if they take any money from my account other than what was authorized that I will file a class action lawsuit and I will get my money back and will sue the shit out of them and have them financially investigated

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  16. Heed this warning Lipozene according to all this negative feedback you are in for one hell of a major lawsuit, wouldn’t it just be easier to stop stealing money from customers accounts and returning their money when asked! Your days of thieving are over do expect a lawsuit that you clearly will not win so get ready cause I’m coming for you! We are coming in hot so hope your prepared to either payback each and every customer or file chapter 11 either way you’ll be ruined!

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