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Have You Been Cheated By A Supplement Company? Report A Ripoff!

Have you been cheated, fleeced, bamboozled, hoodwinked, stolen from, or lied to by a supplement retailer?

Because the supplement industry is so loosely regulated, it is a prime breeding ground for bad behavior, outrageous claims, nefarious billing schemes, and fraud. And that’s especially true for products only sold online, where companies can hide their true identities and location from consumers.

Nevertheless, as a consumer, you have rights. You have a voice. And if you use it properly, you can make yourself heard.

Very, very clearly.

We’re here to show you how you can use that voice!

Just a quick note: Before you continue, please be sure you have allowed the company in question ample time and opportunity to address your complaints or concerns.

Remember, even good companies drop the ball sometimes. Sometimes “stuff” happens— especially online; an ISP (Internet Service Provider) may inadvertently flag your support email as spam, so the company never receives your complaint. Or your email provider flags their response as spam, so it never makes it into your inbox, making it look like they are ignoring you.

This is a common occurrence. So always make sure you “white list” the company in question so you do receive all correspondence from them.

That said…

As a consumer who has been ripped off, there are a lot of things you can do…

1. In the US, contact your state’s Attorney General: If you’ve been added to a recurring billing scheme without your consent (where you receive and are billed for fresh product each and every month), you will definitely want to contact your state Attorney General. Several have already taken action against merchants using this billing scheme.

You an find a list of Attorney Generals and their contact data here! Canadians can try contacting their provincial attorney general, or possibly the federal Department of Justice. To learn more about recurring billing schemes, how they work and how to avoid them, watch our video, “The 5-7 Day Free Trial Scam.”

2. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau: Yes, this still works. And better yet, every company’s indiscretions is posted plainly online for consumers to review. Start your complaint here!

3. File a complaint with your national consumer protection agency: In the US, submit a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Canadians, submit your complaints to the Canadian Competition Bureau.

4. Warn others by sharing your experience on the appropriate online resources: Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, and our own Real-Customer-Comments.com are all great places to post. You can also contact us, or post your comments on this site.

Please do take the time to contact as many relevant resources and agencies as possible. By doing so, you`ll ensure others won`t have to deal with the same things you have, plus you will impact the only thing many of these scumbags care about—their bank accounts.

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