Lipovarin Review: Response From Rob Dente, CEO Sterling Grant Labs -

Lipovarin Review: Response From Rob Dente, CEO Sterling Grant Labs

Shortly after I posted the Lipovarin review, I received an e-mail from Rob Dente, President of Sterling Grant Laboratories (the makers of Lipovarin). Rob felt I had given his product an unfair review, and said so…

“Lipovarin is a great product which will do quite well in our full blown clinical study which we hope to have completed by the end of the year. Initial results from consumers and individual clinics have been outstanding, and we expect (lipovarin) to deliver more weight loss than ephedra based products when all is said and done.

If you look at our product you will notice that we do not use generics. We use ingredients that have substantional research behind them with more to follow. Certain ingredient manufacturers and their scientific evaluators feel so strongly on the blend that is Lipovarin that they will be subsidizing the cost of the clinicals which we hope to formally start in late spring.”

In regards to Lipovarin’s high cost, Rob told me…

“…our product costs 2-3 times that of leading weight loss products to produce.”

I’m glad Rob has the strength of conviction in his product to approach me in this manner. I’m looking forward to seeing and posting the results of the clinical studies, although I’d prefer them being performed without the backing of the ingredient manufacturers.

Thanks Rob.

Update: Since this article, several of you have asked me if I ever did receive the results of the clinical studies on Lipovarin, due in late 2004.

Alas, I have not. It’s possible that Rob forgot to follow-up with me. Unfortunately, I find it harder to believe that those results would not be posted somewhere, if they existed. To date, I have not seen any clinical studies validating the effectiveness of Lipovarin.

To be fair, Rob also sent me a sampling of Sterling Grant’s product line — including Lipovarin, Somnatrol (a nicely formulated natural sleep aid, which I found to be quite good) and a creatine product which appears to be no longer available.

Despite the outrageous hype and questionable marketing tactics employed by this company, their products are probably better than most online offerings.

Initially, Lipovarin made me extremely jittery, but when I cut the dose down to 1 capsule per serving, I found it quite effective for elevating mood. Because of the extreme jitters, I could not stay on the full dose long enough to access its effectiveness for weight loss.

Please… this is not an endorsement of Lipovarin. I highly caution anyone expecting miracles from this product. Although it may indeed be helpful for elevating mood, without the implementation of proper diet and exercise, you’ll only be disappointed.

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