Lipovarin Customer Testimonials, Comments & Feedback -

Lipovarin Customer Testimonials, Comments & Feedback

Below you’ll find some visitor comments on Sterling Grant’s Lipovarin. If you’d like to have your own comments on Lipovarin featured here, please contact us with your story.

Please note: I do not post testimonials without a name and e-mail address. Such testimonials have no credibility — I could be just making them up, right? So if you’re not willing to have your name and e-mail address disclosed, you may still send your comments, but I will not post them.

Second, please recognize that there are many valid reasons why Lipovarin will or will not work for an individual person. Just because Lipovarin receives a few positive reviews does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Conversely, a negative product review does not always mean you should dismiss a it. Regardless, be sure to recognize that personal feedback is always highly anecdotal, so use your own judgment if you are using these reviews to influence your buying decision.

Paul’s Comments: Due to stunning remmendations for Lipovarin on a high profile “review” Web site, it’s no surprise that Lipovarin is one of the most researched fat burners on this Web site.

Consequently, Lipovarin has also generated a lot of customer feedback from you as well.

In all honesty, feedback for Lipovarin has been more positive then usual. Unfortunately, I had to doubt the credibility of a some of the more positive comments. The claimed results were outrageous, and I had to wonder if the authors of these “testimonials” had some other agenda (for instance, my whole-hearted recommendation of this product). The other option I had to consider is that they were sent in by employees of Sterling Grant labs.

Nonetheless, I’d say that about 50% of the people who contacted me were happy with this product. That’s a significantly higher percentage of satisfied customers than I’ve received for most other fat burners on this site. Despite this, please use your own judgement when deciding to purchase Lipovarin.

I have been using the Lipovarin weight loss product for 6 weeks and I am very happy with the results so far.

I put on about 35 pounds after being transfered by my job overseas to Salerno, Italy over 2 years ago. Unfortunately I was not as diligent with my eating habits and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to work out. I just returned back to the States in December and I committed myself to getting into better shape and losing the weight.

I have lost a total of 9 pounds. Ideally I would like to lose about 20 more. The Lipovarin has definetly cut my appetite and given be more energy. Also, I cut back on my sugar intake. People like myself who drink too much soda don’t realize how those calories add up everyday and are not beneficial at all. I am also drinking a lot of water and trying to do some exercises 3 times a week.

Overall, I recommend the Lipovarin product.

Your site is great, keep up the good work!

Jayson Bergman (

I came across your site and just wanted to share my results on Lipovarin. I lost over 12lbs in 3 weeks so far and I feel great! It did make me feel a little nauseous at first but I heard that was normal.

It went away after like 2 days and it was well worth it. I don’t feel as hungry all the time and my waist size is down as well.

Renee (

I began using Lipovarin after I did some research. I found a “consumer web site” that highly recommended the product. They said it was the best of all the fat burners on the market. That was enough for me.

I bought it and began taking it as recommended. I try to watch what I eat, exercise and average of an hour a day 5-6 days a week. Both aerobic and light weight training. Despite all of this I have noticed no appreciable difference in my mood, energy level and I still have a fat layer around my belly.

I quit smoking two months ago and I had hoped that the lipovarin would help me to raise my metabolism, but so far I am finding that the product isn’t all that it’s proported to be. I am 56 years old and I have around 10 pounds to take off is there anything that can help raise my metabolism?

Kat (kat711

I am 21 with a 1 year old baby. I have had a time trying to loose the weight.

I bought Lipovarin a few months ago and have been too skeptical and hoping there would be an easier way to get it off. But our 3 year anniversary is coming soon and we have big plans so I started taking them about a week ago.

So far i noticed that my tummy skin seems looser, like the fat is washing from inder it. Thus far I have lost 5 1\2 pounds. I can’t say it is the pills but my weight hasn’t changed so rapidly in all the time i dieted thus far.

Tandi (tandilaux AT

I loved Lipovarin!

I did best with ephedra products and have been looking for a replacement ever since. So far I have tried Lipo-6, Stacker 2 & 3, & Thermo DynamX among others. And I would have to say that i noticed I had more energy when taking those which made me want to work out so in turn I lost a little weight. But with Lipovarin I felt normal and ate a bit more then normal and did not work out and ended up losing the same amount of weight.

Taken for 3 months i noticed that i never seemed to fluctuate at all….

Usually if i eat really bad for a few days it starts to show by about day 4, but with Lipovarin i would have bad weeks and no change. I have been in my skinny jeans for 3 months straight taking only half the amount required. I take the 3 pills in the morning then that’s it. I recently in the last week ran out and have switched back to Thermo DynamX until I can get some more and i am already starting to not fit into my jeans.

Needless to say i will be getting some more! Now, I would have to agree if you a looking for a major difference and want to lose a ton of weight then I really don’t think anything will do the trick without the help of diet and exercise….but if it is just 5-10 pounds or you want to stay where you are but be able to eat a bit more then normal and not have to work out then i think this is a great product…..It is really expensive though!

Leah (leahgulledg AT

I paid about $75 dollars for lipovarin and I posted positive feedback on the website because the first day I felt like I didn’t want to eat. I did follow the directions and after 2 days I think my body got use to the caffeine or something and I really feel like I’ve wasted my money.

I appreciate your site and hope you will keep me informed to what may really work for me. I must also mention that I workout 5 times a week…every morning….and have a cycling class twice a week and I have NEVER weighed this much since I have started working out.

I don’t know what else to say.

Joe (

I have used Lipovarin for 2 weeks now, with absolutely NO effect. It does make my heart race a bit, but only slightly. After 2 weeks, I have not lost one pound, nor has my hearty appetite been suppressed, nor have I ever experienced this “chocolate high” crap.

What a waste!!

Ray (rayglasser AT

Let me tell you, I have been an excercise nut 5 out of 7 days a week for over 20 years. I eat very healthy and overall I care for my health.

I do have a little concern with putting on weight so after a long winter I figured hey why not try this new product along with my good diet program (mostly protein and water) and see if I can knock off a more quick pounds. With the bad weather behind us why not get in better shape for the summer.

I purchased Lipovarin thinking this might be a decent product to help burn off those extra pounds. After purchasing this product over 3 weeks ago and getting it into my system to see if it actually works, I can safely say it does not. Money well wasted. I have not lost one pound. By far the best to use in my opinion is still the original Hydroxycut. Just my opinion.

Doug (dkirby1 AT

I’ve just finished my second bottle of 150 capsules of Lipovarin. I have been taking it for two full months, and haven’t lost a single pound. I do find it gives me energy to exercise, and helps supress my urge to binge eat, but I still have no real results after all of this time.

I have increased exercise and have decreased calories. I am looking for something new to try. I miss Metabolife with ma huang. That kept me thin for three years!

Tina (tinab428 AT

Just to let you know, I am getting married in 5 weeks–so I started taking Lipovarin 5 weeks ago, along with my fiance. I have lost 15 lbs and he has lost 12.

I am about to buy my second batch of lipovarin and I think it is a miracle drug. Take 2 lipovarin at breakfast, and you will never be hungry again. I have never had anything like it.

(Swingirl2000 AT

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