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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene SR Fat Burner Review

Manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Lipodrene SR supposedly represents “a culmination of over a decade of research and development.” Given this company’s highly questionable ethics, I very highly doubt that, but that’s neither here nor there, so let’s continue…

So what’s in Lipodrene?

Well, there’s green tea, a solid, “no-brainer” supplement with some decent research validating its effects on both metabolism and overall health (a full review of green tea is available here).

Hoodia gordonii also finds its way into Lipodrene, although its effectiveness is largely disputed at this time. That, and there’s a serious issue with obtaining a constant supply of this relatively rare, protected cactus (a full review of Hoodia gordonii is available here).

Lipodrene also contains…

1. Coryphantha macromeris extract: coryphantha macromeris is also a cactus, and although I did not find any double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized, peer reviewed studies verifying its effectiveness as a fat burner, it is a known stimulant. Perhaps even more interesting is that it is also a mild hallucinogenic. Check out this extract from PubMed for more information!)

2. Phenylethylamine (PEA): found in chocolate, phenylethylamine is responsible for that “chocolate high” some people experience — that sudden uplifting in mood and well-being. Phenylethylamine occurs naturally in the brain, and helps regulate feelings of attraction, excitement, giddiness, apprehension and euphoria. Structurally, phenylethylamine is very similar to amphetamine, and some individuals may even experience similar effects.

A stimulant as well, it is possible that phenylethylamine could elevate the metabolism and perhaps even increase satiety (fullness).

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any solid evidence indicating this is the case at this time.

There’s another problem too; phenylethylamine is rapidly metabolised by the enzyme monamine oxidase, meaning very little of orally consumed PEA actually enters into the bloodstream.

To date, the best phenylethylamine-based fat burners (like Gaspari’s CytoLean) contain plenty of natural MAOI (monamine oxidase inhibitors). Theoretically, these ingredients prevent the breakdown of PEA, allowing more of it to enter the bloodstream. How well this works for elevating mood and boosting the metabolism has yet to be established in any credible study. Nonetheless, there are no MAOIs in the Lipodrene formula.

While the bulk of compilation is comprised of the first 4 ingredients, there’s also a 275 mg proprietary blend containing…

i. Citrus aurantium (standardized for synephrine): a chemical cousin to ephedra, it is theorized that this compound may stimulate the metabolism and encourage weight loss. Unfortunately, clinical evidence does not validate this theory. Check this extract about Citrus Aurantium from this PubMed abstract

“An extensive search of MEDLINE, EMBASE, BIOSIS, and the Cochrane Collaboration Database identified only 1 eligible randomized placebo controlled trial, which followed 20 patients for 6 weeks, demonstrated no statistically significant benefit for weight loss, and provided limited information about the safety of the herb.”

To read more about synephrine and to view more related clinical references, read the synephrine review!

ii. Yohimbe: Yohimbine is the active compound of Yohimbe, which is derived from the bark of an African tree. Yohimbe is reported to facilitate muscle growth, and because of its effect on the central nervous system (Yohimbe acts upon alpha-2 adrenergic receptors), may encourage weight loss (studies indicating weight loss are promising but not revolutionary — see Isr J Med Sci. 1991 Oct;27(10):550-6).

Yohimbe isn’t a benign ingredient — people with high blood pressure or kidney disease should avoid Yohimbe containing products, as well as women who are, or who may become pregnant. There’s also some concern about combining Yohimbe with ephedra and other stimulants (could lead to variations in blood pressure levels) or antidepressants.

iii. Naringin: isolated from grapefruit, naringin helps extend and increase the effects of certain compounds, including caffeine. It also displays cholesterol lowering effects. A full review of naringin can be found here.

iv. Commiphora mukul (also known as guggul or guggulsterones): the standardized extract of a resin of a tree native to India. This resin has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. A study published in The Journal of Associations of Physicians in India in 1989 showed this substance to have a powerful effect in decreasing blood fats (called triglycerides) AND LDL cholesterol (that’s the “bad” cholesterol), while elevating levels levels of the good cholesterol “HDL.”

Additionally, guggulsterones may stimulate the thyroid gland, resulting in a positive effect upon the body’s main thyroid hormones, T3 and T4. Nonetheless, evidence suggests they are no weight loss miracle.

v. Coleus forskohlii: May have a positive effect on Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). cAMP is a “cellular regulator.” In other words, this compound camp is required to “spark” many intercellular processes. An increased concentration of camp can have such “total-body” effects such as raised thyroid hormone levels and increased fat burning.

Is there any evidence to validate its effects on weight loss? One study performed with 500 mg of ingredient standardized to 10% active ingredient (taken twice daily in 250 mg dosages) conlcuded…

“Results suggest that CF does not appear to promote weight loss but may help mitigate weight gain in overweight females with apparently no clinically significant side effects.”

This can hardly be described as dramatic.

vi. 5-hydroxytryptophan: 5-HTP is often used to treat mild depression on the premise that as a precursor to serotonin (a chemical neurotransmitter found in the brain). There is some evidence 5-HTP may be helpful as a diet aid (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1992 Nov;56(5):863-7, J Neural Transm. 1989;76(2):109-17), but only large doses (one study used 900 mg per day). Since 5-HTP is part of 275 mg blend, we can be sure it does little more than provide “label dressing” here.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Lipodrene and Lipodrene SR are currently being indicted for a “generic pill fraud scheme.”

According to government investigators, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals manufactured generic versions of drugs (such as steroids as well as Viagra, Vioxx, Cialis, Ambien, Valium, Xanax and others) and sold them via the Internet, violating several U.S. laws.

You can read the details of the indictment here and here!

This sure doesn’t add much to the credibility of the claims this company makes for Lipodrene.

I’m not a fan of Lipodrene—the formula is nothing special, and the ethics and credibility of the company are highly suspect. The president of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals was recently sentenced to a 50-month jail sentence. Is this the sort of company you’d like to do business with?

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I love this stuff ive been taking it a week and ive been losing a pound a day my friend has lost 40 lbs in 2 months.

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  2. I took Lipodrene a few months ago and really saw no difference in weight loss except it gave me more enegry and ocassional gitters — thanks to ephedra! 🙂

    If it wasn’t for ephedra in it, I don’t believe this product would do anything.

    I will try Lean System 7. I’ve read some great things about it.

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  3. I have used Lipodrene off and on when I need to shed a few pounds. It works great if you include the right meals and daily exercise. It suppresses your appetite and gives you a boost, and I haven’t felt any bottoming out yet.

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  4. This product is awesome!! I am a server and the executive chef and I take these all the time. Great energy and I workout on a daily basis. I have lost 23 pounds in a month… hard to believe I know but It’s true. I never get hungry because of the hoodia that is in it as well…

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  5. I have used this product and it didn’t do much for me or my weight. At first (going by the directions), I went two days without sleeping but my appetite was the same. When I finished the bottle I was the same weight than when I started.

    The only difference I noticed is that it would make me sweat a lot at the gym and anywhere else but besides that nothing else.

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  6. Lipodrene gave me some great energy. Maybe too much energy since I had trouble sleeping even when I took the pills before 10 am.

    There was no real weight loss, but I got more housework done – even with a newborn – and was able to accomplish more at the office.

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  7. I personally hated this product. At first I lost weight because even at half the recommended dosage, I could barely and was jittery all the time.

    After a month and 7 pounds lost, my body started to get used to the product and my weight loss level off.

    I even tried increasing the amount up to the max suggested amount and after 4 months, had no more weight loss.

    I also had problems sleeping if I took the product after 1pm or around lunch time. Since I had to take it during the day, I could hardly eat, but by afternoon and evening I could.

    However, it’s bad to consume most your calories in the evening so this product really sucked in my book. My mother in law took it for 6 months and lost 25 lbs., but gained it right back after going off it because she was able to eat again.

    I would consider this products legal crack!

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  8. I have been taking this product for a week n half, I love it! Im only taking one in the morning and one with lunch, I have lost 8 lbs already, no jitters, no rush just a warm feeling with more energy, I am actually eating more, than I used to because I didnt eat breakfast, but it makes you hungry then you fill up fast. I have no trouble sleeping at night. The people who get jittery are people who are highly receptive to caffiene, there is alot of caffeine in this product, but coffee and caffiene does not effect me. I did nothing extra the first week for the 8 lb. weightloss because I was skeptical now I am walking more because I see it is going to work. I highly reccomend this product unless caffiene stongly effects you!

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  9. I have been taking Lipodrene weight loss pills for about 4 weeks now.

    I have lost a lot of weight. I went from wearing a 26 wide dress to a size 20 wide dress side. It gives me lots of energy, but the key is to take my second dose before 1’o clock p.m.

    I’ve tried a lot of over the counter diet pills this is the only one that really works for me!

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  10. I’ve been using this product for a few weeks and so far I would say that it works well. The “jittery-ness” is pretty much through the roof at this point, but it keeps me on my toes and the extra energy encourages me to work out.

    There are a few seconds of euphoria when taking a regular dose but it may be because I’m thinking lean!

    I’m currently taking the Lipodrene manufactured without ephedra so i can’t imagine what adding ephedra would do. I don’t think I could handle that much energy!

    So far I noticed weight loss but it may be because I’ve increased the intensity of my workout routine.

    Since Lipodrene may be the cause of that so I would recommend it! (If you don’t think you can get used to the jittery feeling, Lipodrene is probably not for you.)

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  11. I have been using this product for a week now. So far so good, love this feeling of having energy and not being hungry all the time.

    Doesn’t get better then this. So far 5 lbs are gone, and more to go.

    I remember when I took the Metabolife 356 w/ ephedra in it, I was then 160 lbs and got down to 118lbs. I since then have had a child and well I’m a good 200lbs.

    So I am hoping this will get me back to the way I was before my child.

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  12. I really works. I have been using this for 16 days and have lost 9 lbs. I have had more energy which has allowed me to be more active and exercise more. No jitters or crash, just good energy. It hasn’t really effected my appetite so I have had to watch what I eat but clearly 9 lbs in 16 days is wonderful. Even if I didn’t loose weight or much weight I would have considered taking it just for the nice even energy it gives me all day. 1 take 1 original Lipodrene and 1 extreme Lipodrene(extended release) in the morning and then 1 original after lunch. I started out with 1/2 for each dose then worked up to the full dose. I even bought a bottle for my neice I was so impressed with this stuff. I sleep less but am more alert. I wake up feeling ready for the day before my alarm goes off, which is new. I am even staying up later in the evening and still feel rested and good. May not work for everyone but I am super excited I tried it and with the results I am getting I couldn’t be happier.

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  13. Ive been on this for about a week now and have lost about a pound or a pound and a 1/2 each day. I really have fallen in love with this product (perhaps its the energy slam it gives me?)
    I feel more energized and I blast through exercise like it was nothing because I need an outlet for all the jitters.

    That’s about the only thing that’s negative here. I cant sleep well and in class i am bouncing up and down, my thoughts race – kinda like drinking a monster energy drink every hour of the day.
    Although, it does what it says. Im losing weight – maybe its because I have the energy to exercise now?

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  14. While I have been taking this for 2.5 months and not lost any weight. However, I have stayed smoke free for the same 2.5 months and not gained an ounce. I started taking it about a month before I decided to quit smoking, so that I could get some “weight loss” under my belt before I tried to quit (usually I gain 15-30 lbs. when I try to quit).

    I did lose 10 lbs which allowed me to start the quitting with less concern. So for me it works for both weight loss and energy enhancer AND as a stabilizer in maintaining weight while I get though the smoking habit. So far so good.

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  15. I am a very BBW and it hard to drop the weight when you have to cook for your family. Well, I met a bodybuilder at my job. He looks great was losing weight and was ripped. He told me about this product.

    I was 278 now my junk in my trunk is 224 lbs. Yes ma’am, it works. I eat healthy I still have the the junk in trunk but not as much and I’m still shedding pounds. I only take 1 in AM, 1 at noon and 1 at 6pm.

    I was very sluggish now I’m big mama on move. Get this – it works. Take your time with it, the results are real!

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  16. I am 112 lb, also only 5’2, i need to lose 5 lb, started taking lipodrene about a week ago, only 1/2 pill, because I’m sensitive to caffeine – it didn’t do anything so I “upped” the dosage, and nothing still.

    I have found myself extremely hungry – never been so much of an eater but I’m 39 so I guess losing weight is not the same anymore (the reason why I started with Lipodrene). Does anybody know why this is happening to me? I workout 6 days a week, and run at least 2 miles after lifting…

    Editor’s comments: Annuka, retailers exaggerate the effectiveness of their products to increase sales. None of these fat burners work as well as advertised; even the well-thought-out, quality formulations. It may simply be this product does nothing for you. Check out the full review of Lipodrene for complete details on the formula.

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  17. I just started using lipodrene about 4 days ago and started with the 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. I Have had no jittery feelings with this product but then again I have an extremely high tolerance for caffeine. I also took hydroxycut with ephedrine and tolerated that very well. I am 35 years old and had my 5th child about 5 years ago and gained a massive 40 lbs in the past 2 years. I work out about 5 days a week and have not been getting the results I’ve been so desperate to attain.

    This product seems promising to me since I’ve been feeling more alert and active with my kids and at work. I have not weighed myself yet but I started out at 160 lbs being only 5’2”. I already feel my pants (size 10) fitting looser from the belly and thighs even though I haven’t hit the gym in 2 weeks. I don’t want to be a slave to the scale so I’ll wait a full 2 weeks before I weigh in but I like my muscular shape, I just want to feel better about myself and look great again. I already like this product and I can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow. This product might finally be the one I’ve been looking for since my precious ephedrine was banned, and I tried a lot!

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  18. I have been overweight for almost all of my life, and I started trying to loose weight before I got married, which was almost 4 years ago..and after that I could see myself quickly gaining weight. I gave myself a challenge for 2011 that I would loose the weight and be a new person! I would love to be half of my size. I started taking lipodrene and could immediately feel the energy kick from it!

    I was afraid I’d have bad side effects from it but I only had it once…after about 24 hours of the med being in my system I felt a little nauseated but never did after that.

    I am eating healthier and have started the special k cereal and cereal bar diet with this and I haven’t been exercising at all but feel like the fat from my stomach is just ‘melting’ away. It used to be hard for me to bend over to pick up things without almost feeling out of breath and struggling…but now I don’t feel as much access weight around my stomach and it’s easier to bend over or get in/out of my car. I am going on 27 years old and knew I had to do something about this extra weight…I definitely recommend this product and will continue to be a user!

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  19. I take this every now and then and i always see results, but as soon as i get off it i gain the weight back.. and also i think my body becomes immune after about a month

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  20. Hi iv been taking Lipodrene for about 2 weeks now. A friend recommended it so I thought why not try it. I am also doing insanity workout which is 6x a week & on my days off I go jogging. Ever since I started taking this product iv lost 5 pounds. I take 2 pills a day. It gives me enegy but doesn’t neccessarily control my appetite. It makes me sweat alot during my workouts. Hope this review was useful!

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  21. I love lipodrene. Man its does work. I have been using for week now and already lost 5 pounds!

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  22. Well, I am a month away from a International Pistol Shooting competition. I needed to do something drastic but safe. I never took any kinds of drugs that could help me loose weight, I just don’t like taking any kinds of medications period. I like doing everything the natural way but at 40, time is against me. So my mife dragged me to a neighborhood vitamin store a bought a bottle. I took it the next day and I feel a sudden burst of energy, like I want to do push ups in front of my boss’s office. I came home and just wanted to do some exercise to get the jittery feeling so I did. I just want to keep running and doing push ups for some reason. I thought I knew my limits but I guess not. I’m bouncing up and down like I am on crack. I feel that I am losing weight but it is too early to tell. There are changes in my body that I cannot explain. Like I pretty much have appetite but food doesn’t taste or satisfies my tongue so I can live without eating much, I think that is good. I notice my brain is telling me to drink more water and I am peeing a lot. Hot this helps. Good day.

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  23. I’ve taken this before and wasn’t dieting with it and lost maybe 2 lbs. Im a vegetarian so I don’t eat that bad. Recently I got a bit more serious about losing weight. I’ve cut out carbs..basically eating veggies, eggs, and Boca burgers. I’ve lost 7lbs in a week. I can already tell in my body. This helps boost your weight loss in the beginning and motivates you a whole lot more than without it!

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  24. And I meant to rate it a five. Whoops:)

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