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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Fastin Review: It’s Not Phentermine

I can’t say I have the highest regard for the business tactics of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, the makers of the Fastin fat burner. Fastin, after all, is the name more commonly used for Phentermine, the prescription diet pill. Of course, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Fastin is not the REAL Fastin. It’s not Phentermine, not by a long shot. And…

The fact that these folks are content to have you believe that it is can hardly be considered indicative of a true, customer-focused company (Hi Tech also manufactures a body building supplement laughably called Sustanon-250. The real Sustanon-250 is a potent anabolic steroid. The Hi Tech product, of course, is not).

Thankfully the feds have caught on to this, and recently, the CEO of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals was fined $50,000 and sentenced to 50 months in prison for “illegally selling knockoff prescription drugs over the Internet.”

At the time of this writing, however, I can still find Fastin for sale at Amazon.com. For shame.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has also been selling supplements contaminated with prescription drugs.

So… are you still interested in learning about Fastin, regardless of Hi Tech’s underhanded business practices and clear disdain for its customers?

Fastin contains two ingredients: Phenylethylamine HCL (PEA) and caffeine.

1. Phenylethylamine is the “ampthetamine-related” chemical present in chocolate which produces that famous “chocolate high.”Unfortunately, simple supplementation with phenylethylamine won’t do much to improve your mood.

That’s because the vast majority of it gets metabolized by an enzyme known as “monamine oxidase” (MAO) This prevents all but the slightest amounts from reaching the bloodstream. And alas… no feelings of “well being” or mild euphoria.

Well-formulated fat burners that try to capitalize on the “mood elevating” benefits of PEA usually contain several natural monamine oxidase inhibitors—MAOIs (for instance, the original CytoLean formula contained a ton of MAOIs to help offset the metabolism of phenylethylamine). Hi Tech’s Fastin does not contain any MAOIs, so the PEA within it is likely to provide minimal mood elevating benefits.

Regardless, even if phenylethylamine does help you with your mood, there’s no published evidence to indicate it provides any fat burning characteristics of any kind.

2. Caffeine: a well known and common central nervous system stimulant, with demonstrated—albeit mild, thermogenic effects.

So there you have it. The Fastin formula deconstructed. It’s pretty un-inspiring to say the least. There’s nothing here that justifies the $30 price tag. And the company’s business ethics and practices have hardly earned them your business.

Companies like Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals really annoy me, because they attract the attention of government regulators, and increase the likelihood of legislation governing your access to supplements. The last thing any of us needs is more government legislation restricting what you can and cannot access. At the same time, the behaviour of companies like this one really doesn’t give legislators much of a choice.

This is one product and company I heartily recommend you avoid.

Summary of Hi-Tech Fastin
  • Glorified caffeine pill.
  • Manufacturer has a shady history.
  • No proof that PEA has any effect on weight/fat loss.

Author: Paul

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