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InStone LeanFire (Lean Fire) Fat Burner Review

The LeanFire fat burner comes to us courtesy of InStone. InStone is action superstar Sylvester Stallone’s line of performance supplements. And what better guy to plug supplements than Stallone? Heck, while his acting may not be on par with say, Brando or DeNiro, he is in awesome shape, and his work ethic cannot be faulted. And who didn’t love the “Rocky” series? I mean, c’mon! LeanFire is, not...

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Review: Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss Fat Burner

Klick-ka-ching! Money, no doubt, is the #1 motivating factor for the release of Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss fat burner. Bob Harper, of course, is a personal trainer made popular by the T.V. show, “The Biggest Loser” (Jillian Michaels, another trainer from the show, also has her own line of supplements; we’ve reviewed both her fat burner and her “calorie control” products). On the face of it,...

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Buyer Beware: Celebrity Endorsements For Weight Loss Products

Supplement retailers love celebrity product endorsements. There’s nothing like getting some smoking hot Hollywood actress (or actor) or a super-buff high profile fitness trainer to provide a personal recommendation for your weight loss or diet product. Consumers, desperate in their quest to lose weight, are willing to dispel any doubts and buy on the celebrity’s say so alone. Retailers rely on this. They know that many...

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