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Estrothin: Weight Loss For Menopausal Women?

Estrothin is a fat burner specially targeted at perimenopausal and menopausal women. The web site advertising claims…

“EstroThin” is guaranteed to boost energy, increase stamina, improve mood swings and to help overcome physical and emotional hormonal changes.”

And of course, it’s also supposed to help you lose weight, too.

Unfortunately, there are aspects of Estrothin’s advertising and marketing that make me question the retailer’s credibility.

First of all, it’s advertised mostly via radio ads and the Internet. I’ve written a lot about the issues you as a consumer are likely to run into if you purchase a product via a #1-800 number or an “As Seen On TV” ad.

Simply put, selling products in this manner allows the manufacturers to isolate themselves from the consumer, making it easier for them to avoid accountability to you, the consumer.

Cortislim, Fiberthin and Propolene are but a few of the products the US Federal Trade Commission has moved against lately — for making false and unsubstantiated claims. All were sold via “As Seen ON TV” infomericals, radio ads and the Internet. Worst yet, the feedback I have received indicates these companies and others like them do not honor the money back guarantees they trumpet so loudly.

Additionally, they typically provide shoddy or nonexistent customer service, and engage in shoddy billing practices (such as adding you to a recurring monthly billing cycle without your consent).

If you’d like to read more about this issue, please click here!

What it boils down to is this… you’re taking a big chance purchasing ANY product retailed in this matter. And that’s not even taking the quality of the product into account.

Estrothin raises questions in this regard, too. Like many products sold in this manner, the hype cannot be validated by peer-reviewed, double-blind studies. In other words, Estrothin is long on claims, and short on proof. And no, it makes no difference that Estrothin is a liquid extract that may be absorbed more efficiently than pills.

Estrothin contains several adaptogens (including ginseng). Adaptogens are compounds that can help users withstand physical/emotional stress, improve concentration, boost immune function, and so on. The retailers claim, however, that these adaptogens cause a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol and facilitate weight loss. This is quite a stretch. Too bad they have no evidence to prove this is so!

Estrothin also contains Garcinia cambogia, standardized for something called hydroxycitric acid. According to the makers on Estrothin…

“Cambogia inhibits the conversion of excess calories to body fat. Suppresses appetite by promoting synthesis of glycogen.”

According to this clinical study published Journal of the American Medical Association, Garcinia has no effect on weight loss at all.

Sure, there are a few ingredients that show promise in their ability to reduce some of the side effects associated with menopause…

… but since we don’t really know how much of each ingredient is included in the compilation, it’s hard to determine the potency and effectiveness of the product. Therefore, if you’d like to experiment with alternative treatments for menopause symptoms, I recommend you any buy any of the above listed ingredients in isolation (FYI: there’s exactly zero proof that a blend of such ingredients is somehow more effective than any one them, taken in isolation).

The only really worthwhile ingredient as far as weight loss goes is green tea (for a full review, click here!). Again though — buying green tea from a reputable local retailer (or heck, even making it your beverage of choice) will likely bring better results than Estrothin.

Bottom line?

Estrothin contains a few worthwhile ingredients. That does not mean it’s worth buying however — we are not told the exact amount of each ingredient, so we can’t gauge its efficiency. I’d be really surprised if you saw much in results from this product, and recommend you try any of the most promising ingredients instead.

Estrothin Summary
  • Contains green tea extract.
  • Contains some adaptogens and other herbal extracts that may provide some relief from menopause symptoms.
  • Ingredient amounts are unknown.
  • The manufacturer provides no proof that Estrothin is effective for either weight loss or relief of menopause symptoms.
  • There are various “red flags” raised by the advertising and marketing.
  • The active ingredients are readily available elsewhere.

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