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Ephedrine / Ephedra: Potent Fat Burner, Or Dangerous Drug? Part IV

This is part IV of the ephedra / ephedrine article. If you missed Part I, just click here to review it! Part II is available here, and Part III can be found here!

Is ephedrine (or an ephedra based product) something you’re interested in trying, and you’ve got a green light from your doctor? Here’s a few usage tips for ephedrine safety…

First, assess your tolerance to this substance. This is critical. Do not take the full recommended ephedra dose initially — if you’ve never taken ephedrine before, it’s going to hit you like a kick from a very large horse.

You’re going to need to experiment so you’ll know how you’ll function when you’re on it. Initially, you may find it very difficult to sit still. Plus, if you are prone to any potential health problems, a low dose means they’ll manifest themselves in a much milder form.

Ephedrine is a CNS (central nervous system) stimulant, so the efects of a potent dose manifest themselves much in the same way as does having one too many of your favorite Starbucks beverage… an excess of the jitters!

If this is your first experiment with ephedrine, I’d recommend a small dosage — 8 mg of ephedrine is a pretty good place to start.

Other safety matters? With this product, more is NOT better. Never take more than the recommended dose (please read your supplement’s label *very* carefully), and always be sure to cycle this product as to not overload your adrenal glands. And if you feel the slightest bit “out of sorts”, stop using the product immediately.

Bottom line on ephedrine?

It’s an effective fatburner, but should really be treated with the same respect you’d give a prescription drug. In the old days, due to huge loopholes in the laws regarding “natural” and “herbal” dietary supplements, it’s readily available just about anywhere. Do your homework and see your doctor before you use this product.

Also… remember that ephedrine is the herbal equivalent of the pitbull terrier — a relatively few number of problems have received a huge amount of negative press. When you consider how many people are hospitalized each and every year as a result of taking a drug as innocuous as aspirin, the safety argument starts to take on a slightly different perspective.

Want to learn the real story of the ban on ephedrine? Want to learn why your rights to vitamins, minerals, and herbs are being targeted by big pharma and other special interest groups?

I highly recommend reading Mike Fallon’s “Ephedra Fact & Fiction”

It’s a great read — a bit frightening, and one heck of an eye-opener!

However, there’s always other options — click here to review our recommendations!

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