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Ephedrine / Ephedra: Potent Fat Burner, Or Dangerous Drug? Part II

This is part II of the ephedra / ephedrine article. If you missed part I, just click here to review it!

Continuing on with the ephedrine problem…

Ephedrine is sold far and wide by individuals who have no real idea of the possible dangers of this drug.

I get about 4 spam emails a day with such “compelling” titles as “The Fat Melted Right Off Me”, and “Lose Weight AND Have Energy”, and “My Husband Is Looking At Me Again”.

Every one of these emails leads to a web site selling an “all natural”, “totally healthy” solution to weight loss.

And incidentally, each product also contains a significant amount of ephedrine standardized from Ma Huang. Also incidentally, there was no warning anywhere on the site about the possible risks associated with this drug. The reason why is obvious…

If you are fully aware that you are purchasing a product with possible life-threatening ingredients, are you likely to make that purchase? I think not. So almost all companies say little about possible dangers, and leave the onus on you to read the product warning label.

Of course, just about everything under the sun comes with a warning label these days — most of us have become so de-tuned to them, that we barely glance at them anymore.

And it’s not just on the Net where this is happening — things aren’t any better off-line. If I had a dime for every time I heard “oh yes, you’ll lose weight AND have energy”, in a nutritional supplement store, I’d be rich!

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