BetaFuel Fat Burner Review - Does BetaFuel Work? -

BetaFuel Fat Burner Review — Does BetaFuel Work?

BetaFuel has been discontinued, largely due to the reinstatement of the ephedra ban in the U.S.

For your convenience, I’ve left the original BetaFuel review up, although I do not recommend ordering this product (or any other produced by Marqi Life — like Nite Trim) even it becomes available again. I have received far too many complaints about the deceptive billing practices of this company.

Ever since the U.S. ephedra ban (on products containing 10mg or less of ephedra per serving) was lifted by Judge Tena Campbell of the U. S. District Court, visitors to this Web site have been asking me over and over…

Where can I find ephedra?

You see, even though low dose ephedra is no longer illegal, most of the major supplement retailers continue to manufacture their fat burners without it. Many have been stung by frivolous law suits in the past, and reformulating their products to include ephedra may make them vulnerable once again.

There’s also the issue that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has promised to appeal Judge Campbell’s verdict, and it would be very costly for manufacturers to see reformulated products become illegal overnight.

Additionally, because ephedrine is one of the ingredients used in the manufacture of the street drug methamphetamine, it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to wade through the red tape necessary to purchase this ingredient legally in large quantities.

So, the quest for the ephedra-based fat burner has remained largely an elusive one.

Enter BetaFuel a product I’ve received a lot of interest in.

BetaFuel is a fat burner based on the very popular (and effective) ECA stack — or the ephedra/caffeine/aspirin stack.

I’ve always loved the ephedra stack — nothing suppresses the appetite and boosts the metabolism anywhere near as well. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone — those with high blood pressure, heart conditions, or existing medical issues must avoid this drug. See your doctor if you have any concerns, and always read the label of any fat burner you purchase.

In the case of BetaFuel however, the ingredients are all derived from herbal sources. Ephedra from Ma Huang, aspirin (salicin) from white willow bark, and caffeine from kola nut and guarana (this product also contains green tea, bitter orange, and a herbal blend. Green tea is the only ingredient which is likely to improve the efficiency of this formula).

Unfortunately, the exact amount of the ancillary ingredients (all but ephedra and bitter orange) is not revealed. Hopefully it contains the precise ratio of caffeine and aspirin to make the ECA stack most effective, but one can never be sure.

How and why is BetaFuel being sold when so many other manufacturers no longer do so? That I can’t answer, but I suspect by selling strictly online, they can avoid many of the issues plaguing larger retailers.

If you’re a fan of ephedra, BetaFuel may be exactly what you’re looking for (just don’t read too much into their outrageous sales pitch. Ephedra is useful, but it does not eliminate the need for proper diet and exercise).

If, on the other hand, you are new to ephedra, please do not jump on the bandwagon without educating yourself first (I have a complete series of articles on ephedra, beginning here!). Although the media has inflamed the ephedra controversy with biased and often inaccurate reporting, ephedra is a powerful compound, and must be treated like a drug. In the hands of the wrong people, it is indeed dangerous.


BetaFuel is sold online. But be very careful — when you purchase BetaFuel, you automatically receive “free enrollment in the “Betafuel Trim and Tone Club.” That’s a roundabout way of saying that you will be added to a recurring billing program, and will receive a new bottle of BetaFuel every 30 days.

You cannot opt out of this program initially — I emailed and asked customer support — although you can cancel your participation in the program any time you like. Personally, I do not like this — there’s no good reason to automatically enroll people in such a program. If a product is good enough, customers will reorder of their own “free will.”

So here’s what I recommend if you’re interested in purchasing BetaFuel…

Scroll to the bottom of the main page and find the link to the Purchase/Return Policy. Be sure to review the Refund policy so you know what your rights are beforehand. If you have a MasterCard, order with it (MasterCard is much harder on merchants, should you need to do a “charge-back).

If you want to receive monthly shipments of BetaFuel, do nothing. Otherwise, use the Contact link to cancel your participation in the program. Document everything, and if you have any trouble, phone MasterCard (or whatever credit card you use), and do a “charge back”.

At this point, I highly recommend not purchasing from this company, MarqiLife. That includes Beta Fuel, Nite Trim, and anything else MarqiLife happens to come up with in the meantime. I have received too many reports of deceptive billing practices, and apparently, even the customer service rep I contacted lied to me about the customer’s ability to cancel membership in the recurring billing program.

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