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Avesil Fat Burner Review: Is Avesil “Clinically Proven?

According to the product advertising, Avesil is “a safe, effective weight control formula made from ingredients supported by substantial published scientific research.” The advanced new formula claims users can use Avesil to boost energy, reduce appetite, burn fat and lose weight.

Let’s take a look at the product’s ingredients to see if any published scientific research backs these claims. There 4 primary ingredients (Avesil also contains minimal amounts of calcium and potassium)…

1. Chromium polynicotinate: Chromium plays an important part in insulin function—it helps insulin regulate blood sugar levels. It’s also involved in carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism.

As such, its presence in any weight loss product is beneficial.

However, the clinical studies that have been performed on chromium have been contradictory; some showing it has a subtle effect, and others showing it has no effect at all (see the full review of chromium for more information and accompanying clinical references). If nothing else, this is probably the best variation of chromium to experiment with at this time.

2. Ashwagandha: (Withania somnifera or “Indian Ginseng”) is a shrub that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. An adaptogen, it’s sometimes included in weight loss products for it’s purported “stress-reducing” benefits.

3. Green tea extract: There’s a growing body of evidence that green tea offers benefits to dieters and those who wish to lose weight. Clinical studies indicate it elevates the metabolism, inhibits the action of the enzyme amylase, in addition to providing numerous other benefits (see the full review of green tea here for more information and accompanying clinical references).

Most studies show that it is the action of one essential catechin, EGCG, in combination with caffeine that provides the bulk of these benefits. Unfortunately, the Avesil web site does not reveal what their green tea extract is standardized for, so it’s impossible to assess the value it adds to this formula.

4. Caffeine: A well known thermogenic with clinically demonstrated—albeit mild—benefits for weight loss (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97), although some data indicates it offers greater benefits to lean individuals that those who are overweight (see Am J Physiol. 1995 Oct;269(4 Pt 1):E671-8).

As you can see, Avesil boasts a moderately useful, but not particularly revolutionary formula.

And yes, some of the ingredients are backed by some published clinical research—although the effects are not dramatic. And we can’t be sure if several are included at dosages that correlate with the referenced study data. And of course, no clinical studies have been performed on the Avesil formula itself.

With that said, let’s discuss why I highly recommend you avoid this product…

First, it is outrageously expensive—$89.95 for a one month’s supply. There’s nothing in this formula to justify this price. For example, at a reputable online retailer like BodyBuilding.com you could buy super-potent versions of the most useful ingredients in the Avesil formula for under $30, and stack them together to make your own fat burner…

Second, there appears to be no way to order this product other than through the “free trial” offer presented on the web site (also known as negative option billing). We highly recommend you do not do business with any company utilizing this “business practice.”

Here’s how the free trial scam works: you pay a small shipping and handling fee to receive a free sample of the product (varies in the number of days). By doing so, you have enrolled in a recurring billing program (whether you know it or not; often the “small print” of these offers is hidden in a dark and dingy corner of the retailer’s web site) and fresh product will be mailed to you every 30 days.

There is a cancellation period during which you can remove yourself from the program, but these are set up so it’s almost impossible to do so within the time period allowed. You are then added to the recurring billing program. Retailers claim to honor “unsubscribe” requests, but visitor feedback suggests customer service reps are less than eager to act on them. Often customers have to cancel their bank or credit card to get the merchant to stop billing them (We have created a video on the whole “free trial” scam to make it even easier for you to learn about and then avoid—click here to watch the video!).

To date, customer comments indicate a HUGE issue with unauthorized recurring billing with Avesil—check them out here on Ripoff Report and ComplaintsBoard.com. The company that manufactures Avesil, Green Bracket LLC, has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, with over 150 customer complaints.

Who’s Promoting Avesil As Their #1 Weight Loss Pick?

Something else you need to know…

The supplement “review” site DietSpotLight.com, which promotes Avesil as their #1 pick for weight loss, is run by Green Bracket LLC… the very same company that manufacturers it.

Obviously then, the combination of outrageous cost, ordinary formula, grossly exaggerated claims and a “free trial” offer means this is one product we definitely recommend you avoid.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. Terrible. The product did absolutely nothing and the “free” trial is a scam. They denied ever receiving the product I returned and I was therefore charged $89 for the “free” trial. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR HARD EARNED MONEY!

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  2. I, too, fell victim to this scam. Something has to be done about these tactics! I didn’t get a chance to send mine back and got billed. Now it looks as though even if I returned the product, I wouldn’t have gotten my money back. This is out and out fraud!!! How can we fight this kind of thing?

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  3. When you are participating in a free trial offer always use a pre-paid visa (available at grocery stores, Walgreens, Wal-mart etc.). That way, your bank account will not be involved. Just load the amount of the free trial on the prepaid card and you’re safe from being scammed after the trial offer ends.

    If you end up liking the product go to the store and reload for the amount they are asking. No more headaches!

    Editor’s comments: Great tip, Gina! Thanks!

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  4. When I found out about the “free trial” rolling over into an automatic monthly delivery, I closed my credit card account and started another. I suggest you do the same if you have time. It only takes a week or so to get another credit card.

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  5. What a scam. They billed my account before I had a change to take it. They count 15 days from the time it is ordered that does not include shipping time. I wish we could do something about this it is fraud. This is a scam. Put it on face book, and wherever you can.

    Editor’s comments: Dorothy, unfortunately this is common practice. Please see this video on what we call the “free trial scam.”

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  6. If I could give Avesil a negative star I would! Absolute worst effing customer service in the world. Product did nothing but made me dizzy and I have used many different brands of supplements. Their auto billing program is the biggest scam ever. This product and company can go to hell!

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  7. I love the product!!! Was not crazy about the autoship but cancelled and was able to keep the product and was not billed. Re-orders are not part of the autoship program.

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  8. BEWARE: I tried the product for 14 days along with diet & exercise and didn’t lose weight. I will continue dieting & exercise but will not continue with Avesil.

    Which brings me to my 2nd point: I believe that Avesil is not a reputable company and I believe they engage in deceptive sales practices. Avesil calculates your 14 day trial period beginning on the date you placed your order or the date they processed your order…NOT THE DAY YOU RECEIVE IT. So, in reality, you do not have 14 days to try the product. You have more like 10 days to try Avesil. That’s the GOTCHA!

    I called to cancel within 14 days of receiving the product and was told I was outside of my 14 day trial period. Since I had to sign for the package, Avesil can track to see when I received it. And, since the folks at Avesil are not magicians, they can be 100% sure that I did not receive the product the same day they processed my order as that would not have allowed for shipping/transit time. So, at the very least, they should know that it makes NO SENSE to calculate the 14 day trial from order process date since that doesn’t really give consumers 14 days to try the product, now does it?

    They refused to refund my $89.95. I am disputing with my credit card company and am also initiating complaints with the BBB and the Consumer Affairs Bureau. So, fellow consumers, BE WARNED!

    Customer service demeanor was terrible. And, the customer service rep did not seem at all phased or surprised by my protests which made it clear to me that he was quite familiar with getting similar complaints from other unsuspecting consumers.

    Editor’s comments: This is a common tactic – starting your trial data the day you order. Depending on where you are in the world and how long it takes for them to process your order, you may have a LOT less than 10 days to sample the product. This is definitely a “gotcha”, and it is one of the tactics outlined in our video on deceptive shipping tactics, called the 5-7 day free trial scam!

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  9. I recieved the product, emptied the pills in another bottle and sent it back with the RMA number from the website today, I recieved confirmation that my order is cancelled and nothing will be billed. I am not excited about trying the product, so technically I wasted 3.95 for nothing.

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  10. I ordered Avesil (of course out of a moment of desperation, I know exercise and diet is the most reliable way)then started reading more and more negative comments. I logged on to the website and it would not let me develop a password so I couldn’t request a return #. So I clicked customer service and emailed them and told them some of the comments I had read. I also was unable to take the product after being put on a RX that increases heart rate and I did not want to add a lot of caffiene. I was emailed the very next day, telling me that if I returned the product and they received it within 21 days that there would be no additional charges. I did have to pay for return shipping but that is much better than $90. I had no problem with the service as far as returning the product. They even emailed me back to let me know when they received the return.

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  11. I recieved the product, emptied the pills in another bottle and sent it back with the RMA number from the website today.

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  12. You can’t cancel this. I went on the website and tried to log-on as instructed, I tried 7 times and it never worked. Called the 800 number and it has been changed to something that has nothing to do with avesil. Long story short, you can’t cancel your account.

    So I am going to my bank on Monday and stop any charges by this company and then sending a letter to them stating the above.

    PLEASE STAY AWAY from them.

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  13. I ordered this product and the terms and conditions I read did not state anything about being charged 89.95 if the product was not cancelled in 14 days. I ordered the product which took 7 days to get here and when i called to cancel they said it was delivered earlier and the 89.95 charge would not be refunded. The product is no good. It is a scam! Do not order this product! I’m even calling my local television station to investigate this company. I an reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

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  14. I just checked with my mailman and I did not sign for this product and he told me that he did not deliver it 14 days ago.

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  15. I have been on avesil for two months now and have lost 20 pounds. I loved this product but it was too expensive to continue for the recommended 3 months. If I had the money I would absolutely use it again. It not only increased the weight loss but it helped me change my lifestyle.

    Avesil decreases ones appetite making it easy to eat smaller portions and smaller/ more frequent meals. My eating habits have changed and I work out more. I love this product and recommend it in addition to eating healthier and working out more.

    The weeks I was too busy and couldn’t stay on track with my exercise and eating habits, I still lost weight. Normally I would gain a little. I haven’t gained anything since being on this product. Only one week did I not lose weight. I’m impressed.

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  16. I called to ask Questions about the product and discovered a “Diamond Pack” offer. That is, they ship you 4 months worth of product for $150. This is a one time purchase, never to be billed again. They do recommend you take the product for at least 3 months, and they ship you 4 months worth. Also, when you are done, they send you an email asking for your testimonial. You type out and sign your testimonial and mail it to them. After they receive it, they ship you one more bottle, free.
    I double and triple checked my receipt and this is indeed a one time purchase.
    As for how it works, it has always been a complete battle for me to lose any weight, through diet, fiber, smaller meals, exercising, you name it. My body just likes a little extra I guess. Since I have been taking this product, 1 week steady, I have lost 3 pounds, and I don’t feel nearly as hungry as I did before, so it does decrease your appetite.
    Their customer service department will flat out tell you that reduced calorie intake and exercise are required for the product to deliver its maximum potential, so there wasn’t any deception there.
    Sometimes, I just wish I had my own Julian Michaels to kick my butt and make me skinny. But alas, here’s just one more weight loss product I’m trying. A week is no where near the time needed to properly review the effects of the product, however, I did not experience bad customer. I opted for the one time purchase and I was done. And I received plenty of product to play with. I’ll be back in a couple months to review the performance of the product.

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  17. Horrible customer service, by mistake I didn’t cancel within my trial period okay my fault I called and I told them I didn’t want product anymore and the lady said it was fine. Well 2 weeks later they charged me the $95. 90 AGAIN! When I just called them the guy said there is no record of me calling therefore they cant refund me my money WHAT! Besides all that they are rude, expensive and the product doesn’t even work! I guess that’s why they offer no refunds!! STAY AWAY!

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  18. Reading the reviews, it is so much more than obvious that many, many people here have been scamed by this company; while a select few go to great effort in defending them…one has to wonder what their motivation is . ..”just sayin” . .

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    • Editor’s comments: You’re absolutely right about this; we KNOW there are people who post here who are in the employ of the companies that retail these products. We flag and delete the most obvious ones, but the ones that are not nearly so obvious, we let our audience judge for themselves.

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  19. hi im about to purchase these products for the first time and im reading very negative feedback.shall i try them or not?

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