Acai-aSlim Review: Doesn't Burn Fat, Will Lighten Your Wallet -

Acai-aSlim Review: Doesn’t Burn Fat, Will Lighten Your Wallet

Acai-aSlim is another is a seemingly endless stream of products created to capitalize on the recent “superfruit” craze. I’ve talked about Acai several times already, so I’m not going to discuss it in great detail again here.

uffice to say that Acai (reviewed in full here) is a good source of the potent antioxidant compounds called “anthocyanins” (although there are other good, low cost sources of this—pomegranate juice and red wine are but two) and monounsaturated fats.

There is no evidence that Acai boosts the metabolism, burns fat, suppresses appetite, or provides any tangible benefit for dieters. Nor is there anything unique about its pharmacology that would indicate this possibility.

Acai also doesn’t “detox the body”—another meaningless marketing term already solidly debunked by credible scientific sources (see this blog post and this blog post for more on detoxing).

Sadly, this isn’t preventing various retailers for claiming that it can do both these things well.

They have no evidence to validate these statements, instead relying on popular media references —like Oprah’s favorable comments on the Acai berry—to validate their claims.

Acai-aSlim also contains Hawaiian noni, green tea, and resveratrol.

Only green tea has proven benefits for weight loss. Unfortunately just how much of it is included in Acai aSlim, and what percentage of essential catechins it is standardized for is not revealed. Same goes for any of the ingredients in this product… are you getting a potent dosage, or a couple of milligrams?

Who knows? Without knowing this, it’s impossible to assess the value of this formula. In my experience, however, the only reason for a company to withhold this information is to prevent people from knowing how weak and ineffective their products really are.

Worse, there seems to be a large number of Acai berry products sold via deceptive billing practices by less that scrupulous merchants. Here’s some recent feedback from a user of Acai aSlim…

You MUST review this company. They are so scandalous and just stole so much money from me.

Please read their terms ad conditions. I unfortunately did not. Once you get your “free trial” they autobill you a ridiculous amount of money then they GAVE MY CREDIT CARD INFO to another company called, who billed me for their horrible site.

PLEASE PLEASE review them and warn as many people as possible. You could single handedly save hundreds of people a great deal of time I had to deal with trying to get my money back.

Jacquie (jacquelinesecor AT

We’ve been receiving similar negative feedback for products called Extreme Acai Berry and Acai Slim—all of which appear to be retailed by the same company, using exactly the same underhanded tactics.

Please be careful; we always caution against signing up for any product distributed through a free trial offer (we call it the “free trial scam”—you can watch this video for more information on this deceptive billing tactic), as its only purpose is to add you to a monthly recurring billing program. Terminating your participation in such a program usually requires drastic action, such as the cancellation of the appropriate credit, debit, or bank cards.

This company seems to be going a step further, by adding customers to the recurring billing programs of other companies— is not even mentioned in the “Terms” page on the Acai-aSlim web site (this isn’t the first time visitors have reported this, either). I can’t imagine how this can be legal. If you’ve been taken in by this scam, I’d suggest contacting the FTC, your local Better Business Bureau, and your Attorney General’s office.

In the meantime, I would recommend avoiding purchasing Extreme Acai Berry, Acai Slim or Acai-aSlim. If you live near a specialty grocery store, I would be surprised if you couldn’t find an Acai-based product there.

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