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8 “No Bullsh*t” Tips to Losing all the Weight You Want in 2017!

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8 “No Bullsh*t” Tips? You’re speaking MY language!

8 “No Bullsh*t” Tips to Losing all the Weight You Want in 2017!

Alright, so every year when we turn the calendar over from the old year to the new one, it’s the same old crap…

Gotta lose a few pounds (OK, so maybe more than a few). Gotta do it now, because you know… it’s New Years. It’s the time to do it. And, if you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it, right?

I hear you.

For most of us however, these resolutions are short-lived at best.

So why not try something new? Like, forget making them. Instead, adopt our 8 no bullsh*t tips on how to lose all the weight you want in 2017.

Tip 1: Unless You’re Already an Exercise Addict, Forget About Getting a Gym Membership.

I love exercising, but not everyone does.

And despite what you see on popular T.V. shows like The Biggest Loser, exercise is actually pretty damn inefficient way to lose weight.

In fact, according to this fantastic article by Vox (which references more than 60 studies), exercise is hardly helpful at all. You can do much more, much more quickly, by changing what you eat – and how much of it.

No shit.

I bet I just made your day.

Yep, and most new gym memberships are abandoned pretty quickly.

So why bother?

Of course, I have to be honest with you; exercise is incredibly valuable for overall good health, and everyone should be staying as active as they possibly can to reap those benefits. That means that some sort of regular exercise… even if it is just a 20 or 30 minute walk 3-5 times per week. While the calories you burn while exercising is fairly inconsequential, they are cumulative, and will add up and contribute to your success, well-being and overall health over time.

But if your plan is primarily to lose weight, the bulk of your goals will be made in the kitchen, not in the gym.

Tip 2: Do the Easy Stuff First

I’m betting your perception of losing weight is all about suffering and massive amounts of will power.

But there’s really easy stuff you can do that has long term cumulative effects that doesn’t require either…

  1. Replace calorie rich beverages with low calorie or zero-calorie ones.
  2. Eat more slowly (so you’ll feel full faster), and decline seconds.
  3. Reserve desserts for one or two nights a week.

See? We just shaved a ton of calories off your weekly intake, and so far, we haven’t even talked about changing what you eat.

Easy, huh?

Tip 3: Know How Many Calories You Need

Here’s the bad news; you may never lose a pound of weight just by “eating healthy.”

That’s because it’s pretty easy to consume way more calories than you need even by eating pretty healthy foods. Weight loss is actually pretty simple (but not easy); consume fewer calories than you expend each and every day.

But if you don’t know how many calories you need, how can you possibly know whether you’re eating too many of them?

Luckily, the solution is pretty simple; use our calorie calculator.

Go get your number and come back here (the calculator link will open in a new window so you don’t lose your place here!).

Tip 4: Know the Caloric Value of the Foods You Eat

This tip follows along with the previous one…

In addition to knowing how many calories you need daily, you also need to know the caloric value of the foods you are eating.

This is best and most easily handled by an app; one of the most popular is MyFitnessPal, which is available for both iOS and Android (down iOS here and Android here).

Download and use regularly.

Tip 5: Drink LOTS of Water.

Blah, blah, blah.

Every article that discusses weight loss says the same thing… drink lots of water. But is there any evidence that doing so actually helps you lose weight?

Yes. There is.

As this video will show you drinking water helps you lose weight 4 different ways.

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None of the ways water works for weight loss are going to help you lose 20 lbs. in 30 days, but you will experience cumulative, long term effects. And…

As long as one day continues to follow another and you’re in this for the long run, you may as well adopt good habits that pay dividends to your waisteline.

Tip 6: Don’t Set a Goal!

You hear the importance of setting goals from everyone from your boss at work to every self-help guru in the world.

And I understand why.

Without something specific to set your sights on, it’s too easy to flounder around, get distracted or discouraged, and quit.

But I’m not convinced goal setting is that helpful for weight loss, largely because most of us don’t know what we can realistically expect to accomplish.

Accordingly, we often set goals that are impractical or unattainable. And not surprisingly, when we inevitably fail, we’re more depressed than ever.

Plus, what’s realistic for you may not be for me – perhaps I have certain challenges or a physical malady that makes things tougher for me than for you.

In other words, realistic goals are also highly personal as well.

So none of this “10 pounds in 30 days” stuff.

Instead, small manageable daily goals. Things you can acheive. Like drinking your water. Or replacing a coveted high calorie snack with something more nutritious. Going for a walk after work. Things you can accomplish and feel good about.

Small successes will build on large ones!

Tip 7: Do Some Basic Meal Prep

No, I’m not talking about slaving for hours in the kitchen making 15 or 20 elaborate full-course meals for the week. I’m talking about doing a few simple things so there’s plenty of good food in the fridge to grab when you’re in a hurry. Doing things like…

  1. Hard boiling some eggs.
  2. Cutting up veggies for simple snacks.
  3. Making a simple bean salad
  4. Cooking 6-10 chicken breasts or low fat protein source to have as a base for wraps, salads, sandwiches, etc.

… ensures that there’s always something healthy to grab as a base for smart meals and snacks. I can tell you that from my own experience, food prep makes all the difference. If there’s something ready in the fridge, I make smart choices. If there isn’t, I often make an easier choice… which is rarely a better one, nutritionally.

Tip 8: Forget the High Priced Weight Loss Supplements

Yeah, I know.

This web site is about weight loss supplements.

At least a large part of it is.

And many of them are decent enough products, even if they will not generate dramatic results.

Luckily, there are fat burners and weight loss supplements you can experiment with for cheap.

Like, real cheap.

I’m talking for as little as $0.17 per day.

To learn more, enter your info below to grab a copy of our publication, 5 Simple Fat Burners That You Can Try Without Breaking the Bank. It`s absolutely free!

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Good luck with all your weight loss goals in 2017!

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. Great Post… Here are 10 more tips to lose weight even faster:
    Eat a high-protein breakfast.
    Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.
    Drink water a half hour before meals.
    Drink coffee or tea.
    Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.
    Eat your food slowly.

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  2. The best way to avoid foods that are known to be designed to cause obesity is to prepare a list of all the major food corporations that have an established history of everything from putting HFCS in their food to claiming zero trans-fats by quoting a serving size that is so minuscule that it is under half a gram, to making condescending advertisements. e.g. I’m Lovin’ it” and that lobby for for laws that let them do whatever harm they find it profitable to get away with. Examples of these manufacturers are Kellogg, General Mills, Nabisco (owned by R. J. Reynolds tobacco) Pepsi Cols, Coca Cola. Research “health” foods that are owned by these corporations but do not mention on the label: Kashi, owned by Kellogg, G protein owned by Gatoraid Pepsi cola, Pon Wonderful 0.1% pomegranate juice owned by Coca-Cola. When you shop, use your list of all these corporations the same way you would the sex offender registry if you were a principal hiring a teacher. Then it will be easier to keep those foods that cause obesity out of your life and you will be on the way to a much more beautiful body.

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