Zantrex 3 Fat Burner Review

Zantrex 3 is one fat burner that pushes the advertising hype “envelope” into the stratosphere. For instance…

Zoller Labs claims Zantrex 3 will give you “546% more weight loss than the leading ephedrine-based diet pill.”

546%? That’s an oddly precise-looking number. Where does it come from?

Who knows?

I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyway, since there is no “leading ephedrine-based diet pill.” Ephedra alkaloids were banned for use in over-the-counter diet supplements several years ago.

And no, this isn’t an old web page – The Zantrex-3 site was updated in 2011 to include Snooki – the product’s new spokesmodel.  So why not 546%? When you’re comparing your product to one that doesn’t even exist, pretty much any big number will do.

And then there’s this howler…

“Zantrex-3 is a new category of bifurcated weight-loss compounds providing both rapid weight loss and incredible energy combined into a single power-packed Super Pill*. New Zantrex-3 is so powerful you won’t find it in any supermarket next to some “Flintrock” vitamin for kiddies.”

Ok, I guess they’re technically correct about not finding Zantrex-3 in “any supermarket” next to the chewable children’s vitamins. Rather, you’ll have to look for it on a shelf or two over… in such department/supermarket chains like Target and Walmart.

And “bifurcated” weight-loss products that provide energy + weight loss are new??? Since when??? Caffeine has been a mainstay of weight loss formulas since I started this site 14 years ago… it was common then, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. And why not? It’s America’s favorite drug: stimulating, readily available and dirt cheap.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the Zantrex-3 formula relies heavily on this oh-so-ubiquitous compound. One serving of Zantrex 3 will provide you with more caffeine than you’d obtain from 3 cups of coffee.

Zantrex-3 may be “ephedrine-free,” but with all that caffeine, it’s a distinction without a difference for many: caffeine has many of the side-effects associated with ephedra, so it’s not for everyone (see Zantrex 3 side effects for more on caffeine side effects).

With that said, I want to emphasize that caffeine is a proven, albeit mild fat burner (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97), although it pales in comparison to ephedra (actually it works best when combined with ephedra).

Of course, much of the caffeine in Zantrex 3 is derived from natural sources (like yerba mate, green tea, guarana, cocoa and kola nut) so it is possible you’re getting benefits up and above the caffeine content these herbals provide.

Green tea, for example, (reviewed here) is a pretty exciting compound showing great potential as a weight loss agent, and yerba mate has also been shown to increase metabolism and stimulate weight loss.

Interestingly enough, Zantrex 3 also contains maca root, ginseng, and damiana; herbals that are best known for their ability to work as aphrodisiacs.

Despite this, one study (J Hum Nutr Diet. 2001 Jun;14(3):243-50) showed that the combination of yerba mate, damiana and guarana delayed gastric emptying (leading to increased feeling of satiety) and increased weight loss. However, it is impossible to tell whether or not Zantrex 3 contains a dosage comparable to that used in the study, or whether these ingredients are present as label dressing only.

Schizonepeta (also known as “Japanese catnip”), another ingredient in this compilation, is used in herbal medicine for numerous purposes, although none are validated by any real scientific research, and none are directly related to weight loss (for more on Schizonepeta, click here).

So what’s the bottom line on Zantrex 3?

This product’s massive caffeine content means you will experience more “nervous” energy (lots of jitters, too!), a suppressed appetite (although not suppressed to the extent of ephedra), and an increased metabolic rate (to learn about Zantrex 3 side effects, including some visitor comments, click here!)

Keep in mind too, that Zoller Labs, the manufacturer of this product, has a serious credibility problem. Its parent company, Basic Research, has already been fined by the FTC for making false and unsubstantiated claims about their products.

If you alter your diet accordingly, monitor your caloric intake, and implement a practical exercise program, Zantrex 3 may provide you with an extra edge.

I would caution that this is not a miracle pill. If you don’t intend to make these modifications to your lifestyle, don’t waste your money on Zantrex 3.

I’d also suggest those of you considering using Zantrex-3 should check out what other visitors to this site have said about the product!

Although are many are fans, just as many have experienced serious and frightening side effects. In addition, the product contains enough caffeine that – taken as directed – will very likely trigger caffeine withdrawal symptoms when you (hopefully!) reach your goal and stop taking it.

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  1. I’m going to try it for the first time today. Hopefully it works, I need to lose about 40 pounds. I read this horrible reviews. Are they true. I feel Ok for the first day.

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  2. I have been taking Zantrex for a few months & it works great. Yes there are uncomfortable side effects, but being overweight is worse.
    I hope this is NOT taken off the market.

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  3. i realy love this product, have had no side effects and am completely satisfied.
    i am going tonight and getting my second bottle. i am exercising a little bit, watching what i eat, drinking plenty of water…i haven’t weighed myself yet, but have noticed my clothes are fitting better.
    i am sorry so many others have had side effects hopefully they will find something that will work for them.
    thanks for the help in my weight loss adventure.

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  4. This product is awesome!! I am 18 and usually have problems staying awake in my classes, and i have even been falling asleep at work. No matter how much sleep i get, or how much coffee i drink in the morning, i never have any energy. I took a pill this morning and I was expecting to get sick and fatigued, but still wanted to test it out. I went to the gym an hour after taking it, and i was astounded at the effects it had on me. I worked our 3x harder and longer than I usually do! I was jittery when resting, yes, but it was a hell of a lot better than walking around like a zombie all day! I felt so energized, I got a lot accomplished today!I have severe anxiety/manic depression, so it made me feel a little more anxious, but I took .25 mg of Xanax to balance it out. I would definitely recommend this product, but then again, everyone is different

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  5. i took this pill for 9 months and i lost 73 pounds i weighed 223 when i started and 150 at the end of my journey. this product was wonderful for me and if i had to give any advice to follow while taking it i would say just don’t drink anything with caffeine while you are on them and do not take them before bed. this pill worked a miracle for me but also keep in mind each person is different and what worked for me may not work for you!

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  6. I know that I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine so I actually open one pill and dump out half of the contents out and take it 15 minutes before my dinner which is usually around 5pm. In 3 days I have lost 7 pounds and I feel absolutely fantastic. I know I’m wasting a lot of the pill, but with this weight loss and no more late night binge eating, it’s totally worth it. The bottle warns you to start out slow, so why does everyone want to start with 2 pills right away. I drink at least 70 ounces of water a day with either a slice of lemon or lime and I’ve cut out alcohol and all sugar products. I do a little exercising and hope to start doing more. I’m hoping to be a size 3 in 2 more months. I’m a size 10 now. Thank you Zantrex 3!

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  7. I have taken it in the past and have lost 20lbs in 3 months which was great but I started taking the new and improved zantrex fat burner (red bottle) and it causes my heart to race and I feel gross…I originally stopped taking the original Zantrex because it was causing my oxygen level to drop but I didn’t learn as soon as the red bottle came out I went and bought it and feel like crap and they are slightly addictive I think. Good luck folks but be careful they are strong and every one reacts different to them.

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  8. I am 29 years old 5ft 11 and 200lbs I have tried several other brands of weightloss pills in the past and stopped taking them for quite some time when I got my weight down to 175lbs . Once I hit 200 again I decided to try zantrex-3 blue bottle and man I regret every second of it. I took 1 pill with a full glass of water 30 minutes before a meal and. I ended up in the hospital. I have tachycardic heart palpitations where my resting heart rate lying down was 135 beats per minute …. I felt like I was on a treadmill while lying down. My CK levels also jumped to 4500 from a muscle tissue breakdown in my blood stream and I hadn’t even started working out. The hospital transfered me to there cardiac wing overnight where I was hooked up to sodium chlorida bags all night to flush my kidneys…. I felt like my heart was pounding and the room was spinning for about 6 hours. Then Istarted to feel human again after it wore off and my system was flushed…. worst experience ever …. I will never buy this product again and I will never reccomend it to anyone.

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  9. If the rating could be a zero then i would of put it ! Its almost 2am i cant breathe im experiencing chest pain im irritated & have the jitters i dont recommend this product at all !!!! Zantrex-3 IS TERRIBE WHY IS IT STILL ON THE MARKET !!!

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  10. On my 2nd day of taking Zantrex black, my face, arms and back of my neck became really hot and tingly. My arms turned extremely red and it scared me to death. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before in my life and I decided to STOP taking this diet immediately. I don’t take side effects lightly and if my body reacts this way, it’s basically warning me to stop!! I’ve realized that although I want to lose weight desperately, I refuse to take diet supplements. I’m going to do what I should have done in the beginning…watch what I eat and work out.

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  11. I love zantrex-3, I am 5’7 and weigh 190lbs. I am really looking forward to see if I get weight loss results, but even if I don’t lose weight I will still take it because of my increased energy. I have not felt any of the side effects that everyone is talking about. I love it. I also do drink coffee off and on through out the day so I am used to high caffeine intake. Everyone is different.

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  12. would NOT reccomend this pill! After takin the recommended dose of 2 pills in the morning i want to work where i shortly sharted to get very jittery along with a racing heart. I eventually had to leave work early due to having a panick attack along with the racing heart and jitteryness till about 8 hours later. Never taking this pill ever again!

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  13. I am a 25 y/o male 5’6” and 160 lbs. I am trying to get down to 150 lbs. I just took two pills 30 min before my lunch and drank a bottle of water. Within 5 min after taking the pill I started to get a tingly feeling in my face. The surrounding started to jump around as well. About 10 min after that my hands, face and arms started to burn, not tingle. I went to look in a mirror to see if I was red and it looked as if I got sun burned. I am coming off of that feeling now (45 min after taking) I would just be careful about taking two pills. My heart didn’t race though. Will try again tomorrow but only one pill.

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  14. When I was 250 pounds at 6’1 I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I tried Zantrex3 and it gave me the hot flushed skin, the panic attack, and racing heart beat. So I cut back from 2 to 1 pill like the instructions said. I also made sure I was hydrated before I ate a healthy meal THEN took the one pill. Drinking a glass of water 30min before and a glass with my pill was perfect!
    Also if you sit on the couch after taking the pill of course your skin will get flush and burn. You have to take it and then start your stretches for your work out. That way the capilaries in your muscles take in the blood too.
    Water, Food, Water with pill, Exercise.. That is how to use the product efficently. Staying super hydrated, eating healthy, and getting off my ass helped me lose over 58lb in a year.

    I am not a medical doctor and this is all my unprofessional opinion.

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