Zantrex 3 Fat Burner Review -

Zantrex 3 Fat Burner Review

Zantrex 3 is one fat burner that pushes the advertising hype “envelope” into the stratosphere. For instance…

Zoller Labs claims Zantrex 3 will give you “546% more weight loss than the leading ephedrine-based diet pill.”

546%? That’s an oddly precise-looking number. Where does it come from?

Who knows?

I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyway, since there is no “leading ephedrine-based diet pill.” Ephedra alkaloids were banned for use in over-the-counter diet supplements several years ago.

And no, this isn’t an old web page – The Zantrex-3 site was updated in 2011 to include Snooki – the product’s new spokesmodel.  So why not 546%? When you’re comparing your product to one that doesn’t even exist, pretty much any big number will do.

And then there’s this howler…

“Zantrex-3 is a new category of bifurcated weight-loss compounds providing both rapid weight loss and incredible energy combined into a single power-packed Super Pill*. New Zantrex-3 is so powerful you won’t find it in any supermarket next to some “Flintrock” vitamin for kiddies.”

Ok, I guess they’re technically correct about not finding Zantrex-3 in “any supermarket” next to the chewable children’s vitamins. Rather, you’ll have to look for it on a shelf or two over… in such department/supermarket chains like Target and Walmart.

And “bifurcated” weight-loss products that provide energy + weight loss are new??? Since when??? Caffeine has been a mainstay of weight loss formulas since I started this site 14 years ago… it was common then, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. And why not? It’s America’s favorite drug: stimulating, readily available and dirt cheap.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the Zantrex-3 formula relies heavily on this oh-so-ubiquitous compound. One serving of Zantrex 3 will provide you with more caffeine than you’d obtain from 3 cups of coffee.

Zantrex-3 may be “ephedrine-free,” but with all that caffeine, it’s a distinction without a difference for many: caffeine has many of the side-effects associated with ephedra, so it’s not for everyone (see Zantrex 3 side effects for more on caffeine side effects).

With that said, I want to emphasize that caffeine is a proven, albeit mild fat burner (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97), although it pales in comparison to ephedra (actually it works best when combined with ephedra).

Of course, much of the caffeine in Zantrex 3 is derived from natural sources (like yerba mate, green tea, guarana, cocoa and kola nut) so it is possible you’re getting benefits up and above the caffeine content these herbals provide.

Green tea, for example, (reviewed here) is a pretty exciting compound showing great potential as a weight loss agent, and yerba mate has also been shown to increase metabolism and stimulate weight loss.

Interestingly enough, Zantrex 3 also contains maca root, ginseng, and damiana; herbals that are best known for their ability to work as aphrodisiacs.

Despite this, one study (J Hum Nutr Diet. 2001 Jun;14(3):243-50) showed that the combination of yerba mate, damiana and guarana delayed gastric emptying (leading to increased feeling of satiety) and increased weight loss. However, it is impossible to tell whether or not Zantrex 3 contains a dosage comparable to that used in the study, or whether these ingredients are present as label dressing only.

Schizonepeta (also known as “Japanese catnip”), another ingredient in this compilation, is used in herbal medicine for numerous purposes, although none are validated by any real scientific research, and none are directly related to weight loss (for more on Schizonepeta, click here).

So what’s the bottom line on Zantrex 3?

This product’s massive caffeine content means you will experience more “nervous” energy (lots of jitters, too!), a suppressed appetite (although not suppressed to the extent of ephedra), and an increased metabolic rate (to learn about Zantrex 3 side effects, including some visitor comments, click here!)

Keep in mind too, that Zoller Labs, the manufacturer of this product, has a serious credibility problem. Its parent company, Basic Research, has already been fined by the FTC for making false and unsubstantiated claims about their products.

If you alter your diet accordingly, monitor your caloric intake, and implement a practical exercise program, Zantrex 3 may provide you with an extra edge.

I would caution that this is not a miracle pill. If you don’t intend to make these modifications to your lifestyle, don’t waste your money on Zantrex 3.

I’d also suggest those of you considering using Zantrex-3 should check out what other visitors to this site have said about the product!

Although are many are fans, just as many have experienced serious and frightening side effects. In addition, the product contains enough caffeine that – taken as directed – will very likely trigger caffeine withdrawal symptoms when you (hopefully!) reach your goal and stop taking it.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. After i took the product… I felt like I was going to have a seizure my heart was racing and it was incredibly hard to breathe!

    One bit of advice. Don’t take Zantrex 3!

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  2. On the first day, I took the dosage as described on the bottle, 15 minutes before my breakfast.
    MAN! Talk about nervous energy all day. I was Mr Paranoia, as well, as Mr Jumpy, and Mr “I wish my heart would stop going so fast” all at once, for most of the day.

    I reduced the dosage to one pill, and got nearly the same thing. For energy they are great if you’re really desperate, but with my gym schedule at 4 days a week, I didn’t notice any difference at all with Zantrex before or after.

    And I was brave enough to take it for three solid weeks. Never again. Sorry.

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  3. I just want to say this is the worst diet pill i have ever taken. I am on zantrex-3 right now, and my whole body feels really weird, my heat beat is increased and i feel like i am on some crazy drug! i would not recommend it at all!!!

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  4. I have only taken zantrex 3 for a few days, and after a feeling of nausea and increased heart rate, I went from two pills to one pill, and still feel just as bad.

    I felt so yucky and instead of increased energy I feel short of motivation and drive and I usually have lots of motivation. The main thing was a sick feeling and just after having one this morning before breakfast my chest went really tight and I was short of breath.

    This was scary and was why I decided to look on the net and see if there was any info on side effects, I wont be taking them anymore, I have wasted my money !

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  5. I think Zantrex-3 works great! I started using this diet pill last week, and have lost 3 pounds. I weighed 126, now 123 at 5’3. I decided to take this diet pill since its well known you gain weight after the holidays, and I haven’t weighed 126 in awhile.

    I’m reading everyones reviews about rapid heart rate, etc… I myself used to have this problem with caffeine itself. I would get panic attacks in restaurants, hot places/rooms, etc.

    Honestly, if you’re like that, don’t take a diet pill. I used to be like that, but now, I’m not. Not sure why. I myself was worried this would happen to me when taking this pill, but if you don’t have that problem when drinking too much caffeine, Zantrex-3 will work great for you.

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  6. I think that the thing to remeber about diet pills is that every person is different what works for one may not work for another.

    I notice here that most reviews are bad, for me I have had nothing but awesome success with Zantrex 3. I have lost 40 lbs in a little under 4 months ( of course with diet and the gym).

    I have an unbelievable amount of energy which is good since I work at 5:00 a.m. I would definitely recommend that a first time user should only take ONE pill to begin with and if you don’t like it don’t take it.

    I can only speak for my own experience but I LOVE IT!

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  7. I absolutely love zantrex 3!

    I took it for about a year and had an average weight loss of about 60 pounds and have kept the weight off for nearly a year! I have recommended this product to family members and friends who are on a quest to better themselves and lose weight!

    Zantrex 3 has most definitely changed my life for the better!

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  8. I’ve been taking Zantrex 3 on and off for about 6 months. I haven’t lost one single pound. I took one or two pills before meals and drank plenty of water with them.

    One day I took one pill before I ate and then started feeling a little light headed. I didnt think anything of it. Then my heart started beating fast and hard like it was going to beat out of my chest. I started feeling very flustered and hot and then I could feel my throat closing up.

    For a pill that didn’t even work… these side effects are certainly not worth it. Think twice before you start taking this, or any diet pill.

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    • I took it one morning before my 15 minute drive to work, and by the time I got to work, my face was red and itching and lips were swelling. By the time I got to my classroom, my arms, face, and chest were purple blotches, and my tongue started swelling. I went back to the main office and luckily, someone was there who had Benadryl. I’m not quite sure what was in it that caused that. I’d taken it for three straight days and each day my reaction was a little worse. The last time scared me so badly that I won’t take it again.

      Good luck to those for whom it works.

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  9. I will not recommend this product to anyone. I tried Zantrex-3 about 6 months ago and had very bad side effects. I took the recommended dosage the first day and about 30 minutes after taking it I had cold sweats, became very dizzy, lightheaded, very jittery, and vomited. Needless to say I did not take another dose that day.

    The next day I woke and took only 1 pill and had all the same reactions. I couldn’t even understand what my employer was saying to me because I was so dizzy and lightheaded. The symptoms wore off after about 2-3 hours.

    Never took a diet pill since then. I am looking for a new one without and caffeine supplements only natural ingredients without any of the jittery side effects.

    I do not think this product should even be in stores. It is dangerous!

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  10. I took Zantrex (1 year ago) and I took it for about 6 months. This fat burner is NO JOKE! This is NOT for the casual person looking to drop some lbs, if HE OR SHE is Not active. I quickly learned that I needed to only take 1 pill AFTER I had some sort of food in my stomach. I got up to 3 pills a day, and that was all I needed.

    IT WAS GREAT, right before working out. If you are going to take this and work out for 30 minutes… it’s not for you.

    If you have 1-2 hours to work out. It is for you. DO NOT TAKE THIS if you already are sensitive to coffee. I miss my Zantrex-3… LOL.

    In fact, that’s why i am on this site. It is 1 year later (after going from 245-180) i have not gained weight. But at 5’6″ I never got to my goal weight of 160. I may go get Zantrex today to assist with my goal.

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  11. Every time I take Zantrex-3 I feel different. I’m either short of breath or nauseous. I feel really sick, and can’t even think about anything else.
    I feel like I’m going to explode or pass out.

    The last time i took them I got really itchy on my arms and legs. It was terrible.

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  12. I take Zantrex and have been taking it everyday for about 3 years. I love it. I have to say that is like crack tho!

    You guys above are right! It can make you feel like your heart is going to jump outta your chest and you may pass the heck out! lol.

    But that means it’s too strong for you. I take one pill a day. I feel the nervous feeling for about 45 minutes but after that I am alert and ready for the day.

    I only have to take one a day because it’s so strong. One thing I also must say is, it’s a great appetite suppressant. However, weight loss I haven’t experienced.

    I figured to heck with the weight loss I’ll take the energy any day! So… that being said, I think we are all just different, and Zantrex is a little strong, so be careful.

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  13. Ive tried zantrex 3 and 100 other type of diet pills and of course I’m one of the few that finds nothing works.

    I wish they could invent a pill that would make you feel full and bloated 24-7. I do workout 3 times a week and if loosing weight was as easy and fast as gaining it we would all be in heaven.

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  14. I really liked how the pills were working, because – mostly – they made me feel like I was losing water weight and I felt better overall.

    I did feel jittery sometimes and somewhat flushed. Then, one day at work, my friends noticed I was VERY flushed (my whole face was red) and the rash I already had – which I eventually realized had started when I started taking Zantrex 3 – started itching LIKE CRAZY and I had to remove my sweater and take Benadryl.

    After some research, I found out that Zantrex 3 includes a large dosage of Niacin – which can cause skin rashes, flushing, and heart palpitations. I stopped taking it immediately and threw it away.

    I can’t say that I don’t recommend the product, because I was enjoying the results, but the Niacin reaction was a serious, and very frightening thing that I don’t ever want again!

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  15. Tried Zantrex3 for the first time today, following the recommended dosage, and had an adverse reaction.

    The bottle cautions that due to the niacin you may experience a rash/flushing. It also claims that the “rash” will subside in minutes. The reaction was much worse than I had imagined. I experienced an immediate flushing sensation, with my whole upper body breaking out in a red rash. Ears, face, neck, arms, and torso all felt like they were on fire.

    I also felt extremely nervous (which is expected in such a situation). The rash wasn’t exactly gone in “minutes” either, unless nearly an hour is what they mean by “minutes”.

    I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this supplement to anyone and have since discarded the remaining pills.

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  16. I took Zantrex 3 along with my girlfriend Kimmy and we noticed the jitteryness and rapid heartbeat as well. I would recommend small dosage and to take it before you workout.

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  17. I agree with almost everyone. I took Zantrex 3 and the first time I took it my heart started beating really fast, and I started to feel really sick and panicky. These pills should be pulled off the market. Those pills must have some ephedrine in it.

    Editor’s Note: No ephedrine, just a TON of caffeine. This can result in side effects similar to those exhibited by ephedrine.

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  18. The first time I took Zantrex 3, within minutes my head started spinning, I had trouble breathing,I was cold but sweating profusely. A few minutes of this and severe nausea hit me and I threw up – a lot. After throwing up I felt much better, miraculously better in fact. Almost like I got the pill out of my body so my body went back to normal.

    A few weeks later I gave the pill another try, just to see if the first bad reaction was a coincidence… and a big fat NO it wasn’t resulted. The exact same feelings of cold sweat shakiness, dizziness followed by severe nausea, and after the vomiting I felt better.

    I’ve tried A LOT of diet pills (non-prescription and prescription), and I’ve NEVER had any sort of bad reaction. For this one, “bad reaction” will be putting it mildly.

    With all the non-prescription weight loss pills I’ve tried,I never take the recommended dose right away. I always only take 1 per day / time frame. If the dose is to take 2 or 3 before every meal, I’d take 1 before every meal. So I didn’t even have the recommended dose for this pill, I only took 1, ONCE (on each day that i tried it) and felt like I was dying.

    i guess this pill “works” if i was into bulemia and self-torture.. i could eat all i want and take one pill to throw it all up, but thats just not my thing.

    honestly, this pill should be taken off the market before it kills someone!!!

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  19. For the last 4 weeks I’ve been takin Zantrex 3 and it seems to be working pretty well for me.

    The very first time I took it, I got a little hot and felt jittery, but the second time and every time after I didnt get those sensations. Just a boost of energy and supressed appetite.

    In the last 4 weeks, with eating healthier and excercising Ive lost almost 15 pounds. In no way does it seem addicting because there were some times I didnt take it and I felt fine.

    I would recommend it to other people. And don’t be frightened if you feel a little hot the first time, it goes away after a few minutes!

    But if you have health problems, you should probably contact a doctor before taking it. I have none. Im a 20 year old male with decent health, just a little overweight.

    Editor’s Comments: It is recommended you consult a physician before beginning an exercise program, radically changing your diet, or using a fat burner.

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  20. I tried Zantrex 3 last year and had the most success with it out of any of the other diet pills I have tried.

    I lost 40 lbs in about 2 months with it, but I was also exercising 2 grueling days a week for 8 hours. I noticed that it did suppress my appetite and I had a lot of energy.

    I occasionally got the jitters from it, but I would often would see “spots.” I have attributed this to the raise in blood pressure you get from the pill — for that reason I would not recommend it if you are going to be working very hard or already have high blood pressure.

    I have been thinking about taking it again since I have had no success from either HydroxyCut or TrimForm.

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  21. I’ve read these comments, and wander why a person who is NOT overweight would even think of taking a diet pill. I have taken it, but I am aware of my body and know that…

    I am overweight, so effects are sometimes worth it, but mainly that I know my body can handle the pill to the point where there are not any side effects for me.

    My suggestion: make sure you know your body and know how it reacts to normal things in life, like coffee. If you can’t drink but two cups and feel nervious, then maybe you should not be taking a diet pill.

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  22. I tried taking this product and I got so dehyrated from the diuretic effects of the caffine, I passed out on an eliptical machine!

    After I stopped taking the product, I got massive headaches.

    On the upside, I was never hungry and I definately lost water weight!

    If you are going to take this porduct, drink LOTS of Water! Oh, and ween yourself slowly off if you decide to quit. And dont take any before you go to bed!

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  23. This is my second time on Zantrex 3, for the simple reason that I am on my second bottle. I love this product! As a college student, I often have long hours of studying and not a lot of time to work out. With Zantrex 3, I get the energy I need to complete the grueling study hours and I’m still losing the weight I need!

    I will admit, on occasion I feel an increased heart rate, but that’s really the only side effect I feel and it’s not a painful feeling, more like an adrenaline rush.

    So, for everyone giving you their advice not to take it, I say it’s worth a try. Perhaps you’ll feel the uncomfort they feel, or perhaps you’ll get the amazing results I have gotten.

    For the record, I have just taken the pills(2) approximately 15 minutes ago, finished my 8oz glass of water and I’m ready to eat. AND I FEEL PERFECTLY FINE.

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  24. I’ve tried Zantrex 3 now for about a month. I take only one or one and half pills before eating.. otherwise I get too nauseous.

    It does subdue my appetite and give me lots of energy but I’m also losing a lot of sleep and I feel really jittery. I haven’t noticeably lost any weight.

    Yesterday I decided to stop taking them. I literally had the worst head-ache I’ve had in all my life. I’m also immensely tired. If I were to lie down right now, I would sleep for hours on end.

    I don’t recommend Zantrex.

    Editor’s comments: Severe headaches can be a sign of caffeine withdrawl. Considering the amount of caffeine in Zantrex 3, this is not a surprising side effect.

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  25. I am on Zantrex 3 right now, and so far I have gone from a size 16 to a snug size 12 in a little over a month.

    Sometimes I get a little bit jittery, but my stomach never bothers me, and it really does help with eating.

    But I gain my weight from “snacking” – other than that I lead an active life, so this diet pill helps remind me not to snack, and it gives me a boost.

    I like it, and I would at least try it. But it DOES have a lot of energy stuff in it, and I drink about 60 oz’s of water a day.

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  26. I think that anyone who is going to try a new product should proceed with caution. There are no two bodies alike.

    I tried Zantrex-3 and felt jittery, but had unbelievable energy, mental acuity and a general all-around good feeling. In fear of the effects on my heart, I cut the dosage in half and I don’t take it everyday.

    I take it before I exercise in the morning and I put in a great workout! It works for me and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. The product gives me the energy and the incentive to be more physical and it does reduce my appetite somewhat, and therefore I have lost weight.

    People have to use their common sense when trying anything new. No one knows your body like you!

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  27. I just bought Zantrex-3 and im very scared to use it. I’ve been researching it and I heard a lot of negative things. But I’ve also heard a few good things. I’ve tried everything to lose wieght and it just isn’t happening.

    I’m not sure whether to take it or not. My friend wants to use it too. What should we do?

    Editor’s comments: The problems most people have with Zantrex are a result of its extremely high caffeine content. If you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine, or you are not used to consuming caffeine, this may not be a product worth experimenting with. Otherwise, you may wish to start out experimenting with the lowest possible dose, while removing all other stimulants from your diet. In other words, if you normally start off your day with a coffee, you may not want to do that the morning you try Zantrex for the first time.

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  28. I have been taking Zantrex for about a week now.

    I have an eliptical at home and I was very surprised to stay on for about an hour opposed to my usual 15-20min. And when I stopped it was only because my children needed to get to bed.

    Otherwise I would have ran along all night. So since then I’ve been taking 2-3 daily 1 with each meal. I am very sensitive to diet pills and could never stay on them due to all the side effects, however I am a big coffee drinker so I wonder if thats why I am not having any problems.

    I do want to say that some of these stories I am reading here are horrible, but I think if your first dose puts you in the hospital or makes you faint there is probaby some other issues going on with your body.

    I can say that niacin is pretty powerful and if you’re not used to taking alot of vitamins then you might want to stick with 1 a day. So far I really like it and I have cut back on my caffeine as well. I think I’ ll work out tonight!


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  29. I want a refund because Zantrex-3 is making me very sick. About 45 minutes after taking the product My stomach starts cramping and I feel like throwing-up.

    I also can barely walk. I don’t start feeling better for many hours. No meds should make anyone feel this way. I’ve been on these for a few days and realize they are not for me. Please refund this for me.

    Editor’s comments: Tani, you’ll need to contact your retailer for this. We do not sell or fulfill any products and have no affiliation with either the retailers or manufacturers of Zantrex-3.

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  30. I was totally surprised to read the above comments. I took Zantex 3 and experienced similar problems.

    Never having been allergic to anything in my life, I could not understand why I was experiencing this awful flushing and itching. I ended up at the Dr.’s office for a shot. I didn’t relate this to the Zantrex 3 since I had been taken the lowest suggested dose and had been doing so for a couple of weeks. Today it happened again.

    I determined it was taking it with a multiple vitamin with something in it for high cholesterol. Although the symptoms were not as severe as the first time, I can’t believe something like this is over-the-counter. THIS STUFF SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE SHELVES.

    So if you feel like you need to lose weight, start with your doctor and a nutritionist. Some insurance policies will cover a nutritionist. After all, what good is being thinner if you’re dead.

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  31. Today I took 2 pills as directed right before a meal, and maybe 10 minutes later I was sweating, nauseous and had a terrible headache.

    The worst part is it lasted for a few hours. I couldn’t even drive because I felt so sick. I WILL NEVER TRY IT AGAIN.

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  32. I just started taking Zantrex 3 today and I feel fine. I’m a little jittery and restless but no other side effects. I’m drinking a ton of water just to be on the safe side though.

    I’m looking forward to seeing if I actually lose any weight. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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  33. This stuff threw me into a horrible panic attack. I would have had to go to the hospital but fortunately I had Some Xanax to take.

    Like everyone else wrote, DONT TAKE THIS PRODUCT! I will never take another diet pill again, that’s how bad it was!

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  34. I took 2 pills 15 minutes before eating breakfast and about an hour later I felt like I was going to keel over! My heart was racing. I was sweating profusely. I felt very sick to my stomach. I felt like if I were to sit down, I would vibrate right off of my chair because I was so jittery. It really scared me.

    Someone made the comment that this type of reaction is due to a sensitivity to caffeine. I disagree. Although I don’t drink coffee, I love my Mountain Dew and Rock Star, which are both high in caffeine.

    I have NEVER experienced anything like this from consuming caffeine. It should also be noted that I did not consume ANY other caffeine on the morning that I took the Zantrex 3.

    I’m throwing the rest of my bottle away. If any of my friends/family were to consider taking this, I would STRONGLY recommend against it.

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  35. I took zantrex 3 the first time and within 20 minutes, I thought I was going to pass out. I got all itchy and turned red.

    I took some benadryl and felt better. I tried another dose the next day and the same thing happened. I later found out that it was a reaction to the serious amounts of niacin in Zantrex 3.

    My advice? Don’t bother… too many bad reviews to even try it!

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  36. The first time I took Zantrex-3 I took two pills before breakfast. It made me kind of race and gave me tons of energy. The only side effects I got were “jitteriness” being hyper and lots of energy.

    The only time I had a bad reaction was when I took it without a meal. I got really sick and real shaky. Other than that i think its good for energy.

    You just need to take it with water and a meal. I’ve been on it for 2-3 weeks and I’m doing fine. Guess it depends on the person.

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  37. I always saw this on TV and wanted to try it. So I bought some and I took this about 3 years ago for the first time.

    Not too long after taking two pills I broke out in cold sweat and didn’t feel too well, an hour or so later later my skin started to itch, soon my whole body began to itch. I felt large bumps all over so I took a closer look and noticed I had huge bumpy red rashes all over my body. I had a fever and I was disgusted by my rashes and couldn’t stop scratching for two or three days straight until the rashes went away, this was the worst thing that I’ve ever taken!

    I was trying to find reviews but couldn’t find any back then until now. I guess I’m not the only one who got nasty rashes.

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  38. I took Zantrex 3 a few years ago and went from 150lbs to 122lbs in 3 months (right before I got married). I’m on them again after having a baby since it’s the only thing, besides ephedra, that works for me.

    I have had a few issues with it, but they are the exception and not the rule and usually are experienced if I either don’t eat after my dose or take the doses too close together. I’ve experienced:

    ~mild hives (twice)
    ~jitters and/or hyper (after breakfast dose)
    ~racing heart (few times and only if I don’t eat)
    ~panic attack (once)
    ~moodiness (occasional)

    I have similar reactions if I drink too much coffee.

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  39. I have taken Zantrex on and off again for 7 or 8 months and I love the results.

    However I have experienced extreme paranoia which has almost resulted in panic attacks. Once in awhile I’ll get really bad stomach cramps about 15 minutes after taking the pill. It feels like menstrual cramps only worse. They’ll usually last until I get in some sort of comfortable position to ease the pain and eat something.

    I’m a coffee drinker but Zantrex contains too much caffeine — it does really help get things done though. I do get very “jittery” and I can’t sit still for long. But I really can’t argue with the effects, they’re great.

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  40. I decided to try Zantrex a few days ago.. I’d heard a few good things about it and wanted to give it a try.

    I took the first dosage in the morning, before breakfast. It definitely suppressed my appetite. I couldn’t eat breakfast. Good right? Not exactly. By the time I realized I WAS hungry, my blood sugar was so low I was shaking. I figured I just needed to have some lunch, but took the 2nd dosage before lunch. It didn’t suppress my appetite.

    I felt extremely sick from the caffeine. Keep in mind I am someone who consumes 2-3 energy drinks or cups of coffee in a day… and had only one cup of coffee that morning.

    I went home and tried to take a nap.. I felt like I was going to throw up all day. It was a terrible feeling.

    Unfortunately, I can’t take them again. I am not even sensitive to caffeine, but these pills made me feel horrible. I didn’t have a panic attack or need to go to the hospital, but I could hardly function.

    I hope my review helps someone else…

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  41. I took these pills for about a month and I did notice increased energy right away. I didn’t lose any weight, but didn’t gain any either. I did feel jittery for about half hour after taking them, but that was to be expected.

    I would like to tell everyone not to take them close to your bedtime, because sleeping is out of the question when you have just taken Zantrex 3.

    However, I feel these can work with proper diet and exercise. I’m actually going to go and get some tomorrow. Wal-Mart has them for $19.99 for an 84 count bottle.

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  42. I took Zantrex 3 on and off for about 8 months. I ended up losing about 80 lbs on it, probably a good 30 lbs in the first 2 months.

    It gave me a bit of an active bowel, and some jitters, but it didn’t phase me too much — obviously — for me to be on it for so long.

    One very bad thing is once you go off of Zantrex 3, you’ll never be able to do what you used to do when on it.

    It was hard keeping up the same energetic schedule when I went off of the pills.

    Anyway, the choice is yours.

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  43. I have only been taking this pill for 3 days and I feel awful.

    The first day that I took the pill, I followed the directions to a T and I ended up going to the hospital because I thought that I was having a heart attack.

    I have anxiety and I just suffered from a major panic attack. I haven’t had one in a long time.

    When I read the reviews and see that other people are feeling the same way I am, I am decided to stop taking this pill. I feel so sick after taking this pill and from the looks of it, so do a lot of other people.

    I would not recommend this to anyone. I’m sure not taking it anymore.

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  44. I recently started taking Zantrex-3 and I started getting really nauseated especially in the mornings before breakfast.

    When I took my second dose before lunch I felt like I was going to vomit all day, I couldn’t take my 3rd dose. The second day I woke without having to take any and felt the same way I felt yesterday without the Zantrex.

    Needless to say after 3 days of taking the medicine it took me another 3 to lose the side effects. I wouldn’t recommend this medication to anyone — unless they like feeling nauseous, restless, paranoid, and enjoy panic attacks.

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  45. I have taken Zantrex 3 for almost 4 years on and off. I only stopped taking it due to a pregnancy.
    I use this product with portion control and exercise. I only allow myself a serving of food during meals and I take walks daily as family time with my children.

    I love the energy it gives you. When you first start taking it there is some “jitteriness” you will experience but it lessens the more you take it. I don’t have a problem with panic attacks normally and don’t drink coffee.

    I have never had a fear or need to go to the hospital after taking it. If you take it with a meal you should be fine. I love the extreme energy it gives you.

    I have recommended Zantrex to a lot of friends and family. Some loved it and some didn’t. I assume it is not for everyone. After a few months of taking it others were commenting that I had lost weight but I didn’t weigh myself until about 6 months after taking it. When I did weigh myself I had lost about 50 pounds.

    After that I continued using it to lose weight. After 2 years of taking it I have lost 137 pounds. I went from a size 28 to a size 13. During my pregnancy I gained 42 pounds. I waited until my child was 2 months old before I started taking them again, and I’ve lost 48 pounds since his birth.

    Some due to my diet and exercise I’m sure but I’m continuing to lose due to Zantrex 3. I would love to contact the makers of this medication simply to thank them for a wonderful product.

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  46. I’ve been taking Zantrex 3 off and on for the last year and a half and I have lost some weight. I have experienced some bad and very scary side effects at times but I am determined to lose this weight.

    I’m living with an UNDER ACTIVE THYROID and even with my meds I’m still tired alot of the time. This is where Zantrex3 helps me — energy.

    Side effects for me are: itchy red rash, lots of flushing in face and neck, and not so much cutting my appetite all the time, heart racing –I’ve even stopped taking it at times because I felt like it affected my eyesight (given me blurred vision).

    Like I said I’m determined to lose the weight so I just keep on, while hoping everything’s gonna be alright.

    Editor’s comments: Diet pills can exhibit side effects, some of which are certainly dangerous for sensitive individuals. Tammy should definitely stop taking this product, and investigate other options.

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  47. I am sorry to say that i ever tried Zantrex. I read horrible reviews prior to taking it and still decided to take anyways. PLEASE DO NOT DO THE SAME! I have a really high tolerance to caffeine. I can easily drink a venti black coffee from starbucks, a 1/2 gallon of tea, diet coke, and some more coffee in one day and not get too wired. I also take a few thousand percent of B vitamins several times a week (which are great for energy). So I figured that I could try Zantrex and have a relatively safe experience compared to most. I didn’t think it would be as bad as it was. I broke the pill open and poured into to my morning shake of organic banana’s, apple juice, pineapple etc. Drank it slowly…..and then got in the shower. I noticed in less than five minutes my chest and stomach started beating as hard as if I had just sprinted down the block. My chest started pounding harder and harder and I then became TERRIFIED that I might be in serious danger of a heart attack or even dying. I tried to gag myself to throw this stuff up but couldn’t. I started to panic against my will and rational. I WAS TERRIFIED. I felt extremely sick and scared. I am embarrassed and ashamed to have taken this. I put my life at risk even after reading all these terrible reviews. IT”S JUST TOO STRONG AND TOO DANGEROUS. IT”S LIFE THREATENING. (I am a 21 year old male who regularly runs and works out almost every day). please don’t try it.

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  48. I just read all the reviews and I would have to agree It does make you pretty jittery at times.

    I had all the side effect with the heart palpitations, jittery-ness, dizziness, upset stomach, vomiting, at first.

    After going through it for a couple days I kept the dose low to 1 cap twice a day and I’m feeling pretty great.

    I’m 5’2 — went from 129 to 118 in 2 and a half weeks. As other people said, it does depend on your body and how you react to caffeine.

    Overall, I feel zantrex 3 does work….

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  49. There are a lot of good things about this product. Although it has a high niacin content, I have never had so much energy!

    I have almost no appetite, and it think it kinda works as a laxative, because everytime I take it before a meal, I go almost instantly!

    Once in a while, my back will spaz out. But other than that, I think its a pretty good product. I’m kinda scared about what will happen when I stop taking it though. The withdrawl and stuff.

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  50. I took Zantrex 3 for the first time today and it had me feeling like a million bucks. I dont get how all the people had a bunch of side effects, but different strokes for different folks. Maybe its because I bought mine at the local Safeway grocery store and not walmart or walgreens.

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  51. I have taken Zantrex-3. I agree if you are not used to coffee then a lower dose is required. At first I did get the jitters because I started off with 2 caps. When I lowered it, I felt better. I increased it over time. I did lose weight and I recommended it to people who also told me they lost weight.

    I do agree it may not be for some people. I states on the bottle that it work better with food. Some of us take it and decide not to eat but the bottle does not say that. You still should eat something.

    Yes, if you do not eat within an hour or two you may feel some discomfort. I took it before every meal and I felt find after a couple of days because I was trying to get the most maximum result but 2 caps was not for me.

    We all have to face it DIET PILLS are not for everyone.

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  52. I took the product for three days. The first day I was very jittery, just as I had expected I would be.

    I had an energizing work out, very little sleep, but overall it seemed fine. The next day I took it exactly the same, drinking tons of water and eating about 20 minutes after each dose.

    I noticed I had major mood-swings and was extremely irritable. Very little sleep the next night. On the third day, I was completely lacking concentration, moody and emotional and was up the entire night anxious and thinking having very negative/depressive thoughts.

    I flushed all the pills down the toilet and will never take them again. I feel “normal” again and am positive the negative effects I was experiencing was from this product.

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  53. I started using Zantrax 3 last week. I lost 3 lbs the first week. I had no side effects at all. I started with 1 pill in the morning and 1 before lunch.

    This week I started with 2 pills at a time and still have no side effects. You really need to read this bottle, if coffee or tea give you a caffeine jolt than maybe you shouldn’t take this pill.

    Caffeine really has no effect on me at all. I am trying to lose 15 pounds. I will keep you updated but so far so good.

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  54. I’ve Had Zantrex-3 for a day and have had no bad side effects. I’ve had to use that bathroom a lot more, only to tinkle though, probably from the increased intake of water. Jitters and a hyper feeling also but it’s helped me stay awake and alert.

    From what I can see though, it really depends on a persons lifestyle. I’m used to drinking about 3-4 cups on coffee with loads of sugar a day along with a few Monsters, also going to bed late and waking up early.

    I also eat fruit and oats when taking Zantrex, two at a time 15 before eating. I’ve already lost 4 pounds!

    I would recomend it to people you are used to LOTS of caffine. Anyone who takes it easy on caffine should watch out.

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  55. Well I have lost another 3 pounds for a total of 6. I haven’t even used the entire bottle yet. I have had NO SIDE EFFECTS at all but caffeine doesn’t bother me.

    I have been taking 3 pills a day and usually don’t take them at all on the weekend. I do make sure that I eat right, drink lots of water and I have been going to the gym. The Zantrex has really helped me get over the points when I am stuck on my weight loss.

    It does make you, as another user said, tinkle quite a bit. I am sure that it is water weight but saying that I having been doing this off an on for a little over a month with no weight gain, it just continues to go down.

    My suggestion is to try it. The Zantrex is like anything else out there – it might work for you it might not. We are all different so you will just have to try it and see if it works for you.

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  56. I have used zantrex 3 for a couple months and yes the 1st time I tried it (only one pill a day), I felt jittery for a couple hours. I found out that if I took 1 zantrex 3 with 1 Relicore (also a weight loss pill) it evened out the side effects (Relicore also helps with anxiety and stress).

    The combo is perfect – good energy, good mood, and I also didn’t feel hungry.

    So start with one dose each day (together in the morning) and when you feel ready move up to taking the second dosage. Drink plenty of water and try to work out at least 3 times a week and you will be in good shape!

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  57. Okay. I thought there was something wrong with me. I took the pills as directed. Ate correctly and drank plenty of water. I fell asleep that night feeling fine at about 11:30 pm and an hour later woke up.

    The next five hours were pure torture. I had severe depression, panic attacks, and nausea. Every time I about drifted to sleep the panic gripped my stomach again. I was terrified that I was going to die.

    I was so scared to turn on a light or open my eyes because I believed something terrible was going to happen. I’ve found out that if I take one or two pills a day this doesn’t happen.

    I would recommend starting out this way (with 1-2 pills per day) and increasing to the directed amount over time.

    I have no history of any of these symptoms and even had to look them up. Unless you want to have a terrible night or paranoia and panic attacks, be careful how you use Zantrez 3! There should be a better warning on the label!

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  58. Today is my first day using this pill. Everything was fine, until right now. It’s 4:22am and I can’t sleep. I’m trembling and my heart is beating fast and it hurts. I’m really scared. After reading these reviews i think I’m going to end up in the hospital. I’m only 16 years of age also. If I make it through the night, I might try to take only 1 pill instead of 2.

    Other than the side effects this pill works. I took it while I was extremely hungry, then when it became dinner time, I ate very little.

    Editor’s Comments: Product warning labels are there for a reason. As well as containing a ton of caffeine, these products are not recommended for individuals under 18 years old.

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  59. I tried Zantrex 3 years ago and will never forget that horrific rainy night. This happened the week between Christmas and New Years of that year.

    I was working the graveyard shift and took a couple Zantrex pills at around 8PM.

    At 9:30 PM I began to feel strange and decided to lie down on a couch in our office. After a couple minutes I got up because I had to continue working on my project.

    The feelings grew worse and by 10PM I decided to leave the office and drive home. It was pouring rain outside so that made the drive difficult enough, but the side effects I was feeling from the pills magnified the horror.

    My throat closed up, I opened the windows for air, and then I began to vomit uncontrollably out the window of the car. I pulled over and continued vomiting out the door.

    It was a miracle how I finally piloted myself home, but as soon as I got to my garage, I began to vomit once again. I got out of the car and started to walk towards the elevator of my condo and my knees buckled and I could hardly walk.

    I thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack. When I got upstairs, I called 911 and an ambulance arrived at my home and took me to the emergency room.

    At the ER they took many blood tests and after awhile I had severe diarrhea in a bed pan.

    By 4:00 a.m. I was feeling much better and they sent me home by cab.

    I would seriously advise against taking this product or any diet product. It’s not worth the horrid side effects, because I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke and was going to die. The physical response to the drug was amazing, and not in a good way.

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  60. I have been trying several different types of diet pills for almost 8 years, with Xenedrine w/ Ephedra being the best of them all. With Xenedrine no longer available, I’ve been trying others.

    Zantrex-3 has been the worst. I have never experienced so many negative side effects. Still haven’t finished the first bottle of 112 capsules. I started taking 1 in the morning, and 1 before my afternoon workout.

    First time, I got itchy palms. Yes, I drank a full 20 oz bottle of water with it…and ate breakfast within 30 minutes after taking it. After the first dose, no side effects until today. I later increased to the 2 capsules, twice daily.

    I have approximately 20 capsules left after taking 2 this morning with 20 oz of water and a serving of oatmeal 20 minutes later. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life (child birth is right up there). I started feeling jittery, then my face started burning – like a sharp tingling effect all over my cheeks, chin, forehead, and my palms were very itchy again. The back of my neck was a little tingly and very itchy for about 10 minutes.

    I have not lost weight. It does give me that burst of energy when I need that cup of coffee or to get motivated for the gym. No addiction here, cause I forget to take it over the weekends.

    Good product if you’re looking for energy, but after today’s effects…. no more for me.

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  61. Zantrex did help me lose 10 pounds in two weeks.I’m now a pound lighter than I was before I got pregnant with my son who is now a year old. But am I the only one who always feels hungry now that I’m not taking the pill?

    I usually do not have a good appetite because of stress and all but now that I stopped taking Zantrex-3, I want to eat all the time!

    I feel like im pregnant again but I’m not! I went back on them today.

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  62. I am 16 years old and am trying to lose my last 15 pounds that diet and exercise simply will not allow me to lose. I decided to try Hoodia/Green tea pills first because they are mild, but they didn’t do much, and now I am taking Zantrex 3.

    When I first took them, I got very jittery and hyper, but those are the only side effects the pills have had on me. I feel more motivated to workout due to the energy and I definitely think these will be the boost I need! I would recommend them to anyone needing to lose more than 10 pounds!

    Editor’s Comments: Rachael, we recommend reading the warning label… these products are not recommended for people under 18 years of age.

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  63. I have been using Zantrex for a while and have seen an energy boost, as well as a slight bump in weight loss from what I was getting with good exercise and diet.

    I take only one before meals, not two, and I make sure to drink the eight to ten glasses of water the bottle recommends. I don’t recommend taking it if you aren’t going to exercise regularly, because if you don’t burn off some of that extra energy, I could see how it would give you the jitters.

    Good product, but, not for those who are not suited to caffeine.

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  64. All diet pills, including Zantrex-3 are not miracle pills. They are accommodations to your diet and exercise program. If you combine all three together you should lose weight.

    I am a 24 year old male and went from 245 to 185 in 8 months. Yes, I felt jittery, and yes I had panic attacks.

    Do not take it 5 hours before you sleep.

    Remember, weight loss is all about mindset too, you have to change your lifestyle to lose weight.

    I am probably the biggest hypochondriac in the world, and I had all the negative effects on these pills and once I realized that a lot of it was in my head, I could take the jitteriness and extra energy. Mind over matter.

    And don’t let some peoples’ testimonials scare you from taking it, everyone is different, you never know till you try.

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  65. I took Zantrex-3 at 9 pm and now it’s almost 3 am and I can’t sleep. I’ve got a stomach ache and feel like throwing up.

    This has never happened to me before until I started taking these pills. Today was my first day. and I’m not taking Zantrex-3 ever again. I’d recommend not to take this product because it has severe side effects. My stomach is on fire and my ears are itching now.

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  66. With walking for 40 minutes every weekday as well as doing 20 minutes of cardio training daily, I went from a fat size of 280 lbs. to 190 lbs. in 9 months using Zantrez 3.

    I never experienced any side efects.

    I took two a day – one in the morning and one before dinner. A few nights I couldn’t sleep right away, but eventually it got better.

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  67. I took this and had bad side effects. I got so sick to my stomach and had bad sweats. I do like it though, because I am less hungry and have more energy.

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  68. I’ve been taking this for the last 3 years and I am determined to stop taking the pill since we are planning for a new baby.

    I’ve been off the pill for only 1 week & have had a headache ever since (caffeine withdrawal).

    I also notice that I feel so so tired now. It did help boost my energy level – especially to exercise daily so NOW it is extremely hard to stop using the product.

    Good luck if you are thinking about starting this pill!

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  69. I took this pill earlier this week. I was driving with my 2 year old in the car and had to pull over and call 911.

    I started to sweat, got blurred vision, my hands got tingly and I had difficulty breathing. I was rushed to the hospital, and had these symptoms all day long.

    The doctors were concerned about my heart and are continuing to run tests on me. I would STRONGLY discourage anyone from taking this pill.

    I have taken just about every diet pill made and this is the only one that gave me an attack like that.

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  70. I have been using Zantrex 3 for 2 weeks and no results. I was so excited to read all of these reviews and was certain this product would work for me.

    The 1st day I took it I was very jittery and hyper then after that no side effects apart from a little nausea. If you don’t eat a lot of food it can make you have really bad headaches and feel sick so make sure you eat after you take it.

    I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping to see some results. I’m also on the Atkins Diet and am going to continue taking them in the hope I will shed 35 pounds. I weigh 180, and am very unhappy

    I will keep you updated on any progress with Zantrex 3.

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  71. I took Zantrex-3 for 6 months and lost 15 kg (33 lbs.)

    The first month it did not work at all, then I started working out and began losing 2 pounds per month. Then I started eating only vegetables at night, and I started losing 1 kg (2 lbs) every week.

    So to lose weight, you MUST workout 4 times a week for 1 hour, and eat vegges or low calorie foods at night.

    Side Effects:
    1) Jittery and nervousness: caused accident while I was driving.
    2) Paranoia: I thought my boss is going to fire me. I became very sensitive to what people said to or about me.
    3) Knees: my knees dried up along with my skin, I had pain in my knees when I walked and ran and I had to hydrate my skin a lot.

    Finally, would I use it again? Yes, because this is the only thing that works!

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  72. I just started taking zantrex 3 and I feel that is working well. I am in a new stage in my life and have not been motivated to do anything.

    I started taking zantrex 3 to lose wieght but in fact, I have become motivated and happy.

    I have read a few reviews and found numerous negative comments on the product. I believe that people do not take the product as recommended. The bottle states to drink 8-10 ounces per pill and to eat 30 minutes after taking it. The product states that you have to eat in order for the pill to work correctly.

    When I first used the product I did not drink enough water nor did I eat because I figured I would lose more wieght if I did not eat.

    I was wrong and with healthly foods and exercise this product will work. Before you take any diet pill make sure you read CAREFULLY on how to use the product.

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  73. I’m 12 years old. I’m 5’5, healthy and into sport.

    I barely ever get sick, and I don’t overeat, but I weigh 141 lbs. I wanted to try some Zantrex 3,
    but I read the label and it said it is not recommended for children under 18, unless directed by a doctor.

    I really want to take it, but I’m afraid of what will happen. My goal is to lose like 30 pounds. I am exercising a lot more than i used to [a lot of sit ups]. But I’m afraid that wont work because it failed once before.

    Editor’s comments: Kudos for reading the label, Cara. You should absolutely, positively NOT be taking Zantrex 3. That much caffeine would be dangerous for you.

    At 12 years old, we don’t really think you should be worried about things like this, unless you are grossly overweight and you are suffering health issues (which you are not).

    Instead, eat a proper diet (fruits and veggies and lean proteins) and try to be a little more active – walk daily, and join a sports team at school. Stay away from the diet pills. You don’t need them.

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  74. I’m 14, 5’4 and 118 pounds and yesterday was my first day taking it. I took it in the morning with a crossant roll and I felt jittery and energized.

    Then I started to feel really sick, and I swore I’d stop taking them and then I felt better, but last night I couldn’t sleep at all, my vision is more blurred then usual (I wear glasses).

    I’m feeling very jittery, I feel nauseous, and I feel like my brain is leaking and that there is a huge lump in my skull.

    I bought this at target and I’m really scared that I might have to go to the hospital, which sucks because I don’t have insurance.

    Editor’s comments: Amy, the warning label clearly states this product is not to be used for people under 18. It contains WAAAAAYYYY too much caffeine for a child. Please, please, PLEASE read the warning label. It is there for a reason.

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  75. Does anyone have any tips for mitigating the nausea? Everything else I can deal with…

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  76. I love the pills. I have been eating right and getting plenty of exercise and I lost 8 pounds this week.

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  77. Today was the first day I’ve taken Zantrex 3. I’m an herbalist and was impressed with the products on the label. After looking at all of the ingredients in the competing market, I chose Zantrex for the ingredients. They are hardcore ingredients.

    After I took the two pills with water, I felt “stoned”, almost. The high caffeine is there. It’s caffeine to the max. Prepare to feel funny. If you have vertigo or nausea often, you won’t like this.

    I also switch between GHT Stack and HGH Surge. It should be interesting to see how this turns out.

    Thanks for offering a place to do reviews. It was highly informative.

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  78. I purchased this product last week because it was on sale. The first day I wasn’t aware of problems other than not being able sleep well. However, on the second day about 60-90 minutes after I took it (I ate breakfast) I started to feel an upset stomach, then intermittent back pain which became intense and made it hard to walk or even stand up.

    Eventually I ended up at the ER and was admitted with acute pancreatitis. I had no stones and only min to moderate alcohol use, the 2 most common causes.

    I was in the hospital for 4 days. Do we know for sure the Zantrex caused it? No, and I hope no one else proves it to themselves.

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  79. I started using this product 3 weeks ago. I was nauseous at first, but I always get that way with any high caffeine product. 3 weeks later I have lost 2 inches from my waist and am 15lbs lighter! It does work! If some people only realized that they won’t necessarily get results with pills alone… Anytime you want to change your weak little bodies, realize that nutrition is 80% of the battle. I use this product as an energy booster. You know, as a motivator! Its not for those of you who are lazy cry-babies.

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  80. Trying it right now. Wish me luck!!!

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  81. This product REALLY works! I just left a post on another website because I want everyone to see. I am 26, Asian, 5’2″ and 125 lbs and want to lose about 15-20lbs for a vacation in 8 weeks.

    I began taking Zantrex-3 last Thursday and yesterday (Tuesday), I weighed myself and had lost 5lbs! Amazing!

    Editor’s Comments: What Gina has lost is mostly water weight — not fat. Please see
    this blog post
    to learn how to properly assess success (or failure) with any diet or fat burner. (End of editor’s comments)

    No amount or cardio has given me such results in as short a time. This product may be dehydrating, so PLEASE drink plenty of water throughout the day. I run to the restroom to *tinkle* about 15 times a day. The food suppressing part really worked for me, and I feel full after a small meal, but get hungry again after about 3 hrs. That’s a good thing, though! Then you could have 5 small meals or snacks throughout the day, keep your metabolism running, and feel full.

    This is my first time taking diet pills, so I was nervous about taking them. I started off slow by taking 1 pill before breakfast and 1 later in the afternoon before my evening workout. The first 3 days were uncomfortable with the jitters, felt flushed and hot, and had trouble sleeping at night. Now, I don’t experience any of that.

    I have so much energy throughout the day and during my workouts (which I do about 3x a week) and don’t have any trouble sleeping at night or waking in the morning.

    I’m happy with my results after taking only 2 pills a day! Good luck everyone! I hope this review helps.

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  82. I have always had a slow metabolism, even when I exercised every day. I love to sleep.

    I started taking Zantrex-3 about a week ago to help boost my weight loss and I love it. I have tried everything on the market since I got sick and gained 50 lbs. They all bothered me.

    Zantrex-3 makes me concentrate better than ever and keeps me energized so I don’t nap. I walk every day and eat healthy. I have lost about 5 lbs in a week. This normally wouldn’t get me excited but I can see the difference in my clothes.

    I will give you some advice. Follow the directions. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Eat with it. Start out slow, only taking 1 pill before your biggest meals… like the directions say.

    I started eating a larger breakfast and lunch and smaller dinners so I won’t take a pill too late and not be able to sleep. So many reviews talk about how you have a head ache. Try to stick to water all day, no soda, tea or anything that has extra caffeine.

    The same thing happened to me, but since I stuck to water only, it’s been great, plus it is less calories. Start out slow and see where it goes. 1 to 2 pills per day.

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  83. I took Zantrex for about two months two years ago and I loved it. I lost about 5 pounds (I was originally 5’7″ 155) but then I stopped taking it because it stopped working. So I stopped taking it for 1 year and then returned to it AND IT WAS THE WORST THING EVER!.

    I thought my HEART WOULD EXPLODE. I couldn’t sleep that night, I had cold sweats, and I had constant noise in my head. I figured it was because I started taking 3 pills right away instead of easing into it, but when I switched to just 1 pill a day my heart still convulsed.


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  84. This is by far the worst pill I have ever taken. After the first dose (before breakfast), I felt so sick with naseua and had the runs for 3 days straight. At first thought it wasn’t the pill, and then tried it again a week later and had almost the same affects.

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  85. I tired Zantrex 3 about 3 years ago and lost quite a bit of weight. I didn’t exercise, eat healthy or anything! I’m on it again because I just had a baby and I want to lose some extra pounds. I know it worked for me, and I’ve recommended it, because it does work.

    The best thing was when I stopped taking it, I kept the weight off (DOING NOTHING). I went from size 11 to size 3 literally in 3 months.

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  86. I tried Zantrex-3 about a year ago. I started with only a half-dose in the morning,to be on the safe side, and within a half hour my heart started racing, my throat started closing up. I also became extremely itchy, and I began to feel overwhelming panic and nausea. I drank lots of water the rest of the day to flush it out of my system… although it took until the next day before I felt that my body was returning to “normal.” Needless to say, I didn’t not continue taking Zantrex, and I definitely do not recommend this product.

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  87. I have been taking Zantrex-3 for about 6 years now. The first time I took it, I decided to go easy, and only took half a dose. The effect was essentially a caffiene rush combined with a ton of energy… which is good, because I run a lot.

    Another time, I took it at the full dose (2 capsules), began a run, and after 100 feet, felt like I was going to have a heart attack. At least, I think that’s what it felt like. I was only 19 at the time, so a heart attack at that age seemed unlikely… but close. In any case, anyone who takes this drug daily on a regular basis is crazy. I take it whenever I do a workout, or go for a run, or need to think fast, but never at full dose. In other words, use in moderation and you’ll be fine. I DO recommend this product as long as it’s not taken regularly.

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  88. This product is awful… I took this and within 20 minutes my whole body was on fire and I broke out in a horrible red rash that has lasted more than half an hour. I actually feel like I’m on fire! My bottle had no warning of this on it as a possible side effect, so of course I was scared to death! Do not take this product!

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  89. I just started taking Zantrex-3 and I really like it!. I know a lot of the review are bad. But I have a Bachelor’s of Strength and Conditioning and I am a certified personal trainer and I will say that EVERY diet pill has different effects on different people.

    I started with the recommend amount of 2 pills 15 minutes before a large meal. I find that it does give you a nice burst of energy after the meal. Since I work in a boring office, I find the jolt to be just want I need to get thru the day. I take my second dose with a snack around 6pm after work and then I use the energy jump start to work out. I have lost 5 lbs in one week.

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  90. I have been taking Zantrex-3 for a week now and I LOVE it! It gives me the added energy I need to get through the day, and keeps me from eating everything in sight. I am 6’3″ and was 248lbs a week ago. I am down to 241lbs and I feel great!

    I have also started working out 3 days a week and eating more sensible meals. Snacking was really my biggest problem, but while I have been taking Zantrex I haven’t had the urge to snack at all! I take one pill before breakfast and another before lunch. I hope this rapid weight loss continues so I can get down to my goal weight of 195!

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  91. I love Zantrex 3. It’s LOADED with sources of caffeine, so if you’re sensitive to caffeine or caffeine-like stimulants you may be too weak to handle this product. It reduces your appetite to an extent, but not drastically. If this product was dangerous then it would be banned from the market so I wouldn’t worry too much on whether it’s safe or not. Talk to your doctor before starting this supplement and see if you have any conflicting health problems which the supplement may worsen. It’s main active ingredient is caffeine, which boosts metabolism and increases energy, so there’s no doubt that it has some credibility as a weight-loss pill.

    Editor’s comments: Yes, caffeine has thermogenic (fat burning) effects, but they are not dramatic.

    Additionally, don’t make the mistake of assuming that because something is available on the market, it’s therefore safe. Supplements are very loosely regulated (almost unregulated on the Internet) and there are so many it’s impossible for government bodies to police them all. A recent FDA warning introduced 25-readily available fat loss supplements that were contaminated with undeclared pharmaceutical agents. While it’s unlikely to be an issue with Zantrex, don’t assume an easily available product has been assessed by some government body for safety or effectiveness. It hasn’t.

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  92. Well,on the plus side, this pill certainly suppressed my appetite. However…

    I strongly recommend that you DON’T take the suggested dose. I took 5 in one day… just following the directions, and throughout the day, I felt really terrible. I wanted to throw up and pass out at the same time, but couldn’t until the end of the day at soccer practice.

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  93. I took Zantrex 3 a few times months ago and do not remember having any side effects. I tried it again yesterday and within 30 minutes I was light headed, felt flushed and my heart was pounding. I also got this strange redness all over my body that was extremely warm to the touch. I immediately went to the Emergency Room where I was told I was having an allergic reaction to the Niacin.

    They had to give me a shot, and prescribe 3 different medications to be taken for the next 5 days. A 20-something dollar bottle of Zantrex 3 ended up costing me hundreds of dollars of medicine – not to mention I was extremely scared. I’m not saying don’t take it because my sister took it last week and had no side effects but I am saying beware of the possible, scary side effects and having to dish out tons of money to go to the ER!

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  94. I have used Zantrex on and off for awhile now, but I’ve been using it steadily now for that past 2 weeks. First let me say that I’m a person with a significant amount of weight to lose, and I need ALL the help I can get.

    The first time I tried Zantrex, I took 2 pills as directed and I was bouncing off the walls and totally unable to keep still. I also experienced a sick feeling in my stomach. Since then, I now only take one pill a day, and I never take it after 2pm because I don’t want it to affect my sleep at night.

    By taking one pill a day, with water, I feel absolutely great. I don’t get that afternoon slump. I’m more cheerful throughout the day, and most importantly, I’m losing weight. I weigh myself first thing in the morning to see if I need to make any adjustments on my diet or exercise regimen, and I’m losing about 0.5 pounds a day. Mind you I exercise for 30 min 5 times a week, and maintain a good diet.

    I would really recommend this pill for anyone to use who has A LOT of weight to lose.

    As a side note, I researched the ingredients and what they are good for individually, and it seems that some of the herbs are supposed to balance female hormonal problems. Check it out and good luck with your weight loss attempts.

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  95. I took this terrible so called weight loss pill. I took two pills with breakfast and by noon I felt like I was never going feel good again – ever. My heart was racing, my jaws tight, and I was worried I was going to not make it. My stomach hurt so bad and when I got home from work I was throwing up. I could not think and my head hurt very badly. It took three days to come out of this .

    My advice is think about your body not your wants. This should not even be allowed to be on the shelves. We all want to reach for something to make us loose weight or something to make us happy.

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  96. WORST. PILL. EVER. SOOOOOOOO NOT worth the jittery feeling and just an utter feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin. EW. Threw these out after day one. Would NEVER recommend. EVER.

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  97. Zantrex 3 is awesome. It gives me the endless energy I need to get a full work out and still do my daily activities. It will give you that feeling like your heart is racing yes but if you work out with the pill you’ll love the energy you have.

    This pill motivates me to stay in shape and it helps me choose the right foods you want to lose weight. ZANTREX 3 IS THE BEST WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT I’VE EVER USED.

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  98. I’ve taken this randomly off and on. I’m not a large person – about 130lbs but I’m only 5ft 2.

    I tried taking 2 pills 15min before a meal. It did make me feel jittery but once I’d eaten a bit it would go away. It gave me so much energy – I usually don’t feel like working out – its just boring. When I take these pills it makes me feel like I have to be doing something. My brain feels more focused, I tend to do things I would normally put off like cleaning and multitasking work tasks that I typically ignore.

    I stopped taking them after 2 weeks because I started feeling so great on them that I was worried I’d get addicted. Its probably a year later now and I’ve taken it the past couple days and I’ve changed how I take them. I’ve been taking only 1 a day AFTER my first meal. I’ve only eaten 2 bowls of fiber one cereal with low fat soy milk and a small bowl of whole wheat turkey pasta. I really hadn’t realized that I hadn’t eaten much until I tried to think about what I’d eaten. I haven’t really been that hungry. I usually drink about 4 cans of diet soda a day. Today I only drank 1/2 of a soda and about 4 16oz bottles of water. I actually crave water when taking this.

    If you’re worried about the side affects – use common sense – try taking just 1 pill and after you eat. Once you’re used to it – try taking it before you eat or taking 2 a day etc.

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  99. I have used this product for a little over two years and love it! I have even switched over to other for a month or two, but do NOT get the same effect I get with Zantrex 3! I even took them in the evenings on my honeymoon for “increased energy” and they totally worked. I will say this; if you are sensitive to caffeine, DO NOT take them in the evenings–a couple of nights we would retire early, and I would have trouble falling asleep. Aside from that, I have had absolutely no ill effects whatsoever. I highly recommend the product.

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  100. I lost 27 pounds in 2 months. I’ve never felt so good about myself!

    After I stopped taking zantrex I gained a few pounds back but im happy with the results. If you have heart problems or bipolar issues dont take this product. You can find it at Walmart for a really cheap price!

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  101. I used 2 times and both times the same happened, while I’m using it I feel strange. I need to take it with food because if I take them with empty stomach I get palpitations and something like a panic attack. Then I can’t eat at all and if I try to, then I throw up right away. I wanted to loss weight so I tried it with food and I felt better.

    I lose weight while I’m taking them but as soon as I stop I gain weight – even if i go to the gym. I don’t recomment this product at all. It messes up with your metabolism, for some strange reason as soon you stop taking it, even if you are on a very good diet and exercise program, you won’t loss weight (and in the worst of the situations you will even gain weight, that happened to me).

    I think this product will be taken off the market soon – somebody is gonna have very serious health problems with it. Don’t take it!

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  102. Ive been taking Zantrex for a week now as directed along with a Acai/Green Tea pill.

    This was only after a month of getting my body right natually (small portions, lean protiens, lots of fiber, no cokes/energy drinks/etc. and drinking a LOT of water, etc). Basically I was following a post lap-band lifestyle without the surgry.

    I drink an extra glass of water per dose (at least) and that seems to cure most of the side effects AS LONG AS YOU EAT. If you don’t it’s going to be bad news. Anyway, the caffine “high” doesn’t bother me – I used to be a major caffine addict so this is old territory for me. I don’t get the high blood pressure/palpitations/panic attacks, but the caffine head ache is minor and nauseau is very minor and controlled well through water intake and small snacks (yougurt, couple bites of fat free cottege cheese, couple pieces of lean turkey meat or crab meat, etc.) seem to curb it fairly quickly.

    I would NOT recommend this at normal doses to everyone, but it’s worth a try as long as you’re careful when you start dosing and drink LOTS of water and eat like you’re supposed to. And, as mentioned you have to be working out along with the diet changes to get what you would expect out of this.


    Morning: 3 large cups of water, 2 Zantrex-3, 2 Acai Berry/Green Tea, half cup-cup of food (yougurt, special k, fat free cottege cheese, special k bars, etc.) 10-15min workout

    Water throughout the morning as needed…

    Lunch: 2-4 cups of water, 2 Zantrex-3, 1 Acai/Green Tea, 1-1.5 cups of food, healthy (150-400 calories)

    Water as needed throughout the day…

    Dinner: 2-4 cups of water, 1-2 Zantrex-3, 1 Acai/Green Tea, 1-1.5 cups of food, healthy (200-400 calories) 1-2+ hour workout broken into strech/cardio/core, walk/jog, strech/cardio/core, 15 min mental (I like gaming), core

    Water before bed as needed to rehydrate

    So far this has yeilded good results with minimal discomfort, but may not work for everyone, I just posted details for the curious.

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  103. I previously tried taking Zantrex on two seperate occasions. The second being today. On both occassions I experienced a rapid heart rate, was sweating buckets, and was VERY jittery. I WOULD NOT reccommend this pill to anyone, and I will NEVER take it again. The symptoms I experienced both times were very scary, but I wanted to lose weight so I tried it the second time. WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!! This pill should be banned.

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  104. I just started the product a few of weeks ago and have lost a little weight, but the main perk is the added energy it gives to my workouts. I usually would run about 4 miles but on Zantrex, 6 or 7 miles is no problem now.

    I also feel a lot more productive and motivated throughout the work day. I only take two pills a day (the bottle says you can have up to six, but I really really wouldn’t recommend it). And I try to limit my caffeine to only coffee and have cut out sodas and energy drinks from my diet. Like I stated, having the added energy is awesome and I haven’t had exhibited any of the horrendous side effects others have mentioned like rash or rapid heartbeat.

    I’m not sure if the pills really do suppress appetite or if I just feel fuller because I have to drink a lot of water to stay well hydrated on them. They definitely have a bit of a laxative effect, which I think also adds to losing weight. I recommend this to anyone not sensitive to caffeine and who wants to both lose weight and increase their activity level.

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  105. Zantrex 3 is a great diet pill. A lot of my weight gain was from being tired, and not having any energy. Zantrex 3 gave me energy and suppressed my appetite. If you are sensitive to the ingredients in Zantrex 3, then do like I did and only take 3 pills a day. I’ve had great results! I would recommend this diet pill to anyone ready to lose weight and feel good!

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  106. I have been on Zantrex-3 for about a week now and I must say I feel good! I do have sleeping issues, and a have lot of energy. To help me drink very large amounts of water, add about 1/4 cup of lemon juice in each glass… it helps a lot!

    I have lost 11 pounds. I feel great!

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  107. I just started taking this product and I must say that it is very potent. I am 6’2″ and 206 lbs. with a high tolerance for caffeine. That being said, one half of the recommended dose (which is two pills) got me pretty wired. If you are looking to add energy to your current workout routine as I am than this is a decent product. I must say that no reasonable person should start out at full dose. This stuff is no joke, so build up to full dose.

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  108. I have taken this produt for two days and I haven’t been able to sleep at all. I was wide awake both nights. I took 2 before each meal. I would not recommend this product to others.

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  109. I think Zantrex is amazing. I take 4 pills a day – 2 before each of my big meals (for me that’s lunch and dinner.) I can be starving a half hour before I take them but by the time I eat they make it so that a few bites can fill me up and keep me from overeating.

    I have taken them without eating and that makes me feel horrible so now I just use them before meals like instructed. The first bottle made me lose 4 pounds in a week. I’m 5’2 and started off at 134 lbs. Maybe they aren’t for everybody but I’ve never had any kind of trouble with them.

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  110. I took this product once and after I got back from the gym I couldn’t stop shaking and my heart was going about 3 times faster. I thought I was going to die. After about 6 hours that stopped and I got a bad stomach and headache. I was up for 27 hours straight because of this pill. I want no one to ever have this pain happen to them – it’s just terrible. Its been about 35 hours and I’m still sick.

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  111. I’ve just started taking Zantrex 3 and I am becoming discouraged. Today was my first day and I felt really jittery, I was excited and annoyed the hell out of my family. But when I took the second dosage I couldn’t move around much due to nausea.

    Do these symptoms fade, or at least become a lot milder?

    Editor’s comments: For some people, the symptoms fade over time, for others, they don’t. It’s a very individual thing, and depends upon your body’s sensitivity to the massive amounts of caffeine in this product.

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  112. I would warn against ever using this product, I used it once, today and within a very short time was hot and disoriented, a little dizzy and sick to my stomach. When I could I forced myself to eat hoping to decrease the effects. I still feel unsteady and want to go to bed, I only hope I can sleep..please use caution if you use this product.

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  113. I have been taking this product 1 a day in the morning. It gave me the energy I needed. No problems. One morning I did not take it and in about 2 hours I had a horrible head pain all day. I took my blood pressure and it was 160/100. I took the Zantrex-3 and in about 25 minutes the head pain was gone and blood pressure was back to normal. That scares me. I am going off this product.

    Love the energy but it is going to give me a stroke.

    Editor’s comments: Headaches are a typical symptom of caffeine withdrawl.

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  114. I have taken this product before without any side effects. I lost about 15 pounds in a month. I started taking it again today. So far so good. I aim to lose 70 pounds, so wish me luck. If you read the warning label, you should be ok unless you’re sensitive to caffeine.

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  115. I’ve taken Zantrex-3 off and on for two years but I did not experience any results until I started exercising for 45 mins to an hour everyday. Once I did that, I lost 30 lbs in 3 months. It was great, I just had to make sure I ate enough and drank enough water or else I would feel nauseous, see “spots”, or be light-headed.

    It wasnt until yesterday when I took two pills with breakfast that after about two hours when I went out into the sun I fainted. I got up in about 10 minutes but I literally felt like I was going to die. I’m undecided as to whether I will continue to take the pills in smaller doses or at all. I’m 5’7″ and weigh 140 lbs.

    People keep tellin me in skinny enough and I should throw these pills away but I love how they make me look and they keep my weight steady, plus they suppress my appeitite and make for great work out sessions!

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  116. I start using Zantrex-3 three days ago. On my first day (Nov 5, 2009) I took 2 capsules of Zantrex-3 fifteen minutes prior lunch with 20oz of water. Then again, two more capsules 15 minutes prior dinner with 20oz of water. On my second day(Nov 6, 2009)I took 2 capsule 15 minutes prior lunch with 20oz of water, and then two more capsules 15 minutes prior dinner with 20oz of water. Observations: Noticeable increase on urine output and very painful thigh muscle cramps while sleeping (never felt before taking Zantrex-3).

    On Nov 7, 2009, today, I took two capsules of Zantrex-3 with about 6oz of water 15 minutes prior breakfast. My breakfast included Ham and cheddar cheese omelet, 1 slice of French Toast with maple syrup, about 3oz cottage cheese, 2 slices of regular bacon, 1 cup of vanilla yogurt and 16oz of kiwistrawberry juice, eaten in this specific order.

    After eating the yogurt I start experiencing head blood flush, warm to hot ears lobes and neck and itching ears, cheeks, necks and upper pectorals muscles. At the same time I felt anxious, euphoric and desperate. My first thought was “Zantrex-3”. Obviously, I cannot say “I thought I was going to die” because I have not had that experience before; and even though I haven’t had a heart attack either, I can certainly describe my feeling of physical symptoms as a stroke. As I arrived to my room I looked in the mirror and saw my face, ears, neck and upper chest as well as my thighs were red and itching. I drank a bottle of water and the symptoms disappeared in about 30 minutes.

    What I did different today from the previous two days?

    1. I took two capsules of Zantrex-3 on an empty stomach, 15 minutes prior breakfast, and not with my main meals as indicated on the product directions.
    2. I only drank about 6oz of water, enough to swallowed two capsules, not 8 oz per capsule as recommended.
    3. I took another diet supplement (1400 mg of Hoodia Diet 57) one hour prior to my breakfast (contains 100mg Caffeine)
    4. I start using two capsules serving amount, instead of beginning with one capsule serving as the product recommends.

    Product review:
    It is too premature for me now to recommend or to blame the effectiveness of Zantrex-3 diet supplement.
    I will continue using it for six months, together with my exercise and diet program and then I will be able to present my reasonable opinion or rating.

    Notes: Your visitor’s rating window does not provide my rating option at this moment (pending trial). I am 44 years old, weight 186 pounds and I’m 67 inches tall.

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  117. First off late me say that I am an avid fitness nut that takes care of their body. I have been training for 5 years and working at GNC for 3. I have tried most every diet pill (hydroxycut, redline, ripped fuel…etc) and never had the sides that zantrex 3 has. I know the cost may make you want to try this pill…but it is not healthy for you. I am getting red ears, palpitations, and burning sensations on the back of my neck, I have never felt like this on any drug. That said, I drink a cup or two of black coffee a day so my body is tolerant to caffeine, I am assuming it is the effect of niacin on an empty stomach (like the bottle tells you to take)

    While I am writing this I feel as if I am going to die…so if these are my last words, I hope you get the message…THIS STUFF IS DANGEROUS DO NOT USE IT. There are plenty of other ways to lose weight fast..


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  118. I love Zantrex so far! Been taking it since Thursday and have lost 8 lbs and it’s Tuesday! For me the energy was insane! I haven’t had a day yet without exercising and the third day I rode my bike 2 miles. Side effects? Yes you will be twitchy!

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  119. When I was married to my ex wife (used to be anorexic before we married) she mentioned that this was the only pill she had found to reduce appetite. I tried it and it does a pretty good job at that. I would take one pill with a high protein small breakfast and then wait about 2 hours for the breakfast to settle before I would go work out.

    I’m the type that can have an appetite even though I feel full, but using Zantrex helped me to control my appetite and stick to a lower calorie diet. I can’t say much about the fat burning effects cause I only ever took one pill a day, exercised and ate healthy too.

    The one pill did cause some anxiety and jitters, which is why I took it with breakfast and worked out as soon as I could after, which curbed the side effects. (I’m also a big guy, 6’4″ 280 lbs 21% body fat, so one pill for me wasn’t a lot compared to someone who weighs like 160).

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  120. I used to take this stuff relatively regularly, mostly before work. The energy rush was great and I got a lot done really fast, at first. I would feel motivated, confident, and really sharp mentally.

    The big side effect i encountered on Zantrex-3 was unlike any other persons I’ve read (and I’ve read about 2/3 of this huge page), which actually surprises me a little.

    I experienced a very serious increase in aggression. I would get so angry at the tiniest little inconvenience, I even attacked my friends a couple times. It was like what you hear about ‘roid rage. I was acting psychotic! Ended up stopping use after i noticed what was happening, and I may have taken it once since all this.

    Wouldn’t recommend this too anyone, let alone family and friends.

    Editor’s comments: Products that contain a ton of stimulants boost the central nervous system and can trigger a “fight or flight” response. Sounds like this is what happened to you!

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  121. For those of you who experienced redness and itching while taking Zantrex, this is more than likely what is known as a Niacin flush. It is not harmful. Niacin dialates the capillaries allowing more blood cells to flow through. (Normally, the cells can only flow in ‘single file’ but now 3 to 4 cells can flow through at a time.) When this action takes place, the blood cells are also getting rid of waste, thus creating histamine. This is a detoxification process.
    I too experienced it…although very uncomfortable, it is not harmful. Zantrex contains 150% of the RDA of niacin. This can also cause nausea if you are getting too much. I would try just taking one capsule at a time to avoid nause and the discomfort of the flush. The flush is temporary and is a detox process.
    I hope this helps….

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  122. I don’t understand what all you people are talking about.. You all scared me when I was reading this so I only took one to begin with a full glass of water and ate 20 mins later. This was an hour ago and I’m not feeling ANYTHING. No energy burst, no jitters, nothing. So I just took my second one and I’m waiting to feel this energy burst. I hope I didn’t waste my money on these! I got them for the energy AND the weight loss, mainly the weight loss but the energy is an added bonus since I have two small children and a house to keep up.

    Editor’s comments: Ashley, just because your reaction to this product doesn’t mirror some of those reported on this web site doesn’t mean these aren’t valid comments. This product contains a ton of caffeine, to which some people are very sensitive. Obviously, you are someone who is not.

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  123. Seriously, this pill has done nothing for me. I feel a slight energy burst but nothing like what everyone else is talking about. I guess I’m just immune to caffeine. I do drink a lot of pop and coffee. No effects from the niacin either though. I hope they help with the weight loss at least!

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  124. I was dealing with weight issues for a while so I decided to try Zantrex 3 since I had seen it on t.v. The first day I bought it I was very energized and remembered that I had to take my dose – after a while I started to feel dizzy and wanted to fall down so I laid on my sofa for hours feeling the most worst feeling of my life. I didn’t get up untill it wore off then it started to affect my head and my memory. Everything was cloudy and now, 4 months later, I’m dealing with depression and anxiety and I’m taking Xanex every day now all thanks to Zanterx 3.

    I do not recommend this product to anyone.

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  125. I bought this product a week ago – it only has 30 pills. To be honest I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I do 30 minutes on the treadmill every day with 5 bottles of water during the day. I am really satisfied with my results.

    People say that they get side effects but I didn’t get any at all and I really didn’t get much energy – I felt kind of drowsy but they do work.

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  126. I have tried Zantrex 3 for two weeks now, so far I have lost 5 pounds. At first I experienced palpitations, jitteryness, was really irritable, but VERY RAPID weight loss, then after one and a half weeks all these side effects subsided and now I am not losing weight at all only gaining it little by little even when I am eating less than I used to, IT IS SOOOOO SCARY!

    I am also getting sick to my stomach now and light headed, and no energy at all even with a full dose. Also every time I eat my stomach feels like it stopped digesting and all the food just lies there undigested day after day, I feel like I need to vomit every time I eat something. Think twice before taking it…even though at first I was in heaven eating normally and losing a ton of weight fast!!!

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  127. I found this blog from a girl who is writing her experience on this pill. Check it out.

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  128. I bought Z3 Monday and it is now Wednesday. I Took just ONE pill monday right before I ate lunch and felt fine other than a headache that lasted the rest of the day!

    Then on Tuesday I was working and took one with breakfast and one with lunch and drank plenty of water. I only drink water and I’m not sensitive to caffeine – I’m just trying to loose weight and don’t bother with coffee or sodas. I felt fine until after my second pill at lunch. I felt like I was going to pass out! And I almost did! I had to rush to the bathroom and throw up even!

    I thought after I threw up..”Well at least its out of my system now!”. No. I couldn’t stop sweating and was so dizzy my manager was freaking out! I felt silly to admit I was taking a diet pill so I acted like I didn’t know what was wrong, unless it got more serious at least! I got home and drank more and more water, I probably drank over a gallon of water and afterwards STARTED to feel a little better. It was crazy! I weighed myself and I did loose a pound. Which could be from the pill, or from puking from the pill.

    DONT TAKE Zantrex 3! It’s a waste of money! If you MUST try it, go to GNC so you can get your money back after you take the first one!!

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  129. I ordered these pills online about a week ago from a cheap over-the-counter website. I had recently seen a new ad. for the new red bottle of Zantrex 3. However, I couldn’t find this new bottle on any other site besides the actual Zantrex overpriced site, so I stuck with the 84 cap. blue bottle. Obviously, doing my research I realized how many people were taken off by the pill. But some reviews caught my eye, this pill seemed like a quick fix for some people. Bingo! So, I ordered them. And five days later, I have the little blue bottle in my hands. Glancing at the ingredients I noticed the high amount of caffeine like substances in it. Didn’t think twice about that. So, next morning, I took the recommended dosage. About twenty minutes later, the effects hit me. I felt like I was doing drugs, my heart racing and my whole body jittery. I couldn’t stop moving. Desperate to get to the gym I packed up my stuff, ate a fiber bar, and left. I spent a good two hours there. I sprinted miles that I would usually jog and the sweat amount was increased! I felt amazing. I could immediately see results. Still having huge amounts of energy I didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt slightly sick yet content the whole day. So, before a lunch(snack-because I wasn’t hungry) I took another two pills.

    Still on my high from the last two pills you could imagine what I was like. Hyper as hell, nauseous as hell, and jittery. I started to feel sick the remaining rest of the day, after eating fast food (lol) and I feel like I jittered all the weight off. I actually went to take a nap, and I felt my heart race and I could barely relax a muscle. Later that night I weighed myself and I dropped a couple of pounds from the last time I checked. Success!

    However, today, I’m testing out the one-pill dosage. I just took it twenty minutes ago and I’m feeling a little hyper. Thankfully, I have tryouts today. This is my experience on day one from a seventeen 134lb girl. I would suggest that if you are under 25 and only slightly overweight you should take one pill. I’m really excited to see how all of this works out. I would suggest this pill to people serious about exercising and being healthy. Otherwise, if you are sensitive to caffeine be cautioned! Goodluck to all of you!

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  130. I have taken zantrex-3 and found it to be an incredible diet aid. Being on Zyprexa on a regular basis, this med increases appetite to the point I would never feel full. With the zantrex-3 my portion are in control and I have been eating sensibly and still losing. Ten pounds to go. Please note to limit other caffeine items and really drink lots water with it. In all honestly, it works.

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  131. I agree with most of you that say zantrex-3 is not for everyone. But for those of you with a high tolerance of caffeine, then give it a try.

    I’m on my second bottle and Im up to 29 pounds lost, with minor workouts and reduced diet. I don’t so much watch what I’m eating but more of how much I’m eating.

    I happen to be one of those people that can’t do caffeine, so I can only take 1 to 2 pills a day, but the bottle says you can take up to six in a 24 hr period. Just be careful, it does make your heart race. If this happens and you start to panic just drink a full glass of water and lay down. It takes some getting used to…

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  132. I take maybe one pill when I need the energy to work out. Works great. When I take 2, I have mega energy but usually work out too hard and as a result feel like throwing up.

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  133. I only take one pill a day, because that’s all you really need. It helps my appetite, but I don’t like the moodiness. I’ve also had headaches everyday… hoping that goes away. I just want to lose a few pounds and then I will stop taking it.

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  134. Did some combo stuff (Zantrex & Relacore ) & was so ill for a week. Got off Relacore & did only Zantrex for 2 weeks after that. Yes, you lose weight but I have been so depressed & suicidal & so low on energy. It’s a big price to pay when you feel so bad to lose a little weight!

    Not worth it .

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  135. I took Zantrex-3 for the first time today, I took one pill with 1 glass of water, then ate a bowl of cereal, and then drank 2 more bottles of water. I noticed within 30 minutes I was jittery and had lots of energy.

    After an hour or so I got this horrible pain in right by my heart/underarm – it felt like a really bad muscle cramp. It stayed like that for like 4-5 hours, and my arm felt slightly numb – but my heart rate was not raised. It was kind of scary.

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  136. I started using the product in 2003; then I was taking no more than four pills a day, but when I reached my goal weight reduced the dosage. That is something I had to do, since I found that I was getting a short fuse some times and I was having sleeping pattern changes.

    So far no serious problems even after being randomly tested for drugs (I’m in the Navy). Now a clerk at the store were I usually buy Zantrex 3 tells me that was pulled off the market!! Does anyone know why?

    Editor’s comments: As of today’s date, Zantrex-3 still appears to be readily available online. Maybe your local retailer is no longer selling it for reasons of their own, but the product is still on the market.

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  137. I’ve found that I can only handle the effects of Zantrex 3 if I take it 30-60 minutes prior to high intensity exercise and NEVER take more than 2 pills in a 24 hour period (or after 2pm). The reason being, that it makes me so jittery that I HAVE to run it off in order to stand it. If I take it too late in the day, then I’m up all night and the crash the next day is awful.

    But, on the plus side, as someone who HATES cardio, it makes my sessions fly by and I’m able to run longer with all that caffeine in my system. As for weight loss, I have lost more weight on this pill than others (Curvelle, Hydroxycut), but that could easily be attributed to increasing the intensity of my workout regimen.

    Overall, if you can tolerate caffeine pretty well or like me, need an extra boost to get through your workout, I would recommend it. But to take it solely as a replacement for proper nutrition and exercise? Don’t waste your money.

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  138. It worked with weight loss…

    Lost appetite, never ate…

    Made me just want to run, workout all the time…

    Lost weight rapidly…

    So whats the harm? Sounds like a good product right?

    NOT! I was angry all the time, very hostile, and always had severe chest pains, and I’m not caffeine sensitive, I drink 5 cups of coffee a day, and I barely get energy…

    I almost had a heart-attack in class, literally, or maybe just a panic attack, but whatever it was, it scared me enough to stop taking it, I gained weight back, but better to be a little bigger and happy, than to be thin and dead… it’s not even addicting…it’s just a mind game really, you start to tell yourself you need the pills to maintain a low weight. I lost 85 lbs, naturally, so if you can’t, you got problems….I don’t recommend this product…

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  139. Ok, so I read these before I got this stuff and it REALLY scared me. The positive ones are what led me to try it. I have to say that the reason why I think these people had a problem is because they took too much too soon.

    I have asthma, have had seizures and I have had BAD panick attacks before. I think the key with this pill is to be gradual. I started taking one pill, once a day for three days. I have the jitters but nothing else. On day 3, after one pill, the effects started to wear but I didn’t take anymore. I am now on day 4 and I am only going to take 2 pills today. Right now I feel fine, just a little hyper. I am NOT a caffeine junky. I only drink water and I don’t like sweets. I only wanted this pill because my asthma makes it hard to loose weight because I can’t exercise for long.

    So I think that everyone, no matter who you are should just start taking the lowest dose for a few days, then gradually build up to desired level and no more. Only take one the first day and if your body rejects it, it will let you know and it won’t be as bad as it would have been if you took two or four that day. 🙂

    Also, when you are coming off the pill, do the same. Make sure and keep up with how many you have and when you get close start gradually taking one away every couple days to give your body time to adjust just like you did when you started. Hope this helps!

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  140. I started taking Zantrex3 full force and followed all the directions – drank plenty of water, ate 15 minutes afterwards, etc. I’ve had no problems at all, even the first time I took it. I do notice an increase in my energy levels (which is great for me). One day I didn’t get a chance to eat after taking the pills, and had the caffeine jitters until I was able to eat. I haven’t been taking it long enough to notice any significant weight loss, but I do know that I eat smaller portions, more often (which is supposedly the healthier way). From what I can tell, if you can handle caffeine (and apparently niacin), you can handle this supplement.

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  141. This supplement made me violently ill.

    I took one caplet with a full glass of water at 7 am before breakfast, felt jittery and anxious, but chalked it up to a stressful day. Man, after the second caplet at around 2 pm I seriously thought I might die. I started sweating, shaking, my vision blurred, I threw up (not voluntary) and nearly fainted. This stuff is vile!

    I have used 5 hour energy drinks with no issues (which also contain caffeine and niacin). I’m glad I took less Zantrex than the directions instructed. I think I would have wound up in the hospital otherwise. Zantrex 3 is not for me.

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  142. I started taking Zantrex3 yesterday. The first dose I took the recommended 2 pills with lots of water. I did have the shakes and racing heart. I took only 1 pill the next dose and felt much better. Yes, it does give me a huge energy boost. I have read where some have said they had an anxiety attack. I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and have not had that issue. As to how well it works for losing weight, I don’t know yet. I do know that I have more energy and am not hungry.

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  143. I felt like I had to say something because I’m an experienced person when it comes to taking diet pills. First of all this drug (as any diet pill) is supposed to AID a person in weight loss alongside EXCERCISE and a HEALTHY diet/food intake. No pill is going to just poof you into a magic skinny person just like that with no side effects while you sit on the couch all day eating Doritos…ignoring heart palpatations. The caffeine is supposed to help you in becoming more active.

    As far as it having Niacin, it says it has it on the back of the bottle. And yes some people are sensitive to it. If you are you will itch more than someone who is if that’s you, this drug is not for you. Becareful y’all…drugs are bad. Maybe you should just say no, and eat right and excercise more….via will power. You can do anything you put your mind to….right?

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  144. I’ve been taking Zantrex-3 for almost two weeks now and have lost 11 lbs so far. A friend suggested it to me, she told me to only take one pill a day with breakfast. I’ve been doing just that and the very first day I had enough energy to increase my morning jog from 5 miles to 12!

    I have also been keeping a 1100 calorie diet and exercising 6 days a week along with drinking roughly 2 liters of water a day.

    I’ve read alot of reviews from different websites and coming from an RN most of the side effects I read sound like dehydration a few people even wrote saying the paramedics said just that. A word to the wise; caffeine dehydrates you!

    I’m not a caffeine junky; I usually just have one cup of coffee a day with breakfast and I have tried lots of caffeine based diet pills in the past with no results but Zantrex 3 is different. Already I’ve noticed increased energy and my muscles have become much more leaner in the short amount of time I’ve been using the product.

    It’s definitely worth giving a try!

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  145. Hi, I am from Mexico City, even though the product is not sold down here, I was able to get my hands on one while being in the US. I have been using it for 2 weeks, with a dosage of 4 – 6 pills a day. On the first day I did feel anxious and my hands shaked a bit, but as the days went by this sensation went away. I

    have not seen any weight loss even though I work out from 4 -5 days a week (Weight training) and improved my diet. However one day I forgot to take the daily dose and I began on a feeding frenzy of the fridge. I believe I will stop using them at this time.

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  146. This is the worst diet pill in the existence of human life.

    I started this stuff today. I took two 15 minutes before my meal with six glasses of water. Within 5 minutes of consumption I was sweating like a dog. The itching was intense and then it subsided.

    When I thought that was it, the diarrhea came and the vertigo. If these are the intense effects of this I wouldn’t recommend that anyone take this crap. Find a diet pill that works – one that energizes you as well as assists with your well-being, because trust me, at the end of the day you will rather be overweight than dead.

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  147. Overall the pill has worked wonderfully for me. The first time taking it when I didnt fully follow the directions, I experienced some lightheadedness and much redness to the skin. Knowing the effects of niacin, I simply drank about 8 ounces of water and the effects diminished quickly. Now, I take the pill almost every day, although; I have forgotten to take it a few days and have no effects. If one were to take more than the dosage to see quicker results, that also may increase the chance of dependancy as well.

    So in my experience with it, if you follow directions and stay hydrated, it works great.

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  148. Used Zantrex-3 for 5 weeks now at 4 pills a day and lost 22 lbs. Key words are “exercise” & and a low carb diet, pills alone won’t make you lose weight.

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  149. Very impressed by this pill. Started a week ago and lost 4 lbs so far. I follow a moderate diet (due to having IBS) and I workout 3-4 times a week (plus I have a very physical job) so the energy it gives me is very much needed. I will continue to take 2 pills in the morning this week and see what my results are before increasing the dosage.

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  150. Zantrex-3 seems to work good for me. I did have to increase my intake of vitamin D though to ward off feelings of depression.

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  151. I have been taking zantrex 3 for three days now. I started with only one pill at a time, but after the second day of almost no jitters, I started today with two pills at breakfast. I’m in my early twenties and am not overweight by any means. I’ve just been trying to lose these last stubborn 10 pounds for months now. I’m a vegan and never expose myself to caffeine. I’m also very sensitive to diet pills because, with the lack of protein in my diet, I don’t have any stored energy to keep up with the intense boost they give me. With zantrex 3, however, I get a subtle energy kick, and then I’m not hungry for the rest of the day. I’ve lost 4 pounds in the last four days and am very excited about the progress! One thing I would recommend is I drink two bottles of water every time I take these pills. It keeps me hydrated and it helps with any nausea I might start to feel. I hope this helps!

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  152. I was just wondering if it would be safe for me to take Zantrex 3. I am 16 years old, 5’7″ weighing 180 and need to lose weight for baseball.

    Editors comments: Zachary, these products are not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

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  153. Well, this is my first day taking Zantrex 3. I just read every single one of these comments. I actually had something weird happen to me. I took the first two capsules about 15 minutes before my lunch, I ate my lunch, drank the water, and lied down because I felt a tish panicked. However, even with the extra energy I felt this afternoon from taking the pills, I fell asleep and stayed asleep for nearly three hours. However, when I woke up, I felt jumpier than ever. I decided if I drank some water and ate some oreos, I might feel better. I was so jittery, I dropped my oreo, and that shocked me. Even though it was an oreo I dropped, I reacted as if I dropped a $5,000 laptop onto the floor. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack, however, it helped me focus insanely. I went to work and was able to be ten times more productive. I feel like I move quicker, think quicker, and all around just feel better. I found it strange that I was able to nap for three solid hours though with that high of energy. I also go to the bathroom a lot more, and my thigh muscles feel tense, as do the muscles in my back. I’m 21 years old. I had a weight loss surgery, but now I’m at my plateau. I hope that by taking this supplement as recommended, I will reach my goals.

    Oh, and I’m about a pack a day smoker, and this was my first day taking these pills, and I smoked a total of five cigarettes today. Maybe this supplement will aid me in quitting smoking as well.

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  154. Legal speed, use for recreation. Dance club or getting the house clean, draw backs, no one can understand what i’m saying cuz i’m talking too fast. Great for hard workouts, I no longer need a to take a nap.

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  155. I became ‘addicted’ to these pills. I was so afraid to stop taking them. I was afraid I’d get fat if I did. For over a year I would sit in the parking lot of the store, crying over the fact I just spent $100 I didn’t have on stupid diet pills. That money could have gone to a gym membership. Or bills. When my best friend pointed out that I hadn’t had any changes to my weight since taking them, I decided to see what a month w/out would be like. It was horrible. The withdrawals were nasty. Eating made my chest/heart hurt/ache. Severely. Like clutch your chest and cry pain. Plus my gut killed. This lasted for about 2 1/2 weeks. I did NOT gain weight. It kills me that I spent OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS on a useless product that damaged my body.

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  156. I had a similiar experience as Lynn did. I took 1 -2 pills a day for about a week. I am a nurse and became really concerned about racing heart, increase in pulse and a horrible headache. Finally checked by blood pressure and it was extremely high and pulse was racing. Never had blood pressure issues before. Threw it in the trash as I think this stuff is dangerous. Be very careful if you try it. Worst feeling ever to have rapid increase in blood pressure.

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  157. I just started taking Zantrex-3 Fat Burner yesterday at dinner time. I didn’t notice any unusual side effects at the time, but I was SPENT from a long day at work and the extra boost probably compensated for my exhaustion. LOL.

    I am a very well-endowed girl on top, if you catch my drift, and I’ve been cutting back my fat intake to try to reduce the size of “the girls.” My goal is entirely to drop some fat (5 or 10 pounds tops) to reduce cup size. If that makes my pants fit better, great!

    I’ll update in a week or so. I hate the thought of taking diet pills, but I’ve dropped my fat intake down to under 40 grams a day with no results “on top.” My last resort will be reduction surgery, and I don’t want to have to spend the money.

    Good luck to everybody!

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    I was feeling emotions of
    *Not being good enough
    *Scared (scared of life not working out for me)
    *EXTREME Feelings of Not wanting to be alone
    *Not wanting to face life
    *Feeling like I couldn’t handle the task I had in front of me. It was too overbearing
    *Not wanting to be here on earth anymore !!
    I’m just so glad it’s over and that my mind can’t take me back to that place of fear causing me to feel sick to my stomach bc it’s finally out of my system!

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  159. I started taking Zantrex 3 today and so far I’ve experienced nausea and shakes but nothing I cant handle. It’s been like this all day. I took the other two pills and haven’t felt different I hope this works after two kids I can’t go back to my old shape, although I try to eat healthy and exercise.

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  160. I absolutely LOVE this product. I had a baby and gained quite a bit of weight. Within the first week and a half I have lost ten pounds!! I am also a full time student but I find time in my week to go to the gym everyday. I do get jittery and rapid heart beat but that is the point when you take an energy pill. It says it on the bottle. Don’t take it if you don’t need energy.

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  161. I’m not exactly sure how to rate this product. I’ve been taking Zantrex 3 for two weeks now and haven’t experienced any kind increased energy, even though I take the recommended amount of 2 pills 15 minutes prior to eating. Two things I have experienced are decreased appetite and dramatic increase in libido. And my sexual desire wasn’t lacking to begin with! It is sometimes hard to focus throughout my day because of this. Has anyone else experienced this as well?

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  162. I’m a caffiene addict, so the first day i took zantrex 3 i took one pill and it lasted all day. A little jittery at first, yes, but that passed after a few days. 6 weeks later i’ve lost 15 pounds and i’m halfway to my goal. Still only taking one pill a day.
    I include a few exercise sessions a week, either an hour at the gym or a 6 mile bike ride, but mostly what has changed is my appetite. I no longer desire to clear my plate, and one main meal a day plus snacks inbetween gets me by.

    I highly recommend this method of weight control.

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  163. Ive been taking zantrex 3 for almost 4 months now. I love it! I work graveyard shift and go to school during the day I really don’t get much sleep and I’m a bit over weight. Since taking zantrex 3 and having the same routine and eating habits I’ve lost over 30 lbs. When I first started taking them I would feel very sick I wanted to throw up and I would get dizzy and just wanna lay down for about 30 min and then it’d go away and I wuld be full of energy and ready to take on the world. This is the best product I’ve ever tried, it’s cheap, and it really works.

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  164. So far this product is working well for me although I have an increase in appetite. You must, I repeat you must take this pill correctly – the lack of water consumption and not eating a main course meal with at least one dosage a day may cause side affects.

    I drink about 64 oz of water with each dosage to make sure I don’t dehydrate and I have incredible energy and I sleep well at night. You must diet and exercise properly and you will see results in a week big results in two weeks.

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  165. Okay, so I’ve been taking Zantrex 3 for a couple of weeks now, and I love it. I’m about 100 pounds overweight, and have lost 12 lbs so far. I don’t take the full dose…usually only two pills a day. Yes, it makes you jittery…Yes, it can make you feel a little wiggy…but, the benefits are amazing. It definitely curbs my appetite and gives me loads of energy. I won’t use this long term, but am going to use it for a month or two until I get my appetite under control. So far, so good!!!

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  166. I just started taking this pill today. I have lots of weight to lose. I took one pill this morning and I have felt great all day! I took two for lunch and I could not finish my lunch (and I always finish my lunch) I am so excited to see how this pill will work for me.

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  167. I am about 70 pounds overweight, so I started taking Zantrex-3 (the red bottle). I’ve been taking it for about a week now, and I have already lost 9 pounds (only 2 pills a day instead of 4). I love the fact that it gives me energy so I can exercise without getting too exausted like I normally would. I got a little nausious at first, but as long as I eat shortly after I take it, I feel fine. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to lose some extra weight.

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  168. I can’t rate this yet.

    I am taking the new Zantrex-3 high energy fat burner and today is my 2nd day.

    I only take 2.

    Yesterday I took them in the morning then an hour later I had a huge energy burst – I was bouncing off the walls. I went and walked 2 miles then came home got on my weight bench and started working out my arms legs and did a few ab workouts. I did not have a big appetite – I ate 4 crackers and drank water and ate a little fruit then went out to eat and got some grilled chicken and rice. I barley ate it. I felt full really fast but I didn’t have the urge to eat. I had no other side effects. Today is my 2nd day on them and the same thing happened today except today I had the urge to jog so I walked and jogged the 2 miles today and did the same workout plans as I did today.

    So far today I feel a little jittery and same way with eating other then that no prob. I am a girl that is 5’10 and about 170lbs and I want to lose maybe 20 lbs.

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  169. I started taking Zantrex 3 a week ago. I picked it up because it was one of the few that doesn’t have outrageous side affects. (It says extreme amounts of caffeine, but what diet pill doesn’t have that?)

    Anyways, I took two like I was supposed to the first day I got them before dinner. That night I felt fine. I didn’t feel weird at all. The only thing my boyfriend kept commenting on was that I looked spaced out.

    The second day, I woke up and took two more of the pills before breakfast. I did everything i was supposed to. Drank plenty of water and exercised. I felt fine. I skipped the pills at lunch because I didn’t want to take too many at first. (The bottle says no more then six in 24 hours, but 2 before main meals.) Then at dinner I took just one.

    An hour later after I took the last one, I felt my left arm and leg tightening up. Almost like I cut off the circulation in it. I shook them and stretched them and the feeling wouldn’t go away. Next came the feeling in my chest that someone was sitting on it. I was freezing, and I felt extreme nausea. Finally I knew something wasn’t right so I went into the hospital.

    The doctor told me that if I would have took one more of the pills I would be dead. I am 19 years old and just had a heart attack because of these pills. I think they should be illegal. Do NOT take them!!!!

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  170. I just started taking the pills this morning. I took one with a bottle of water. Within 5 mins I felt a rush of heat and felt very jittery. I imediately drunk another bottle and a half of water. It only lasted about 10 mins and I was ok. I took one at lunch time with 2 botttles of water nad I was ok, no side effects. So far so good!

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  171. I just started taking the pills yesterday. I’m 19 5’11 and 227 and the other day I weighed 233. It works great for me – I love the energy burst it gives me since I work an overnight job.

    I’ve also taken HCG and I dropped 20 lbs in 2 weeks but the problem with that is it makes me feel week. There is no energy with it but you don’t feel hungry at all.

    I’m going to stick with the Zantrex and see where it gets me.

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  172. Day 2: I lost 2 more lbs and still no side effects. Still a lot of energy but I like that. It takes 2 or 3 monster
    energy drinks to get me to where this pill does. It’s great. I do space out a lot but my motivation and determination has built up.

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  173. Saw this pill in a magazine..

    I am 5’0 age 19 and wanted to lose a little weight, my friend and i bought these from Walgreens after reading tons of reviews. After reading the back of the bottle i took one pill and chased it with a glass of water. I ate 15min after taking it. I felt fine and even went for a 2 mile walk just because i had energy.

    The first 2 days i took 1 before breakfast and 1 before lunch. the next 1 for breakfast and 2 for lunch about 4 hours after lunch i got kind of shaky, i then realized that i needed to eat something because the caffeine in the pills had worn off.

    I have been using the pill since Saturday night it is now Tuesday morning-ish. I weighed 131.7 now i weight 126.0. 5 pounds in about 4 days! ( i eat every meal and even snacks, including chips and chocolate)

    I have not done anything to try to lose weight besides take the pill.

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  174. This product is simply NOT for you if you are sensitive to caffeine. I have been consuming caffeine in high doses for years (I love coffee) so these pills don’t make me feel sick.

    I love these pills. I take 1-2 pills for all day energy. Great appetite suppressant. I have been taking them for 3 weeks and have lost 8lbs.

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  175. I have been taking zantrex3 for a few weeks now and I love it no side effects whatsoever. it is a good product everyone with a negative experience just cant handle the caffeine

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  176. I just started this today after reading so many reviews, I was very very hesitant, but I think I’m a lucky one with not too bad of an experience. I’m 5’2″ and 115 lbs just looking to lose a few, nothing serious, and was worried of how I’d react to this because I have anxiety, but it was fine. I took one pill with a lot of water, and ate a big bowl of cereal. My appetite the rest of the day was 100% gone. I felt a little high tbh, sort of floaty and a little dissociated but nothing to complain about. I did not have any sort of energy boost, I actually felt more tired if anything. I took another one before dinner and I think that may have been too much for me. I felt fine until just now when I got nauseated very suddenly and strongly, and I threw up phlegm and stomach acid but barely any. That may or may not have also been induced by my taking Tylenol (for the slight headache I had from the pill) on an empty stomach. But definitely start with only 1 pill to prevent a TERRIBLE reaction. See how much your body can handle before jumping on board with 2 pills, no matter how big/ small you are, always ease into it. But yeah, no complaints much yet, and I’ll be trying only 1 pill tomorrow. If nothing else, I’ll be taking this pill for the appetite suppressant factor (if my symptoms do not persist that is). This pill is definitely not for everyone tho, as many of the negative reviews say. I honestly wouldn’t really recommend it as the risk of a bad reaction seems very high.

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  177. Please please please please do not take Zantex-3 if you’re not overweight!

    Being 18 years old, I didn’t have a problem with adverse reaction to the caffeine content – I have had Red Bull and other highly caffeinated drinks before and have never experienced a problem.

    For me, Zantrex-3 worked too well. I started at 5’7″, 120lbs. After I took Zantrex-3 for the first time, I felt sick to my stomach for 5-10 minutes, and then I went out for a meal. I couldn’t even finish half a piece of bread – I literally wasn’t hungry at all. After taking about 3 days to realize how little I was eating (you don’t really notice because you don’t think about it – at least for me, I was busy doing other things and I was just never hungry, so there were no reminders to eat) I tried to stop taking Zantrex-3 and had massive headaches that had me eating even less then when I was on Zantrex-3.

    Long story short, I started off as a model who wanted to drop a few pounds before a shoot and I ended up with a full-blown case of anorexia. My end weight was 98 pounds. If you are acutely overweight or obese, Zantex-3 is probably a wonderful diet pill solution for you. However, if you’re just marginally overweight or want to lose that extra five pounds to fit into your bikini, PLEASE don’t use this product. It’s not worth it!

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  178. I think zantrex3 is bad – I had heartburn and headaches and was very sleepy. I was on it for 2 day. It is not safe – don’t try it…

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  179. I use to take Zantrex3 a few years ago with no problem, I just started taking them again because I wanted to loose a few lbs. Now for some reason my ENTIRE body is itching and its driving me INSANE!! I am going to try cutting back on the dose. I am not caffeine sensitive but I already suffer from a bit of insomina. I don’t know why this round is making me itch.

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  180. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks now. First week took 2 pills in the morning 2 in the afternoon and felt fine. I weighed 130 lbs and am 5’5. Then I took it one morning and all of a sudden I could hardly breath and turned literally purple. It went away in a matter of like 2 minutes but scared the heck out of me. I kept taking it and it never happened until a few days ago it happened again and did the same thing and went away in 2 minutes. very scary BUT it’s working I DO NOT EXERCISE

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  181. It’s so weird. DOES ANYONE ELSE get a FUZZY HEAD when taking this pill? It causes me to zone out really easily even though I have a lot of energy. ANYONE ELSE feel the same way?

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  182. I just brought zantrex 3 and I read all the reviews. Is it ok to take it if I’m on blood pressure meds?

    Editor’s comments: Absolutely not, Sally. Check the label directions – it specifically indicates anyone with heart disease or high blood pressure should NOT take these pills.

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  183. Yesterday was my 1st day taking the zantrex-3 weight loss pill. I’m 19 had a daughter 4 months ago. I’m 165 pounds and before I had my daughter I was 140 pounds. i will keep you updated on how my story goes. Day 1 of the pill I got a little stomach pain and was a little gassy.

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  184. I started off with the blue bottle, took 4-5 a day and dropped 20 pounds in a month and a half. now i’m taking the red bottle. 3-4 a day, to tone up and burn fat. this will be my last month on these pills. i have had no side effects other than weight loss and feeling happy. i love caffeine. i still drink green tea. i even posted pictures on the zantrex3 facebook page to show my success. good luck, and build up a tolerence before taking the full dose. 🙂

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  185. I am a 17-year-old female, 5’6, and 165 lbs.
    I started talking this today, this morning in fact. I woke up, made breakfast, took two pills with two full glasses of water, waited 15 mins and then ate. I felt absolutely fine and was excited that this may actually work for me.

    I went out to dinner with my friend and took two pills again with two glasses of water, but did not wait the 15 mins before I ate.

    I tried going to bed this evening but I felt shaky and have a mild headache so I decided to look up the side effects of using this product, and read many, many reviews. All of the negativity has worried me a tad, but I think that I am going to cut down to one pill for breakfast, and one for dinner, and hope to God that I don’t die, haha!

    Otherwise, I don’t think that i have anything bad to say. I am lazy and do not work out, like ever, so I’m really hoping this works. Wish me luck?

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  186. I take this 2 times a day. Once at 6am and another at 1pm just so that I can make it to bed and that is if I will exercise to tire myself out. This pill is strong.

    I also take it with another pill called Green Tea Fat burner. These two pills can be bought at the local Walmart.

    My biggest problem was my appetite. As soon as I was able to suppress the appetite; the weight started to drop.

    I was at 280 at 5″10 FEB 2011(DEF overweight)and now I am at 205. I still need to get down to 160, but still a big big improvement.

    Everyone is correct on this site. You have to be able to handle this pill and that means drink lots and lots of water. I go through a gallon a day. It is like concentrated crack/speed. Whatever.

    If your serious, then this is very good. Just stick with it. Don’t be scared that it makes you feel weird. Anything new will be different to you.

    Editor’s comments: A lot of people commenting on this have had serious adverse effects from this product, so we’d counsel that if it makes you feel weird, you SHOULD worry. Don’t take this if you’re experiencing side effects. Listen to your body. Don’t ignore warning signs.

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  187. This diet supplement put me in hyperventilation shock while I was driving down the road. I couldn’t move my hand or feet so my daughter had to put my car in park and call 911. Please never take this.

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  188. Hello Zantrex 3. I have been using your product for sometime now and am glad to say that I have lost over 100 pounds!!! I can send pictures if you would like..

    PS- did this in 8 months….

    Editor’s comments: We have no affiliation with Zantrex, Gilbert.

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  189. i tried it for two weeks now. taking only 3 pills. one in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. so far so good. everything seems normal. i did a few workout outs and so far i went from 275 to 260!!!!!! in 2 weeks!

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  190. i just started taking this pill today… im not sure if i like it or not i mean im really shakey and i hate that…. i was a little worried to take it though because im only 13 but it didnt really make me feel that sick its on and off nausea… i dont really care as long as i lose weight.

    Editor’s comments: Kayla, you shouldn’t be taking these at ALL. You’re supposed to be at least 18 to take these…

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  191. i thought i’d put my experience with Zantrex so far up hre! i’m 18. so its okay for me to take this medication. after the first 10 hours (starting from lunchtime day 1 to breakfast day 2) i lost 2 pounds. for real. but i am really exceptional at losing weight. but no worries- although the Zantrex supressed my hunger, i was able to then eat healthy fruits and vegetables..because when you are truly hungry, you’ll eat real food and feel fine. the next two days i continued eaing fruits and vegetables, almonds and some lean meat. the third day for lunch i really started having cravings. mainly because i think i forgot my lunch dose. and that day was basically horrible, because after i gave in and had like two taco bell tacos, (350 calories of CRAP!!!) i didn’t drink much water and i became just barely dehydrated. i love Zantrex 3- because if taken properly as directed…..on the bottle….you really will show results and be satisfied. even if it’s just with supressing your hunger! goodluck everyone!

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  192. It’s been 2 days that I’ve been taking Zantrex-3 fat burner, and I get no effect on it, why?

    I was worried I was going to get that feeling everyone is talking about, but nothing. I take 2 in the morning before breakfast and 2 before my last meal, and i run/fast walk 2miles a day. Is it the pill or me??
    Is the blue bottle better than the red one? I’m just trying to loose some weight!!

    Editor’s comments: Rene, you may just have a very high tolerance to stimulants. There’s likely nothing wrong with either you or the product.

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  193. Today is the first tome i took zantex3 and i hated it i followed the directions and after 30 min i had severe nausa. Im still sick 12 hours later.

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  194. This is my second day on Zantrax 3… yesterday was ok but today I am feeling that fuzzy feeling that DOUG spoke of and almost a paralysis across my whole face. I will not take ANYMORE- scary!

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  195. So today is my first day using Zantrex 3 (blue) and ive had four pills today. I had two before breakfast, which made my back start hurting for a few mins, then i was super nauseous, i kept burping, then my hands and feet got all clammy, then i got a little jittery. Then i took two more before dinner, i was nauseous again, but this time my heart rate went up and i got really tired, now my hands and feet are just really clammy again…

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  196. I want to start using this, but am very scared of the side effects. i want to lose about 20-25 lbs. Should I?

    Editor’s comments: In our opinion, the better idea would be to reduce calories and exercise more. These pills won’t make much of a difference without that anyway.

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  197. I am about 5’4″ and 165 lbs (probably a few pounds more now). Before I had my son I was 119 lbs tops! Now, almost 2 years after having my son, I am over 40 lbs heavier and no energy. No matter how much running I do, my weight doesn’t seem to budge! I’m wondering if anyone else out there like me, tried this product and what kind of results they had? Or if there are any other products out there you found worked better? I don’t really drink coffee so I’m nervous that I will have a bad reaction to the high caffeine levels in the pills.

    Editor’s comments: Your options are to reduce the dosage, or to try a different product that doesn’t contain so much caffeine.

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  198. I have tried a lot of different diet pills over the last few years and pretty much maintained my weight with an extra 10 lbs. Until recently when I gained almost 20 lbs. in 3 months. I decided to try Zantrax-3 Blue bottle. I took one when I woke up and then one about an hour later then worked out. I deffinatley felt some extra energy, which I love when working out. I started to fell a little racy and headachy but after I chugged a lot of water and ate a snack I felt fine. So today I decided just to take one. I think as long as you only start out with one at a time and don’t take them late(so you can fall asleep at night) and drink lots of water, they’ll work. DRINK WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  199. I’ve been taking Zantrex 3 (blue) for 5 days now. I did start out with the full dosage which I’m asking myself why i did that after reading some of these reviews haha. Basically the first day I only had 4 pills (two before lunch and two before dinner). I have a pretty high caffeine tolerance normally, as I’m so used to drinking a tonne of energy drinks and coffee. I do have anxiety and I do have a lot of weight to lose.

    Anyway, on my second day I woke up to make my self some toast. I took my pills with no water at all basically and I threw up before my toast was even done toasting. it was uncontrollable nausea. I thought that this was maybe because of the lack of water. But since, ive basically felt like crap. I can barely get out of bed to do anything. I will feel sudden bursts where i really want to go and do something and then i get up and immediately regret it and want to lay down again.

    What I think I may do now is reduce my dose to one pill before meals and see if that makes a difference, i definitely dont eat as much now and do feel like I am losing weight, i just want to be able to get out of bed, i’ve barely left the house, also it is winter and really cold outside, i think that may be playing a huge factor, i think when i get a treadmill in my tiny apartment I will feel a whole lot better.

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  200. I tried this pill over the summer because i had gained some weight really fast after a bad break up and i wanted to get it off because i was ready to move on and start doing my thing. So i took this pill and for the first few days it seemed fine, but then one day it just went down hill. My whole body started turning red in different spots (arms, legs, face, stomach). I was at work so it was really awkward that i was breaking out in a rash. My heart rate was through the roof, i was almost blacking out like i couldnt see cause blood was rushing to my head so fast. I almost had to call a friend or parents to pick me up from work because i was too scared to drive myself home. However i gave it 20 minutes and i was little more collected and thankfully my shift was over so i drove home. Once i got home i went and laid in bed hoping to slow my heart rate, let me tell you it stayed racing for at least four hours after that and it was very uncomfortable.

    I hope this review helps others looking into this product because i really should have read more reviews before i bought it!

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  201. I have taken Zantrex-3 (blue bottle) on and off for a couple of years. I recently got serious about my diet and exercise, so I have been taking it almost every day for about 3 months. I only take 2 in the morning before breakfast, with alot of water! I have never had any of the problems other people have listed. It gives me lots of energy but I’m not jittery like I was when I took Hydroxycut. I’ve been losing about 10 lbs a month but I haven’t been exercising because I hurt my knee.
    I am now trying the red bottle. I haven’t had quite as much energy as I get with the blue bottle. Once I finish this bottle, I think I will go back to the blue bottle. We’ll see what the results are, though!
    For the record, caffine has never had much of an effect on me. I could drink an entire pot of coffee and have no trouble going to sleep. If it’s the caffine giving me my energy, there must be an insane amount in the blue pills! I’ll take it though, because they are the only thing that gives me energy without making me feel crazy.

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  202. I don’t think any pill is a quick fix for weight problems. It probably took years to put the weight on so its certainly not going to be gone in a month. I think excersize is sbout 40% of weight loss, the other 60% is about what we put in our mouths. This pill is not magic, eat better and move more, thats the deal. If a pill makes you feel better thats great. It won’t give you strength and willpower or control your bad eating habits. Only you can do that!!

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  203. This pill is great! I worked at the carnivals in the states last year and used this pill and man did it give me energy, i absolutely loved it made me feel great! had no cravings or appetite and stayed thirsty al the time which made me drink loads of water! I never took note of how much i lost but i did loose quite a bit because i was active! but i never took the pill everyday only when i knew i was going to be very busy or active with my body!

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  204. Half of the people that complained about this diet pill probably didn’t even try to work out…. lazy asses. Obviously all diet pills require some diet and exercise. It can’t just magically work on its own. Snooki did it and lost 20 pounds.

    Editor’s comments: Nicole, the truth is, you have no idea whether the people who used Zantrex exercised or not. You seem to think that Snooki’s experience – which you cannot possibly verify or authenticate – trumps everyone else’s experience. You’re wrong. Sorry.

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  205. today is only my first day taking this diet pill and so far its not so great. I feel dizzy, sick, my jaw is clenching and I cannot focus on anything. I’m worried if I should be taking this pill or not. I really would like to lose weight but I don’t know if these side effects will keep going on.

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  206. So far I give this product maybe 2 stars I just starting taking it Monday and this product is definately not for everyone I felt fine yesterday but today I feel like I’m on crack and I followed the recommend dosage. I think I will cut down to just 1 pill a day but if can handle feeling like your getting ready have a heart attack then this product is for you. And I already lost 3 pds. It definately suppresses the cravings.

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  207. I just recently started using this product So no idea how everything is gonna turn out. I usually have a very high tolerance to caffeine but recently cut all soda and most other caffeine products out of my diet. So what I did to avoid adverse reactions is take one capsule and empty out some of the contents and drink lots of water! So far I love the energy and focus it gives me!! I was a little scared at first to try this because of a horrible experience with hydroxycut but I didn’t feel anything bad. My main problem has always been my appetite and this really helps to keep me from eating everything in the house LOL. Even if I don’t lose any weight this is amazing just for the energy and appetite control.

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  208. I started taking zantrex two weeks ago. I was so worried about the side effects but I have nothing but good things to report! I am a medium sized girl and weighed 185 when I started. I know this may sound extreme to some but I’ve been doing insanity workouts while taking zantrez, today marks two weeks and I am already down 15 pounds! I have had no side effects at all and feel so good!

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  209. the first time i took zantrex 3 i was so jittery and anxious i just couldn’t sit still! i felt like i was tweakin out on coke or something lol. i did notice some weight loss within the first few days. so we’ll see how it turns out 🙂

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  210. I am 32 and 142 lbs, i normally drink 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning and have only been taking this product 2 days and feel ok, I am taking the red bottle and am excited to see results i am morderly active with 3 kids and coaching baseball. I must say the water intake is a must and i have cut sodas and tea out. I have not had any problems sleeping so far, the only thing i have noticed is jaw clenching, somewhat.

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  211. 5’4″ F, 153 lbs and fairly active. Typical caloric intake 1000-1200. I needed some extra energy and the though of losing a few pounds sounded nice as well. I have hit a weight loss plateau after having my daughter. I decided last week I would give it a try this week after I did the research. Oh, and I am a coffee-a-holic. I have been taking 1 a day @ mid morning prior to my breakfast w/ 24-32oz of water. So far, no major jitters, actually no energy boost. Weight loss yes, however I assume from system flushing, ie water weight. I went from 153 on Sunday to 148 today. Good news for me, yes! Although common sense says its mearly water weight at this point. I suppose I have been lucky as typically I am prone to panic attacks, however this pill has definately NOT caused any. I will continue this week taking only 1 a day and perhaps next week increase it to 1 with breakfast & 1 with lunch. I think that will be my max though. I am not willing to risk anything further as I have read my share of horror and success stories on this through multiple web reviews. I definately think if you do the research and take it VERY slowly (NOT MAX DOSE THE FIRST TRY…..DUH) being sure to FOLLOW the directions and use your discretion & common sense, that this could be a nice addition to your regemin. It is an addition tho, not a miracle cure, and taking only this supplement without proper diet and exercise….probably a bad idea, not to mention it most likely will not give you that “miracle” weight loss. Do your own personal research on BMI, caloric intake, fats, carbs etc and create a work out plan that safely meets your needs. Only then should you attempt to try an additional fat burning supplement of any kind. I hope this helps, good luck!

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  212. DO NOT TAKE!!!! i honestly think this is very dangerous!!!!!!!!! ive tried diet pills before but this by far was a horrible feeling. i felt like i was high on some kind of drug. my heart was racing, i had racing thoughts, i was paranoid, i had a hard time breathing. i felt very hot and i had huge anxiety. i was very close to going to a hospital as i thought i may be having a stroke or heart attack ( im only 24) ive never had bad reactions like this to absolutely any drug before. for one pill to make me feel this way ( not to mention im 6 feet tall my body should be able to handle 1 pill)it cannnot be safe. for those who already take zantrex and dont experience what i am well i would still not suggest it. ii couldnt even lay down and take a nap because i was scared i wouldnt wake up thats how horrible this pill makes me feel. its a scarey feeling .

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  213. Im on zantrex 3 right now this is my first day on it, i weighed in at 158. and im 5″4 i wanted to get down to 130 pounds i took 2 of the pills and the effect wasnt immediate it took about 2 hours for my body to realize what i just digested, i began having these trembeling feeling and then my hands starting to shimmy very lightly i thought if went home and worked out that would be good,but that didnt help, when i stood up it felt like the walls was shaking and began having a mini panic attack, i WOULD NOT RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANY ONE even if your a coffee drinker this product is not good for your heart or body.i began praying because i thought this was the end, i immedialty went and flushed the bottle down the toliet, i was so scared and dont think its worth it, im going to start back at the gym regulatory and eating heathly i want to lose the weight but not this way if i could go back i would im telling you to stay away from this product.

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  214. This is my first week taking Zantrex-3 blue bottle and I feel great I lost 5 pounds so far with light exercise & a diet of 1000-1200 calories. I am drinking a half gallon of water ( get very thirsty) and eating fruits and veggies.
    I eat 6 to 7 times at day;
    6am breakfast,
    8am fruit,
    10am fruit,
    12pm lunch,
    2pm veggies,
    4pm dinner,
    6pm fruit or veggies.
    I do not have any side effects so far only a little hyper but it feels great have a lot of energy. My goal is lose 40 pounds. I had buy almost every single diet pill in the market and none of them had give me good result like Zantrex-3.

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  215. okay so i took the pills ( the dose recommended on the bottle) i ate a good breakfast and took 2 pills with a glass of water. i felt great! i had energy i just felt great! so at lunch i took 2 more with a fruit smoothie and then i got really sick i had a horrible headache and then i tried throwing up and but i just felt worst i couldn’t even lift my head to drink water then i started have convulsions (i have never in my life had problems with this, this has happened to me before) i legit thought i was going to die I’m not exaggerating i have never been more scared in my life i have been sick for the last 2 days like can’t get out of bed or eat sick so i don’t recommend this product i understand your want to loose weight but this isn’t worth it.

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  216. I have been using zantrex 3 blue bottle for 11 days i take 2 in the morning for energy and then walk 2 miles. I take 2 more 15 minutes before dinner, it helps to curve my appetite and also gives me a boost of energy. The first few days i was wired up and couldn’t sleep but that has passed and only time i experience a fast heart rate is when i push to hard during a jog if i speed walk it’s fine. I have also been eating smaller portions for dinner and eating healthy breafast and lunch no chips or sweets on a daily basis may be 3 times a week. When i started zantrex 11 days a go i was 225 lbs and when i weighed my self today i was 216 lbs..yay…it really works

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  217. I love this product! My starting weight at the beginning of this week was 197, its been a week since I started the pill and I am now 192.4 to be exact. I take two pills in the morning with a glass of water 15 mins before I go to the gym. It gives me so much energy to get me through my workout. I work out 6 days out of the week for and hour or two a day. I stay very active throughout my day, with work and what not. I take two more pills around 6 after I get out of work with my dinner. I drink lots and lots of water throughout my day and watch what I eat. Nothing but success coming my way! If you take the pill as directed, work out, and eat right, nothing but good things and results will be coming your way!

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  218. Can someone please respond to this! I just started taking these today and I was wondering if I should take the two pills with my 3 meals which would equal to 6 a day or should I just take 2 pills twice a day. Help please.

    Editor’s comments: Clear directions should be provided on the label, but the normal dosage is one to two caps, twice daily. This product contains a ton of caffeine, so we recommend you start with a half dose to assess your tolerance (one cap twice daily).

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  219. I took Zantrex in the morning , two pills with lots of water and nearly died! Within one hour I was rushed to the hospital my hear rate was 138 and i had awful anxiety!! I was given a pill for anxiety to tranquilize the effects and held for three hours to monitor my hear rate!!!!! NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

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  220. Ok so I posted here exactly a week ago on the 23rd which was the first day I started taking these pills. It’s been exactly one week and I weighed myself today and I’ve already lost 6 pounds. I’ve been working out and eating super healthy though. These things work.

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  221. I began taking zantrex 3 (red bottle) then switched to the blue; it made me feel jacked up but I began running a mile every morning and 15-30 minutes during the day. I drink nothing but water and diet. I weighed 165, now I weigh 150. In 3 months! (I went from a size 11 to a size 7 to a size 5. Verrrryyy impressed, I currently quit but holding my weight at 150-155)

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  222. today is my first day on the blue bottle. after reading many reviews and doing some research, i decided to try it. people need to understand that the pills will effect people differently. i usually drink 5 coffees a day so I’m not worried about the jitters. I’m stricly drinking only water and one coffee a day while I’m on the pills just to be safe. I’m 19, 5’4 and around 165 pounds. I’m not ‘fat’ in person, i am pretty slim. i have thighs, a butt, and a tummy but i wouldn’t say I’m too overweight. i just want to drop down some pant sizes. i work out about 4 days a week doing weight machines and the elliptical mostly. I’m hoping to drop around 5-8 pounds per week. a lot of these reviews seem to claim rapid weight loss so I’m hoping to only be on this product for a month or so. I’ve had self-conscious issues since i was 13 so I’m very happy i came across this product. earlier this morning i did feel a little nauseous but it has gotten a little better. i don’t feel much energy but I’m assuming thats because I’m so used to a high intake of caffeine. ill keep you all updated with how I’m doing!
    *take fewer pills at first and let your body adjust to the pills! this pill will be different for everyone, just because it hasn’t worked for you or the side effects were severe, doesn’t mean someone else won’t have incredible results! try with an open mind 🙂

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  223. I’m 18, looking into purchasing Zantrax-3 (blue bottle). I’m 5’3” and 175 lbs (BMI 31, so, i’m obese), and I don’t have that much energy to get off my butt and exercise. I can drink as much caffeine and still go to bed with no problem at night. Also, I’m on Lexapro 10 mg everyday and NuvaRing birth control…would this cause an increase in the side effects, or is there some website that anyone could recommend?

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    • Editor’s comments: Kaity, any questions regarding drug interactions should be directed to your doctor – and NO ONE else.

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  224. I’m 5’0 weight 131.1 pounds and 20 years old and i’m going running tonight like at 7pm is it ok if i take the Zentrex 3 pill tonight before i go running? I just bought them and i’ve never tried them before.

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    • Editor’s comments: We’d probably recommend that you do not; there are a lot of stimulants in this product and having it “kick” in while you already have an elevated heart rate may not be a great idea. Try it with a meal (to dull its effects) to assess your tolerance first.

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  225. i have used this product for over a week and have not lost any weight at all. i go to the gym regularly too. not happy.

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  226. Today is my first day of using Zantrex. I got up this morning and only took one after reading how the effects it gave others, drank full bottle of water then ate some cereal. I’m 19yrs old. It didn’t really have any effect on me, i actually ended up falling back to sleep this morning then when i woke up i figured ill take another one with water and i still feel no effect or energy but that probably because i can take in 1000mg of caffeine just from energy drink before i get all crazy. But I’m gonna keep taking it to see if i loose any weight cause that’s what im going for.

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  227. I don’t really know why to say to this pill I took it when I woke up at nine and another at three. I have not been able to sleep it is now 4:11. I’m jittery I as light headed paranoid heart racing and on top of that I have not stopped urinating and I’ve been drinking water all dy long! I only reccomend this pill for people who really need it. It’s suffice to say read the WARNING LABELS!!

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  228. I have also like many others on here had a very negative experience with this product, nausea, stomach pains, trouble breathing, very increased heart rate. On a couple occasions it felt like I was going into cardiac arrest!! Do not take this pill, you just don’t know how it will affect you ! And like a couple others I truly thought this is the end, I cannot stress enough how terrible this stuff is!!

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  229. I started taking Zantrex 3 (Blue) on Saturday (although I have taken it before, just recently restarted). To be honest, my expectations were low, as the price was just $17.98 at my local Kmart!!! Other diet pills I’ve taken range anywhere from $30 to $70, so I was pleasantly surprised. As with other diet pills I’ve tried in the past I expected it to take a couple days to “Kick In”, per se, but Zantrex 3 worked right away. I had oodles of energy (though not overwhelmingly so) and it curved my appetite like no other. Its been 2 days and I’ve lost 2.4 pounds. With all that said, HOWEVER, i didn’t just sit on my butt. I cut myself down to 1400 calories of HEALTHY food a day, and squeezed in AT Least 10 min of cardio (which, with 3 kids constantly running around, is hard to do!). It is a very good DIET AID. Taking it WITHOUT diet and exercise? Not so sure you’d see the same results. If you’re not used to energy boosters, I would NOT recommend following bottle instructions, take less!!! Try not to drink other caffeinated beverages, it’ll be overwhelming. If you’re not going to get up and move, don’t bother taking it. If your gonna take it, sit on the couch, and pray for a miracle, you’ll end up jittery, uncomfortable and unsatisfied. Oh, and I know it says to, but common sense people, it is a HIGH ENERGY fat burner, HIGH ENERGY, don’t take it at dinner. OF COURSE you’ll be up all night. 🙂

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  230. I started taking Zantrex 3 on Saturday (I’ve taken it before, just recently restarted).To be honest, my expectations were low, as the price was just $17.98!Other diet pills I’ve taken range anywhere from $30 to $70, so I was pleasantly surprised. As with other diet pills I’ve tried in the past I expected it to take a couple days to “Kick In”, per se, but Zantrex 3 worked right away. I had oodles of energy (though not overwhelmingly so) and it curved my appetite like no other. Its been 2 days and I’ve lost 2.4 pounds. With all that said, HOWEVER, i didn’t just sit on my butt. I cut myself down to 1400 calories of HEALTHY food a day, and squeezed in AT Least 10 min of cardio (which, with 3 kids constantly running around, is hard to do!). It is a very good DIET AID. Taking it WITHOUT diet and exercise? Not so sure you’d see the same results. If you’re not used to energy boosters, I would NOT recommend following bottle instructions, take less!!! Try not to drink other caffeinated beverages, it’ll be overwhelming. If you’re not going to get up and move, don’t bother taking it. If your gonna take it, sit on the couch, and pray for a miracle, you’ll end up jittery, uncomfortable and unsatisfied. Oh, and I know it says to, but common sense people, it is a HIGH ENERGY fat burner, HIGH ENERGY, don’t take it at dinner. OF COURSE you’ll be up all night. 🙂

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  231. I just bought these pills yesterday. I took 2 before lunch and felt pretty good up until I took the next 2 before dinner. Then I felt HORRIBLE!! VERY jittery, and sick to my stomach. I couldn’t sleep, I had jittery shivers and felt awful. I tried to take 2 more pills before breakfast, just thinking my body would get used to how much caffeine is in these awful pills, but I feel like I’m going to faint, or so jittery I’m going to jump out of my body, or die….AWFUL!! I will never take these ever again, and I recommend you don’t either. I wish I had read the reviews before I took these, this feeling is the worst. (OH and I took 2 pills at 9am and at 4:30 I still feel very, very bad)

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  233. This page is so full of “B.S.” that it is not even funny! I have taken “Z3” off & on for 7 years. & due to the fact that “ALL” I drink is water & diet sodas. I have “NO” problem with this heavy dosage of caffine. Plus here is a little tip, if you do some “MOVEMENT”! Guess what you’ll burn off all of that caffine. Even if it is a late night activity, OMG! I mean really people this is common sense. As soon as I get a ride to our local Walmart. I will be spending the best $21.00 dollars I have spent this month. & the only reason that I stop taking it last year after this time 2011. It helped me to lose: “40” pounds, is because when we moved back down here where we live now. I fell & for ever damaged my right knee. So there is no more: Tae*Bo, Zumba or lifting weights! I can only do about “10” minutes of Standing Pilates. & with this little bit of movement last year as well. I lost more weight with out having to give up my favorite foods ever! The only reason I stopped taking it was because I did not know how it would mix with those. Extremely “HIGH” amounts of pain killers the E.R. & my Ortho Surgeon had me on daily for the past 9 months! But, now that I’m on a combo medication that helps loosen up my knee so I can walk better & take care of my pain as well. I can now freely take this “GOD SENT” diet aid. It is not a wonder drug but, it will take away your app. to the point that you have to remind your self to eat. I love……………………………. pill. & if people would just “think” if you drink some thing that gives you a ton of energy. Do some thing, any thing to burn off that caffine, hello!

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    • Editor’s comments: Marie, just because YOU don’t have a problem with the excessive caffeine content of Zantrex 3, does not mean that others do not, or that their comments of “side effects” are “BS”. There are enough comments here in a similar vein to suggest there are enough stimulants in this product to cause seriously problems for some individuals. You’re not sensitive – good for you. But there’s no need to denigrate others who are…

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  234. OOOOOOOKKKKKK! Yesterday I bought them and started just taking ONE pill before meals and nothing crazy happend except I had so much energy and didnt sleep last night. This morning i started the TWO pills that youre supposed to take and I FLIPPED OUT! Horrible stomach pains for maybe 5 minutes, felt like i was gonna throw up and faint. I didnt know if i should call someone or go to the ER. I decided to just wait it out. I became flushed, I had goosebumps all down my arms and legs. Then i started looking it up on the internet. found this page. I started shaking my heart was beating so fast! I decided to call my mom (a nurse). If this happend to you heres what helped me 1. Drink lots of water, you need to get it all out of your system. 2. you’re not dying you just took too much and have SO MUCH ENERGY 3. Walk around, spend the energy, workout! If you stay sitting you shake cuz ur body doesnt know what to do with the energy. 4. dont take that much again, either stop taking it or cut back. …i did all that and i am also not gonna take one before dinner so i can sleep. so just one for breakfast and lunch. Effects should wear off after about two hours. if your body is still going crazy you might want to call some one or see the doctor. Good Luck! Hopefully i start losing weight soon:)

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  235. ive been using zantrex 3 for about 4 months now and i feel great i lost weight with diet and excersing. i take only 1 pill in the morning and 1 when im about to go to the gym however side affects likes nausea does suck but im use too it

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  236. This is my second day on Zantrex 3 (blue bottle) I FEEL HORRIBLE!!!I feel out of it, foggy, dizzy, light headed. I want nothing to eat all i crave is water. I’ve lost 3lbs already but boy i feel like if i was high all day. I am shaky all day as well. My heart rate elevates only like 20 min after taking the pills and it lasts for 40 min, that when i usually go work out, to get all good use of the caffeine. I work out for an hour each day mostly cardio. I see the weight come off but in return I horrible. THE PILLS WORK though!!! Last night i think i took the pills a little too late because i couldn’t sleep ’till 5am. Hope this gets better soon, I don’t want to stop using the pills kuz i really wanna lose weight. Once i reach my goal I am planning on joining weight watchers to keep it off. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

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  237. Im on my third day and ive already lost 3lbs!! I love this product!:)

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  238. I tried zantrax 3 blue bottle this morning ( two pills) and after I took it I started feeling lightheaded and I broke out into a weird rash on my arms, fce, and chest. My stomach hurt and I stared shaking. My heart rate was also elavated. Just want to say make sure you read the warnings and only take if you need it. I’m not one to do these type of things but this really scared me. I would not suggest this product, but if you do I would start out with one pill and work your way up. And make sure you’re exercising and drinking water. Follow the directions. I would consult my doctor before trying this product.. Just to be on the safe side. If anyone else had the same symptoms as me, please comment!

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  239. It’s 4am and I still can’t sleep. I took 2 z3 at 6pm and feel terrible. It made me nervous, itchy, felt freezing but my body was hot, depressed, and I can’t wait for these feelings to go away. I will never take this again. It made me paranoid and scared to be alone, and very tired, even though my heart was racing. I’m exhausted but still can’t sleep. Still itchy and feel really weird. Never again. It’s not worth it. For those of you who suffer through these bad feelings to lose weight, please talk to someone. It’s like torture

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  240. I’m going to try it for the first time today. Hopefully it works, I need to lose about 40 pounds. I read this horrible reviews. Are they true. I feel Ok for the first day.

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  241. I have been taking Zantrex for a few months & it works great. Yes there are uncomfortable side effects, but being overweight is worse.
    I hope this is NOT taken off the market.

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  242. i realy love this product, have had no side effects and am completely satisfied.
    i am going tonight and getting my second bottle. i am exercising a little bit, watching what i eat, drinking plenty of water…i haven’t weighed myself yet, but have noticed my clothes are fitting better.
    i am sorry so many others have had side effects hopefully they will find something that will work for them.
    thanks for the help in my weight loss adventure.

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  243. This product is awesome!! I am 18 and usually have problems staying awake in my classes, and i have even been falling asleep at work. No matter how much sleep i get, or how much coffee i drink in the morning, i never have any energy. I took a pill this morning and I was expecting to get sick and fatigued, but still wanted to test it out. I went to the gym an hour after taking it, and i was astounded at the effects it had on me. I worked our 3x harder and longer than I usually do! I was jittery when resting, yes, but it was a hell of a lot better than walking around like a zombie all day! I felt so energized, I got a lot accomplished today!I have severe anxiety/manic depression, so it made me feel a little more anxious, but I took .25 mg of Xanax to balance it out. I would definitely recommend this product, but then again, everyone is different

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  244. i took this pill for 9 months and i lost 73 pounds i weighed 223 when i started and 150 at the end of my journey. this product was wonderful for me and if i had to give any advice to follow while taking it i would say just don’t drink anything with caffeine while you are on them and do not take them before bed. this pill worked a miracle for me but also keep in mind each person is different and what worked for me may not work for you!

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  245. I know that I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine so I actually open one pill and dump out half of the contents out and take it 15 minutes before my dinner which is usually around 5pm. In 3 days I have lost 7 pounds and I feel absolutely fantastic. I know I’m wasting a lot of the pill, but with this weight loss and no more late night binge eating, it’s totally worth it. The bottle warns you to start out slow, so why does everyone want to start with 2 pills right away. I drink at least 70 ounces of water a day with either a slice of lemon or lime and I’ve cut out alcohol and all sugar products. I do a little exercising and hope to start doing more. I’m hoping to be a size 3 in 2 more months. I’m a size 10 now. Thank you Zantrex 3!

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  246. I have taken it in the past and have lost 20lbs in 3 months which was great but I started taking the new and improved zantrex fat burner (red bottle) and it causes my heart to race and I feel gross…I originally stopped taking the original Zantrex because it was causing my oxygen level to drop but I didn’t learn as soon as the red bottle came out I went and bought it and feel like crap and they are slightly addictive I think. Good luck folks but be careful they are strong and every one reacts different to them.

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  247. I am 29 years old 5ft 11 and 200lbs I have tried several other brands of weightloss pills in the past and stopped taking them for quite some time when I got my weight down to 175lbs . Once I hit 200 again I decided to try zantrex-3 blue bottle and man I regret every second of it. I took 1 pill with a full glass of water 30 minutes before a meal and. I ended up in the hospital. I have tachycardic heart palpitations where my resting heart rate lying down was 135 beats per minute …. I felt like I was on a treadmill while lying down. My CK levels also jumped to 4500 from a muscle tissue breakdown in my blood stream and I hadn’t even started working out. The hospital transfered me to there cardiac wing overnight where I was hooked up to sodium chlorida bags all night to flush my kidneys…. I felt like my heart was pounding and the room was spinning for about 6 hours. Then Istarted to feel human again after it wore off and my system was flushed…. worst experience ever …. I will never buy this product again and I will never reccomend it to anyone.

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  248. If the rating could be a zero then i would of put it ! Its almost 2am i cant breathe im experiencing chest pain im irritated & have the jitters i dont recommend this product at all !!!! Zantrex-3 IS TERRIBE WHY IS IT STILL ON THE MARKET !!!

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  249. On my 2nd day of taking Zantrex black, my face, arms and back of my neck became really hot and tingly. My arms turned extremely red and it scared me to death. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before in my life and I decided to STOP taking this diet immediately. I don’t take side effects lightly and if my body reacts this way, it’s basically warning me to stop!! I’ve realized that although I want to lose weight desperately, I refuse to take diet supplements. I’m going to do what I should have done in the beginning…watch what I eat and work out.

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  250. I love zantrex-3, I am 5’7 and weigh 190lbs. I am really looking forward to see if I get weight loss results, but even if I don’t lose weight I will still take it because of my increased energy. I have not felt any of the side effects that everyone is talking about. I love it. I also do drink coffee off and on through out the day so I am used to high caffeine intake. Everyone is different.

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  251. would NOT reccomend this pill! After takin the recommended dose of 2 pills in the morning i want to work where i shortly sharted to get very jittery along with a racing heart. I eventually had to leave work early due to having a panick attack along with the racing heart and jitteryness till about 8 hours later. Never taking this pill ever again!

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  252. I am a 25 y/o male 5’6” and 160 lbs. I am trying to get down to 150 lbs. I just took two pills 30 min before my lunch and drank a bottle of water. Within 5 min after taking the pill I started to get a tingly feeling in my face. The surrounding started to jump around as well. About 10 min after that my hands, face and arms started to burn, not tingle. I went to look in a mirror to see if I was red and it looked as if I got sun burned. I am coming off of that feeling now (45 min after taking) I would just be careful about taking two pills. My heart didn’t race though. Will try again tomorrow but only one pill.

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  253. When I was 250 pounds at 6’1 I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I tried Zantrex3 and it gave me the hot flushed skin, the panic attack, and racing heart beat. So I cut back from 2 to 1 pill like the instructions said. I also made sure I was hydrated before I ate a healthy meal THEN took the one pill. Drinking a glass of water 30min before and a glass with my pill was perfect!
    Also if you sit on the couch after taking the pill of course your skin will get flush and burn. You have to take it and then start your stretches for your work out. That way the capilaries in your muscles take in the blood too.
    Water, Food, Water with pill, Exercise.. That is how to use the product efficently. Staying super hydrated, eating healthy, and getting off my ass helped me lose over 58lb in a year.

    I am not a medical doctor and this is all my unprofessional opinion.

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