Smartburn (With Hoodia) Fat Burner Review: Does Smartburn Work?


Smartburn™ with Hoodia (for women) promises “450% more weight lose than diet and exercise alone.” Another quote on one of the web sites I saw indicated…

“Smartburn’s™ blend of core weight loss ingredients makes it one of the most powerful weight supplements on the market today.”

There are a couple of problems with these two statements. The first is that the clinical study on which this statement is based was not performed on Smartburn™ itself, but instead upon a blend 3 of the ingredients included in the Smartburn™ formula.

What’s the difference you say?

Well, the problem is that is that we don’t not know how much of each of these crucial ingredients is included in the Smartburn™ formula — it is protected by a proprietary formula that prevents the actual efficacy and strength of each ingredient to be determined.

Given the relatively small amount of ingredients in the proprietary formula I’d be very surprised if this compilation contained anywhere near the amount of ingredient needed to obtain the results touted by the clinical study.

This is common practice amount fat burner retailers — quote a study backing one or more of your product’s ingredients, while only making a tiny, useless amount available in the compilation.

Of course, that’s not necessarily the case here, but we can’t know for certain.

The second statement…

“Smartburn’s™ blend of core weight loss ingredients makes it one of the most powerful weight supplements on the market today.”

… is simply erroneous — Smartburn™ does not sport a revolutionary formula by any means, nor is it particularly powerful. This is marketing 101, plain and simple.

With that said, let’s take a look at the Smartburn™ formula…

1. A blend of calcium, chromium polynicotinate and potassium. There’s some small evidence that calcium may be useful for weight loss, but in this compilation, it’s mostly window dressing. Chromium is a great addition to any weight loss formula for its positive effects on insulin function, although clinical evidence demonstrating its postive weight loss effects are contradictory.

2. Garcinia cambogia extract (also known as Citrimax or hydroxycitric [HCA] acid): Although showing promising results initially, Citrimax does not appear to be much use for weight loss.

A newer, patent pending version of this compound, called SuperCitrimax, where the HCA is bonded to calcium and magnesium to increase potency and bioavailibility, seems to be much more effective. See the full review of Citrimax for more info!). Unfortunately, it needs to be present in a very high dose (almost 3,000 mg) to be effective.

3. Gymnema sylvestre extract: In the correct dosage, preliminary evidence seems to indicate this ingredient may affect blood glucose levels by reducing its absorption in the intestines. More evidence is needed to properly rate the effectiveness of this ingredient as a potent fat burner.

4. Rhodiola rosea extract (roseroot): an adaptogen like ginseng, this ingredient is generally used to increase energy, stamina, and athletic performance. Early studies indicate a 170 mg dose might combat fatigue in night shift workers.

5. Theanine: the major amino acid found in green tea. It has a relaxing effect and may be capable of lowering blood pressure levels.

6. Astaxanthin: a powerful antioxidant, very similar to beta carotene. Any antioxidant is good to addition to any product compilation, but in this case, you’d be better off with the dosage provided by a good multi-vitamin.

7. Hoodia: a full review of Hoodia is available here. Despite the claims, Hoodia’s appetite-suppressing powers are based more on hype than science.

8. Vinpocetine: a derivative of an alkaloid derived of a plant from the periwinkle family. In Europe, Japan and Mexico it’s used as a pharmaceutical agent for the treatment of cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders. It may have a slight effect on elevating metabolism, but at this time, that’s mostly speculation.

9. Green tea: although likely to be included in only the tiniest amount in this formula, green tea is a great addition to any fat burner.

10. N-acetyl tyrosine: an important precursor to many important neurotransmitters, high doses of tyrosine may effect mood in a positive manner.

11. Soy phospholipids: this must be the ingredient in the Smartburn™ compilation that justifies the “for women” advertising, because this formula isn’t specifically designed for women otherwise.

Again, it’s difficult to determine the exact amount of ingredient included here, but in higher doses, soy can be used to prevent osteoporosis, reduce menstrual symptoms and prevent hot flashes. It’s also helpful for reducing total cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol in men and women.

Bottom line on Smartburn™?

There are some decent ingredients in this formula, but unfortunately, it’s extremely many of them are included in a dosage high enough to constitute any more than “label dressing.” It’s impossile to know for sure. Personally, I’d be highly surprised if you achieved much with this product.

However, I’d love to hear from you on this. Have you used Smartburn™? How have you found it? Let us and our readers know!


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