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Xenadrine NRG Fat Burner Review

Xenadrine NRG has been discontinued (along with Cytodyne, for that matter).

According to Cytodyne, the makers of Xenadrine NRG

“Xenadrine NRG is the next generation in energy and weight loss products…”


“Xenadrine-NRG is a revolutionary new extended-release energy supplement…”

While the jury’s still out on the first statement, I like the fact that Cytodyne’s new fat burner is time-released. Why? Well, in the face of the ephedra ban, Cytodyne is doing what many other fat burner manufacturers are doing…

Jamming their products chock-full of caffeine. Some products now contain 3 times as much caffeine as comparable formulas prior to the ephedra ban. Interestingly enough, I’ve found that many of these newest fat burners make me more jittery and nervous than the old ephedra-based products. So a time-release formula makes such caffeine-rich products (and Xenadrine NRG is such a product) a little more bearable.

So what’s in NRG?

Well, as I’ve already indicated, there’s caffeine, caffeine, and more caffeine. Caffeine from yerba mate, from guarana, from green tea leaf, and green coffee bean extract.

Of course, such herbals do offer additional benefits.

Yerba mate, for example, may delay gastric emptying and contribute to an increased feeling of satiety. Guarana (reviewed here) has both antioxidant and diuretic properties. Green tea extract has been demonstrated to elevate metabolism, but this only amounts to around 100 additional calories burned daily.

Xenadrine NRG also contains…

  • L-Tyrosine: personally, I like l-tyrosine for its positive effect on mood and mental clarity (I take 3 grams on stressful days), but there is some evidence it may positively effect thyroid hormones as well. A full review of L-tyrosine is available here.
  • Norambrolide: Cytodyne’s proprietary term for Salvia sclarea plant extract. Salvia sclarea may have a positive effect on increasing cyclic AMP (a cell regulating compound) in the body. Increased levels of cAMP can raise thyroid hormone levels and spur further weight loss. Alas, the validity of this compound is largely undocumented at this time.

What about Xenadrine NRG side-effects?

Well, as already noted, this product contains a significant amount of caffeine. While the time-release element of this formula will make it more bearable, those who are sensitive to caffeine will probably want to avoid this product.

Bottom line on Xenadrine NRG?

I like time-release formulas for the reason that they make it easier to maintain a sustained energy level over the course of the day. With typical fat burners, it’s not uncommon to experience an energy “crash” once the caffeine wears off. As far as the fat burning properties of this product goes, I’d say it’s about average.

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