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What Do Fat Burners Do? Here are 5 Things…


What Do Fat Burners Do?

Hi guys, Paul from UltimateFatBurner here. Today we’re going to talk about fat burners, and ask the question, “what do fat burners do”?

I’m going to tell you every single thing you need to know about how fat burners work – I’ve show you the 5 different ways the different formulas work, so hang in there and I’ll see you in about 10 seconds.

Alright welcome back, so what do fat burners do?

It’s sounds like a simple question, like the answer is defined in the name of the product. You’d assume that fat burners “burn fat.” They don’t. Only your body can burn fat.

And of course, not all fat burners do the same thing – what they do is largely dependent the ingredient profile, as different products have different approaches to helping you lose weight.

5 Common Ways that Fat Burners Work

So in this video I’m going to discuss 5 common ways that fat burners work, so you will understand clearly what they do. And of course, not all products will attempt to accomplish all of the things I mention here – this is just a top level overview of the approach that can be taken.

1. Elevate the Metabolic Rate

Most fat burners attempt to boost your metabolism, or in other words, they attempt to increase the number of calories your body requires to function on a daily basis. If you burn more calories, you’ll lose more weight. That’s the theory.

There are a number of ingredients that may help elevate the metabolic rate slightly when included at the appropriate dosage, but common ones include green tea extract, caffeine, theobromine, and red pepper extract.

2. Appetite Suppression

Many fat burners will also contain ingredients that naturally suppress your appetite. Since weight loss always involves calorie reduction, this isn’t a bad idea.
There are a number of Ingredients that may help with appetite suppression but some of the most common ones are slimaluma, synephrine or citrus aurantium extract, hoodia and gymnema, things like that.

3. Blood Sugar Moderation

The third way fat burners work is being helping balance your blood sugar levels.

If your blood sugar levels go up and down like a teeter-totter, it’s likely you have huge energy spikes and crashes during the day.

Blood sugar imbalances can lead to massive cravings and spikes in insulin production, neither of which is helpful for weight loss.

So ingredients like chromium, alpha lipoic acid, bitter melon, banaba, cinnamon extract can be very helpful for eliminating these spikes and reducing the desire for simple carbohydrates.

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4. Mental Focus and Energy

There’s a ton of ingredients that can help blow away the mental fog you sometimes get when you’re on a diet, and some fat burners will contain a handful of these. Xanthinol nicotinate, l-tyrosine, huperzine, vinpoctine – are all common culprits.

5. Improve Fat Burning Efficiency

Some products will contain ingredients that either boost the amount of free fatty acids in the blood stream, making them more accessible for use as fuel, or they work to make fat burning more efficient. Ingredients here include l-carnitine and patented red pepper extracts.

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The Summary…

So let’s return quickly to the question what do fat burners do? To summarize, they can…

1) Elevate the metabolic rate slightly
2) help Suppress your appetite
3) Help Reduce cravings and energy “ups and downs” by helping to balance your blood sugar levels.
4) Help Eliminate brain fog.
5) Improve fat burning efficiency.

Now how well fat burners work and whether or not they are actually worth it is something I will address in another video. Please click here to view it now!

In the meantime, if you have questions or comments you’d like to share, please leave them below.

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you soon in another video!

Author: Paul

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