Venom Hyperdrive Fat Burner Review & Information -

Venom Hyperdrive Fat Burner Review & Information

Note: Venom Hyperdrive has been discontinued and replaced by "Hyperdrive 3.0" and "Hyperdrive 4.0".

OK, I’ve got to admit it, Venom Hyperdrive is without a doubt the coolest “sounding” fat burner I’ve encountered in a long time. Heck, it even sounds potent, powerful and effective… and that’s before we’ve even considered the ingredients profile. It’s no small wonder I’ve received numerous requests for a review!

Alright, let’s step away from the cool sounding name for a moment and have a look “under the hood” of the Venom Hyperdrive formula.

What’s in it?

1. Cocoamine™: According to the advertising material I read, Cocoamine™ is a proprietary “unique cocoa extract that provides the health benefits of chocolate without any of the unhealthy ingredients.”

Despite the hype, cocoa-based extracts have been common in fat burners for years (Xenadrine EFX for example, contained a cocoa-based extract called Seropro™). And while cocoa contains a whole slew of “xanthines” (caffeine and caffeine related compounds) and biogenic-amines (like phenylethylamine and tyramine) some of which may have a positive effect on both mood and metabolism, there is as of yet, no credible scientific evidence demonstrating its effectiveness for weight loss.

From the feedback I’ve gathered from site visitors, I’d say the biggest benefit offered by cocoa extract is not its fat burning ability, but its mood-elevating characteristics. Of course, one can’t overstate the importance of this, especially during periods of extreme dieting.

2. Hoodia gordonii: Probably the most hyped fat burning “appetite suppressant” for sale anywhere right now. That’s despite the fact that there is no evidence Hoodia is good for anything.

Additionally, Hoodia is an endangered species and very difficult to obtain. According to (an online company that tests product label claims)…

“It has been speculated that there is more Hoodia being sold today than could possibly be made from all the Hoodia gordonii plants in existence.”

For those of you who want to learn more about Hoodia, a full review is available here, and visitor comments on Hoodia are available here!

3. R-ALA: A natural, more potent form of alpha lipoic acid (ALA), this ingredient is both a powerful antioxidant and insulin moderator. It’s great for stabilizing the blood sugar levels that can lead to carbohydrate cravings.

4. 5-HTP: Often used to treat mild depression on the premise that as a precursor to serotonin (a chemical neurotransmitter found in the brain), 5-HTP can increase serotonin levels and influence mood. There is some evidence 5-HTP may indeed have an effect on appetite, and possibly even mood, but these positive results were with a significantly high dose. It’s unlikely such a dosage is present in Hyperdrive.

5. Guggul Extract: several studies validate this ingredient’s thyroid-stimulating activity (Planta Med 1988;54:271-7, Curr Ther Res 1999; 60:220-7). It is thought guggulsterones increase the synthesis of T3, by the conversion of T4 to T3.

Other ingredients also present in Venom Hyperdrive?

Rhodiola rosea root, plus easily-assimilated forms of tyrosine and carnitine, vitaberine and red pepper extract (capsiate). Several of these ingredients do offer some benefits to the Venom Hyperdrive formula (for instance, see J Appl Physiol 95: 2408-2415, 2003).

However, I’m not convinced there can be enough of any of these ingredients present in the formula to elicit much of a response. After all, the “Unique Proprietary Matrix” contains a mere 400 mg of ingredients (proprietary blends are always a pain, since they make it difficult to truly assess the true potency of the formula).

In a nutshell, this is neither a particularly revolutionary or a particularly potent formulation. There’s very little scientific evidence validating the fat burning abilities of many of these ingredients, and its hard to determine whether they are even present in significant enough amounts to elicit a response.

That said, I must say I have read some positive feedback on Venom Hyperdrive elsewhere on the net. And here’s what one visitor sent me recently…

I can tell you that all the “Hype” in Venom Hyperdrive is 100 percent TRUE! This fatburner destroys anything else on the market even your beloved Isatori fat burner.

Some people have used this and say it hits them hard and keeps them wired all day long, I didn’t notice the wired feeling. I noticed my body fat dropping, and my six pack developing.

I’ve used other fat burners but this one is amazing. I took the maximum 2 capsules a day along with green tea extract and was very pleased. The only side effect was that you come down hard off of this. I felt very groggy each morning. Once I took another dose, I felt better.

Donny (donnyjd2002 AT

Nonetheless, I remain skeptical.

I’d love to hear from more Venom Hyperdrive users — what have you experienced with this product? Use the link directly below to let me know!

SPECIAL NOTE: Venom Hyperdrive is one of the products listed in a recent FDA warning of “adulterated products”, or products containing active, undeclared pharmaceutical agents. Check this blog post for more information.

Accordingly, we do not recommend experimenting with this product.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I have used Venom for almost a year and lost 25 pounds. I have always had a hard time taking anything but this product is amazing. I have gone from a size 12 to a 6, I have no jitters or shakes, just energy and I leave food on my plate.

    I think the key to this product is you have to eat and drink plenty of water. This is not a miracle pill-you cannot take it for one week and expect to lose 20 pounds. It takes time and just really helps you to eat right. I recommend it to all of my friends!

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  2. I just started using Venom Hyper drive. In the past I have used metabolife (with and without ephedrine). Also vitamin b12 shots with 35 mg of phentermine.

    Any how I have found Venom Hyper Drive to be very much like metabolife with the ephedrine. Which helped me loose baby weight. About 20 pounds in 2 months. I was very thin and some what happy. Extreme mood swings.

    Anyhow Venom Hyper Drive works very well for me. I can’t take more than one pill a day. When I took two 6 hrs apart I couldn’t sleep. I slept but was very restless and felt like I wasn’t really asleep.

    I awoke at 4am and cleaned the entire kitchen detailing everything until about 12:30 in the afternoon. I of course took another pill at 8 am that morning. That night I slept better but still woke up at 5am ready to clean.

    I have a mitral valve prolapse and am a little scared of the affect on my heart. However I have been depressed and gained 20 pounds recently. So I am very glad for the pick me up and control of my eating habits.

    Unfortunately I have to remind myself to eat. Especially if I want to sleep at night. I feel like I have a little edge now that I didn’t have before. I am going to keep taking the pill until I lose the weight and I am going to get back into the gym.

    I hope this review is helpful to others. Thanks, Michelle.

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  3. I’ve been taking Venom for a last month, and it’s fantastic! I’ve lost weight, and it gives me so much energy.

    Now I can run on the treadmill for 30 min which I couldn’t do before.

    Also, I’ve been working very long hours lately, and I swear, Venom is the only thing that gets me going.

    Would I recommend it to people? Yes, I would. In fact, I am ordering another bottle 🙂

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  4. I have been taking Venom for five months now. It is amazing. In the first month I did not work out and I lost twenty pounds.

    After the initial jump I started working out and I continued to lose fat and gain muscle. Now I have clearer cuts and a thinner waste.

    Overall I have lost close to forty five pounds and now resemble a younger, more healthier looking me. I haven’t been this light since high school.

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  5. The first time I took Venom I felt like I’d consumed ten cups of coffee in as many minutes, and although I was literally bouncing off the walls at work, I probably got twice as much done that day as I normally would have done.

    Even now, two weeks later, it sometimes still gives me the jitters if I take two in a day. I used to rely on caffeine to get me through the morning, but I haven’t touched the stuff in ages now.

    As a stimulant, I don’t think I’ve found anything that comes close. I would advise people to exercise caution though, as those sensitive to these kinds of products may suffer adverse effects.

    I suspect that this product places the body under significant levels of stress, and obviously that’s worse news for some people than others, particularly those with heart defects…

    Its fat burning capabilities are also quite impressive, I have to say. I have always been skeptical about supplements, and fat burners in particular.

    However I have found this product to be most impressive, especially during the first few weeks of use. In fact, I was positively stunned with the initial results.

    It seems however that as the body gets used to the ingredients in these tiny capsules, the effects of Venom do lessen over time. That said, it definitely works, and noticeably so.

    Appetite suppression was not so impressive (in fact, it was non existent), but then that doesn’t really seem to be what this particular supplement is all about.

    This is a very good fat burner and I will probably use it again should the need arise. I am, however concerned over how safe it is.

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  6. I have been using Venom for quite a while although when I first started taking it, I could not sleep. But you do get used to it.

    On weekends I don’t take them and don’t notice anything so I am glad it is not addictive. I only take one a day as well. I have not been going to the gym lately and the weight is staying off but I do want to combine the gym and Venom for the ultimate weight loss and health.

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  7. Venom worked for me. I’ve lost 30lbs over a period of four months. From 206 down to 175. I did not change my exercise habits, only slightly changed my diet.

    I take one pill a day, 5 days a week. On the weekend, I don’t “crash” and I’ve had no problems getting to sleep. I tried 2 pills a day and felt like it was just too much.

    I don’t know how or why it works, but it does, and I’m ordering my third bottle tonight before I run out!

    I’m a 100% real person and not someone pushing the product. Venom has been amazing and changed my life. Only problem is that now none of my clothes fit anymore!

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  8. i would just like to say that Venom does work as a fat burner. I weighed 290 in January and as of last week, I lost a total of 103 pounds. I feel great and I would recommend this product to anyone.

    Eric Vasquez, Corpus Christi, Texas

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  9. I’m about 80% thru my first bottle of Venom (90-day supply), and I’m thoroughly impressed. I stopped drinking coffee on a regular basis. I have a great energy feeling in the morning; I only take one a day, with breakfast.

    I don’t crave food as much, and when I eat, I tend to eat smaller portions because I just don’t feel like finishing off the whole plate! I went from 197 to 185lbs, and I feel great.

    Just expect to drink lots of water, and not too much all at once!

    And I plan to get another bottle after I finish this one, although I do hesitate as I don’t want to have to rely on it for my energy boost for the day. Like, one day I missed a dose, and the whole day I just wanted to sleep.

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  10. I’ve tried all of the good stuff that’s legally available, when it comes to fat burners. I even used ephedra when it was legal.

    Now that they have Venom, I don’t even miss ephedra. It is strong though, so you have to eat something with it, but trust me your body fat, and weight will melt like ice on an Arizona road in the summer time.

    Plus venom gives you the energy you need in the gym, to forget about time, reps, and sets, and get the job done.

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  11. Venom is the best thing ever. It gives you energy and you don’t feel like eating. I have to remind myself to eat. Just drink a lot of water with it. Nothing comes close to this product!

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  12. I have to say I was skeptic, but I dropped 30 pounds in 2 months on this stuff. I had tried everything including regular exercise with no weight loss. This makes me very thirsty for water. I actually craved water like crazy. I have not taken Venom for over a month now and have continued to lose another 5 pounds.

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  13. When I first started taking Venom, it worried me because of how hardcore the energy boost was. Honestly, I am sure that under certain circumstances this product is not safe. For me, however, it has been very good.

    I have been dieting and exercising for about 4 months, and had hit a “plateau” at which I could no longer lose weight.

    This product is the only thing I changed, and I have been losing about 2 pounds per week. I don’t think this pill would cause you to lose weight without diet and exercise, but it is definitely something I am glad I used.

    I have only used it for about a month, and honestly I am scared it may have adverse health effects if I continue much longer. So, I would recommend trying it for a month, but no longer than that.

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  14. Me, along with a group of 11 of my friends (all women over 40) began taking this supplement after a recommendation from our group fitness instructor. We have all had same results – but also major concerns. The good: rapid weight loss; large amounts of weight loss; high energy. The concerning: profuse sweating; trouble getting to sleep (you have to time taking this carefully); overheating during exercise (again we have to time when we take the supplement – most of us take it very early in the morning) extreme cold in fingers, hands, and feet; muscle tightness in neck and legs; heart rate increase; tingling sensation in head, hands, feet. We have tried to find information out about these symptoms with no luck. Are we doing damage to our bodies?

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  15. I have been taking Venom Hyperdrive for 3 months. I was at a point in life where I was depressed and couldn’t lose any weight. I knew that my metabolism was at a stand still. I bought the Venom because I HATE taking pills & you only have to take 1-2 pills per day on the Venom system. I am thrilled to say that I’ve lost 25 pounds and 2 dress sizes in only 90 days! Of course this is combined with clean eating and exercise, but Venom has given me the edge & energy that I needed to boost my metabolism! I am sold on Venom!!!

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  16. I have been taking Venom for about a year. I only take one every morning before breakfast, and I take one day off a week.

    After my 4th child, I hit a plateau and even though I was exercising and eating very carefully, I was still overweight. I started taking the Venom once a day and immediately started losing weight the first week. I steadily dropped about 1 or two pounds a week and went from 134 to 113.

    The only bad side effect I have is a dry mouth, but that drives me to drink a lot of water which is good. I do not have much of an appetite and do not crave food in between meals. I have to admit that I sometimes forget to eat way past what I should.

    The only negative thing I can about this is that I have had two bottles that seemed to be missing an ingredient. I noticed it immediately. It seems as though they do not mix it the same way every time? The first time, the ALRI company immediately sent me a new bottle with their apologies.

    I am nervous about going off of this, but I want to get into the swing of exercising before I go off of it so I don’t gain the weight back. I am terrified of gaining the weight back!

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone and I do often. So many people have noticed my 22 pound weight loss and ask me how I did it!

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  17. Venom hyperdrive is by far the best fat burner I have ever used. I have used Lipo 6, Relacore, and a few others.

    I was training for a figure competition and started using Venom at the advice of my trainer. Dieting for a competition is SERIOUS dieting with 6 days of cardio sometimes more than once a day.

    I felt great every single day, had energy and went from 22% BF to 14% in just five weeks. I still had 7 weeks to reach my goal of 10% BF for my show.

    Now it could have been the diet, but to go from an 8 to a 2 in five weeks? I think the product had quite a bit to do with it!

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  18. I love this stuff!

    I have been using Venom since July – so far I have lost a total of about 25lbs. I only take one pill a day and I don’t use it everyday.

    I have to say the two things I love the most about venom is how it helps control my cravings for junk food and how it gives me energy with affecting my mood like other weight loss products I have tried in the past have.

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  19. I started taking Hyperdrive about 2 weeks ago at the beginning of a cut. After months of bulking it usually takes me at least 10 weeks to finish a cut and bring out my six pack, using the eca stack (ephedra/caffeine/aspirin) and the proper diet.

    I can honestly say that using the hyperdrive and dieting properly, should easily knock at least two weeks off of this time. Hyperdrive is legit.

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  20. I love this stuff. I was working my butt off in the gym but I still had belly flab. I started taking venom and it hit me hard at first. I had the jitters at first because I was not eating breakfast.


    I love to eat but I just stopped eating and was able to eat 6 small meals a day with no problem. I forgot about food, which is a good thing for me. I started out at 181 and today I am 156 pounds. I am about to purchase my second bottle to get down to 140 pounds.

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  21. I lost about 40 lbs taking Hyperdrive when I first started taking it and I LOVED IT!

    It really controlled my hunger and gave me a huge energy boost, but ever since they changed the formula it just doesn’t work the way it used too.

    I’m really disappointed and wish they would go back to the original formula! I’ve already put nearly 8 lbs. back on!

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  22. Venom Hyperdrive works! Absolutely. I believe it to work more efficiently than the good old ECA / EC stacks from back in the day.

    I went from a built 230 lbs to a very lean 190 lbs in a few months, cycling Hyperdrive and low calorie diet. The diuretic effects are great, the appetite suppression is top notch, the fat burning capabilities are very noticeable.

    It does make me sweat (increased metabolism) and I do get slight headaches when coming “down” after 6 hours or so.

    I’m on my second bottle and will buy another.

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  23. I tried the old Venom for 30 days about a year ago and lost about 30 lbs in about 6 weeks……that was awesome. Since, I have gained about 10 lbs back. I bought another bottle of Venom hoping to get the same results but this new mixture of Venom does nothing for me. Please bring the old one back.

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  24. I ALSO tried the old venom last year with great results in a short amont of time. I tried to buy more and everyone had it backordered or out of stock. I skipped a month because of that have bought 4 bottles of the new Venom and….nothing. I agree, please bring the old venom back. PLEASE

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  25. Could someone tell me what the difference is between the Hydroxycut and the Venom as far as effects and weight loss etc… thank you!

    Editor’s Comments: Tammy, you can read the Venom review here! The Hydroxycut Hardcore review can be found here!

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  26. This fatburner is the strongest that I have ever taken. I have tightness in my chest and it is effecting my sleep. My body alternates between the jitters and shortness of breath which causes me to lay down. I’ve been working out for over 20 years. This is a scary product.

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  27. I loved the old Venom formula but the new formula is no way as good as the new. Does anyone know of anything that works as good as the Old Vemon?

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  28. I started taking Venom 3 years ago, and I loved it. I saw results within the first week. I then stepped it up to the Tri-Lean program, and love it as well.

    I take this on a 8 week cycle, which seems to help.

    Editor’s comments:Venom Hyperdrive is on the FDA’s recent list of “tainted weight loss pills”; products that contain undeclared, active pharmaceutical ingredients that put your health at risk. For this reason, Venom is a product to avoid.

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  29. I agree with the post above mine.. the old Venom formula was AMAZING!!– This new formula, ugh, horrible. I don’t feel any energy, I’m hungry throughout the day, and I feel more bloated every day.
    Looking for something new with a brand new bottle of Venom in the cupboard 🙁

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  30. No wonder why Venom worked so well. Great, now I’m gonna get cancer because I used it. Oh well, looks like I’m gonna be cashing in on a lawsuit if I get it. Watch out ALRI.

    Editor’s comments: Donny is referring to the fact that Venom is on the FDA’s list of contaminated supplements.

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  31. I’m so excited to try Venom! I just bought a bottle yesterday and it is in transit now! I’ll update as soon as I start taking them and I’m so happy i found this site.

    It’s amazing that after a bit of research you find that EVERY site that claims they are unbiased diet pill reviewers recommend THE SAME THREE top pills. When you go to a site like this one, it’s REAL people telling you, Hey – those pills suck, don’t waste your money! Love it!

    Anyway thanks for this site. Maybe this time I’ll find something that works for me!

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  32. I’ve been using venom for about a month, and I started taking it after I’d been back on the work-out and controlled diet wagon for a few months (hint: the holidays always kick you off the wagon and I put on a good 15 lbs).

    Within my first month of diet and exerciseIi dropped about 5lbs. The moment I started taking Venom however, my weight loss kicked into high gear.

    Like many of the people on here, I have totally stopped drinking coffee except in small amounts socially like once a week. I used to make a pot of coffee DAILY.

    It made me jittery the first day, and it still will make me jittery occassionally, but ONLY if I don’t take it with a small breakfast in the morning. As long as I take it with food and drink lots of water, I am totally on point.

    I’ve lost 18 lbs thus far, and have 15 to go! Skinny skinny skinny!

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  33. Honestly I haven’t noticed any weight loss. I’m 5’3 and 17. When I started this stuff I actually gained 5 pounds! I now weigh 140 the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. Although I haven’t been working out, I never do, I still managed to gain weight. This stuff gives me huge mood swings. I’ll admit the past heavier drugs I was into before may have off set the strong effects of venom? Just a thought. I’m finishing the rest of this bottle and I hope I’ll see more results. Oh and I get NO energy from this stuff, like I’ll get the tremors but I don’t literally feel it. Plus I’m hungry all the time!

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  34. I am 21 years old, 5′4 and started at 175 lbs. I am now down to 165 in 4 days…. This is the biggest I’ve ever been, and I can’t wait to lose the 50 lbs that I plan to!

    I have an old bottle of Venom, and have debated for the past year on whether or not I wanted to take it. I finally decided that now was the time. I started taking them on Tuesday of this past week, so September 1, 2009. I also have been exercising, and eating healthy (trying to stay under 1200 calories a day).

    As of today, Saturday September 5, 2009 I have lost 10 lbs. This stuff is amazing. I take it in the morning with my breakfast at work, and I usually feel like running a marathon. It makes you wanna run around. I feel great on it! It gives a great boost of energy, and the appetite suppressant is unbelievable. I dont even think about food any more.

    I haven’t gotten the jitters or felt sick, but I have definitely noticed I crave A LOT of water. I haven’t had any trouble sleeping, in fact I think I sleep deeper while taking this. I have noticed that I do sweat a lot more during workouts. I am going to stick to one pill, as I think two is going to put me overboard. I will update soon to give more information on my weight loss. I am bummed about the change in the formula, cause this stuff is awesome!!

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  35. Venom was a great product when I first took it but since the formula has completely changed and the effectiveness of it is minimal.

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  36. I have only taken this for 2 days. I know its not good to not eat at ALL, but yesterday I ate a yogurt and had a cup of coffee all day and wasn’t hungry at all. I just forgot to eat! And I usually tear it up! I like to eat a lot of sweets and junk and fast food, but in the last 2 days all my cravings have gone away.

    I don’t usually like to drink water but I drank 5 water bottles yesterday witch is a lot for me. And I never workout but while taking this stuff I can’t sit still! I have been so motivated to get my ass to the gym and do tons of cardio! I haven’t weighed myself yet but I started at 206 and we will see how much I end up losing.

    I know it will help… I can feel it already!

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  37. I used Venom when it first was released – it was insane you would feel the rush almost immediately and it helped me lose weight. Not a lot, of course. But with diet and exercise however it did help with supressing my hunger and also helped me focus and concentrate.

    I just purchased the New venom hyperdrive 3.0 and I don’t feel that it’s the same… no rush but it seems to supress hunger. No major changes I can almost say I don’t feel any different.

    I am not sure what they removed or added but I know its not the same. I hope it still helps as it did before.

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  38. I took the orginal venom last year and lost 25lbs in 3 mos. with diet and exercise. Now I’m back again this year, already lost 7lbs last month, same formula & ECA combo, with just cardio. It really does work. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 so far. Whoo Hoo Venom

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  39. I have taken Venom Hyperdrive in the morning and the Lean Dreams Venom one hour before bed. I can say that Venom gave me energy and suppressed my appetite tremendously. I have two small children and work full time. When i took the pill in the morning my energy and smile stayed all day long. It gave me enough energy that I went to the gym in the morning, then work and karate classes. It was great, I lost 15 pounds within the one months from a size 9 to a 6. I have not used it in a year but sure do plan to purchase it again since Im a busy lady. I recommend this product to anyone.

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  40. I took this supplement back in 2007. I lost a good 10 pounds in a month and had a significant energy increase.
    I reordered more back in 2010 and dropped 5 pounds in about 2 weeks.
    After having a baby, I find myself needing to lose weight again. I use these to help get the weight off initially, then keep up with exercise. I found that after using these pills for a period, it seems to condition your appetite to be less.
    I cannot say enough good things about these and I am ordering some to help me get rid of my baby fat!

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  41. My daughter is 15, will be 16 in October. She is on “concerta 36mg” 1 per day for ADD. I would like to know if she can use Venom Hyperdrive. She does work-out at a gym with a personal trainer 3 x per week. Her trainer had recommend this product. Her Iron levels are also very low and she is using Ferimed 1 capsule per day to rectify this problem. I am a bit concern for her to take this Venom product. Do I have the right to feel a bit nervous about this? I really need your honest advice.

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    • Gerdie; you’re right to be concerned – this product is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, and your trainer should be very well aware of that. Given her other medications and ESPECIALLY the ADD, this is, in my opinion at least (I’m not a doctor) is an absolutely ridiculous and potentially damaging recommendation. See your doctor for confirmation. This product has also been found to be contaminated with prescription drugs.

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