Biotest's T2 - Thyroid Powered Weight Loss? -

Biotest’s T2 – Thyroid Powered Weight Loss?

BioTest’s T2 thyroid stimulating fat burner has been discontinued. The original review remains below for your convenience.

Biotest’s T2 Pro-Thyroid Formula is a controversial product that may have potential as a fat burner and diet-aid. Biotest claims their Thyroid-Stimulating T2 provides a safe and natural alternative to thyroid-stimulating prescription drugs.

Biotest also claims their new product is as powerful as the thyroid-stimulating hormone, T3. In fact, they even recommend cycling this product so as to not interfere with the body’s own production of T3.

Is this likely? Hmmm… according to what I found out about the main ingredient of T2 (3,5-diiodo-l-thyronine), it may be helpful as a fat burner, but is not going to outperform T3 or thyroid-stimulating prescription drugs. And of course, Biotest itself has no credible clincal study data to validate their claims.

So what’s the big deal about a thyroid-stimulating supplement?

Well, by stimulating the production of the high activity hormone T3, one can raise the metabolism of the body — and its caloric requirements. This is a critical element of successful weight loss. Any time you diet for extended periods, your metabolism slows to a crawl.

At that point, it becomes nearly impossible to lose weight, no matter how little you eat. By supplementing with a thyroid-stimulating supplement, you can continue to lose weight in the midst of a calorie-reduced diet. Better still, you’ll be able to eat more, since the body requires additional calories.

That’s the theory anyhow.

I experimented with Biotest’s T2 but only made through the first week of a 4-week cycle before I caught an awful cold. At that point I stopped taking the product — and I have yet to start up again. Although it was too short a trial period to validate or dispute this product’s effectiveness, I suffered no side-effects other than a little increased acne.

In further experiments, I stacked it with both Xenadrine EFX, and later, with an ephedra-based fat burner. I found it to be most effective when combines with a fat burner.

Product Update: Biotest has discontinued the production of T2, though it may remain available through retailers until supplies run out. The reasons seem to be twofold — the raw material for this product is difficult to obtain in significant quantities, and second, the controversial nature of this product has attracted plenty of attention from the FDA. In light of this, I can’t recommend this product in good conscience. However, if you do decide to try it, please be cautious — do not exceed the recommended dose, or take for longer than the recommended period. The last thing you want to do is negatively affect your thyroid gland’s ability to function properly.

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