Met-Rx Thermicore - The Ultimate Ephedra-Based Fat Burner? -

Met-Rx Thermicore – The Ultimate Ephedra-Based Fat Burner?

Thermicore has been discontinued by Met-Rx, due in large part to the FDA ban on ephedra. If you are looking for a high quality, ephedra-free alternative to Thermicore, please click here to check out my review of Isatori’s Mx-LS7. It’s the fat burner I recommend the most — see the review for details why!

If you’re interested in obtaining ephedra safely and legally, check out my review of “The Black Market Report On Ephedrine.”

if you’re still interested in reading the review of Thermicore, I’ve left it up for your convenience…

Met-Rx’s Thermicore has been one of my favorite stimulant-based weight loss products for some time. It has also received the highly-coveted rating of “Recommended” from the team of independent scientists who review supplements at

So why all the accolades?

First of all, Thermicore delivers well under the FDA-recommended maximum daily dose for ephedrine – 20 mg (maximum recommended daily dose is 24. In comparison, a daily dose of Cytodyne’s Xenadrine RFA-1 delivers 40 grams of ephedrine alkaloids).

The new formulation also contains worthwhile ingredients such as green tea and caffeine (synephrine, included in the old formula, has been dropped from the new compilation).

That’s not the most exciting aspect of this product…

Thermicore delivers its potent payload in a timed-release 8-hour delivery. 65% is delivered immediately, and the remaining 35% is gently released during the following hours. If you’ve ever taken an ephedrine-based product (like Xenadrine RFA-1 , or the original Hydroxycut), you know how “jittery” these products can make you feel.

One minute you can barely sit still, the next, you can hardly keep your eyes open. The extreme “ups” and “downs” of regular ephedrine-based products are extremely difficult to tolerate — even for relatively short periods of supplementation.

When I experimented with Thermicore, I found that these incredibly harsh”ups” and “downs” had been virtually eliminated. In fact, when taken a few minutes before a period of aerobic activity in the morning, the ephedrine boost is hardly noticeable.

However, it’s important to recognize that although the fat burning and appetite suppressing powers of ephedrine are well documented…

Ephedrine is not for everyone! (to read my articles on ephedrine, click here!). And of course, do not take an ephedrine-based product (no matter how mild), without first consulting your doctor.

Nevertheless, Thermicore is one of the safer and gentler ephedrine-based fat burners on the market today.

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