Thermadrol Fat Burner Review—Part II -

Thermadrol Fat Burner Review—Part II

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Shortly after posting the Thermadrol review, I was contacted by Steve Paglianite, President of BigNutrition is the exclusive distributor for Thermadrol. Needless to say, Steve wasn’t very pleased with my review.

Here’s a couple of things he made clear…

1. does not have an auto-ship service. They will not send you product on a monthly basis and bill your credit card without your permission. If you want more Thermadrol, you will have to order it.

2. BigNutrition does honor their money-back guarantee. Of course, they do have guidelines in place to protect them from unscrupulous customers, but that is standard practice.

3. BigNutrition realizes the “10 pounds in 7 days” claim may seem a little far fetched. They use it to show complete confidence in their product. Steve told me 70% of their business is from repeat customers. If that’s the case, the majority of Thermadrol users are very happy with the product.

Steve offered you the opportunity to decide if Thermadrol is the right fat burner by providing a unique discount to visitors. Just enter the coupon code 7777 at (not for a $5.00 discount on your purchase of Thermadrol.

Please note: I am simply passing on Steve’s offer. This is not a personal recommendation for Thermadrol, nor do I receive any remuneration for this offer.

Although I’m not in total agreement with everything, I am pleased Steve had the desire & confidence to come forward in defense of this product. Most manufacturers do not bother. Two thumbs up to Steve for that.

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