Strongest Fat Burners: 4 Thermogenics That Will Tear Your Head Off! -

Strongest Fat Burners: 4 Thermogenics That Will Tear Your Head Off!

Strongest Fat Burners: 4 Thermogenics That Will Tear Your Head Off!

Strongest Fat Burners: 4 Thermogenics That Will Tear Your Head Off!

Yeah. They’re THIS Strong!

Over the years I’ve received a number of requests to put together a list of the strongest fat burners, but for some reason, never got around to it.

That changes today.

However, before I dig into this article and start discussing 4 of the strongest fat burners on the planet, there are a few things I must mention first…

A Couple of Caveats for the Use of Potent Thermogenics

  • If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and any of the typical contra-indicted medical conditions, don’t touch this stuff. Seriously. It’s not smart.
  • The Mayo clinic pegs safe caffeine consumption at 400 mg/day. You will exceed amount – sometimes dramatiacally – with these products, especially if you continue to consume other caffeine-containing foods and beverages while you take them.
  • Don’t take these products if you’re pregnant or nursing. High caffeine consumption during pregnancy has been tied to low fetal birth weight. Caffeine consumption (in excess of 300 mg per day) can lead to sleepless, jittery and fussy babies, since some of that caffeine will end up in your breastmilk (it’s a small percentage of the total amount but it can make a big difference for newborns, who may not be able to process and elimiate caffeine efficiently.

Here they are: 4 of the Strongest Fat Burners on the Planet

OK, now that I know you’re not going to kill yourself or harm your unborn baby by taking one of these products, here’s the list, in no particular order…

How do we measure “strong”? Basically, we look at the ingredients profiles. Sometimes, the exact amounts of the stimulants included are hidden by a “proprietary blend” so we can’t be 100% sure how much of what is included, but we can certainly tell if the product is potent or not. Remember too, that some people respond differently to stimulants and products you find insanely strong are more easily tolerated by others.

1. Muscle Tech’s Hydroxycut Hardcore

Muscle Tech’s orignal Hydroxycut was the product that took the ECA stack mainstream – at least in my opinion. It was the first ephedra weight loss supplement I ever tried, and I’ll never forget the potency of the initial “kick” the product gave me.

It was damned incredible.

Since then, there have been dozens of Hydroxycut products that have varied in effectiveness. One thing most of them had in common however, was that they contained a TON of stimulants. The most recent Hydroxycut version we reviewed, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, contains 540 mg of caffeine serving.

It also contains theobromine and yohimbe, both of which ramp up the potency of the product considerably.

It’s also cheap as hell – under $15 a bottle on If you like “jittering” the day away, it’s hard to imagine that you won’t like this product.

2. Isatori’s Liodrex

We haven’t done a full review of Isatori’s new fat burner yet, but I have a bottle sitting in front of me on my desk. I’ve taken a few pills and I have to say it’s very, very potent. And even though a single capsule combines just under 200 mg of caffeine with another stimulant yohimbine HCL – which is strong enough, it feels stronger to me.

This product is a pretty good example of why sometimes the ingredients label does not always tell the whole tale when it comes to assessing the potency of a product.

It’s a bit pricey, but like all Isatori products, is backed by a satisfaction or your money back guarantee if ordered direct from the company.

Here`s a link to Lipodrex on the Isatori web site.

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3. Neon Sports Rev

The next addition to our strongest fat burners list is Neon Sports’ Rev.

Rev indeed.

When the folks at Neon Sports say “rev”, they obviously damn well mean it.

And although this label “hides” specific ingredient amounts behind a proprietary formula, the “energy blend” stacks caffeine with synephrine, yohimbe and and a yohimbe isomer – which suggests it offers an pretty significant “kick.”

Plus, it’s fairly cheap only last time I checked) and from what I can tell from reading customer reviews and feedback, people…

1) Seem to be genuinely enjoying the product for its energy boost.

2) Are suffering side effects related to the high levels of stimulants, especially the yohimbe content, which is likely responsible for the chills reported (I get the same side effect from Yohimbe).

I can’t say I find that surprising.

Keep this in mind should you consider experimenting.

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4. Strongest Fat Burners: Shred Jym

We reviewed this thermogenic diet pill a while back (click here to read the full review) and were impressed by its potency.

It’s pretty popular amoung body builders and fitness professionals.

It combines a daily total of 400 mg of caffeine with 40 mg of synephrine, which will be more than enough of a “punch” for most people.

Shred Jym is available at!

Have YOUR Say: What are the Strongest Fat Burners?

Here’s where you weigh in and share your experiences.

What is the most potent fat burner you’ve ever taken? The one that tore your head off, made you jittery and anxious and maybe even feel a little unwell?

Anything you think we should add to the list?

Just leave a comment below to let us know. We’d love to hear from you (as would our readers!)

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