SoloSlim® Fat Burner Review: Does SoloSlim® Really Work? -

SoloSlim® Fat Burner Review: Does SoloSlim® Really Work?

Not surprisingly, SoloSlim has been discontinued.

According to the advertising I reviewed, SoloSlim is the once-daily weight loss pill that’s…

“… designed to help you safely slim down.”

Unfortunately, I highly doubt that’s the case. Why? There are several major problems with SoloSlim®. Let’s start with the first…

1. First of all, Health Canada has issued a product alert as a result of a Hong Kong Department of Health warning. Seems SoloSlim® is contaminated with a sibutramine-related chemical (sibutramine is a prescription weight loss drug). Not good.

2. Next, SoloSlim® claims its single-capsule dosage is enough to provide dramatic results and last you through an entire day. The problem here is that the medicinal plants, food compounds and herbs that are typically found in weight loss products are much like pharmaceutical drugs; they need to be present in a potent enough dosage to have any effect.

Advertising your product as a “once-a-day, single-capsule” solution to weight loss may sound convenient, but in reality, you are all but ensuring most ingredients simply cannot be present in doses high enough to have any effect.

As an example…

The SoloSlim formulation contains glucomannan, which in essence is a fiber supplement. The good news is that there is some real, clinical evidence that indicates it may be helpful for weight loss. However, it needs to be taken in substantial amounts—the study I just referenced, for example, uses 1 gram of glucomannan 3 times daily, prior to meals.

That’s the equivalent of 6 rather large, 500 mg capsules.


So we can be pretty darn sure that SoloSlim contains nowhere near the amount of glucomannan shown to be helpful in the various clinical studies. If it did, a single capsule would be too large to swallow.

3. Although the ingredients are revealed, just how much of each is included in the formula is not.

It is therefore impossible to determine if any of the ingredients are present in a dosage strong enough to elicit any effect. Basically, it makes it next to impossible to truly assess the value of this formula.

To be fair, most ingredients in this formula do not need to be present in as large a dose as the glucomannan. That said, most of the ingredients have relatively little supporting data behind them… at any dose. Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the more promising remaining ingredients…

i. Citrus aurantium (standardized for synephrine): Once thought to be a credible alternative to ephedra, studies have shown synephrine to be spectacularly “unspectacular” for weight loss.

ii. Fucoxanthin: The good news is there is a small amount of promising evidence that indicates Fucoxanthin is useful for weight loss (see Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Jul 1;332(2):392-7, Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2008;17 Suppl 1:196-9). The bad news is that to date, any published material has been based on animal studies.

Additionally, there’s the problem of low bioavailability of these compounds in humans. This study (see Br J Nutr. 2008 Aug;100(2):273-7) concluded…

“… results indicated that the plasma response to dietary epoxyxanthophylls was very low in humans even after 1-week intake of epoxyxanthophyll-rich diets.”

iii. L–Carnitine Tartrate: Used in fat burners almost forever, l-carnitine, even when used at extremely high doses—much higher than present here—shows relatively little weight loss effect. And the special “tartrate” version? There’s no evidence it’s any more (or less for that matter) effective than the regular stuff for weight loss.

iv. Decaffeinated green tea (standardized for EGCG): Green and tea and one of its critical components, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG for short) are one of the few bright lights in the natural weight loss supplement world. And while studies have shown that EGCG is beneficial to dieters, it really needs to be combined with caffeine and the other catechins naturally present in green tea to offer the greatest fat burning benefits (Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 26, No. 4, 396S-402S).

In other words, this formula would benefit more from caffeinated green tea. The web site advertising boasts about the “stimulant free” nature of SoloSlim® (i.e., no caffeine, no ephedra), but that boast “rings” a little hollow, given the inclusion of synephrine in this formula—it’s an ingredient with well-established stimulant properties (see Ann Pharmacother. 2006 Jan;40(1):53-7. Epub 2005 Nov 29).

At $39.99 per bottle, you’re really not getting a heck of a lot of value for your money. For much less, you could buy a better formulated product, or a potent dose of the more promising ingredients—like glucomannan and green tea, for instance. Remember—the convenience of a single daily dose may sound appealing, but it virtually guarantees the majority of ingredients are not present in doses high enough to be helpful.

Give this one a miss.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. So far, I have lost 8 pounds in three weeks without exercising.

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    • I worked great for me before they went and screwed with the formula. I really liked taking it only once a day.

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      • Thanks for sharing your experience, Darlene!

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        • Well you see Paul that pill worked great for me when I was injured and couldn’t work out like everyone else. then it was discontinued when it started working. now I have a new injury with the same problem and cannot workout so the lbs are coming back on and the pill from back in the day are no longer available,

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          • Sorry to hear about your new injury, Bill. That sucks.

  2. I have tried several types of diet pills over the years, which all failed to work for me. I am a 34yr old mother of 2. I wanted to lose about 25lbs. My eyebrow technician is the one who steered me to this product. The girls in the salon were all on Solo Slim and she said that EVERYONE had lost an avg of 12 lbs that 1st month on Solo Slim. I was skeptical of buying yet another bottle of pills but I gave it a try…why not?

    Anyhow, IT WORKS! In 30 days I have lost 10lbs. I didn’t diet, exercise or change my previous habits… it just came off!

    The only “side effect I have noticed is the dry mouth, but the dry mouth encourages me to drink LOTS of water, which we are supposed to do anyhow. Friends & family have noticed the weight loss on me and I have turned them onto Solo Slim… one friend lost 10lbs in 1 week (but she has combined the pills with the Medifast product).

    I highly recommend this product!!!!!

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  3. Solo Slim Extra Strength is the only diet supplement that has worked for me. I have several metabolism health problems. I had gained 70 pounds (rate of 20 pounds per year) after having surgery and experiencing problems with liver as a result of being over-dosed on anesthesia. In addition I am hypo thyroid and developed sleep apenea. Nothing worked. I starved and gained weight. Exercised daily.

    Once I started taking solo slim I started slowly loosing weight. Average 1 to 2 pounds a week — this is incredible for a person who could not stop gaining! I’ve lost 34 pounds so far. My endocrinologist knows I am taking Solo Slim as well as Simplexity products . He likes that Solo Slim is once a day and has said that the ingredients will not interfer with my thyroid medications. He wants me to continue taking it and verified that I was when I was back for a checkup. I am eating what I want.

    This product is definitely helping my metabolism. Just not eating as much (even carbs) and I have more energy. I feel so good — and look so much better that I did. I feel very sexy, look and feel younger and am getting attention from the opposite sex I haven’t had in years. I feel like a woman again. This product is definitely helping my metabolism.

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  4. Made mistake when posted comments above. Single star rating was picked up by default. I meant for this product to get a 5 star rating.

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    • Hi I am hoping to find the original Solo Slim that had been discontinued so I can buy more of it because it works like a charm.

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  5. I am a 47 year old woman. Someone at my job used Solo Slim and I noticed a big weight loss change. So I decided to try the product. I do not trust advertisements and before I used the product I researched everything I could about it. After one month I lost 8 lbs. My beginning weight was 200 lbs. and at the end of my first bottle my weight was 192 lbs.

    My co-workers weight loss was a lot faster than mine, but she is also 20 years younger and exercises daily. I, on the other hand, am a couch potato.

    The only side affects I experienced were a dry, cotton mouth which prompted me to drink more water, and consipation (I added in a colon cleanser). I have just started by second bottle and looking forward to losing more weight.

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  6. Solo Slim gave me an increased heart rate and terrible jitters! I couldn’t stand the way it made me feel. Took it for one day and that’s it. Never going back. Be careful with this pill!

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  7. Soloslim saved my self-image after gaining 40 pounds during my pregnancy last year. I was down to my “last 10 pounds” only 5 months after giving birth but I was very unhappy with how my body changed from being pregnant.

    Before my pregnancy I weighed 130lbs and wore a size 7. I was comfortable with how I looked then, but my post pregnancy size 10 was very different. I couldn’t stand the way my clothes fit. I had a “spare tire” of excess skin that was never there before. I took Soloslim for only 2 months and lost 23 pounds! I went down to 117 lbs. A size 1! All of this without ANY exercise! It is now 10 months later and I have a great self image. My weight goes up and down within 5 pounds, (depending on the time of the month) but I have been no bigger than a size 2 since going off Soloslim.

    Editor’s comments: You should know that Health Canada issued a product alert for SoloSlim, as it was found to be contaminated with a sibutramine-related chemical.

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    • I agree. I lost 59 lbs and felt great. I’m really sorry a few people had problems causing so many other to. It be able to use it

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  8. I have never taken any diet pill before Soloslim. My mom heard about this product from her friend who lost 2 lb per month. Since my wedding was within 2 months, I wanted to lose about 20 lb, I started exercising and ate less for first two weeks. No weight change… 🙁

    I mean, I was 142lb at 5’5. Being Asian, that is considered “fat” unfortunately. I wore size 6 (my waist was thinner, while my legs was big for my figure).

    Then, the SoloSlim extra strength bottle came and I started taking it. To tell you the truth, the first two days were horrible. I barely ate and slept. Then it got better after those two days, but I could not eat regularly for about a week – I just lost appetite. After about a week, I could eat and was able to sleep regularly.

    I think I should have ordered regular strength instead because it was my very first time taking the diet pills. But, anyways…

    I finished taking the 1st bottle and am now in process of taking the second bottle. I weigh about 122lbs (sometimes 120lb) now. I have lost about 20 lbs in 6 weeks. All my jeans and shirts are too big now, that I have to hold my pants when I’m walking.

    Now that I have lost 20lb, which was my original goal, I want to be about 100-110 lb which is considered “normal weight” for Asian women.

    One thing that you might want to know: my mom took this pill as well, but she didn’t lose as much weight as I did, maybe less than 10lb. She could not sleep much taking this pill. I’m not exactly sure why… as this does not have any caffeine – I could not sleep for first week, but after that, I did not have any trouble. I do not think it is caffeine, because I’m really sensitive to caffeine compared to mom, and I could sleep fine after the first week.

    Editor’s comments: SoloSlim contains synephrine, which is a stimulant, despite often being advertised to the contrary. That could explain why both you and your mother had troubles sleeping.

    One more thing, I had to drink lots of water, and I could feel the heat on my upper arm and my stomach… now these heat is significantly less, but I still sweat a lot. And the weight loss gets less and less as the time goes on. Like, first few weeks you’ll lose a lot more than later. For example, if you lose 15 lbs in the first 4 weeks, after that you may lose 2 lbs/wk.

    I hope this helped for those of you who are looking into this diet program.

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  9. I have lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks on Solo Slim, and went from a size 16 to a size 10. I had no side effects except for dry mouth. I will say that two of my relatives tried it but without the same results, which I believe is because their weight is not from overeating (which mine definitely is!) but because of other issues. But as an appetite suppressant and craving killer, it works great!

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  10. My heart rate increased when I took this pill. Scared me very much, and I did not feel well. Do not take this pill. Very dangerous.

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  11. I lost about 15 lbs and it was great. I had to go to the doctor for another reason and found my heart beat was irregular and my heart rate was too fast. I have since stopped taking them in hopes it will go back to normal.

    I took one full bottle and now that I don’t take them I realize I can do the same thing I was doing on them off them. It’s all about how bad you really want to lose weight. If you want it bad enough than you can do it without the pills! I am going to give it as much effort as I was while I was on the pills. Eating less, drinking more water, cutting out sugar and pop, and EXERCISE!!!!!

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  12. Took this pill for 2 days only and will NOT take it again. It definitely curbs the appetite but it increased my heart rate, made me feel like I was “racing” inside, gave me vivid dreams and I woke up at 4:00 AM each morning — wide awake. Husband said I was jumping and talking in my sleep — the pill gave me side effects that aren’t worth the weight loss. Sorry!

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  13. I am an 5’4″ woman overweight by about 50 lbs. I have tried other over-the-counter type supplements with no success. Soloslim is the first pill that really seems to work for me. With one single pill each day my appetite is suppressed even in the evening, when I need it the most.

    I have a girlfriend that lost over 100 lbs and kept talking about Soloslim. I was skeptical about it even though she has lost so much weight. She put a bottle on my desk two weeks ago so I had no excuses not to try it (it is rather expensive). I was amazed from the very first day.

    My friend did tell me she had to take a couple of weeks break from it every 2 months or so. If it continues to work like it has over the past two weeks then perhaps I won’t need more than one break before all this excess weight is gone.

    I have not experienced any side effects at all with the exception of feeling a little nauseated briefly (10 minutes) on the 2nd day.

    I take it first thing in the morning, with a full glass of water. I still eat 3 meals a day, plus a little something in between but I am satisfied with much less now. 1000-1200 calories a day is NO PROBLEM at all for me. I feel I can probably survive on 800 calories but I don’t want to mess up my metabolism by making my body think it’s in starvation mode.


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  14. I think the pill works wonders! But does anyone know if it is O.K to drink alcohol while taking this Soloslim pill? I’ve heard how drinking alcohol can “cancel out” the pill you’ve taken, not sure if that is true or not.

    Editor’s comments: It’s not particularly dangerous to drink alcohol in moderation while taking diet pills; it’s just that alcohol contains a LOT of calories. If you want to lose weight, you need to focus on reducing calories, not increasing them. Consuming alcohol and diet pills therefore, is counter productive.

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  15. I Really love Solo Slim.

    A few years ago I did Weight Watchers, and exercised on my treadmill 5 to 6 nights a week, an hour every night. I managed to lose almost 60 lbs in a year and a half. In the last couple of years I have had some health issues such as out of control hypothyroidism and my metabolism was slow. I suffered from Depression and the antidepressants I took caused me to put some weight back on, and on top of all this, I developed a severe and very painful case of tendonitis and plantar fascitis in my right foot that has lasted now for 2 1/2 yrs.

    Due to the foot problem I no longer could work out on my treadmill. In the first 7 weeks of Weight Watchers and exercising on the treadmill, I lost 11.6 lbs. This time around, I did Solo Slim and followed the Weight Watcher program, without any exercising on the treadmill due to the pain in my foot, and in 7 weeks, I lost 22.2 lbs. I lost twice the amount of weight with the help of Solo Slim, and no exercising on the treadmill. In 10 weeks now, I have lost a total of 24.8 lbs.

    I have cut way, way down on my carbohydrate intake, however, I do not skimp on my WW points I still manage to get them all in in a day, and only allow myself one Diet Pepsi a day, the rest of the day I drink, drink, drink, lots of water. Solo Slim definitely curbed my appetite and helped curb my cravings, I get full a lot faster, it also has increased my energy level a lot. I don’t feel hyper, just have a lot more energy. The only side effects that I have noticed, is a dry mouth, which encourages me to drink even more water, which is good. And also, I have had some problems with constipation. Nothing to serious.

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  16. I’m 43 and had found myself weighing in almost 50 lbs heavier than I did 5 years ago. I know someone that has taken SoloSlim and had really good results so I thought I would give it a try. I know the whole idea is to eat less and burn more in order to loose.

    When I started taking Solo Slim, it instantly started working for me. My husband and I started it together along with exercising. We have been on it for 6 weeks and currently he is down 20 lbs. and I am down 21 1/2 lbs. I am taking the exercising to another level and getting a personal trainer. I am doing good at getting to the gym, but would like to start doing some toning with weights and need a professional to get me started. I am hoping to be at my goal by the end of the year! Thanks to SoloSlim it gave me the push to get things started.

    I more than likely will do just one more month then start to eliminate the pills altogether. As far as side effects go, you do have a dry mouth, and can be constipated, however I try to eat foods that naturally combat that, and drinking more water is never a bad thing.

    Editor’s comments: We have no doubt SoloSlim is more effective than “regular” fat burners. It has, after all, been found to be contaminated with the a sibutramine-related chemical (sibutramine is a prescription diet pill).

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  17. I started taking soloslim regular strength on Aug 12 2009. I weighed about 305lbs. After finishing the first bottle I weighed in at 281 -over a 20lb weight loss in 4 weeks. I have been on the extra strength solo slim for a week and now weigh 273. I have no side effects except for not feeling hungry and thirsty all the time. For me this has been a dream pill – it has made it really easy to lose weight, and I have no cravings, I highly recommend it.

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  18. I just started taking Soloslim about a week ago. I’m wondering what the effects of taking Soloslim and drinking no carb no sugar rockstars are? Rockstars contain 240mg of caffeine.

    Editor’s comments: Your main concern is the excess consumption of stimulants, as SoloSlim contains synephrine. Depending on your tolerance to stimulants, you may have difficulty sleeping and suffer from irritability, “the jitters”, and so on. If you have an underlying heart issue, you really need to be careful.

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  19. Can drinking them cut my chances of losing weight?

    Editor’s comments: Bert, if they’re calorie free they should not – caffeine is a well established thermogenic and does have weight loss qualities of its own (although they are relatively mild).

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  20. I just started my second bottle of the Extra strength version a week ago. After the first bottle, I lost 9 pounds which is the perfect rate of weight loss – roughly 2lbs a week. I work out 4-5 days a week and I work out very hard!

    My problem has always been my appetite. Of course the harder I work out, the more I want to eat! The only downside to these pills is making myself eat! They completely curb my appetite which I love, but healthy eating is essential to optimal health. I was taking ephedra before my mom told me about Soloslim, and my results are definitely better with Soloslim.

    No jitters, but if I go all day without eating, by 4pm I have a headache. I have had some trouble sleeping lately, but that was an issue before so I’m not sure if that is a result of Soloslim or not. My mom has gone from a size 6 to a 4 with absolutely no exercise so the pills really do work. Different people will experience different results and side effects. No ONE thing works the same for EVERYONE, which people seem to forget. I think it’s safe enough to try and see if it works for you.

    Editor’s comments: Since SoloSlim has been discovered to be contaminated with prescription weight loss drugs, it’s easy to believe it’s helpful.

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  21. I have been taking Solo Slim for about 3 months now. I have had trouble with my weight since giving birth to my children. About 2 years ago I had a hysterectomy and gained another 20 pounds. I was up to 229 lbs. I have lost 22 pounds and have gone down a pants size. I am currently 207 lbs. I have not had any side-effects except dry mouth and constipation. I try to drink lots of water. I do not crave carbs, but I do crave fruit now. I do not get very hungry and when I do eat, it’s not a lot. I’m satisfied sooner. This has never happened for me before. I know that I probably need to give myself a break from it, but I’m afraid of gaining the weight back once I stop.

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  22. I am a huge skeptic of diet pills. A gal at worked lost about 50 lbs using this and shared her “secret” with me. Boy am I glad she did. I lost about 20 lbs over 2 -3 mos just by taking this magic bullet. I did notice you have to keep taking it or the weight creeps back on. I have just ordered my 4th bottle and can’t wait to get back into the slim of things. I don’t care if there are health warnings this is the ONLY pill that has ever worked for me and I have tried many that didn’t do jack.

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  23. I absolutely love Soloslim. It has worked for me and my husband for the 2 months we have been on it. Recently an associate told me that there were bad side effects with the kidneys, as well as a product recall in Canada. Would really like to find some info about this. My mother in law is very overweight and diabetic. She would like to take it but is worried. Any info is appreciated!

    Editor’s comments: Kara, you can read about SoloSlim and the product recall here!

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  24. I started taking Solo Slim 3 months ago and since then have lost 20 lbs. I did stop taking them towards the beginning of month 3 because I went on vacation. I was afraid that I would have gained weight back but I didn’t. I once again have gone back on them 3 days ago and have already lost 4 more lbs. Just 15 more to go!!!

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  25. I took the trial packages of Soloslim – 10 pills in all. During the ten days with the trial I lost 8 pounds. I then decided to purchase a bottle of the regular Soloslim and when I first stared I was 265 lbs and now I am 220 lbs. I was so amazed with this product that I didn’t have to do any exercise or really change my eating habits or foods that I enjoy eating. I did notice that I seemed to be thirsty a lot more which makes me drink more water now then I ever had to drink.

    I haven’t had any side effects either so I recommend this product to anyone who feels that they can’t get their unwanted weight off and don’t like exercising.

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  26. I tried solo slim a couple months ago and lost 13 pounds in one month. I have recently started taking the pills again and am excited to see the results. The only side effect I get is not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep. All day long I feel like my eyes are as wide open as possible, but when I wake up in the mornings I am wide awake again. Hopefully it will subside soon! I recommend soloslim!

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  27. Not a 1 star, 5 star for sure!

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  28. I’m currently taking Soloslim, on my 3rd month and have so far lost 25 pounds!! It works great. I haven’t had any luck with anything else! The first couple nights I was a bit restless, other than that its been great. It’s works and I would recommend this to everyone. Although I have heard stories of it not working.

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  29. I have been using soloslim and in 2 months I have lost 20 lbs. I am on my third bottle and I am not seeing the same fast results that I did the 1st 2 months. So I have decided to kick it up a notch eliminate sugar intake with my coffee and exercise.. Overall I love the product. Here’s to another 20 lbs in 2 months!!! Yippee

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  30. I have been using Soloslim for about a month and a half. I have lost 22 pounds so far. The pills help me to eat less and feel full sooner. I have noticed that They are not working as well as they were though and my cravings are back. Does anyone know if you can take two pills per day instead of one?

    Editor’s comments: It’s not advised to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended dosage.

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  31. I have been using Solo Slim successfully a while back and am using it now again and have lost about 30 pounds in two months each time. I heard that Solo Slim has been found to be contaminated with the a sibutramine-related chemical (sibutramine is a prescription diet pill), but this is supposedly not the case anymore, but still works as good as before for me.

    I reached my goal and this time I try to keep it that way. I don’t need to take Solo Slim every day anymore either to keep my weight at the same level, only when I have strong cravings for food I take one now and then.

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  32. I had 60lbs to lose. I’ve lost 30lbs and am so excited about Solo Slim. I has helped me so much. I have no side effects AT ALL. I will tell you however a few family and friends have also tried it. Some have done really well with it and others not so good.

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  33. I have started Solo slim Extra-strength about 2 weeks ago. My side effects are dry mouth, and I drink a lot of water to combat it, but I also have a “heat sensation” in my legs & upper arms, They feel like they are on fire, has anyone experienced this side effect with this product?

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  34. I have been taking it for two weeks and have lost 10lb. This is in addition to the 20lb I lost over the two prior months.

    My experience: Pretty good so far. I am eating right and exercising as much as 3x/week. Primary side effects are dry mouth and slight headaches. Also, beginning the second week, I had to set a timer to remind myself to eat. One day last week I saw orange urine and that kinda freaked me out since I am really working hard to drink lots of water.

    Decision: I am going to take a week off, and see what happens. After reading a lot of postings here it has helped me to see that those of us who need to lose weight are often suffering from so many other issues, that I have to keep before me that my ultimate goal is to be HEALTHY not just thin. I’ll take the next week to visit a doctor to check my blood pressure and heart rate (I have a heart murmur and the headaches might be my blood pressure) and I’ll talk to by Dr. about continuing just to be on the safe side.

    I need to make sure that I don’t see this as a quick fix to all my problems, but as a “helper”. Who knows, I might just go to every other day or 1/2 a pill per day to keep my body guessing.


    I will repost with my experiences.

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  35. I have been using Solo slim for about three weeks and am very impressed. I have tried many diet aids over the years with absolutely no results other than feeling the jitters. I can not use anything with caffeine or ephedra.

    I noticed the first day that I was satisfied sooner at a meal and could not eat as much as usual. I don’t stay hungry as before. I drink caffeine free green tea all day long but it never did help me lose wait so it must be the other ingredients that are working for me. I could never stay on any diet plan for long before but it is helping me do that now.

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  36. I started taking Solo Slim Extra Strength just over a week ago. I noticed I was having headaches every night, but equated that to my change in diet and less caffeine. I have been eating very healthily, not starving myself.

    For the last week or so, I have not been able to get warm. I am freezing all the time, my toes especially. It seems like a circulation issue. Today is what topped it all… I was sitting at my desk doing some work when my heart began racing very rapidly, felt like it was coming into my throat, and I blacked out and began shaking uncontrollably for about 30 seconds. When this subsided, I felt so dizzy and my head hurts and I am very sick to my stomach.

    So, I researched Solo Slim via medical websites. Sure enough, my side effects were all listed and common. Plus, due to my thyroid issues, it specifically states adverse effects could occur because of the high amount of iodine it contains, and heart issues due to the synephrine content. All I know is I thought I was having a heart attack or dying! It was so incredibly scary. I won’t take this product ever again. I spoke to the health food store where I purchased it and they confirmed my side effects and are happily giving me a refund. Be careful!

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  37. At first I was very impressed with this pill. It supressed my appetite, I wasn’t hungry at all actually and had to remind myself to eat.

    Then I couldn’t sleep – no problem falling asleep but would wake up at 3 or 4 am and was not be able to fall back to sleep. Then the dry mouth – and when I say dry, imagine eating a mouth full of cotton all day! And it will not go away even after not taking it for 2 days!

    Finally, constipation is severe and almost immediately after taking the first pill! I was using the extra strength perhaps the regular is better? I did loose 5 lbs in one week, but it’s not worth all the side effects. I can’t imagine staying on it!

    I am just waiting for the dry mouth to go away, and the horrible taste that nothing will make it go away!!

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  38. Is it safe to take Solo Slim if you are taking anti-depressants? I take Wellbutrin and Prozac. I’m well over 50lbs overweight and most of these reviews are positive so I think its worth a try for me. Currently I workout at Curves 3x a week also. I already have dry mouth from my anti-depressants so that isn’t something I worry about. And insomnia I have now sometimes so that isn’t too much of a concern either.

    Editor’s comments: Melissa, you need to speak with your doctor about this. It is never a good idea to mix any sort of prescription drug with a fat burner without receiving proper counsel first.

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  39. I have been on Soloslim for almost a month. I have lost 9 pounds without changing any of my normal routine.

    My only issue is that I have a dry mouth all the time but I am losing weight so its a minor thing!

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  40. SoloSlim regular formula is garbage but the Extra Strength formula, although pricey, is a peach. I take two pills a day and my husband and I, former and current Marines and I a 26-year-old mother of four, have lost considerable weight. Bear in mind, the dry mouth is prevalent, and so is nausea. Also, you will feel an elevated heart rate if you drink crap like soda and coffee and garbage drinks to quench your thirst on this product instead of just water or decaf tea.

    I would definitely recommend SoloSlim and I would recommend you buy not from the website but from because they offer wholesale pricing to the public on orders of seven bottles or more, and they have a dramatically discounted auto-ship program.
    ade (not expensive urine from GNC) multi-vitamin appropriate for your age and gender because most people eat crap, so you can expect to decrease nutrient intake as you decrease your general intake.


    Editor’s comments: Vania, we’d argue that adapting smart lifestyle changes is a better solution than taking SoloSlim for life – it’s an expensive, and very likely an unhealthy, venture.

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  41. Since it has already been said a few times, I won’t go in to a huge amount of detail. Me and six of my female co-workers were tired of our winter fluff and heard many great things about SoloSlim. So naturally we tried it. I loved it, it made me not hungry throuhout the day. In fact in made me not hungry at all, which is great because I am a compulsive eater!! I began to lose weight, have more energy ALL day and even when I stopped taking it after a couple of months I was able to keep my routine and not gain a lot of weight back.

    The only side effect and it SUCKS, is the cotton mouth. It can be really bad, to the point where you feel like your gums are sand. BUT I drank more water and pushed through it and I am glad I did. I have recently gained a little more winter fluff and the first thing I did was buy some soloslim. 😀

    Loves it!! ( all my co-workers love it too )

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  42. MY brother and sister in law swear by this product, and have both lost at least 50lbs apiece, so I decided to give it a shot. Having had no luck with other diet pills in the past, I started out on the extra strength, and totally hated it. While it greatly curbed my appetite, it kept me from sleeping more than 5 hours a night, and I was constantly waking up. It also made me feel crazy and kinda act like a tweaker, jittery and high energy, and made my mouth feel so cotton-mouth weird that I was constantly making faces trying to make my mouth feel better. Didn’t look good.

    So I got the regular strength and it helped curb my appetite, totally eliminated cravings, and made me wake up in the morning fully awake and feeling refreshed. I skip a pill every few days because the oral weird feeling seems to build up, to the point that it drives me nuts. But the overall weight loss and appetite suppressant has been a huge benefit to me. I come from a family of eaters, and we all LOVE food.

    But with this I can actually eat less and don’t feel like I’m missing out because it eliminates the cravings for more.

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  43. This product worked well initially, but after a while, the efficacy is no longer there and never returns. It helps minimize your appetite but almost immediately after stopping the pills, the appetite returns almost two fold!

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  44. I just started (yesterday) taking SoloSlim Extra Strength formula and already noticed loss of appetite and increased thirst. I should start off and say that I have previously taken Solo’s regular formula and it did not have any or very little effect. I did not lose any weight within that first 30 days.

    After a few months later I decided to try again but ramp it up to the Extra Strength. Like I said already, I have noticed it curbed my hunger and had to make my self eat something. I had increased thirst and I was hungry came dinner time. I did not notice the “jittery” feeling (as of yet) but I did notice I had more energy, which is good because my energy usually levels off at 4:30pm. Although my energy was up it was not anything crazy and heart beat racing or anything like that (thank goodness).

    I only want to loose ~15-20 lb but realistically should only loose ~10-15 lb. I only plan taking SoloSlim to help drop those last few lbs while work out and keep up my already healthy diet. I plan to discontinue SoloSlim after I meet my weight loss goal.

    Today is day two, so stay tuned ….

    Oh by the way, does anyone know if taking Solo will alter oral birth control effect? If anyone could let me know or steer me in the right direction that would be great!!

    Editor’s comments:
    Any questions regarding birth control and weight loss supplements should be directed to your physician.

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  45. Day two: suppressed appetite but still hungry around dinner time. I have noticed if I am hungry at all and eat, it doesnt take much to feel full. Also, LOTS of H20 through out the day (which is for you anyhow)and a restless sleep around 3 or 4 o’clock in the am. The same thing happened the first day I took SoloSlim but thought it was just stress on the mind…. guess not as much as I thought.

    Im still sticking with it!


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  46. I am 16 and I weigh 169lbs. I just ordered SoloSlim yesterday. I didn’t buy the extra strength, because that was what was suggested.
    Anyway, since I’m so young, about how much weight do you think I will lose within the first week/month?

    I’m really excited about trying this out. Also, how much pills are in a bottle?

    Editor’s comments: We suggest you read the warning label; these types of products are not recommended for people under 18.

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  47. After I quit smoking two years ago, I gained a total of ten pounds. I tried to lose the weight by working out such as running, biking, and walking but I could never actually lose the weight. I even got to the point where I almost started smoking again to lose the weight. (Thankfully I never did) A friend of mine told me she started taking SoloSlim and lost five pounds in two weeks. I had taken many diet pills before but they never worked. Some made me jittery and others made left me with nausea. NONE of them helped me lose weight. I lost two pounds my first week with SoloSlim. Overall I lost a total of ten pounds with one bottle (30 days). I got back to the weight I wanted to be. I have stopped taking the pill for about two weeks and I haven’t gained any of the weight back. Just like with others, the only side effect I noticed was dry mouth. I just made sure to always have a bottle of water with me. What I like most about this pill is that it decreased my appetite without the feeling of nausea as many other pills have done. I simply felt full. The only thing I would say is to make sure you eat a little bit even if you don’t feel hungry. There were some days where I didn’t eat until the evening. This scared me a little bit so I forced myself to eat at least three times a day even if it was a few bites of something.

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  48. I took this for 2 months after my hair dresser recommended it (everyone in the salon was taking it) and lost 16 lbs. I didn’t have any cravings and felt full after eating 1/4 of what I would usually consume. I have taken prescription phentermine before (given to me by my doctor) and had terrible side effects; constant nausea and dizziness, dry, dry mouth, difficulty sleeping even though I took it first thing in the morning, and had to have my blood pressure monitored every two weeks by the doctor. I lost 2 lbs/week. With SoloSlim I had absolutely no side effects and lost as much weight as when I was on the phentermine. You just have to try it for yourself to see how great this product is!

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  49. I have bought and used one bottle of the Extra strength and lost 10 lbs.

    Side effects were the cotton mouth , which is not really a problem, but I have had problems with my gums, tongue and teeth being sore and swollen, perhaps from gritting them more than usual. This has been quite bothersome.

    I bought a bottle of the regular this time, thinking it may help alleviate that symptom. Can’t tell yet, but think not…I need to lose another 10 lbs. I am disturbed by a couple of things about Solo Slim. One, the bottles never seem sealed properly. Two, there is no way to tell the exact amounts of each ingredient (such as the sypherine) and three, so many side effects people experience, yet they continue to use it.

    I do feel better being 10 lbs lighter but also feeling a bit stressed more than usual which kinda takes the joy out of the weight loss. And why aren’t the bottles ever sealed properly?? I returned one to the store and the next one was the same so I just went with it….

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  50. I’ve been on Solo Slim since Oct 23rd, 2009 and it really works. Right now I’ve lost 86lbs and it is really hard to find diet pills that work and this one does.

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  51. I have been taking Solo Slim since March 2010. I love it and lost 42lbs. It now seems like it is now working any longer. The hunger and cravings have returned. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  52. I would have to completely disagree with this article. Solo slim is the ONLY weight loss pill that has worked for me. I tried healthy trim which is money back guaranteed and got no results from it. I tried solo slim and the very first day I took the pill, I had to force myself to eat. I was not hungry at all. I absolutely love this weight loss pill and recommended it to anyone. However, I only have four left and now they aren’t selling it anymore. I really hope this recall does not last long because solo slim works!

    Editor’s comments: Maybe it worked so well because it was contaminated with prescription drugs. That’s also why it’s not being sold anymore.

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  53. I took solo slim a couple of years ago and lost 10 lbs the first couple of weeks. All together, I lost 30 lbs in 2 months. I managed to keep the weight off for a whole year until I got pregnant again. Now I am over weight again and just started to take solo slim advanced. I have been taking it for about 2 weeks now and have lost only about 2 lbs and is very upsetting because I expected the same result as last time. Is this normal to have different results….when will I see results this time. and I have been exercising and eating less.

    Editor’s comments: Previous version of SoloSlim were contaminated with prescription drugs, which may have lead to greater results.

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  54. In regards to Lilly’s comments, I too, took the original formula of Solo Slim before they recalled it. I started with the Original Strength for a year and lost 12-15 lbs in 4-6 months. I maintained my weight my taking the pill every weekend, but then my body became tolerant and the pill lost its’ effectiveness. I switched to the Extra Strength (original formula) and started to shed a few more pounds. It definitely was more potent and created all the common side effects (dry mouth, insomnia) but it was tolerable enough. I never took Extra strength on a daily basis. I would alternate every other day or took them just on the weekends. The best thing I liked about this pill is it never gave me the jitterbugs or increased heart rate.

    I realized they recalled Solo Slim when I was trying to order another bottle of the Extra Strength online. They said it was a brand new “Advanced” formula. Well they should really say “Placebo” instead of “Advanced.” Might as well have been taking sugar pills because it had no effect whatsoever and I could not get my money back.

    I have been struggling and researching to see if there is any pill that comes close to the Original version of Solo Slim. I’ve tried a couple out there but they all have an effect that will last about a month or have no effect at all.

    Anyone out there that can recommend something that actually works that has similar ingredients to what Solo Slim had?

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  55. This is a reply to Isa on 20 Apr 2011 :
    We have the same exact experience. I did use Solo slim in Spring 2010 and successfully lost 15 lbs in 2 mos. Then the product was recalled so I waited for months for it to be back and it did! BUT now called Advanced. Unfortunately, it was not even half as effective as the original Extra Strength. I contacted the company regarding return but was unsuccessful. I liked the original bec it was really effective and did not give me side effects. Just dry mouth.

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  56. I took soloslim before they recalled it as well, it was the best diet pill and IT WORKED, I lost 65 pounds taking Soloslim, it was the most effective diet pill available. I had struggled for years and tried every fad diet, every diet pill out there. Soloslim DID WORK and it really stinks that it’s no longer available. I tried the Advanced and did not have any success as far as weight loss went. I have been researching to find something that works. and unfortunately spending yet again…more money for products that DO NOT WORK!!!!!! BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL SOLOSLIM!!!

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  57. I also took solo trim before it was recalled,i dropped 30 pounds in 3 months ,had lotsa energy that year i loved it , i ordered 6 xtra bottles,,so i was able to maintain my weight for a year. best ive looked in years ,,,when i reordered again ,it was recalled ,I tried the new formular and didnt work at all.i was so upset,,i slowly put the weight back on within a year after i stopped using it,,I wish they would bring it back,,I felt great everyday,

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  58. Wow, I love SoloSlim Extra-Strenth it works GREAT I can hardly believe it’s me. When I messed up my hip (not because of Solo-Slim) I started putting the weight back on, I cannot find it anymore and would love to get the old me back. If anyone knows how I can get more please let me know. [email protected] thank you.

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  59. The original SOLO SLIM formula worked GREAT for me! I dropped the weight very quickly with NO side effects. This pill was like a miracle pill. Please please please if anybody knows how I can still purchase the original solo slim, let me know humest2@gmail

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