SlimQuick Fat Burner: User Reviews, Testimonials & Feedback -

SlimQuick Fat Burner: User Reviews, Testimonials & Feedback

Below you’ll find some visitor comments on the SlimQuick fat burner for women. If you’re wondering, “does SlimQuick really work?” and want to read what real people have to say about this product, this is the place to be.

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I have read your reviews and looked at other products proclaiming the same thing.

I work out daily, but couldn’t break the plateau. I have been told recently that my body looks more toned, the “big” parts are smaller, and I seem to look like I have energy.

Although the curbing the appetite isn’t working for me (I eat all the time), I have to admit that I “see” the difference. I haven’t changed my diet nor upped any workout routine and I am seeing the results of taking this product. I know most are looking for a “bandaid”, “over night miracle” and that they just don’t exist. But SlimQuick has helped with fitting back into a pair of pants that I had long since thought impossible to return to.

Cheryl (cheryldolled AT

I was just reading through your review and comments regarding SlimQuick.

I am currently taking the “rapid fat loss” pill, not really to lose weight, but more out of curiousity.

I’m only just finishing my first week and I have not noticed any sort of difference whatsoever in terms of weight or even food cravings etc.

I still eat just about the same as I did before I started and I have not felt any aversions to food (I’m actually feeling like I want something sweet to eat as I write this).

Regarding one of your comments about losing weight more by following their diet and exercise plan. This is what I first thought as well when I purchased the product and I believe it to be true.

The diet plan consists of eating oatmeal or 1 slice whole wheat toast for breakfast, a baked potato or 5 rice cakes for lunch and 1 can of tuna, or small chicken breast an small salad for dinner. That plus four days of cardio and weight training. If anyone actually followed those examples without taking the pill, I’d believe it if they said they lost weight.

Therefore rendering the pill itself unnecessary. But as of yet, I’ll wait to see what happens as the weeks go on, though I am still quite doubtful. Other reviews I’ve read of women feeling a difference in two days… I wonder if they’ve heard of the placebo effect?

Catherine (catherine.atienza AT

I am currently using Slim Quick (just completed week 1 and will now up the dose to 4 capsules/day).

Ironically, I am also about to start my period, so I will be able to test that theory as well!

What I can say so far is that there is definitely a very strong appetite suppressant in SlimQuick. I do not have the urge to munch between meals, and while eating meals I am not able to consume the amounts of food that were typical to my diet.

Tammy (tammy123 AT

I just started taking this (one week) and I’ve noticed only good things. I like that it does not make me jittery and it really has almost cut out completely my PMS symptoms, bloating and pain.

I haven’t noticed much difference in appetite but do note improved energy levels. If nothing else, it is an excellent vitamin with time release qualities.

I really like it.

Julie (julwest AT

After having my second child 5 weeks ago, and needing to lose 25 lbs, I purchased Slimquick. I have just finished my first week. I have noticed throughout the week much less food cravings. I combined the pills with the “6 day body makeover challenge”.

I have noticed a tremendous decrease in appetite. This is either from the pills, or from all the protein I have consumed from the 6 day body makeover challenge. I have lost a total of 2 lbs in the course of the week. Prior to using SlimQUick, I took the special K challenge, and lost 3lbs in one week. So don’t I feel silly purchasing a $50 bottle of diet pills, when I could have just puchased a $2.99 box of cereal.

Liz (mrtucan2u AT

I’ve just finished my first week of slim quick. At first I did notice my cravings became less intense. But after the second day, they resumed. The only thing my mom has noticed, is that I’ve become short tempered and irritable. Other than that, I believe, it is a waste of money.

Bonita (bonita AT

I took Slim Quick for a month and did not see any changes. I changed my diet and did exercise 4 times a week.I did lose a few pounds but I think that was do to diet and exercise.

The only thing it did for me was make me go to the bathroom.I stopped taking it and joined Curves. I go three times a week and in one month I lost 5 pounds and 15 inches. To me this pill does not work.It was a waste of money.

Kechia (honee30 AT

I have been using slim quick for 3 months and it works just fine. I’m lazy and hate exercising. slim quick supresses my appetite and I have lost over 15 pounds. I love it.

Debra Ferrell (debra.ferrell AT

I heard about this product from the t.v. and thought FINALLY!!! I did however give it longer than 30 days just so my body could adjust to the product and I have used SlimQuick for 2 months now and have NOT lost anything! I am very dissapointed! I just want them to give me my money back and stop misleading women!

Kim H (rosetatt2d AT
Lakewood, CO

I have tried Slim Quick for women on two occasions. The first time was on the suggestion of a doctor to accompany a major change in eating and exercise.

I had been seriously ill for over a year and had gained a large amount of weight.

The first time I used Slim Quick I lost 10 pounds very quick. But that could easily be due to getting healthy and eating right and working out.

Several months later I decide to try slim quick again, hoping it would have the same results as the last time I used it.

But nothing happened after using it this time around. I have an even better diet than ever, am exercising consistently and challenging myself but couldn’t lose weight. I thought Slim Quick would help but it had done nothing.

Tricia (dizzy_dare_devil AT

I have used other weight loss products and they make me jittery and don’t work. I have been having a problem loosing the weight from having my daughter.

So I bought this slim quick. It did come with a booklet that talks about diet and exercise and does tell you that it won’t work as fast if you just take the pills.

I have been on it for a month now and I have lost at least 15 lbs.So yeah I can say that I’m really happy with this product!!I have been watching what I eat,but I have not done the exercise.So I have to disagree that the diet and exercise is what makes you loose the weight!

Tabitha (mammy6547 AT

About a year ago I decided to purchase Slim Quick and try it out. The first week I lost 7lbs, which was mainly water weight.

During the first week of taking it, I had major mood swings, I came off mean and mad, and I am not a mean or mad person.

I had close friends telling me to stop taking the stuff but I was convinced that it wasnt the pills that made me that way.

It wasnt until the second week that I decided to stop taking it. Instructions advised to increase the dose by one pill for the second week. When I increased the dose I noticed some things that convinced me to stop taking it. I felt very irritable, dizzy, weird, I felt like I wasnt even in my own body.

I almost went to the hospital because I felt so bad. So I decided to stop taking it all together. I returned it and got my money back. Im not sure if it was just too much for my size, but I decided that if I want to lose any weight I will do it the real way. I will eat good foods and work out on a daily basis.

America just does not want to settle for the real way any more. Everyone thinks that there will be some magic pill that will come along and cure their problems. It wont, anything that you want in life, you have to work for, and if you dont work for it, and its handed to you easily there is always a catch.

Holly (holflipflops AT

I been taking slim quick for about 4 days now. For some reason about 30mins – 1 hour after I took my first pill in the morning I feel like my heart is racing and i feel sick to my stomach.

About 2 hours later I feel fine again till I have to take the 2nd dose mid afternoon. I’m planning on stopping today because I do not think it is good for my health if I feel like I just ran a marathon but the whole time I been sitting in my chair at work doing nothing.

Fiona (michiyuki2003 AT

I believe Slim quick along with a healthy diet and exercise has done wonders for me. Most people expect to pop a miracle weight loss pill but never think exercise or healthy eating is needed. I DRAMATICALLY switched my eating habits from anything in grease to 4-6 small snacks a day. (Making sure I have a lot of protein, fruits, veggies and calcium).

I really dont know how much weight you can loose taking slimquick but for example I am 20 yrs, 5-9, my weight went from 115 to 150 very quickly. Now in just weeks I am again 134 and still on a stict diet and exercise program to meet my goal.

Eric (ericamantz AT

I am using SlimQuick in conjunction with a lower fat diet and working out. I’ve used it before too and have had nothing but great results. Another lady left a response that it has a great appetite suppressant and I’ve noticed that too. I don’t feel the urge to “snack” as much as I usually do.

I will write back in a couple of weeks to reveal what the ultimate results have been. I hope to have lost 10 pounds.

Tammy (bhgirl70 AT

I am a 33 yrs 5’6 African American female and my start off weight was 170 lbs and wearing a size 12.

I started taking SlimQuick beginning Feb 1,2007 and it is now been about 50 days.

I also workout 5 days a week for 45 minutes of cardio and I do 200 (100 in the morning and 100 at night) situps on my ab lounger a day.

The first 25 days I lost 12 lbs. However, I must say the pill works greatly suppressing my appetite.

I have lost several inches that I had put on during the holidays. This pill is great being that it has no ephedrine in it. I have not experienced any side effects. I am about to purchase my second bottle of SlimQuick, and I don’t plan to step on the scale May 1st.

My goal is to be 145-150 lbs and toned nicely. That will put me in a size 8 easily. Wish me luck. And I wish you all luck.

Anjunette (aj32nsexy AT

I am starting on my second week of slimquick, and i must say that it has made a real difference. I have more energy, and have lost a total of 8.5 pounds already. I used to drink a lot of coffee, but have since swiched to decaf.

I think that the product works great…although a pharmacist said that its all in my head.

Nicole (npehkonen AT

I have tried many weight loss pills, however, Slim quick has actually decreased my appetite and given me more energy to exercise. I still don’t enjoy exercising but at least I am doing something. I am on my first week but feel great, no jitters or sleep anxiety as I have experienced with other pills.

Tierra (skallen AT aacp.oerg)

I recently bought the bottle of Slim Quick, and I have notice a difference in my workout performance.

I had hired a trainer to help me break my plateau, but I like everyone else, I wanted something to help me to lose more weight quicker and cheaper than 30$ an hour!

My diet was already much like the one that came with the bottle, but I was always get these cravings for all of the things you are cutting out.

The pill helped me to control those cravings, and my sweet cravings aren’t as strong as they were before.

I’m also a soldier, and fitness is a huge part of the job. I’m constantly keeping track of how fast and far I’m running. Within a few days, I noticed I decreased my run time by 1 minute and 30 seconds.

I have by far more energy than before, and I find myself going to the gym more often to get rid of this extra energy. I do see a difference in body tone and I’ve dropped 3 pounds so far and I haven’t completed my first week yet. Hopefully this will continue and isn’t just water weight.

CC (fahlala810117 AT

I have been using slim quick for the past 5 months and i think that it is the bomb. I have reveiwed other comments on this site and think that things work differently for differnt people. I feel great and feel differences in myself all of the time.

I would highly reccomend this to anyone. I have had no jittery nonsense or anything, I feel GREAT!!!!!!

Amrei Wong amrei_wong1 AT

I used slim quick for about a month,wasn’t pleased with the results I followed the diet and exercise plan. However I still felt not much energy or appetite control I only lost about 3lbs.

Kathyrn (soonersfanbaby AT

I started using Slim Quick because I wanted a little extra something to assist me in the weight losing process, not that I really needed it. I weighed 207 on Jan 23rd and now Feb 24th I weigh 193.5, but I don’t give any credit to Slim Quick. I cut everything, sodas, candy, chips, high fat content food.

I watched my caloric, fat, and carb intake, and did cardio every night! I have my own elliptical and bike at home. I do between 10 and 15 miles every night. I contribute my weight loss to watching what I eat and exercise.

I really don’t think the pill did much for me. I just completed a bottle and I will not purchase another. I’m not a pill popping person, and I’m not going to continue with this product if I feel like it is not working.

Mandy (superiorprincess AT

I’ve been taking Slim Quick now for a week. I’ve cut regular pop from my diet and have even started an exercise regimine.

I’ve taken the pills as instructed, however have not worked out 4 days/week as recommended (with 3 kids, I’m lucky to make it there the 3 times per week I have!)

I’ve lost NO weight. I don’t notice a change in how my body looks or even feels.

I’m quite disappointed in this weight loss pill.

The reviews I’d read and personal testimonies from friends I’d heard made it sound like Slim Quick was THE way to go. In my opinion, not s’much. I’ll keep taking it until my 96-count bottle is empty, though. It’s quite a let down.

Dori (kskid AT

I am on my third week of using Slim Quick. I also had my period last week. I had no bloating and no PMS symptoms. I really like the product. I have lost 5 pounds.

The pill reduced my appetite and craving for sweets. I think its GREAT! I was having a problem adhering to a low fat diet but SlimQuick has made it very easy.

Maggie (mmarriott712 AT



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  1. Im just now starting it today…so ill will write back after a couple of week with results

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  2. Slimquick is an AIDE that means it is there to help!! not be the end all be all. and those that workout and still aren’t seeing results then you need to re-evaluate what food your putting into your body you can spend hours and hours and the gym and never get anywhere if your still shoving the wrong foods into you body or way more calories than you need in a day. It needs to be a balanced effort. If you go to the gym and right afterwards put crap food into your body you just wasted your own time. Water needs to be a large part of your weight loss journey as well. cleansing the impurities and junk out of your body is important to getting results. It also lubricates your organs to digest foods more efficiently. I don’t like to call it a diet because it truly needs to be a lifestyle change for it to work.

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  3. Hello to all out there. I’m here to tell you all that I am so serious when I say this. I have been on slimquick for a whole week – today makes a whole week for me. I been on the scale everyday checking. I lost a total of 11 pounds this first week. This is so very true and no reason to lie. This product is awesome you must follow what it says and you will have no problem.

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    • Maria, please follow up with us in a month and post more feedback then. It’s very easy to cause the loss of a significant amount of “water weight” in a week simply by including some diuretics in a product, but that “weight loss” usually ends at that point. Not to rain on your parade or anything, but I’d be very suprised if your results continued in this manner.

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  4. I am 29 and I tried slimquick fat burner as an aid to my low calorie diet and moderase exercise plan. I needed to lose at least 30 lbs. After 2 months I’ve now lost 20 lbs. I only have taken 2 pills a day, one before breakfast and one before lunch. I didn’t feel like I needed to up the dosage because I saw loss so quickly.
    I know not everything works for everyone but this definitely works for me. It helps to curb my apatite so I don’t over eat and has really helped with losing weight. After I get down 10 more lbs I’m going to wean myself off. Though I did run out between bottles 1 and 2 fir about 3 days and didn’t have any issues so I doubt I’ll have a problem. I’m going to stay dedicated to keeping my eating and exrecuse how it is now because it’s not extreme or anything like that. Hopefully I can maintain my weight!

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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  5. ive been on it for a month and have lost nothing but my money. its another gimmick. it makes me tired and moody and dizzy. it should be against the law to lie like this

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Michelle!

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