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UltimateFatBurner’s Shredz Fat Burner Review

Shredz Fat Burner Review Conclusion: Shredz Burner for Her contains some useful ingredients, but the proprietary formula prevents us from determining whether they are included at ideal doses. We’re knocking a full star off the rating for this reason.

Still, no lame “especially for women” ingredients, and that’s a plus. Reasonably priced, but the mindless “genderfication” of products continues (pink labeling and loopy fonts).

Read the full Shredz review below for more details.

To buy: Order online from Amazon.com.

Introduction to Shredz Fat Burner Review

Shredz is the latest of weight loss products designed specifically for women.

The argument made by product manufacturers, of course, is that women’s bodies are different than men (duh, really?), and accordingly, they have different needs and so forth.

So they need products that are aligned with those needs.

*Cough* Bullsh*t. *Cough.*

While I am not going to argue that women’s bodies aren’t different than men’s, it doesn’t mean this argument is not complete and utter nonsense in the context of weight loss products.

For instance, the realities of weight loss are no different for women than they are for men, and there’s no evidence to suggest that the ingredients included in your typical over the counter women’s fat burner are any more effective for women than they are for men.

In short, at the risk of sounding like a cynical bastard, I can tell you honestly that fat burners for women are about marketing – marketing to a specific demographic.

They are not especially designed products that cater to a women’s needs.

Of course, I am not arguing that Shredz Burner and other products like it can’t or don’t offer value, or that women won’t like the products.

That’s not the case at all.

I’m just arguing that the “designed for women” spiel is a total crock.

To their credit, the folks at Shredz haven’t included the usual lame-o type ingredients usually made to justify such claims. For the most part, Shredz Burner appears very much like a “unisex” product. It’s only the labelling that’s different.

This ShredZ Burner review will attempt to shed some value on the value – of any – this product offers to you ladies.

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Video: What do fat burners like Shredz do?

A short time ago I filmed a video, “What do fat burners do?”. It’s well worth a watch in the context of this review.

UltimatefatBurner Reviews: Shredz Burner (for Women)

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What’s in it? Our Shredz Fat Burner Review Ingredient Breakdown

Shredz review for women

What’s in Shredz? Feast your eyes!

In addition to choline, biotin and vitamin B6, Shredz Burner contains a 934 mg, 9-ingredient proprietary blend.

We don’t like proprietary blends.

They prevent us from determing whether or not the ingredients are included at effective dose, or whether just a few sprinkles are added in to make the label look more impressive. This is serious, so we’ve knocked a full star off the reviewing rating of ShredZ as a result.

That’s said, here’s what’s in it…

1) Caffeine:

The most common ingredient in over the counter weight loss products, it’s no suprise Shredz Burner contains caffeine – and likely plenty of it. After all, it provides an energy boost, elevates the metabolism, and improves athletic performance.

2) Theobromine:

Structurally similar to caffeine and present naturally in cocoa and chocolate, theobromine also has stimulant effects – although less potent than caffeine. To my knowledge, no studies have been performed on this compound in regards to its effects as a weight loss agent.

3) Cayenne Fruit:

Cayenne fruit – commonly known as “red hot chili pepper” – contains an active ingredient called capsaicin. Consumption of cayenne and this compound can elevate the your body’s internal termperature, which in theory can boost fat burning through a process called thermogenesis.

While there are a few studies that confirm this effect (click here to see), the problem is the dosage; you need to consume a LOT of cayenne – WAY more than is found in this product – to have any effect.

As this study so clearly states…

“Capsaicin has been shown to be effective, yet when it is used clinically it requires a strong compliance to a certain dosage, that has not been shown to be feasible yet.”

Other studies (like this one) have looked at the combination of cayenne with caffeine as a weight loss agent, but again the problem is dosage; Shredz Burner contains 9 ingredients for a total of 934 mg. This study used 3,000 mg, 7,200 mg and 8,000 mg of red pepper to acheive its results.

Accordingly, it’s pretty easy to see that whatever the dosage of cayenne being used here… it’s simply not enough.

Today, most companies that are serious about delivering the benefits of cayenne use Capsimax as an ingredient; it’s a concentrated capsaicin extract that delivers a potent dose of capsaicin without having to consume massive amounts of cayenne.

4) Acetyl-L-Carnitine:

Versions of L-Carnitine have been gracing the labels of fat burners for years based on the argument that it boosts the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel.

Problem is, the study data that does demonstrate a positive effect on weight loss (and there are some studies that do not) used 3,000 mg / day… more than 3 times the size of the entire Shredz formula.


The l-carnitine in Shredz serves no real purpose other than to make the label appear more impressive.

5) Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Alpha lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant and a great blood sugar moderator; studies show it can improve insulin sensitivity in diabetics.

There’s also preliminary evidence that it may aid with weight loss too, although by now I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that the dosage used in the aforementioned study was twice the size of the entire Shredz formula.

At the dosage likely present here, alpha lipoic acid has antioxidant and possible slight blood sugar moderating effects, but no weight loss ones.

6) Green Tea Extract:

green tea

Green tea. Damn good stuff.

I’ve talked about green tea a lot on this site. When present at the correct dosage and properly standardized and combined with caffeine, it’s as close to a no-brainer ingredient for any fat burner or weight loss supplement.

Pity we can’t tell if it is dosed properly.

7) Yohimbe:

Here’s another old favorite; Pausinystalia yohimbe, a tree indigenous to Western Africa contains an active ingredient – the alkaloid yohimbine.

Yohimbine hydrochloride is sold as a prescription drug for erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine is also used to treat xerostomia (dry mouth). It’s commonly used in “male enhancement” products and has been associated with number of adverse effects, and should be avoided by individuals with hypotension (low blood pressure), diabetes, and heart, liver or kidney disease.

There are a number of older studies that demonstrate a small effect on weight loss.

8) Guggul Lipid Extract:

I haven’t seen guggul lipid in a weight loss supplement in a couple of years. Derived from the medicinal plant, Commiphora mukul, guggul extracts have potential lipid-lowering and thyroid stimulating effects.

9) Synephrine:

Isolated from a fruit called citrus aurantium fruit, synephrine has been a “standby” ingredient in fat burners for well over a decade. Yes, despite the fact that early studies showed no weight loss effect at all.

There is some hope though; a recent review of the human clinical studies involving citrus aurantium on its own or in combination with caffeine, was a little more positive, indicating that synephrine can increase resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

Anecdotal evidence suggests it may also have a mild appetite suppressing effect.

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What about ShredZ side effects?

Side effects are largely related to dose, and since we don’t know the exact dosage of any of the ingredients in this formula, it’s tough to make any general comments as to how severe they might be.

However, Shredz contains three stimulants – caffeine, theobromine and synephrine – which, if dosed high enough can cause the usual stimulant related side effects…

  1. Difficulty sleeping
  2. Restlessness
  3. Anxiety
  4. Difficulty focusing
  5. Withdrawl headaches after finishing the product

It also contains yohimbe, which has also been associated with a number of side effects…

  1. Irregular heartbeat
  2. Anxiety, nervousness or irritablity
  3. Headaches

You can read a more complete list of yohimbe side effects here!

These would be the most typical side effects associated with ShredZ Burners, the severity of which depending, once again, on the potency of the product.

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Testimonials, Feedback & Results: What are women saying about Shredz?

Shredz fat burner review

Image courtesy of Amazon.com!

What sort of results are women experiencing with Shredz? What are they saying about the product?

For the most part, women seem pretty happy with the product. A lot of the comments I read on Amazon.com mentioned “increased energy”, “boosted performance in gym”, “moderate appetite suppression” and so on.

These results entirely consistent with a product that contains a ton of different stimulants.

No surprise, in other words.

Many of the positive comment I saw were from avid gym goers, who understand the role of diet and serious exercise in any weight loss program.

So once again, it’s not surprising that these ladies found the boost provided by Shredz Burner to be helpful in attaining their goals.

One thing these comments emphasize is the role of hard work in obtaining your goals.

While the feedback is largely positive, there’s nothing here that suggests that Shredz is some sort of miracle fat burner – in fact, if there’s one thing this review has demonstrated, it’s that it’s not.

It’s important not to put too much “weight” (pardon the pun, haha!) on feedback and testimonials. They are anecdotal at best, easy to fake and manipulate, are subject to biases, and may even be incentivized by the manufacturer (i.e., post a great review of your product and earn a discount on your next purchase, etc).

Comments that sound too good to be true, like “I started taking Shredz and my belly melted away” and those of a similar sentiment should be ignored as they are obviously bullshit – as noted there’s nothing in Shredz that would make such a thing even remotely possible.

Nevertheless, if you review enough testimonials, it can be helpful to get a “top level” overview of how users feel about the product.

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Bottom line; Our recommendation!

Our main beef with this product is that it uses a proprietary blend which prevents us from assessing the true potency of its formula. Otherwise, this Shredz fat burer review has made one thing clear; is a decent enough product that’s reasonably priced and will likely work just fine if you’re looking for an added boost to provide motivation for your workouts.

It’s available online at Amazon.com.

If you’re looking for a “10 pounds in 10 days without diet and exercise” miracle pill, this isn’t it. There’s no such thing.

Have you used Shredz? We’d love to hear what you think! Share your comments in the fields below!

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