Sensa Tastants Review: Do Tastants Work for Weight Loss? -

Sensa Tastants Review: Do Tastants Work for Weight Loss?

Sensa Tastants—”sprinkles” as they are also referred to on the web site—are a product you “sprinkle” on your meals to increase satiety (the feeling of “fullness”) and decrease appetite. How does it work?

“The scientific principle behind SENSA® is remarkably simple. As you eat, smell and taste receptors send messages that tell your body it’s time to stop eating. This is a phenomenon we call Sensory Specific Satiety. By enhancing smell, SENSA® Tastants were designed to help speed up the process and trigger your “I feel full” signal, so you eat less and feel more satisfied.”

Ok then.

This certainly looks promising in theory, but how well does it work, in fact?

I have good news and bad news on that front…

The good news is that Sensa’s effectiveness was verified by a huge clinical study conducted by Dr. Allan Hirsch. In it, over 1,400 men and women lost 30.5 pounds in a period of 6 months—by doing nothing more than sprinkling the Tastants over their meals (this equates to the loss of 1.25 lbs. a week—hardly an outrageous amount, and well within the realms of what one can attain with a proper diet and exercise).

Of course, the first thing I do when I see a retailer “touting” a clinical study to sell a product is try to find out a little more about that study.

The first and most obvious question is, “in which reputable, peer-reviewed journal has this study been published?”

And that’s where the bad news comes in. Dr. Hirsch’s “study” exists only as poster presentation. And posters occupy a pretty low rung on the ladder of scientific respectability. They’re little more than summaries, without critical discussion of the methodology, data or conclusions. Their primary function is to alert the scientific community to the existence of breaking research, for the purposes of discussion and feedback. Presenting a poster is NOT the same as publishing in a respected, peer-reviewed journal. At best, it’s a first step.

This was confirmed when I first raised the subject with Elissa, our scientific and technical advisor back in 2009. She informed me that the study abstract had been presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in the spring of ’08, and that it takes a number of months for any study to proceed through the peer-review process and attain publication in any decent journal. Thus, I was willing to give Dr. Hirsch the benefit of the doubt through most of 2010.

It’s nearly 2013, now. Suffice it to say, Dr. Hirsch has run out the clock – I seriously doubt that the full study will ever see the light of day in a peer-reviewed journal.

I’m disappointed, but not surprised. As an ABC News report revealed at the time…

“…the Endocrine Society, which Hirsch says reviewed and approved of his work, said they merely invited him to present his findings for debate. And they were “surprised and troubled by the promotional nature of his presentation.”

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement by Dr. Hirsch’s peers. In addition, the ABC account revealed some problems that probably would have damned the study in the eyes of responsible peer-reviewers…

  • Participants weighed themselves and reported their results with no outside checks and balances.
  • The program regimen (“The study participants were not asked to add diet and exercise programs to their routines, but were instead instructed to “maintain their existing exercise routines and eating habits.”) was so generalized as to put each individual into his/her own unique study group.
  • As can be seen from Dr. Hirsch’s poster, critical details are missing. One of the most important is the frequency and nature of interaction between the experimenter(s) and the test group. Expectations, support and reinforcement can contribute a great deal to the success of a weight loss program. And given the investment Dr. Hirsch had in the success of his approach, I seriously doubt that the members of the test group were simply left alone for 6 months to do their “thing.” Dr. Hirsch’s focus on the outcomes, rather than the steps taken to achieve them, suggests that the process was less scientific than he’s willing to admit.

In addition, researchers are bound to a code of ethics. When interviewed in 2008, Dr. Hirsch claimed a formal, peer-reviewed article was in the works…

“Hirsch said he would eventually have a finalized study that a journal would accept, but in the meantime he cannot turn his back on people who need to lose weight.”

More than 4 years later, it would seem that he’s reneged on this commitment. As Elissa recently concluded…

“Sorry, but Dr. Hirsch doesn’t get to have his cake and eat it too. He can’t simultaneously claim scientific validity, while implicitly extending a middle finger to scientific norms. As far as I’m concerned, he’s failed both the test of integrity AND the test of time (there are plenty of negative, “I didn’t lose a pound” reports out there, now – which certainly raises doubts in my mind about that ‘study’).”

Unfortunately, this apparent lack of professionalism appears to be a feature – rather than a bug – of Dr. Hirsch’s business model. Although some people have reported success with Sensa Tastants, the company itself has been the subject of numerous complaints over its customer service and billing practices.

See, for example, the Ripoff Report, the Complaints Board, and the feedback I’ve received on

In addition, the company recently settled a class-action lawsuit for $6 million – a rather hefty amount.

And lately, they were fined $26.5 million by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, who allege that they deceived consumers with unfounded weight-loss claims and misleading endorsements.

As you might imagine, this history makes it impossible for me to recommend Sensa. At this point, if you’re still inclined to experiment with this product, I’d advise you to purchase it through a third-party retailer, such as or GNC. It could save you some grief.

In the meantime, there are much, much cheaper ways to increase satiety—have a look at the glucomannan review for more information!

Summary of Sensa Tastants
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Concept underlying the product is plausible.
  • Ad claims based on an unpublished study.
  • Product is expensive.
  • Company customer service and billing practices leave a lot to be desired.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. Just got it yesterday, but noticed that it really did make me feel full after just a few bites. I did not feel sick, just full. Plus, that fullness continued into the morning. So far, so good.

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  2. I have tried it and it didn’t work – it didn’t make me feel full and decided against continuing it. I called the company and told them to cancel my subscription, but they went ahead and billed me for $89.95. I am disbuting this charge with my credit card company.

    This is a HOAX!

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  3. Started it Jan 2009. I had lost 20pounds on my own before I started it by cutting out desserts. I have not lost a pound since I started it and the company must have morons that work for them. Twice I received the same shipment as the month before – then I was supposed to get my packages by the end of the month so I could start it on the first of the month and that never happened.

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  4. I started Sensa on Feb. 6, 2009. After 4 Months I have lost 30 lbs! I love this product.

    I still have 75 lbs to lose, but I am ready and will have Sensa at my side the whole time!

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  5. Hi – I ordered 1 month Sensa, decided that it was working, so went ahead and ordered a full 6 month supply, since it will take that long to take off the pounds I’d like to lose.
    Came back from vacation, and found a box containing another monthly order! Company says I can return it for a full credit…but *I* have to pay the shipping. Says their computers automatically enroll me in monthly shipments: BEWARE!!!! So, even though I went ahead and ordered the next 6 months, their computers sent out a month. Somehow, customer service insists this is “my fault”, the order says I get enrolled in monthly shipments automatically. Wouldn’t any sensible person think that if you go ahead and purchase a full six months, the computer should be able to figure out that you don’t need monthly shipments??? Even when I pointed out that I’ve SAVED them the money of shipping 5 more months, they still refuse to pay for the shipping back.
    This company has BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. They don’t care about retaining a good customer who spent over $200 with them. No, they’ll lose me over $5 of shipping cost. BEWARE. Order from the other company that has this kind of product.

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  6. Been on Sensa for a week. Lost 4 lbs. No digestive problems. Eating half what I normally eat. Using the right amount of Sensa is important. It works for me – so far.

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  7. First, the product did not work for me. Besides being really inconvenient, the thought of sprinkling that powder on my food made the meal appear unappealing. The smell has a subtle scent like a watermelon jolly rancher and I wonder if you spray air freshener prior to sitting down to dinner if you will eat less?

    Secondly, I didn’t care for the terms of the trial. I was charged $9.95 for shipment to try the product which I agreed to. One month later, my credit card was charged $98.72 for the product. So it wasn’t exactly a free trial. I am at fault for not reading the fine print, but I am sure they are aware of the overworked and financially lazy people like me out there. I called and told them the day after the charge (Day 31 of the 30 day trial) that I did not like the product, didn’t use it much, that I wanted to ship it back to them. No refund for me, since I missed the 30 day cutoff. So beware!

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  8. Absolute scam.

    What this product does can be mimicked by eating whole grain, high fiber foods so you don’t feel as hungry between meals.

    The marketing of this product speaks for itself, because you cannot purchase this unless you use a credit or debit card! The customer service is awful and they have often continued to charge cards for orders that have been canceled according to the direction! I got lucky because I started this product as a test for myself.

    I only ordered a month 1 “refill” online, and was “accidentally” sent the 3 months started kit for the same price, so I never joined an auto ship program. Good thing, because I wouldn’t want to use this anymore and don’t have to deal with the hassle of cancellation. I will never purchase anything that’s on autoship. I should have the right to purchase when I want to, since I am the consumer.

    Editor’s comments: About the autoship… well said, Laura. We agree! 🙂

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  9. I bought this product from Shop NBC where it’s less expensive and you can buy it on flex pay. I started November 1st and have lost 14 pounds to date. I don’t eat as much and have fewer cravings. I LOVE SENSA!!! I will keep on using it since I haven’t changed a thing (consciously) and the time will go by anyway- might as well drop pounds while it does!! Thanks to Dr. Hirch for developing this fantastic product, and Shop NBC for making it affordable!

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  10. I tried this product briefly. I liked this for the fact that it did seem that my foods tasted better, and that I did feel fuller. However, being a binge eater and no one who just eats because they’re hungry I figured it wouldn’t do much for me. I originally ordered the free trial, and I knew they’d bill me and keep sending it if I didn’t send the package back…. but I figured legally it was supposed to be a Free Trial, so I just didn’t do anything about it. Nothing else ever happened with it. It certainly has a hefty price tag, so I hope it works for someone.

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  11. I’d give it a zero if I could! As an experiment I tried it, totally didn’t work and was overpriced to boot. Made 0 change in my lifestyle and gained weight, so I ditched the stuff and went back to the tried and true way I lost weight…exercise, high fiber, and making sure I ate well. The $89.95 they charged me even AFTER I returned the product was pretty nasty of them, I’m disputing it as we speak. Beware!

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  12. I am not sure it is doing anything for me but making me eat less because I don’t want to go through the hassle of sprinkling the tastants on everything I eat. I feel that when I serve myself a plate of food, sprinkle $$$ on it, I really should eat the entire plate. But that is what weight loss is all about, eating less. I could do the same thing with salt for a lot cheaper. I guess I am still searching for the magic weight loss, because I swear these 20 pounds came on overnight and the older I get, it doesn’t come off like it used to! 🙂 Best wishes in your endeavors!!

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  13. Abusive customer service — visited the website out of curiousity. They proceeded to call daily. Told the guy to put me on the do not call list, and they persisted and didn’t disconnect the call for 5 minutes. Strongly recommend you do not do business with this company.

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  14. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.You are locked into regular shipments at thier discretion. You cannot easily get your money returned. Basicly product return is limited to a time based on the day you order, not the time the order is filled or the time you recieve the product. The repeat order is based the same way. heres how it works.. Ordered July 18th, billed 18.00 for shipping. billed 99.00 September 2nd by my bank records, then billed 99.00 again September 23 for the next shipment. I am sure its mentioned somewhere that its a regular billed club type sales…but what I READ LEAD ME TO BELIEVE THAT I WOULD PAY SHIPPING, THEN BE BILLED FOR 60 DAY SUPPLY, 30 DAYS LATER, THEN I COULD REORDER ONLINE, AT THIER WEBSITE. I really try not to buy from sites that regularly ship..its never opportune timing when the bill.

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  15. I tried the product for 3 weeks. They advertise about proven weight loss and you just SIMPLY sprinkle it on anything, BUT when you get it, they send you excercise and a sensible calorie meal plan; you cannot simply sprinkle this on pizza and lose weight lol!

    Everyone will indeed lose weight if they excercise and follow a reduced caloric intake program – what a frigggin scam (I immediately thought when I opened the package and read the contents and watched
    the video).

    However I gave it a REAL try to get me motivated (after weight gain from thyroid probs). The product however left me with a very BAD dry awful feeling in my mouth and I actually found myself craving “sweet” items late at night–even though I have always craved “salty” items (I think I only opened up the “sweet” side of the shaker less than 10 times in 3 weeks).

    But bottom line with me – I gained 4 lbs. in 3 weeks on these sprinkles and when I tried to “print” a RMA return label, my computer locked up. Now I have no return label and now I have to dispute with my credit card company if I can not resolve this during their normal business hours 🙁

    What a crock of crap me thinks!!! BTW I am indeed happy if it really has worked for others 🙂

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  16. Hi! I started Sensa Monday .. today is Thursday and I’m down 4 lbs. I know this is water weight, but I can feel a difference in my clothing already. There is no taste to the Salty Sensa, and the Sweet Sensa just adds a touch of sweet flavor. I don’t know if it will work long term, but for now I do feel fuller and am not craving foods although I am eating less.

    As many other folks are, I am a Serial diet-product purchaser. I’ve tried them all at one time or another. I figured if a Neurologist created this, I would give it a try. So far so good.

    Good luck to my fellow serial dieters 🙂 I have not (yet) cancelled my order, but I was aware that if you do decide to return the product, you would need to call and get a Return Authorization Code, and if you did not return the unused product you would be charged. I will keep the product even if I decide to cancel – $89 for a 2-month supply is a lot less than I’ve paid for other diet products.


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  17. Started Sensa on Nov 12, 2010 and lost 5 lbs in the first two weeks. Sensa stopped the urge for all those in between meal cravings. I sprinkle it on everything. So far, I have been very satisfied with the product.

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  18. I am thinking about trying Sensa because I am having a hard time getting back down to a good weight. What I want to know is if I call, after a certain amount of days do I still get billed?

    Editor’s comments: Sydney, we recommend reviewing what other people are saying about the billing process and/or refund process. Since we’re not sure where you intend to order, we can’t comment specifically. However if your offer includes a “free trial” we recommend you do NOT sign up; most of the times, these “trials” add you to a recurring billing program.

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  19. Why don’t you just buy what quantities you want at GNC and don’t mess with the automatic shipments? That’s what I did. Used it tonight for the first time and didn’t notice any real difference except I haven’t been back to the kitchen yet to snack. We will see – I am a skeptic by nature but am willing to try it to see if I can lose 15-20 lbs.

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  20. I have been using it for 4 days. My issue was eating continuously in the evening. This has stopped. I will probably not eat sweets because it makes them taste just awful. The salty sprinkle is fine, the sweet has a taste that kills the joy of what you are eating.

    That certainly won’t hurt me, as sweets are my downfall.

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  21. I tried Sensa for two months exactly according to instructions. It never made me feel full or “tricked” my senses into feeling that way. The only “trick” happening here, is how this company is marketing the product to “trick” you into spending your money to buy it. It is extremely expensive and I actually had to cancel my credit card to get out of there so-called easy trial offer. IT IS A HOAX.

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  22. I saw the commercial on Sensa tonight and I am pretty good about reading customer reviews first before even doing those so called free trials. Well after reading the reviews I won’t even go near the website. I will check for this to give it a try at GNC but that will be the extent of it. Thank you everyone for your honesty regarding this product and not to mention the company’s bad business practices.

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  23. I used it for about 7 days before I could feel the difference. Yes, it does make you feel full faster. I lost 3 lbs in two weeks without exercise or changing my eating habits. What I don’t like is that my little boxes that arrived from Sensa were less than half full. I ran out of Sensa after the 2 weeks and had to order more. I went to Amazon and discovered that the boxes were pretty full. I suspected at first that maybe I wasn’t getting the original product from Amazon, but it was the real Sensa. The same deal happened with month2. I can only assume that the free trial contains less product, but if you end up paying for it, you get a bad deal.

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  24. Sensa is not a hoax! It simply works differntly for people. I started last week and I love it because I get full while only eating half of what I normally would have. My fiance tried it and he couldn’t feel a difference but I can feel it every time I use it.

    It’s not like an “Oh, I’m full I guess I should stop eating” feeling. It’s like a “Wow, I’m so full I couldn’t possibly eat another bite” feeling. That’s why it works for people who continue to eat after they know they’re full. Also you can smell and taste SLIGHTLY but it isn’t bad.

    I mean you can’t just expect the weight to fall off without any effort at all. I think the taste and smell is a small price to pay. I bought my first two months at GNC for $89.00. I highly recommend you do this instead of ordering it. Btw I lost five pounds my first week on it 🙂

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  26. I started sensa due to the fact I wanted to lose the xtra 30lbs I’ve added unwillingly over the past 10 years LOL Now 40 years old the weight doesn’t come off once spring & summer hits & I’m more active. Our winters our long & for the past few years the extra 10 pounds we call winter fat, has not came off LOL
    I’ve tried other diet supplements in the past & have felt side effects, dizzy, head aches, edgy, & no weight loss, maybe because I couldn’t stick with it, the side effects over powered my want of weigh loss.

    Any way the good part, I’ve been using SENSA for just over one week & have lost 8.4 lbs, I was so excited I got my sister to try it, she’s lost a lb every day so far………
    I’m a junk food junkie, munch all night, snack all day, drink pop. Nope not any more!!!!

    I’ve given it all up with the help of SENSA, I know drink water & my SENSA drinks, Propel is awesome to 🙂 No snacking between meals, I don’t miss them!! & at night I snack on cucumbers, pickles, you know no carbs no cals, just crab things like this to help your habit of snacking but with no remorse later.

    I went shopping, added no junk food to my cart, I’m a 50/50 shopper, 50% junk food & 50% meals, OMG this was a first for me!
    I’m sold on this product.

    I wish I didn’t hear so much bad feed back, I wish every had the sucsses I’ve had so far.
    I guess from reading all this neg. feed back I’d try it from GNC so you don’t get in a bad place with the company it self.

    I’ll book mark this web page & write a follow up in a month, wish me luck 20 to 25lbs to go!


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  27. I received my Sensa in the mail yesterday. Like everyone else I am a skeptic but I am willing to give it a try.

    I tried it the first time on my bbq hot links and I know I wanted 2 before I started eating. By the time I finished eating my first one I was so nauseated that I did not want a second one. It was like OMG – I feel sick and food disgusts me.

    I did not feel full – just disgusted with food.

    I am a heavy snack eater, if I think of a snack I will go get it.

    But after sprinkling the Sensa I had no will to snack at all and I felt disgusted with food for hours.

    That I like, so I really think that sensa is for heavy snackers seriously. I am a real person not a fake and I am telling you for me it works. Not the full feeling but every time I am done eating I feel like barfing, not sure if that is good or not, but I like being disgusted with what I just ate. So good luck to you all and I will keep in touch with my progress.

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  28. Got my Sensa yesterday, but tried it today on my breakfast and lunch. Didn’t notice a difference with my breakfast, but oh my goodness at lunch, I was almost close to vomiting I was so full so quick. I sprinkled it on my lemon pepper chicken wings and fries. I tell you what, out of 12 wings that I normally scarf down with no problem, I was only able to eat 4, and I ate about 5 french fries maybe 6. However, my fullness brought on a thirst. I became so thirsty that 16 oz of water finished off my meal. I feel very satisfied right now, and to repulsed to even look at my box of wings and fries. It’s sitting here on my desk, and I’m about to throw it away because even the smell of it is becoming nausiating. Hey, not complaining but I guess being repulsed by the food you’re eating is one way to lose weight. I’ll check back in after a week…

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  29. If you want to order this product, then I suggest going to the Dermstore website.

    You will not have to worry about your credit card continuing to be billed, and you can choose what product you want to order. Also I was able to find an online coupon which saved me an extra 15% on my order. Instead of paying the $19.95 (one-month supply), I paid $16.96 and they are also sending me a free gift. Not sure if this product is going to work for me, but I am going to give it a try despite all the negative things that I have read.

    I have been taking Alli on and off, which seemed to work a little, but u really have to be dedicated to changing your diet. Sensa is supposed to curb your appetite, making your senses tell you that you are full so that you don’t eat so much. I feel that this would be a great thing for me, because I feel a lot of my problem is portion control. What I would like to know is can I take Alli and Sensa at the same time?? I wonder what would happen.

    Well hope everyone finds a solution to their weight issue(s).

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  30. Hi All – back to give an up date, it’s now been a month & a half sense I started SENSA, I’ve lost 20lbs I’m very pleased & ready to lose even more another 20lbs & I’d be my teenage weight again : )
    I’ve been thinking of snacks for about 2 weeks now & well I gave in just a very small amount & then I hop on my Gazelle LOL & burn off the calories.
    I’m much more active now and feel great!!! I would & have recomended this to all my friends, any one thinking about it should just do it, the money it costs, I saved in my first month by not eating as much, for me this has been priceless! PS my sister has lost over 15lbs she started a week after me! It works for some of us!!! Good Luck to all that try it 🙂

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  31. Unfortunately, some of these comments are unbelievable. It’s the people that lack education and can not take the time to listen/ read terms and conditions that feel this product is weak.

    The only reason why this product is mainly put down is because 50% of the people who order the free 30 day trial, obviously does not understand FREE 30 day trial. And once they see/hear free they block off everything else. This product works for people who are not worried about getting charged, but who actually want to cut a few lbs and more worried about their health.

    Editor’s comments: Sorry Aimee; not only are your comments degrading and patronizing, they are wrong. It isn’t “dumb people” who are being caught by this scam – it is ALL people. That’s because merchants offering a free trial to lure people into trialing their products often hide the terms and conditions, or bury the critical elements in the middle of some “legalese” nobody ever reads. And the law is catching on too; check this blog post to read how some Attorney Generals are beginning to prosecute companies that use this tactic.

    And incidentally, you have no more proof this product works “for people not worried about being charged” than the retailer who’s making the claims.

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  32. Hi I’m 20 years old and have been trying to lose pregnancy weight since February 2011 I constantly see infomercials for diet products and sense caught my eye I’m really willing to try anything to drop at least 20 lbs. Every review I’ve read so far seems to be negative though… Has there been any positive feedback? I really don’t want my hopes crushed if I order this??

    Editor’s feedback: This is all the feedback we’ve received, sorry.

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  33. I’ve been on Sensa for 1 week and lost 3.5 lbs. I’m extremely pleased with the product and, so what if you have to pay $89.95 after the 1st month. If it’s working, isn’t it worth it?

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  34. I have not actually used the product. I ordered it and in the time that I waited for the order to come, I decided against using it. When I got the order in I immediately called the company to return the product since I had no intention of using it. The lady who assisted me was rude. She kept telling me that I had to at least try the product. When I told her I just wanted to return it, she said “so you are just giving up on your weight loss goals?” I found her to be rude and horribly invasive. She repeated to me several times about how I didn’t need to get upset. I was doing just find until she kept going on about it. I finally told her if she told me not to get upset one more time, she and I were going to have a problem. She finally just helped me instead of trying to force me to keep the product. I was NOT impressed!!

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  35. I ordered this and it didn’t work. After 30 days I was charged 89.95 for a 30 day supply. I called the company and got the worst customer service. They blamed me for the charge because I didn’t cancel my order in time. I had no knowledge that I was enrolled in such an expensive trial. I thought I pay 4.95 for the shipping but that is not the case. Then I posted on their FB page and was once again blamed, then my post was deleted and I was blocked once again proving the great customer service. I have to wait 6-8 weeks for a refund granted that I return the product at my expense with a tracking # within 7 days Hmmm tell me that’s not a scam.


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  36. Ordered the free trial from Sensa and then continued the order for which they said I would be billed every two months. I received the first shipment for the original $9.95. I have not received anymore after and still am getting billed. Beware of this company as they are not very good at doing business.

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  37. I know every diet out there. I lost down on my own before trying Sensa.
    my problems have always been I use food to deal with stress. I eat when I am not hungry. I eat when I am bored. The only time in my life that I just looked at food on my plate and pushed it around as if I didn’t know what to do with it was when I took phen phen and lost 12 lbs. Of course they snapped that miracle out of my hands after about a month on it. I guess with good reason. Now I was skeptical about Sensa. I have not lost one pound yet, BUT after just a few bites. the food does not control me. I finally have control over my intense need for it. It loses its appeal, not that the food tastes bad, ( the sweet does have a bit of a raspberry flavor ever so slight). I like having control of what I eat, I can say no after just a few bites. I went to lunch with my friend who had a gastric bypass and I would always notice she barely touched her food, well this time I barely touched mine. I took leftovers home and ate them for three meals!! so this has to work eventually. I feel good and I have not exercised yet. I will add that for its own benefit soon. I hope it works because it gives me control over the food. OH one more thing, I ran out of the salt side of Sensa after one week. I may have been using too much. Good thing i had the six month supply and just opened month two.

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  38. Not only doesn’t this product work, but they send you new product and charge you within 30 days, not 60 as they advertise. So within 30 days I got charged twice $96.13. When I called to find out how to return the product the customer service rep said, and I quote “don’t get mad at me cause you don’t know what the f**k is going on.” This is how they treat people. How sad.

    Editor’s comments: Wow. Just wow.

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  39. I lost 5 lbs on it in 4 days. I forgot to use it over the weekend and I gained all my weight back. It worked when I used it but you have to constantly use it and put it on every meal for it to work correctly. I got it from Costco. Overall, it worked for me.

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  40. i just ordered sensa i figured i would give it a try now i am alittle worried that there gonna suck all my money away after reading all the reviews. has anyone been able to stop their order and not get charged for it?

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  41. Sensa made my heart beat rapidly and rose my blood pressure. I also had to use the restroom every hour and had pretty bad gas. All this in one day of use. Called to cancel and get RMA #, on hold for 28 minutes. At 4pm when they close, they promptly disconnected my call. Product and company are a scam.

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  42. Sensa has lost me as a customer before I even purchased anything!! I have requested Sensa remove me from their email list so many times and I still get an email daily from them! I refuse to do business with a company who doesn’t care about service.

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  43. The Sensa trial offer is a total scam, they still charge your card even when you think you cancelled in plenty of time. There is nothing free about it. And the product did not work. Total waste of money.

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  44. A friend of mine for whom Sensa didnt work gave me the six month supply he had, that he was planning on tossing in the trash. Im someone with ZERO willpower and have to eat and taste everoything and always overeat, but Sensa works WONDERS for me. Its been two weeks and ive lost a good three pounds and have strong appetite control. Being a healthcare provider,.this is my opinion only but i wonder if because Sensa works on the Central Nervous.System that it works.for.certain people and not for others.due to variations in the cellular receptors?

    Editor’s comments: MK, check out our review: There is no evidence Sensa “works” on the CNS.

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  45. Sensa is not only a scam but they take your money and then won’t give you a refund when you return the product in the agreed upon time frame and conditions stated and guaranteed!

    I tried Sensa and started getting sick after a few days from using it. It gave me sharp stomach pain and then I started getting pain in my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack! I stopped using Sensa for 2 days and then thought I would start again, thinking that it may have been something else…but immediately… the pain in my stomach came back, I mean it was PAINFUL, and then about an hour later, the chest pain started. I stopped it completely and called the company for a return #. I then returned the product, as instructed with all the literature, etc., and then followed up on the receipt of the item back to Sensa.
    6 weeks passed AFTER they received the package back, (good thing to get delivery confirmation)since they pretended they had no order for me- until I told them of the del. con. then they said that it could take 6 weeks to get the refund. I said that it had been 6 weeks already and was given some weak excuse about the warehouse being backed up and that I would get the refund soon. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but the agent went off the phone to supposedly talk to one since I wanted to be credited that day. She came back on and said that they had JUST GONE AHEAD THAT DAY, right then, and issued me a full refund. I’ve been kind of busy so just checked my bank today, a full week later and STILL NO REFUND! They are liars and con artists out for one thing people- to GET YOUR MONEY and prey on the needs of desperate people who badly need to lose weight!

    Don’t waist your time and especially not your money! I am now pursuing a claim with the bank and/or Visa to get my money back, but it is a lot of trouble and not worth the hassle!

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  46. As a healthcare provider, I thought Sensa looked safe and had a promise. They advertised ingredients as “food ingredients”. I tried Sensa and had an IMMEDIATE reaction. My reaction was initial feeling of fullness with 2 bite of food, followed by sensation of mouth burning. Central Nervous System symptoms of restless, dizziness, heart palpitation, anxiety, feeling of heavy desire to sleep and difficulty thinking/talking followed within a minute. The symptoms lasted 2 hours, I wanted to go to ER because my concern was that I may have stroke or heart attack. However, symptoms did improve. I had used perhaps 8-10 sprinkles (very little) with this response.
    I have tried to return the product, Customer Service was very rude, so I threatened them with attorney General’s Office (which I have full intention to follow-up on if no reimbursement), the gave me RMA number.

    This Product is NOT SAFE with BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Be Careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  47. I think I agree with Aimee. Free trials are never free — it’s a lead in.

    I’m going to try it. If it has an effect on my food consumption without my being someone who has a reaction to carmine then it will be worth it.

    I tend to eat way too much in a setting… generally after the kids stress me out. I don’t seem to “get full” very easily.

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  48. Typical infomercial product with typical bait and switch tactics. You order, don’t like it, they keep the trial payment, you pay for return shipping (after having to wait through long hold time and sales pitch once connected) – think about it: if 100,000 people pay $4.95 but return it, how much does Dr. Hirsch earn??? You don’t learn what’s in it or how it works until you own it! Maltodextrin, the main ingredient is the same stuff they put in sugarfree candies, that comes with the warning “Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.” So prepare for bloating, gas, and loose stools. Not to mention that you don’t know what this will actually do to your body over time. No such thing as free and easy weight loss; I fell for it and am ashamed. I also experienced the mouth burn and disinterest in food but it’s not worth it. Steer clear!!!!

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  49. This whole page of reviews are funny…notice the editors always punch back when someone says something positive. Editor’s comments: Sorry Aimee; not only are your comments degrading and patronizing, they are wrong. It isn’t “dumb people” who are being caught by this scam – it is ALL people. That’s because merchants offering a free trial to lure people into trialing their products often hide the terms and conditions, or bury the critical elements in the middle of some “legalese” nobody ever reads. And the law is catching on too; check this blog post to read how some Attorney Generals are beginning to prosecute companies that use this tactic.

    And incidentally, you have no more proof this product works “for people not worried about being charged” than the retailer who’s making the claims.

    Editor’s comments: Ally, did you take some time to understand who we are, what we do, and why we respond as we do? No, didn’t think so. It’s not really surprising, since you’re not even following your OWN train of thought. For example, you say we always “punch” back when someone says something positive, and to demonstrate this point, you give an example where we respond to someone who says something negative. Wow. Just wow.

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  50. I buy my sensa from costco. I pay 41.00 for months supply. It is a great priduct.

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  51. My first day is 7-25-12. I sprinkled some on my sausage biscuit and sausage burrito, and at 10 am I didn’t feel full. I usually eat again at 2p.m., and I am not hungry at all! If they try to bill me for the next order… I am just simply terminating my bank account! 🙂

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  52. I have not tried, wanted to say however the free trial is actually a pre use of an 89.99 product that you has to be cancelled if you are not going to continue using. Be careful of terms before ordering.. Read terms After you contact them if you choose to cancel you have 7 days to have the remaining amount post marked.. Product may be great.. Truthfullness about FREE TRIAL If you use the free trial you will not pay just the 4.95 you r credit card will be charged the full price…….FYI

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  53. I am skeptical as well but, when i was at Sams club they were running a special on the first month starter pack with the 2 1 month shakers and appetite suppressant chews for 29.00 so i thought heck it would cost me more than that to buy a size bigger jeans so i decided to purchase it. I have only been using it for two days but i can feel the urge to stop eating faster, whether i choose to or not is a different story. lol but i have been trying to stop when i feel it. However, i sometimes feel like after i eat that i am starting to get a headache, more like a hazy feeling of course could be allergies too so i guess i will have to wait it out.. when i sprinkle the sweet sprinkles on my grapes they get really sticky and that kinda sucks and i have to wash the sticky off my fingers etc… i did notice last night when i was offered an ice cream cone i did decline it but attacked half a bag of beef jerky so well idk… I will try to fill in after a bit … it came with a booklet to record your weight and i have done that so next week i shall let you know if i have any results. Thanks…

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  54. Now, THAT’S FUNNY!!! My husband and I are finishing up our third month on Sensa and we haven’t seen any significant weight loss as yet. However, we haven’t gained any additional weight, and that’s always a good thing. We started on July 28, 2012, and it is, what is SLOW for us. We are not junk food eaters and I’m a culinary arts major and surrounded by food all day, but when you’re around it that much, YOU DO NOT WANT TO EAT, but you have to taste what you cook, so I keep a container of Sensa hooked to my uniform and it goes on 99.9999% of anything that I must taste/eat.

    I truly hope this product stands up to its claims. If this product works as well as Dr. Hirsh claims it will, then I’m sure he could also appreciate winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his invention of a product that triumphs over obesity. That said, I order our product drama-free from

    In closing, Dr. Hirsh (the inventor of Sensa) promises we will shed at least 30.5 lbs. in 6-months and I am still a bit skeptical because I have only lost 4 lbs. in 2-months, gained those back, but haven’t gained any additional weight, which I am grateful, but on October 28, 2012, we will begin our 4th month, and just continue using the product as directed, eat healthy, and move our bodies, and stick to our 6-month commitment to the plan. Who knows, maybe we’ll wake up on the 1st day of the 6th month and THAT’S WHEN ALL THE WEIGHT WILL FALL OFF. YEP, THAT VERY DAY.

    Side Note: Good luck to you all and I hope the Attorneys General in your town receives your reports of the unscrupulous business practices of the Sensa distribution companies. I do not believe the companies the public is dealing with are owned or are in any form affiliated with Dr. Hirsh. It is my belief that these companies purchase the product from his manufacturing companies, rent a license, but once they own the product, they conduct all advertisement and provide all customer service.

    1) Check the return address on the product mailed to you; 2) go to the Secretary of State’s website of your city and input the company’s name and address on the website. This should tell you who owns the company, the company’s standing, and who the agent for service is, if you plan to litigate, this is who you will have served with summons/subpoena.

    I believe I read somewhere that state’s Attorneys General are cracking down on these distribution companies. They are owned independently, and pay a licensing fee to Dr. Hirsh. Buy your product from a reputable dealer.

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  55. I just want to add I really like the editor’s response “Wow. Just Wow”. That’s something I was saying in my head. Too funny, but I respect this website because of it’s no-nonsense approach to the various products and diet scams out here.

    Keep callin’ as you see ’em! Thanks for being here.

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  56. Thought I’d try Sensa- But BEWARE- this company makes it as hard and tedious as possible to return a product or cancel an account. They use every tactic- every stall- every time consuming script they can even if you say- ALL I want is an RMA.
    It was frustrating and not at ALL a good customer service system

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  57. NEVER TRY THIS PRODUCT. The trial period is a complete scam! I had to tell a foreigner 5 times to cancel my order and he kept offering more products. THEN, they have to give you a RMA number to ship it back but they put you in a automated system. I hit 1 three times, never got the RMA number! THEN I decided to try and login to cancel that way. I asked for a new password. NEVER GOT ONE. When I called back again, THEY Tried to continuous sell me and explain I was not using the product right! DONT TRY IT. I did not really notice anything with this thing. FYI you have to send all used and unused portions back.

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  58. I am beyond pleased with the results of this product! I have lost 14 lb. in 2 1/2 weeks, and feel wonderful!.

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