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San’s Tight Fat Burner Review: Does Tight Burn Fat?

A lot of you have been asking about San’s Tight fat burner recently. As far as formulations go, this is an interesting one. What’s in the Tight formula?

Well, to begin with there are the usual suspects, caffeine (a mild thermogenic) and green tea.

Green tea, as you know, is a pretty good ingredient for weight loss. In fact, a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Vol. 81, No. 1, 122-129, January 2005), indicated the ingestion of a tea rich in catechins (catechins are a major component of green tea extract) leads to both a lowering of bodyfat AND of cholesterol levels.

Green tea has also been shown to increase metabolic rate—by about 4% in one study (that’s less than a hundred calories per day for an average individual).

It’s also a powerful anti-oxidant, a glucose moderator and source of the mild thermogenic, caffeine (see the full review of green tea for more clinical references). You can read more about green tea here!

Other ingredients in San Tight!®? Good question…

i. Synephrine: (also known as bitter orange, citrus aurantium) Up until very recently, there was little evidence to show synephrine was much good for anything.

A small body of evidence indicates it may be somewhat useful for weight loss when combined with caffeine and St John’s Wort (see this abstract from PubMed for more). On its own, however, it doesn’t fare so well. Check this extract about Citrus Aurantium from this PubMed abstract

“An extensive search of MEDLINE, EMBASE, BIOSIS, and the Cochrane Collaboration Database identified only 1 eligible randomized placebo controlled trial, which followed 20 patients for 6 weeks, demonstrated no statistically significant benefit for weight loss, and provided limited information about the safety of the herb.”

Other evidence is even less complimentary.

ii. Guggulsteronesplant steroids from a resin of a tree native to India. This resin has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. A study published in The Journal of Associations of Physicians in India in 1989 showed this substance to have a powerful effect in decreasing blood fats (called triglycerides) AND LDL cholesterol (that’s the “bad” cholesterol), while elevating levels levels of the good cholesterol “HDL.”

Additionally, guggulsterones may stimulate the thyroid gland, resulting in a positive effect upon the body’s main thyroid hormones, T3 and T4.

iii. Sclareolide: a compound isolated from clary sage extract. Theoretically, sclareolide is a cAMP stimulator (as is forskohlin). cAMP is what is called a “second messenger.” In other words, this compound is required to “spark” many intracellular processes. This can give rise to various “total-body” effects as raised thyroid hormone levels and increased fat burning. While there is some evidence that forskohlin exhibits modest weight loss effects, no such evidence exists to validate such a claim for sclareolide.

iv. Yohimbine: The active principal of the bark of the African Yohimbe tree, this compound is often used as a natural aphrodisiac. It is also sold as a drug (in the U.S., a popular brand is Yohimex, which contains 5.4 milligram of yohimbine hydrochloride per tablet) and is used to treat impotency, dilate the pupil of the eye, and stimulate fat loss. Because it can cause unpredictable effects on blood pressure, yohimbine should be approached with caution.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug administration

Yohimbe is a tree bark containing a variety of pharmacologically active chemicals. It is marketed in a number of products for body building and “enchanced male performance.” Serious adverse effects, including renal failure, seizures and death, have been reported to FDA with products containing yohimbe and are currently under investigation.

The major identified alkaloid in yohimbe is yohimbine, a chemical that causes vasodilation, thereby lowering blood pressure. Yohimbine is also a prescription drug in the United States. Side effects are well recognized and may include central nervous system stimulation that causes anxiety attacks.

At high doses, yohimbine is a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor. MAO inhibitors can cause serious adverse effects when taken concomitantly with tyramine-containing foods (e.g., liver, cheeses, red wine) or with over-the-counter (OTC) products containing phenylpropanolamine, such as nasal decongestants and diet aids. Individuals taking yohimbe should be warned to rigorously avoid these foods and OTC products because of the increased likelihood of adverse effects.

Yohimbe should also be avoided by individuals with hypotension (low blood pressure), diabetes, and heart, liver or kidney disease. Symptoms of overdosage include weakness and nervous stimulation followed by paralysis, fatigue, stomach disorders, and ultimately death.

A few studies bear out yohimbine‘s positive effect on weight loss (Isr J Med Sci. 1991 Oct;27(10):550-6) but its effects are hardly earth-shattering.

v. Vinpocetine: a derivative of an alkaloid derived of a plant from the periwinkle family. In Europe, Japan and Mexico it’s used as a pharmaceutical agent for the treatment of cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders. It may have a slight effect on elevating metabolism, but at this time, that’s mostly speculation.

vi. Bioperine: the patented extract of the black pepper and long pepper berries harvested in India. Bioperine’s value is that it has been established to enhance the bioavailibility of certain supplements through increased absorption. In other words, when combined with Bioperine, numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants are more efficiently absorbed and utilized in the body.

Bottom line on San Tight? Well…

I’ve always liked green tea and guggulsterones. I’m not sure I’m a big fan of yohimbine when it comes to weight loss, but it may play a role in the overall potency of this product. Synephrine… well, it’s not looking too good for synephrine.

All in all, this is probably a little better product than most. Regardless, remember that not even the best fat burner will do anything for you unless you make the appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Summary of San Tight
  • Contains green tea extract and caffeine.
  • Contains other potentially useful compounds.
  • Contains some speculative (sclareolide) and weak (synephrine) ingredients.
  • Individual ingredient amounts are not known.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. San tight is the best weight loss pill i have ever taken, it gives you hella energy to work out harder better faster stronger, you sweat more, and you have hardly an appetite.. The best i have yet to try. And you only have to take 1 pill a day

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  2. I have to say, I find SAN Tight to be a phenomenal supplement. A few years ago I was training to compete in a natural BB contest. I dislocated my shoulder and was out. I got pretty fat while off the training, and fairly miserable about it.

    After coming off a recent bout of Physio for re-injuring my shoulder, I took a look in the mirror and hated what I saw. I decided that before getting back in the gym like a madman I needed to drop some weight.

    I made a minor adjustment to my diet – timing when I got the bulk of my carbs in, and I added SAN Tight. In less than 4 weeks the change is dramatic.

    While everyone responds differently to supplements, I can say that SAN Tight is the right supplement for me!

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  3. Purchased Tight on 30 May and have already lost inches and a couple pounds. I noticed that if I take it around 10 am, I’m good for the day.

    What I do, I make myself eat, but I eat healthy things and no foods after 8 pm. I can truly tell the difference, it’s the BOMB. That is no lie.

    I never believe anything I read, because I’ve found so many gimmicks, but this is truly good. I will probably use 1 more bottle and then I’ll be straight.

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  4. San’s Tight is the best fatburner I’ve used since the ephedra ban. I used it in conjunction with my diet and workout program and it really helped bring out my definition. This is a great supplement from one of the better supplement companies on the market.

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  5. Tight is amazing! The days I don’t take it, I am hungry and feel lazy and unfocused. I have seen results with this product.

    I am always recommending it… it’s not like a lot of the pills out there with a lot of caffeine and make you shake all day.

    This is by far the best I’ve tried… I love it!

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  6. I’ve only started taking San Tight two days ago but the amount of energy I have throughout the day is amazing. I used to be very athletic. But now, I like to take naps during the day and I never feel really awake, no matter what I do. My husband has really noticed the change in my energy.

    The only problem/question I have is about side effects. The two days that I’ve been taking it, I can’t relax enough to go to sleep at night.

    I take the pill around 8 am, but close to midnight I still don’t feel tired. I don’t know if I just need to work out more or if I’m taking too much. I weigh 110 pounds. I think it has to do with my size, but I want to reap the benefits of this amazing product.

    If my sleeping habits don’t return to normal soon, I’m going to get off the product.

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  7. OK, I know I just wrote, but after reading other people’s comments, I thought I needed to ask for some more help from you about this one. I’m not overweight, I’m very slim, but I have always had a pooch on my tummy and I seem to gain around my waist too. As I said, i used to be very athletic. I was a tennis competitor for a few years and I was in training 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. I never gained the freshman 15.

    I’ve just got married and noticed my pooch is getting bigger (but nothing else is) so I decided to try San Tight to get back into top shape and loose my pooch once and for all! I even eat very well and work out.

    Like I mentioned before, I have been very lazy and tired for the past year or two or three. Only 110 pounds, this pill doesn’t make me jittery, I feel normal again actually with the energy it gives me. But when it’s time for bed I CAN’T SLEEP! I feel VERY jittery… it’s midnight right now and I feel tired but I can’t relax enough to go to bed.

    Am I doing something wrong? Why am I only feeling this effect at night and not during the day? Should I work out hard before bed so that I just might be able to fall asleep?

    I’d LOVE your advice to help me. I’ve heard so many great things about this product and I don’t want to quit if I can fix what I’m doing wrong.

    Editor’s Comments: You are probably are feeling it during the day, but since you are active, it’s not that noticeable.

    We’d recommend cutting back any caffeinated beverages, as that will probably make things worse. And yes, an evening workout is probably a good idea. Everyone’s tolerance to stimulants is different – the good news is that these effects should become less intense over time.

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  8. Well, I’m using Tight! Extreme but I didn’t find it in the Product List on this website, so I am going to post my comments in here.

    I find SAN Tight to be a phenomenal supplement. I take 2 pills everyday with a gap of 6-7 hours in between. It’s been 3 days since I’ve been taking the pills and I feel so energetic and great about it. I’ve started running more, I cover 2 kilometers running without even taking a break.

    In short, I’ve found it awesome and I’m not aware of its Major side effects.

    I would like to know that are there any side effects?

    Editor’s comments: The most common side effect for stimulant based fat burners are “jitteriness”, elevated heart rate and blood pressure. You may also experience headaches when you stop taking these products – this is a sure-fire sign of caffeine withdrawl.

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  9. My husband started on this pill as the others that he used made him either moody or down right nasty. So far these are working great for him. He thinks they are good, and he also exercises and cut down on soda and empty foods. He recommends it because of his success and the fact that these don’t freak out his body and make him a huge mood-swing machine.

    I started using it 30-days after him since he had such success with it. I needed the extra edge for completing the workouts and staying on top of a healthy diet, exercise routine. I have been down the weight loss road before (after each child) and the truth is you have to ensure you exercise, eat better and drink plenty of water (or good for you fluids).

    I am a scuba diver and swim 3xs per week which really is good exercise. Being a busy mom and employed full time I do like the extra energy it gives to help me push through the work day, exercise routines and still be mom and maintain a house.

    With this product I have to make sure I don’t take it after 4:00 or I have a hard time sleeping. But it seems to keep me on track. I don’t take it on the weekends so that my body has time to “rest”. My husband can take it constantly, but as a smaller framed female I find my body needs the rest from any diet pills I may be taking. I want to rest the body and also make myself responsible for the food intake and exercise, you can’t live on pills daily forever.

    I read the reviews on all of the products before buying to watch for red-flay comments about health issues. So far after 30-days I haven’t had any bad side affects -but I contribute that to staying hydrated, continuing to exercies and to watch the “junk” I eat.

    There are some that work well to keep you on track but none are a super-pill. I would recommend this to the ladies but remember to follow the directions, start on a low dose and watch your intake close to bed.

    Only draw-back was that the first week sent me to the bathroom often. But now that I’m really working to keep on track it’s not such a problem, as long as I drink the water I keep the headaches away.

    After the first 30-days I still have some remaining in my first batch of pills, but I am sure this is due to weekend off & lower doses first few days.

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  10. Forgot to post in my long review before that after the first 30-days I did loose a total of 9 pounds Water/Fat combined. Not a magic pill but it’s working for me if I stay active.

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  11. I tried it on two different ocasions, as for FAT loss… none… I didn’t expect it to work miracles, so since I didn’t do enough of the rest I guess the fault’s on me :-)…

    Side effects though were BAD. I noticed a huge lack of will to train or even get up in the morning. I stoped taking it and it got better, didn’t think much about it for the first time. Tried it again three months later and BAM, there it is again, this time I connected the dots and stoped taking it after a week, imediate improvement. Might just be me, but I don’t recomend this to anyone, or at least try to keep an eye out for those kind of side efects. Tiago.

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  12. I followed the instructions but it caused bad side effects such as nausea and been sick several times shortly after taking it.

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  13. i can’t rate this product good or bad, yet, because its the first week of implementing it. Im in afghanistan and this supplement was on the shelf at the PX and decided to try it. I’m writing just to get some suggestions what diet and exercise frequency would benefit this stuff. i have a bad back, so I’m limited to core exercises and exercise bike at the gym. i do admit to being a smoker (1/2 pack a day) and due to the environment I’m in, i don’t see myself quitting until i get home. To wrap this up, i weigh 210 after dropping 30 lbs already and hope to get to 180 in 5 months.

    No side affects other than those that have been reported by the 3+ star raters. anybody have good suggestions that don’t turn me into a “muscle head” (no offense) because my back won’t allow it.

    I appreciate all the advice so far. plz keep me informed as i will my story

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  14. hi everyone ,,, i started takin ,,SAN Tight,, about a week ago and feel ok so far 1 pil a day and 3 time a week gym ,cant get any more days in the gym coz of work ,,,CAN ANYONE TELL ME WOULD IT WORK BY GOIN GYM 3 TIMES A WEEK GYM OR DO I NEED MORE GYM??? AND I WOULD IT EASY ME OFF FOOD A LITTEL>>>

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  15. Can you take two San tight pills a day 5 to 6 hours apart when it says one a day the reason I’m asking is because I seem to get very hungry around 3 pm

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  16. Am I the only one to find pretty obvious that the comments above are written by one person ?! 😀 I was about to buy SAN’s burner but Hell NO after that bad marketing…

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    • Mia, we try not to edit or remove comments if possible. There are a few back from 2008 that appear a little too good to be true, but most recent ones aren’t that positive. They balance each other eventually. 🙂

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