Remedilean Fat Burner Review: Does Remedilean Work? -

Remedilean Fat Burner Review: Does Remedilean Work?

According to the RemedicHealth web site, Remedilean is…

“… the most innovative weight loss product on the market today. Remedilean™ is a unique weight loss aid that combines the latest appetite suppressing ingredients with the highest quality fat burning ingredients.”

If you’re a long time visitor to this web site, you won’t be surprised to hear me say that this statement is mostly hype. The Remedilean compilation, although containing some worthy ingredients, is not revolutionary by any means, and is certainly no better formulated than some of the better products available. With that said however, let’s take a closer look at the Remedilean formula to measure the merits of their claims.

What’s in it?

1. Advantra Z: Also known as citrus aurantium, standardized for the chemical cousin of ephedra, synephrine. While a few smaller studies have shown promising results, the jury is still out on the effectiveness of Citrus aurantium for weight loss (for a very detailed article from on this ingredient, click here!). One study has shown Citrus aurantium to be a useful fat burner when combined with caffeine and St. John’s Wort (Curr Ther Res. 1999;60:145,153.), but St John’s Wort is conspicuously absent from this product’s formula. As far as synephrine on its own? Well…

Check this extract about Citrus aurantium from this PubMed abstract

“An extensive search of MEDLINE, EMBASE, BIOSIS, and the Cochrane Database identified only 1 eligible randomized placebo controlled trial, which followed 20 patients for 6 weeks, demonstrated no statistically significant benefit for weight loss, and provided limited information about the safety of the herb.”

Not too promising, eh?

2. Hoodia gordonii: I have a full review of Hoodia here. Suffice to say that Hoodia is no clear cut fat burning winner at this time — there’s no conclusive data it’s good for anything. That’s unfortunate because the bulk of the Remedilean formula (some 3000 mg) is made up of Hoodia).

3. Chromium picolinate: A full review of chromium is available here. Generally, chromium is a great supplement to have in any fat burner because of its positive effect on insulin function.

4. Green tea: One of the few ingredients in this compilation showing some real positive trends for weight loss, a full review of green tea is available here. Remedilean also combines green tea with caffeine, a combination that has been shown to provide additional weight loss benefits (Obes Res. 2005 Jul; 13(7): 1195-204). As such, these ingredients are a welcome addition to this formula, provided you are not overly sensitive to caffeine.

5. Glucomannan: In essence, glucomannan is a fiber supplement, helping to fill you up without adding calories. There is some decent data indicating glucomannan may reduce serum cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels in individuals with type II diabetes. It may even have a positive effect on insulin resistance — another plus for the hard core dieter. All in all, this is a great supplement, but I’d like to see a little more of it included in the Remedilean formula.

6. Metabromine: a xanthine derivative of caffeine, this ingredient has mild stimulating effects. It’s effect on weight loss has not been effectively demonstrated at this time.

7. A blend of carnitine, choline, inositol, spirulina and methionine. Unfortunately, these ingredients are not fat burning winners, and really add little more than window dressing to this formula (interested in learning more about carnitine? A full review is available here!).

Bottom line?

In a nutshell, Remedilean is more of a Hoodia supplement than anything else — and there’s little data proving Hoodia’s effectiveness at this time. Other ingredients, like chromium, green tea, caffeine, and glucomannan are welcome additions to this formula, but I doubt they make it worthwhile to justify the cost of experimenting with Remedilean.

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