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Relacore Customer Comments & Feedback

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I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on Relacore.

I began taking it about 7-8 months ago. I’m not sure if I’ve seen much of a reduction of “belly fat”, but I believe it has had a real effect on anxiety.

I gained 25 pounds 2 years ago while taking prescription anti-anxiety medication under my doctor’s care. We tried changing formulas and medications, but I eventually decided that the way I felt about myself due to the weight gain was worse than the anxiety I was experiencing.

Since then, it has been a battle to lose those extra pounds. I started taking Relacore in hopes of helping me shed them. What I found is that although I lost about 5 pounds, it has been most effective in helping me to keep those anxious feelings at bay. The only times I have had to deal with anxiety issues since then has been when I realized after the fact, that I had not taken them for a while.

Another notable fact I discovered is that there are two different sets of dosing directions, depending on where they were purchased. I orginally purchased Relacore from Walmart.

After one month Walmart was out of stock and I could not find it anywhere. In frustration I went to the GNC store at our local mall where the price was twice as expensive. I was very concerned when I got home and read the directions. They said to take 1 at meal time instead of the 2 written on my other bottles. I called the company and they said there was no need for concern.

The dosing was different based on the maketing location. What I gathered from that was, if you pay more for it, you can take it less frequntly. If it is cheaper, the amount is doubled, creating the same time frame until you must buy a new bottle.

The ingredients and amounts were the same in both bottles. It is my understanding that the higher dosage doesn’t create higher results. Since then I have taken only the one pill 2-3 times a day.

My weight has stayed steady, but my anxiety issues are rarely a concern now.

Kristen (

Paul’s note: There is a common issue with many products sold at Wal-mart. Believe it or not, many of their products are not significantly cheaper than their competitors. What happens is that because Wal-Mart has so much “clout” with retailers, they can demand a unique formulation that increases the perception of value.

For example, many popular fat burners are sold in bottles that contain half the capsules (or half the dosage) that Wal-Mart’s competitors have. Of course, Wal-Mart can then sell this at half the price, increasing the perception in the customer’s mind that they have the lowest prices.

Another example?

A short time ago a friend of mine was telling me that she would only buy her “Whey Gourmet” protein from Wal-Mart because it was $10 cheaper than the local retailers. When I investigated this further, I found that Wal-Mart sold 1.5 lb. bottles, while the local retailer sold 2 lb. containers. When you factored the difference in product quantity, the price was exactly the same.

I agree that Relacore is useless for weight loss, but the effect it has on everyday stress levels is truly amazing. I have more confidence and less worry. I can handle situations without going into a panic.

The weight? Walking it off is all it takes really. What I am wondering is if I can buy the Magnolia bark and Passion flower, if those are the key ingredients for less stress somewhere else for less money. It is also interesting that the more you paid the less you take. I think that is wrong, and deceitfull, but typical.

Kim (two4ever2002 AT

I have been taking relcore for 3 weeks. I started weighing in at 232 lbs. I am now 221 lbs and have noticed my mid-section is a lot slimmer (I have been taking them with CLA and walking 3 miles a day 6 days a week and cut all fats and just drink 1 gallon of water a day).

Who knows if relacore helped me or if it was just the change in my behavior?? I still recommend this product it just makes me feel great and I can honestly say that I am a lot less stressed. I will be taking lipovarin in a couple days instead of the relacore my friend lost 100 lbs on lipovarin in about 6 months!

So wish me luck on my adventure… love your site.

Cecilia (creyes8 AT

I started taking Relacore three months ago due to the advertisent regarding losing belly fat. I read all I could on it before I purchased it at Wal-Mart for $18.88.

What I have found that it has not helped my weight, or belly fat, but I do feel better taking it. I feel calmer and have more energy then I have without. I will continue on it for that benefit. No one I know that has taken it has lost weight but we all share the over well being, calmer feeling it restores. So if you take it for stress relief instead of weight loss, it might work for you, also.

Karen (karen.hulsey AT

I have to say that Relacore has made me quite ill. After about 2 hours after taking 2 pills as they directed, my shoulders hurt, I am dozy, yet can’t sleep and I am agitated. This has proven a fake to me.

No name provided (sincerely_99 AT

I read the testimonies and saw the advertisments for Relacore and decided to give it a try. Within the first day of taking it I started to feel lightheaded. I thought maybe it just needed time to work.

The next day I still felt funny but continued to take Relacore. That night my friends and I went to dinner. Over the course of dinner I had a Martini and we split a bottle of wine.

After I got home and went to bed, I got up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom. When I went to stand up, the room spun and I almost fell over. I caught myself on my dresser and thought “what the hell happened.” I started to freek out because I thought maybe I had a stroke or something as I slept.

I was about to go wake up my roomate when my head finally settled down and I got my balance back. By now my heart was pounding and I didn’t know if I should lay back down or call for help. I went to the bathroom, drank some water, calmed myself down, and went back to bed.

I woke up in the morning with that light headed feeling again. I told my roomate what happened during the night and he asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. I told him I was going to stop taking Relacore and let’s see what happened. It took about two more days for everything to go back to normal.

Bradley (bstofla AT

I love relacore. I started taking it about 2 weeks ago. I really just started taking it for the heck of it. My mom had a bottle and she wasn’t taking it so…

Anyway, I have seen results as far as weight loss. (about 5 lbs in 2 weeks). Now don’t get me wrong, I work out – hard. Usually I do about an hour of interval cardio a day with some weight lifting a few days a week.

But I have been doing this a few months and only lost about 5 lbs in 6 months. The major difference is definitely in my mood and stress levels. I call this my “happy pill”.

It has no jittery effects like most diet pills, but it has reduced my tendency to eat out of boredom or stress in a way that I feel is much healthier than the other diet pills.

I would recommend this supplement to everyone that usually eats for emotional reasons — i.e., boredom, stress, depression, etc.

Dawn (

I tried relacore after checking out different options. I have found no weight loss with the relacore, however I did have a lot more energy and when I stopped taking it I did notice a drastic change in my energy level.

For this reason I would take relacore but for weight loss, I dont think it is working at all. In fact my weight has increased! I wish I would have checked the product out a little more before taking it.

Amanda (

I love Relacore. I have only been taking it for a week now and I have lost a little weight due to not eating as much bad foods. I can walk past sweets now without feeling like I ‘have’ to have them.

I believe this is because I am not as stressed. I was a stress eater and didnt even realize it. I love how it makes me more relaxed. I already told my friend that combo pilling the relacore with a stronger actual weight loss pill may be the thing for her, simply because of how good relacore makes me feel. I Love it. I think I may keep this as an anti anxiety medicine from now on.

Hopefully it never goes off the market! 🙂

Jessica (

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  1. I just started today taking it..i work out when I can..for the most part owning my own business an raising 2kids I pretty much pay for a gym I drive by..ill check back in a few weeks to up date my results..

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  2. I just bought a bottle to day 1/30/2016 for the pass year 1/2 I have been stressed out and plenty of lots of anxiety so if this medication help relief anxiety and belly fat then I am willing to try it. As well as eating the right foods with exercise ill take all medication and report back with a full report. honesty is best… MY WEIGHT IS AT 267 IAM OVER WEIGHT FOR MY HEIGHT SO LETS SEE HOW THIS WORK..

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