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Ray Burton’s Fat To Fit Reviewed: A Soldier’s Guide To Fitness And Fat Loss

Ray Burton, the author of Fat to Fit, is an ISSA certified fitness trainer. He is also a former Canadian soldier, twice awarded the most physically fit recruit. At one time he was requested by his platoon leader to design and implement a fat loss & workout program that would “cause rapid fat loss and an increase in performance in the overweight soldiers”, as well as “develop muscle for the underweight soldiers.”

The program he created in battlefield conditions evolved over time, and eventually Ray decided to put his fitness knowledge down in the form of an “everyperson’s” fitness e-book entitled “Fat to Fit.”

Fat to Fit is an easy to read book that takes getting fit right back to basics. It includes 3 exercise routines that are graduated in their intensity according to your present fitness level and/or personal fitness goals.

One thing I particularly appreciate about Ray’s book is his desire to encourage his readers with motivational messages and quotes throughout. His goal is to push you out of your ‘can’t’ state of mind and help you to realize that your desires for true physical health are very much within your grasp. Many books can provide you with routines and eating plans, but without encouragement, our fitness goals can seem unattainable and we can soon become discouraged. Fat to Fit is full of reminders of what each of us can do with the right mindset.

Ray starts the dietary section of Fat to Fit by explaining the purpose of vitamins, macronutrients, proteins and carbohydrates in our daily diet. He then moves on to teaching us how to calculate our dietary needs. Fat to Fit encourages a natural, unprocessed diet. Instead of telling you exactly WHAT food to eat when, Ray simply tells you when to eat which ‘type’ of foods (i.e. proteins, carbs, fats etc.). Altogether, it makes for an easy to follow plan!

In the workout portion of Fat to Fit Ray goes right back to the basics, covering things like choosing a gym, how and why to choose a trainer, and even what to include in your gym bag. I found this to be a very helpful section. As a former trainer myself, I’ve seen my share of gym members who were so intimidated and confused by their first experience in the gym environment that they found it difficult to commit to a routine. Fat to Fit goes a long way to put your mind at ease, and even discusses proper gym etiquette!

As I pointed out earlier, Fat to Fit has 3 simple to understand and follow graduated workout programs. If you’re new to exercising, no worries. Ray lays out the proper execution of each exercise at the end of the book complete with photos to make it simple to understand.

Overall, Fat to Fit is a great book for those of you who really appreciate fitness and weight loss explained as simply as possible. Ray puts a great emphasis on helping his reader to understand how weight loss works, what is involved and what needs to be done to get started. The motivational aspect of the book is a great way to help remind you of the task at hand and keep you firmly on the right track.

If you are looking to lose some weight and trim up, I would definitely recommend Fat to Fit, no matter what stage you find yourself — beginner or intermediate. Even more experienced dieters will glean something from Ray’s tome… there’s something here for everybody!

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