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RapidCuts Femme Fat Burner For Women Review

Dozing on the couch after a particularly satisfying workout, I was jolted from my reverie by an overly enthusiastic RapidCuts Femme commercial. Blinking sleepily, I struggled upright. “RapidCuts Femme”, the announcer proclaimed,”features a new modern 3-Stage fat burning technology. This revolutionary approach to female body transformation is the new standard in fat reduction sciences.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever”, I mumbled sleepily.

For a while the narrator droned on, extolling the miraculous fat burning benefits of RapidCuts femme. But then, the completely unexpected happened…

“You can expect to lose as much as 9.9 pounds of unwanted body fat and improve body firmness in as little as 12 weeks,” announced the narrator breathlessly.

What the… ?

9.9 pounds in 12 weeks? Why that’s almost… reasonable. Attainable even. Heck, it’s probably even accurate. After all, that’s less than a pound a week. What the heck is going on here? Don’t tell me supplement retailers are going to start providing their customers with a realistic expectation of their products’ performance? What is the world coming to?

Needless to say, in seconds I was on my feet and on my way to my office, where I began researching RapidCuts Femme in earnest (yes, it’s becoming increasingly obvious… I don’t have a life! šŸ™‚ )

Let’s have a closer look at this product…

As the announcer stated, there are 3 “stages” in the fat burning process — each of which coincides with it’s own blend of ingredients…

1) Targetā„¢ (Fat Targeting Enhancer): Designed to “initiate the fat burning process by effectively controlling the bodyā€™s chief fat burning hormone ā€“ Cortisol.” Apparently, this element of the formulation is so potent is can lower cortisol levels by 26%.

Targetā„¢ contains three ingredients…

i) SensorilĀ® Ashwagandha extract: The SensorilĀ® version of ashwagandha is an especially potent one, manufactured to ensure it contains adequate levels of the most active constituents of the plant — withanolides, oligosaccharides, and withaferin. “Run of the mill” Ashwagandha products may be produced from old or inferior plants, not yielding nearly enough of these ingredients to provide much benefit.

As far as these benefits go, it is this element of the formula that the “cortisol controlling” claims come from. Ashwagandha is, of course, a plant that has been studied fairly extensively (a search for ashwagandha at PubMed brings up nearly 150 published studies), and does show promising results for a variety of conditions — including stress relief. One review of available study data (Altern Med Rev. 2000 Aug;5(4):334-46) concluded…

“Preliminary studies have found various constituents of ashwagandha exhibit a variety of therapeutic effects with little or no associated toxicity. These results are very encouraging and indicate this herb should be studied more extensively to confirm these results and reveal other potential therapeutic effects. Clinical trials using ashwagandha for a variety of conditions should also be conducted.”

OK, so where does this magical 26% lowering of your cortisol levels come from? As far as I can tell, it’s from the SensorilĀ® patent application — where the results of a positive “anti-stress” test performed on rats is outlined. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that rats are not humans, and that promising animal studies only confirm the need for more studies, and credible human-based data.

And that’s the main problem with ashwagandha data — it’s promising alright, but there is very little human-based clinical information available. For instance, another study (see J Pharm Pharmacol. 1998 Sep;50(9):1065-8) showed it increased thyroid activity — surely a boon for those trying to lose weight! Whoops! Once again, this study was performed on mice, not humans.

Bottom line on this 26% lowering of cortisol levels? Sure it’s applicable… if you’re an albino lab rat. If you’re not, we need more real clinical human data before we can truly evaluate this ingredient’s benefits on stress relief and weight loss. Nonetheless, I believe there’s enough evidence available to state that Ashwagandha is certainly a beneficial supplement — it’s just hard to accurately quantify those benefits at this time.

ii) Guggul (standardized for 9 mg each of E&Z guggulsterones): A small body of evidence indicates guggulsterones may also have value as a fat burner (see J Postgrad Med. 1995 Jan-Mar;41(1):5-7) specifically by increasing thyroid T3 hormone levels.

However, if you review the study referenced above, you’ll see the positive results were attained with 1.5-3 grams if guggul daily. If this is standardized to a mere 6% active guggulsterones, that’s between 90 and 180 mg of active ingredients — 3 to 5 times more than the amount found in RapidCuts Femme. Other studies indicate that guggul has LDL-cholesterol lowering and anti-inflammatory properties. For a complete review of guggul, please read the Guggulbolic Extreme review!

iii) Banaba (standardized for .48 mg of corosolic acid): To date, several credible studies validate Banaba’s ability to lower blood glucose levels, therefore providing some benefit to those with non-insulin dependent diabetes, as well as overweight or obese individuals. (Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2006 Aug;73(2):174-7. Epub 2006 Mar 23 , J Ethnopharmacol. 2003 Jul;87(1):115-7 , J Nutr. 2001 Sep;131(9):2242-7).

2) Releaseā„¢ (Fat Release Enhancer): “A proprietary blend designed to initiate the release of fat from larger areas of stubborn stored fat by enhancing the bodyā€™s key fat-release pathway known as Lipolysis.”

Includes methylxanthine concentrated green tea, caffeine anhydrous, and ForsleanĀ® — Indian coleus forskohlii — standardized for 25 mg forskolin.

Translated, this element of the ingredient profile contains green tea standardized for caffeine (and possibly other xanthines like theobromine and theophylline).

There’s good reason why caffeine is found in the vast majority of fat burners on the market today — it has well established thermogenic (fat burning) effects (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97). As such, it’s a smart addition to this compilation.

It’s also smart to combine caffeine with green tea (standardized for EGCG), as the two have synergistic effect — increasing the fat burning potency of the combination.

Nothing revolutionary or earth shattering here — just some, age-old, proven ingredients.

The last ingredient in the “Release” element of RapidCuts Femme is ForsleanĀ®, a patented version of coleus foskohlii extract.

This study, “Effects of Coleus Forskohlii Supplementation on Body Composition and Hematological Profiles in Mildly Overweight Women (which was funded by the Sabinsa Corporation who holds the patent) did not find any significant changes in lean mass or fat, although the researchers did conclude that ForsLean “…may help mitigate weight gain.”

Another study, (Journal of Obesity Research August 2005, “Body Composition and Hormonal Adaptations Associated With Forskolin Consumption In Overweight and Obese Men”) found that forskolin was helpful, but did not yield earth-shattering results.

3) Igniteā„¢: Fat Ignition Enhancer: Designed to “ignite and eliminate released fatty acids.”

This element of the formula contains…

i) Green tea standardized for polyphenols (including 93 mg of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), as well as an additional 19 mg of caffeine): Green tea is as close as it gets to a “no brainer” ingredient for any weight loss supplement, and there’s plenty of good, clinical data validating its effects (see the green tea review for more information). A smart addition to this formula.

ii) White willow bark (standardized for salicin): An anti-inflammatory similar to aspirin, it promotes a very similar response within the body. In the days when ephedra was common to every fat burner, white willow was often used as an alternative to aspirin in the good old ephedra/caffeine/aspirin stack. There’s no evidence to suggest it provides any synergistic fat burning effect when added to ephedra-free formulations.

iii) MetabromineĀ® ( Standardized for theobromine): an alkaloid found in the cacao plant, theobromine is also a methylxanthine (like the aforementioned caffeine and theophylline). Normally it has uses as a vasodilator — lowering the blood pressure while stimulating an elevated heart rate. It also may prove useful for treating asthma, and, believe it or not, may have cancer prevention properties.

Does Theobromine help with weight loss? Well, it seems to inhibit the action of the enzyme that converts active cAMP to inactive cAMP (cAMP is a “cellular regulator.” In other words, this compound is required to “spark” many intercellular processes. An increased concentration of cAMP can have such “total-body” effects as raised thyroid hormone levels and increased fat burning). So it may provide some value.

And there you have it… the RapidCuts Femme formula.

So… what’s the verdict?

Well, the combination of green tea and caffeine — although not particularly revolutionary — is a good one. Those two ingredients on their own are probably enough to ensure this product will provide you with some benefits — provided you eat smart and adopt some sort of exercise program.

The other ingredients? Well… forskolin, guggul, and banaba are all promising ingredients and do have a small body of clinical data validating their effectiveness. It would be nice however, if RapidCuts Femme contained a more potent dosage of guggul — at least twice what is present here.

I’d say the fat fighting and cortisol reducing effects of the SensorilĀ® Ashwagandha extract are far from conclusively proven in humans, and the benefits of MetabromineĀ® — as far as weight loss goes — aren’t conclusive either. So it’s difficult to say if and how much in the way of benefits these two ingredients add to the overall formula.

RapidCuts Femme is obviously marketed to women. But quite frankly, there are not any gender specific ingredients that justify this. It’s simply labeling and marketing.

Still, all in all this is a pretty good formula. And I absolutely love the fact that AllMax (the makers of RapidCuts Femme) aren’t over-exaggerating the results of their product (yes, despite the “3-stage fat burning technology” silliness).

Kudos to them for that. It’s a nice change. Two thumbs up. With the implementation of a smart diet and exercise program, Rapid Cuts Femme may just give you the edge!

Summary of Rapid Cuts Femme
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Contains some useful ingredients.
  • Clinical evidence in support of weight loss claims is questionable.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. OMG. This product works! I have ordered many weight control supplements on the internet and have even had the Gastric Bypass surgery.

    I have 40lbs more to lose and I needed additional help. When I ordered this product I thought at first I must be crazy to try one more product. But I am so glad that I did. RapidCuts works!

    At least I can say it works for me. I have been losing inches and weight. I follow a low calorie meal plan, light exercises and drink water or unsweetened green tea. This has given me outstanding results.

    I am now ordering for the second time time – 3 for the next 90 days. Good luck to you (I am not getting paid for this comment, nor did anyone promise me anything.)

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  2. Rapid cuts femme sucks. Don’t waste your time or money on this product. I’ve used it in conjunction with a very clean diet and a workout program designed by a personal trainer, and did not experience any changes at all.

    What a huge disappointment!

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  3. This is the second time I’ve tried Rapidcuts Femme – couldn’t remember why I stopped using it the first time and now I do.

    The first side effect I experienced was irritability. The second and MOST annoying side effect is the (and I’m not exaggrating) bloating, gas, flatulence and constant diarrhea.

    Remember that everything affects people differently so this is only my experience. It may work for you. I’m starting the third week on RCF tomorrow and I’m hoping that these side affects disappear soon.

    If not, I won’t be purchasing it a third time!

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  4. I have just finished my first bottle of Rapid cuts femme. I’m not a very large person and was only looking to shed 10 lbs or so and tone up. I don’t weigh myself, so I can’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost (although I probably still weight the same). But soon I will because I AM noticing visible results.

    I had a lot of holiday weight and bloating in the waist line area, and that is now gone. My tummy has been able to stay consistently unbloated and my waistline is returning to what it used to be.

    It does curve my appetite and help my mood. As well, as a coffee addict, I’ve been able to go days without coffee without any headaches!

    I believe it does soften the stool, but I wouldn’t say that it was diarrhea because it wasn’t painful or frequent. In fact, it just makes me more confident about eating because I know that it’s not building up inside of me.

    I’m not sure how effective of a product it really is yet because it’s too soon to tell and I’m tiny to begin with. But I CAN say that WITHOUT a scale, I’ve SEEN dramatically visible results before I was done taking my first bottle. Not only in my waistline, but in my thighs as well, and slightly overall. The speed of that is impressive.

    I can’t wait to see what happens now that it’s spring and I add an exercise routine as well.

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  5. I just started the Rapid Cuts Femme. I have noticed it really ups my heart rate. I usually was around 75 and now my norm is 98 BPM. I must say I was scared of this product at one point and went to the ER but that is probably just the product working. I have lost a pound or so and am only trying to lose another 10 or 15 pounds before I’ll be at my ideal weight. I figure that will be in about a couple months. I’m very optimistic. My exercise is very low but I am going to be starting to go to the YMCA next month. Wish me luck.


    Lisa Poort

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  6. I am in my mid 40’s and have tried several diets over the years to shed approx 10-15 lbs. I am a 2-4 times a week exerciser and have maintained a normal body weight. I just have gained a few extra pounds I wanted to loose. I tried Rapid Cuts Femme for 2 days and only took 1 pill a day. I first noticed an increase in energy and my heart rate went up. I did not need a 2nd pill later in the day.

    The 2nd day same thing – increased energy, etc. Then at about 8 pm I started feeling dizzy – like vertigo. I threw up my small dinner and had a terrible night trying to sleep sitting up. The next morning I still was dizzy. It took several days to feel myself again. This product is very strong. I will not take this product or any other for that matter.

    This did it for me – I will diet the natural way. Exercise and portion control. Good Luck – Kathleen Smith

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  7. It’s my first day taking this product. I’ve noticed that my heart rate has increased, and I feel kinda restless. I am on a clean diet and exercise 4X per week.

    I’m not sure if I’m going to take the second pill in the afternoon, because the jittery feeling started after the second pill. Will keep trying this product, and hopefully the inches will be lost at the end of 8 weeks as promised…..

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  8. I just started the Rapid Cuts Femme Friday night, today is Monday. I was 201.7lbs, now I’m down to 200lbs already. I’m on a 1200 cals per day diet (I probably consumed about 2500 or more before). I’m 5″3 in height and I just had a baby on Nov 24th. I have always struggled with the weight, used to weigh 125-130 before I got pregnant with my firstborn, and never went below 155lbs since. I’m trying to lose weight (love handles and my belly) so I can enjoy the summer in a nice bikini or bathing suit and actually not be self conscious for the first time in my life!

    So far it is working for me, I’m trying to go for 20g of fat or less a day, and I’m eating 1 or 2 small meals, and little snacks throughout the day, and I have a Slimfast shake for breakfast! So far so good, and no side effects. So far I have had good results, and the only time I get irritable is if I wait more than 3 hours to have a snack!

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  9. So far so good. I started at 133 lbs 4 days ago and have lost 2.5lbs so far. This pill definitely gives the energy I was lacking to work out. My cardio is so bad and I found myself getting tired after only running a minute on the treadmill but after taking rapidcuts femme I could go for about 7minutes on the first day which is big for me!

    It has helped my appetite as well, and no jitters like other pills. Only bad thing is I have a bit of trouble falling asleep at night. I would say it is worth giving a try for sure.

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  10. okay so for a couple weeks now I’ve been using this product and have noticed a diminishing midsection on me. I also use the treadmill daily for a week now so this in conjunction with the RapidCuts may be helping. I’ll check back in a few weeks.

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  11. This rocks. Don’t believe the bad reviews. I was skeptical but my friend told me she lost 9lbs in two weeks so I tried it. I can’t take other fat burners because they make me jittery. Rapid completely dulls my appetite and I have to remind myself to eat. I started taking it last year and lost 23lbs very quickly.

    I stopped taking it in the summer because I was considering another baby. Within a month I noticed my tummy was puffy again and I was STARVING! I restarted two weeks ago and my tummy is totally flat again and I’m not hungry. I don’t really have any more weight to lose but I like it for maintaining my weight and giving me energy.

    I only take one per day instead of two and take two omega 3 capsules with it. No negative side effects at all and my friends have started taking it with good results as well. It’s cheapest at WalMart (19.99). I definitely recommend!

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  12. Today is my 1st day on it, and I do feel a little nauseous. I started working out on Monday and I weight 224.8 lbs. I will check my weight next Monday and keep this updated. Thanks šŸ™‚

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  13. So I weighed myself Monday, and to my surprise I lost 2.4 lbs. in 1 week, that was with the pills or powder, as well as better eating and starting the gym and sauna, I will keep you updated for next week!!!

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  14. Today is my first day trying Rapid cuts, I feel nauseous after eating, had 2 pieces of fish and ate well throughout the day. It gave me good energy during work but I found myself irritable and a bit “gassy.” I think I’ll go down to 1 pill a day instead of 2. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I’m going to use it until the end of the eight weeks and hope i lose the inches promised!

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  15. I just started taking rapid cuts. I feel like I’m high on something! I also am concerned witht the warning on the bottle. It says you must drink lots of water while on this product or it can cause blockage of the esophogas or the intestine or throat. So women beware please make sure your drinking tons of fluids. Its only been 1 day & i’m nervous about taking the 2nd pill. its 12:15pm & I’m not hungry, but I did have to pee a million times already! we’ll see! ;p

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  16. I’m about to try the powder. I want to lose about five to ten pounds for the summer. I also have a little problem with taking pills so when I saw this product I was so happy; should the drink give me the results I want?

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  17. just started taking the Rapid cuts powder today! i got the orange tangerine flavour and compared to the other weight drinks i have had this taste like juice very easy to drink hopefully this works!! wish me luckk

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  18. I’m a healthy person who is just looking to lose 10 lbs and pretty much tone my body and lose the belly fat. I just started taking rapidcuts today and the only side effect i feel is a headache. I think I will do 1 pill a day rather than 2. I did notice i had more energy to work out and did not feel as tired as i usually feel at the end of my workout. I hope to get the results I want. Goodluck to everyone!

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  19. Im a fairly healthy 17 year old girl. I use to work out atlest 6 times a week for 1-3 hours at a time. I was in the best shape of my life even though I ate like crap. I just finished my first week of RCF and I actually almost feel like my old self again… My already still somewhat flat tummy is showing my abbs alittle again and I have the energy I use to. Only thing is that I have been fairly gassy this past week and am having troubles sleeping at night. I take the 2 pills a day and im finding that works for me. So far i’m pleased with the results.

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  20. I started taking RapidCuts Femme yesterday & no side effects! No bloating, gas, rapid heart rate, insomnia, need to “go”. Zip.

    In fact, I feel pretty relaxed. I slept well last night & I have no more 3:00 PM munchies or any other need for snacks every 3 hours.

    Like a lot of women, PMS time & the aftermath is not my #1 time of the month. I battle the water retention ritual regularly. So I was told that RapidCuts Femme is formulated to fight this very problem.

    As I watch the scale with the frequency of a supermodel, I’ll keep an eye on my scale (and my calendar!)for my progress.

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  21. I have just started the RCF today, I have taken my second capsule and so far I feel fine. I do feel warmer (which I hope means fat is burning off) and I feel energetic, my pulse is fine, I am not jittery or hungry. I am eating healthy and am very very active but I usually do anyhow. I am at about 215lbs, I am hoping to lose 60lbs in total and plan on using this product to start and then near the end to finish. So far no side effects. Everybody is different and what works for some will not work for others.I will post next week to let you know how much I have lost.

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  22. Ok so I have now taken the RCF for 1 week. I have lost 2″ on my belly and 1″ on my hips. I have dropped down to 210lbs from 217 (I thought I was 215). I am exercising and eating right but as stated before I have been doing so. I have had no side effects except on Sat I was gasey due to eating bad. My calories where between 1300 and 2000 all week except Sat which I was 2500. Love this product!I am 5’8″ and have always been active but not able to lose weight.

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  23. I’ve been using this product for a while now, I must be the laziest person in the world so my problem is first off getting to the gym. I honestly only bought rapid cuts because a friend of mine (who really knows her diet and exercise) recommended it AND it was on sale for 17 bucks at walmart, within a couple of weeks I noticed I could easily do cardio work for hours at the gym. When I ran out, I switched to caffiene pills thinking I would obtain the same results, I was wrong. Today is my first day back on rapid cuts and I feel amazing, battling the gym today was effortless and it hasn’t been like this in a while, feels great! I read the ingredients to be safe and it’s just a bunch of vitamins and some caffiene. I wouldn’t say theyre a miracle pill I mean u can’t just have those and eat 7 bags of chips and expect results, but its great in the sense that u don’t even want those chips, what u want is to workout, and because u want to workout you’ll see the results you want! I take a pill an hour before a workout and try to eat a lot of protein right after, sometimes if I increased my intake I’d notice it was hard to sleep at night, but found that drinking alot of water throughout the day and decaffeinated tea before bed cured that! It’ll work differently for everyone, my friends are all my age and about my height 21 yes old and 5″3 prbly 120 lbs + and we all find it to work about the same! It’s cheap, nothing really to lose by trying it! Im not one to recommend products but I was curious as to if this worked for others or not so I investigated, but decided my feedback was necessary since I had really good results with it! Yaaaaaaaaaay rapid cuts!!!

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  24. I recently wrote an amazing review of this product, which was I guess deleted… I’m not impressed with the quality and accuracy of this site, do not trust it, it’s definately monitored and filtered !

    Editor’s comments: Actually, we just approved your comment. If you check out out posting FAQ…


    You’ll see we require at 2 complete business days to approve a comment. You just needed to be a little more patient, is all. šŸ˜‰

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  25. I have been using this product for just over 30 days and I have lost over 30Lbs! Thank you so much! I was surprised how quickly this product works and how you can feel it working in your system.

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  26. This is my first day of taking the product. I have notice a little bit of dizziness. I’ve been reading through all ur reviews and hope the result will be good. I hope this will help me to lose the 30 pounds that I want to lose. I will update maybe in a month and let u guys know my results and if this product really works!!!!

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  27. I am not one for diet supplements,I truely believe in eating healthy and exercise,HOWEVER being a woman and having 2 children it is nearly impossible to lose those last 10 pounds in the belly area. SO I sucked it up and tries the rapidcuts powder, I figured if anything it will encourage me to drink more water. But I feel the difference, the drink is like a fruit juice, quite tasty, and it gives me that extra boost of energy to get moving, as well as curving my unhealthy snack eating habits.After a few days I tried on my bikini and as I am no supermodel in it I do feel confident to wear it as I have seen minor results, but like I said it has only been a few days.I am sure better results are to come.If you are that average woman looking for that extra boos for those last few pounds I would recommend you try it.

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  28. I am not one for diet supplements,I truely believe in eating healthy and exercise,HOWEVER being a woman and having 2 children it is nearly impossible to lose those last 10 pounds in the belly area. SO I sucked it up and tries the rapidcuts powder, I figured if anything it will encourage me to drink more water. But I feel the difference, the drink is like a fruit juice, quite tasty, and it gives me that extra boost of energy to get moving, as well as curving my unhealthy snack eating habits.After a few days I tried on my bikini and as I am no supermodel in it I do feel confident to wear it as I have seen minor results, but like I said it has only been a few days.I am sure better results are to come.If you are that average woman looking for that extra boost for those last few pounds I would recommend you try it.

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  29. I tried RapidCuts Femme Berry Fruit Punch this morning. Firstly, I was surprised at the taste, not like medicine, more natural and fruity which I enjoyed. When I was ready to eat about 3 hours later, I couldn’t finish what was on my plate, a rarity for me. I feel energetic, and bursting with clarity and ideas. I hope this is a start of something good, as I hit my worst weight yesterday, something I am too embarrassed to write down right now. Keep you posted on what happens!

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  30. Hi, I am on my second box of Rapid Cuts Femme powder in berry flavor and I have to say I like the orange much better.
    Berry flavor is a bit medicinal tasting but orange is quite nice.
    I do notice some dizziness from time to time, especially if I don’t eat enough, and heart rate has increased as well. Nausea and a headache have been side affects I have noticed also. I will say be careful if you are medically challenged with high blood pressure or heart condition and ask your doctor if this is right for you.
    Anything you take that is not void of caffeine or other stimulants is going to affect different people differently.
    I have experienced somewhat of a lesser feeling of bloating in my midsection and believe it is because this product acts as a diuretic and also gets the guts moving to eliminate stool.
    So if you wish to have a little helper from time to time there are soooo many products out there that will do exactly what this one is claiming to do and apparently does for some people.
    It’s a matter of price, packaging and sensibility on our parts to use these products sanely.
    To all my fellow dieters or “people who watch that scale like it is their lifeline”, please exercise daily and eat sensibly and you will lose weight. This product is not going to do it for you but it may help.

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  31. I’m on my 3rd day of taking the capsules. I felt really tired and sleepy until today. Today I feel energetic despite not sleeping well lastnite. I was about to throw these in the trash. I guess it is jus working different for me. I actually got on the treadmill for 20 mins and plan another 20 this evening. I weighed 189lbs 3days ago, today 181. Drink lots of water.. These capsules made my mouth dry like I had to keep drinking. I also drink lemon water 2 times a day. Reduced calorie intake and today finally I don’t have that urge to snack for no reason. I jus hope I I can keep positive an continue. I’m a lazy person prolly due to the fact that I have 6 children and am tired all the time. I plan to update in 2 wks. I have never stuck to a plan longer than a week when it comes to dieting.

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  32. DAY 1–I tried two pills, thought I would try ONE MORE TIME another diet pill–cannot continue bloating and stomach ache–really sucks as to some it works…me I guess my insides have been UP AND DOWN TOO MANY TIMES and now sensitive to diet pills…good luck to others

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  33. I’ve never reviewed products before but thought I would since I am so happy. I’m a small 5′ woman with 10-15 lbs that just won’t go away. I’m not a crazy about exercising but I’ll do a “little” when I think of it. I love the flavour of Rapidcutts fruit flavoured powered. So easy and convenient. I gave lost 12 lbs in about 7 weeks! So excited. I haven’t been this size since in 17 years! (Before my 1st son). I have lots of energy, no side effects…maybe using the bathroom more often but I’m not complaining about that! I really think just drinking the extra 4 – 5 cups of water is helping a lot as well. That is why I prefer the powder over the pill. I try to add atleast a couple more bottles a day as well. I have found eating smaller, healthy meals so easy. I am so excited about my results I don’t want to eat junk and I’m not hungry all the time. LOVE this product! Thank you.

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