Review & Trial: Quest Low Carb Bars (QuestBar) -

Review & Trial: Quest Low Carb Bars (QuestBar)

Sumi with her Quest Bar!

Quest is Best!

The Quest low carb bar promises to be the ONLY protein bar with a “perfect nutritional profile” (whatever that means), and also claims to contain “no junk.”

That’s GREAT, because I am not a fan of eating junk, nor would I be comfortable recommending a “junky” product. This review is looking up already

To be honest, I’m not really the kind of person who reaches for a protein bar on a regular basis—yet here I am experimenting with the Questbar; it’s part of my job description at (yep, that’s me to the left, with my Questbar!).

And, as a personal trainer, I can assure you…

… many of my clients and fellow personal trainers need a clean, healthy product that they can eat in between training sessions, on their way to or from the gym, on the metro, in the car, or on the go. Perhaps this product is the right choice for them?

So here I am at the gym, right after training a client. I read the label on my Quest Bar and it’s pleasingly simple…

Whey protein, chicory root fiber (this thing has 15 grams of fiber, that’s a LOT!), almond butter (I loooooovve almond butter), more almonds, flavoring, sea salt, lo han guo (a dried fruit used for sweetness) and sucralose.

I am thrilled not to see nasty sugar alcohols on the menu. Some people tolerate that stuff but not me, it leaves a weird after taste in mouth and my tummy can’t digest the stuff. It’s pretty much for that reason alone I stay away from low-carb products or any form of protein bar.

In addition, the product is completely gluten-free, and I know several people who can’t eat gluten. I’m ready to take one for the team!

If you’re counting calories, the product weighs in at 220 kcals, with 100 kcals (11 grams) from healthy fats (the almonds), 20 grams of protein, and only 5 grams of carbs (the fiber won’t count towards your daily carb count, if you count that sort of thing.)

With that sort of nutritional profile, it might not be the best bet for a post-workout snack (the protein is fine, but most people will do better with less fat and more carbs), but it is certainly a fine choice for a snack in between meals, and on the go, as it will have minimal effect on blood sugar levels.

I tried the two versions of the Quest bar that are available for sale online; Vanilla Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter.

Of the two, I preferred the Peanut Butter version. It tasted like a chewier, meatier, snickers bar, minus the chocolate and excessive sweetness.

The Vanilla Almond Crunch wasn’t particularly crunchy or nutty, though there was a little hint of vanilla. If you have a sweet tooth or are used to eating sugary (or fake sugar) protein bars, this bar may not appeal to you. I actually like the simplicity of the way it tastes.

In my humble opinion, this product is certainly worth a try if you have uncomplicated taste buds and want to see what a “clean” protein bar tastes like. It’s certainly not a bad choice in between meals if you’re in a pinch and forgot to pack your rice cakes, whey protein powder and almonds in your gym bag.

The fact that it’s high in fiber is also a plus—we all know most people aren’t getting enough fiber in their diet (you still have to eat your vegetables, of course; this bar is not a replacement for those!).

It’s also good option if you have a gluten allergy and are tired of searching around for a decent bar to fit your needs.

Quest bars are only available online, so you will have to wait for your order to arrive before you can dig into one for yourself. Price-wise, they are pretty reasonable… about $2 per bar.

In the meantime, always remember that the smartest (and usually the most economical) choice is always going to be take the time to pack, plan, and prepare your meals. Clean eating is a lifestyle choice that can’t always be wrapped up.

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