Provactin: "As Seen On TV" Fat Burner Review: Does Provactin Work? -

Provactin: “As Seen On TV” Fat Burner Review: Does Provactin Work?

Provactin is a “As Seen On TV” fat burner marketed to individuals who cannot tolerate stimulant based weight loss supplements.

Some of the claims? Here they are, straight from the horse’s mouth…

“ProVactin is a new revolutionary stimulant-free weight loss formula designed specifically for individuals who are sensitive to stimulants or who can’t take stimulant-based products for health reasons. ProVactin provides sustained loss of excess body weight, a dramatic reduction in diet-induced fatigue and a significant increase in energy.”

While all of this sounds pretty darned appealing, I encountered major “red” (i.e. warning) flags when I reviewed several of the web sites promoting Provactin.

In fact, there are several reasons why I heartily recommend that you stay as far away as possible from Provactin…

1. First of all, products sold on TV and on radio are much more suspect, and prone to fraud than products sold in stores. That’s because it’s very easy for supplement retailers to isolate themselves from their clients and avoid accountability when they sell products in this fashion.

Just recently, the Federal Trade Commission moved against the makers of FiberSlim/Propolene, charging with for making false and unsubstantiated claims. These are two products of many that are retailed primarily via TV and radio. Cortislim is another “As Seen on TV” product currently facing the ire of FTC.

I won’t go into all the details of why you should be especially wary of “As Seen On TV” Products, as I already have a complete article dedicated to this.

You can read that article here!

All I can say is this… don’t get drawn into purchasing this product on the basis of their money-back guarantee — chances are, you will not get your money back. You might even find yourself added to a monthly recurring billing program without your consent.

2. In the dozen or so Web sites I visited to research Provactin, I could not find a single one that listed the ingredients of the product. In fact, after performing a number of extensive searches on Google for the elusive ingredients with no luck, I had to give up. This is always a bad sign. If a retailer actively hides the ingredients of its product, you have to assume that…

  • it doesn’t contain anything of value


  • they are worried what a guy like me is going to say about their product!

And no, I don’t buy the argument that they are protecting their proprietary formula. By law, the ingredients have to be included on the product label. Since anyone who buys this product will have access to this information, why not be up front and make it available to everyone?

Many thanks to Karey for sending in a complete list of the ingredients in Provactin. And guess what? There’s a very disturbing revelation here…

The ingredients in Provactin are 99.9% identical to the ones in Thyrin ATC, another “As Seen On TV” fat burner (Thyrin is reviewed here). I’m beginning to see this trend more and more often…

Some very unscrupulous merchants will retail the exact same product under several different brand names. When the sales cycle of a fat burner begins to diminish, for example, they simply rename it, change the label and the packaging, and advertise it as a “brand new” product. Great news for them… not so good news for you.

3. Lack of proof: there isn’t a single shread that Provactin does anything. Sure, most of the promotional material I saw references a clinical study. But we’re not told which clinical study it is, and in which publication it appeared. So there’s no way to verify this claim. And in this business, unverifiable claims are not worth a hill of beans.

4. The most effective fat burners — whether they are prescription based (like phentermine or ionamin), or over-the-counter (like ephedra or green tea) are stimulants. Elevating the metabolism with the introduction of a stimulant is one of the most common approaches to promoting weight loss. At this time, there is no stimulant free ingredient (prescription or otherwise), that offers the dramatic results that Provactin promises.

Bottom line?

From my experience, and the feedback I’ve received from hundreds of consumers who have experiemented with similar “As seen On TV” fat burners, I would highly recommend you avoid this product. It’s just not worth risk.

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