PermaSlim Fat Burner Review & Information -

PermaSlim Fat Burner Review & Information

In my research on PermaSlim, I found two different formulas for the product. The newest, and seemingly up-to-date version is a pure hoodia product.

Hoodia, if you’ve missed the outrageous hype to date, is a succulent native to the African Kalahari desert renowned for its ability to suppress one’s appetite.

That’s the theory anyway. The facts — to this point in time at least — do not bear this out at all. In fact, despite the hype, there is very little real evidence that either hoodia is good for anything, or that any of the zillions of hoodia products actually contain any hoodia (hoodia is an endangered species and not supposed to be exported).

Anyhow, I’ve already talked a lot about hoodia on this Web site, so I won’t repeat myself. If you’d like to read the full, detailed review of hoodia, please click here!

If you’re considering PermaSlim, or any other hoodia-based product, you may also want to check out what our visitors have had to say on the matter. Despite retailers’ claims of thousands of ecstatic, satisfied customers, and the posting of glowing testimonials, the real story on hoodia is a heck of a lot different.

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I would also urge extreme caution to anyone considering signing up for the free trial of PermaSlim at Please review the terms, conditions, and privacy policy page very carefully — you’ll see that your credit card will be charged $49.95 for a full bottle within 14 days, and every month following that. And here’s the scary part…

“If you feel the PermaSlim isn’t for you, simply send back the unused portions of the product within the 2 week trial period and your order will not be processed. You have nothing to lose and NO RISK!”

Yes, you read that right… in order for them not to send you a bottle of PermaSlim at full price, you have to send back the free bottle within the 14 day trial period (or at least, that’s how I see it… it’s not very clear). And I wonder… do they need to receive it within the 14 day period, or do you need to mail it within the 14 day period? Seems to me, it’s going to be very difficult to avoid getting that first bottle.

And the problem is, you’re probably going to want to try it for a week or two before you make any judgement call on the effectiveness of the product, right?

So yes, be very careful, or you’ll be receiving PermaSlim on a monthly basis until “you-know-what” freezes over (or you cancel your credit card).

Although I have not received any negative comments on PermaSlim yet, this sort of billing practice is commonplace to the most devious and dishonest online retailers. I’ve received zillions of e-mails from people who signed up for a free trial of this or that product, only to have their cards credited each month, despite requesting to be removed from the autoship program.

You can read more on what I call the “7-Day Free Trial Scam” here!

Bottom line?

I’m no fan of hoodia… not until real, credible research is brought forth indicating its effectiveness. But I’m even less a fan of recurring billing practices that make customers vulnerable. So in the end, if you must try hoodia (and I recommend checking out our visitor comments before you do) buy it from a local retailer and give PermaSlim a miss.

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