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PatentLean Visitor Comments, Feedback & Testimonials!

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Second, please recognize that there are many valid reasons why PatentLean will or will not work for an individual person.

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Patent lean really works. I would recommend it for my family and also others who are interested in losing weight.

I was taking leptopril and I started having pains from time to time so I switched over to the Patent lean and I am seeing results. There are no side affects and I take it confidently everyday. The pills are good to work with, they are small and easy to take. So there you have it — Patent lean works great Thank you for your time…

Denise Pate (

I tried PatentLean. It says best results if taken for 8 weeks. So I took it for 8 weeks.I lost 4.7 pounds in a week on the 9th week of taking it.

The same results were achieved without taking PatentLean and just diet and exersize. My advice would be to save your money ($108 for 8 week supply at my local grocery store) and use it on a gym membership.

Angie (

I have tried PatentLean after seeing an ad in the newspaper. I must say I was impressed by it. There was no side effects like rapid heart beats like other diet supplements cause. Instead all it did was curve my appitite.

I was down to my lowest weight of 147 when I started at 158. I received so many compliments from relatives asking if I had lost weight. However, after I ran out, I was unable to order more after trying to call the number on the bottle. I hope I can get more soon so my weight is back down again.

Pamela (

Hello, I recentley have used this product (patentlean). While yes it is expensive it seems to have worked for me. I am a landscaper and I don’t always get to eat the way I should.

I can’t take alot of these other pills because they make me very jittery and short tempered. I have lost about 15 lbs. using Patentlean. I’ve used about 4 bottles and while the weight loss has subsided I have managed to keep the weight off by continued use and trying to eat better.

Here is my issue — it is rather expensive to use just to maintain a weight, and I really need to get down to 200 lbs from 224.

Matthew (

I have been using PatentLean as directed for about a week now. I realize this is too early to adequately comment on the claims on the products, but there are some things I have noticed right off the bat.

I don’t feel as hungry on the product at all, and that is something I wasn’t aware even happened on the drug. I also feel quite a bit more energized, and subsequently more focused. Being a sufferer of an illness called fibromyalgia which often drains my strength, I am delighted with thewse effects.

I plan on continuing the drug for the remainder of my 15 day supply, and if results on the weight loss are positive, I will write again. As it stands, I have lost around 4 pounds in this first week. I am willing to chalk that up to the intial quick weight loss of going on a diet, however. As far as the boast of losing more fat than muscle, it’s just to early to tell.

Brittany (

I tried a bottle of this and took it faithfully like it said on the bottle. 1 time in the morn and 1 at night. The reaction from this product is nothing, no way, not a thing. Waste of time and money.

Lynn (

Currently have used a full bottle of patentlean and was on my second bottle when I started to experience SEVERE abdominal cramping and diahrrea. No other changes in my diet to note so I can only assume that it is the pills. My symptons have been getting progressively worse since I continued into the second bottle so I will be stopping its use to see if my stomach problems subside.

Dianna (

My mom told me about PatentLEAN and I bought it to try. Of course I started Weight Watchers and work at Curves and started on PatentLEAN all at once so I am not sure if it is the combination but I do believe this made my weight loss more effective.

I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and have another 40 to lose. I used to just go to curves and was able to maintain my weight now with PatentLean and WW I am able to lose. I am going to continue to take PatentLEAN for at least another month to see how I do.

Shari (

Pretty good product. I used it to lose about 15 pounds I had gained, it is not a miracle by any means, meaning at the time I was only 135lbs, so I was not very overweight.

You do still need to excersize, and be careful, it does have side effects, you might break out, on your face. But otherwise worked very well, I got those extra 15lbs off in a very short time.

Lynn (glory_lynn AT

I suffered from high blood pressure and was always a “toothpick”. As I got older I started putting the weight on my stomach, thighs, and rear. I was wearing elastic pants (a tight size 16) and XL shirts.

I researched patentlean and because of my medications decided that this was the one for me to try. I don’t like feeling “wired” and patentlean was wonderful. The weight came off slowly – about 1 – 2 pounds a month. I changed NOTHING.

I still ate my Big Mac’s and Burger King and gradually my size 16’s were loose. I hit my target goal in 16 months and stopped taking it. I am still losing weight and I am a healthy 5’8″ and 129 pounds. My new jeans are a size 6! (yes, a size 6) and my tops are now a small. I wasn’t this fit and lean when I was called “toothpick”. I wish I had stock in this product.

My bad chloestrol is way down. Wish I could say it brought down my blood pressure but that is genetic. I feel great and healthy and am not sluggish anymore. I am an active 54 year old grandmother who can now enjoy my grandkids.

One note of caution – if you buy on ebay be careful to read about the seller. I got burned by one but did recover my money. The expense that patentlean costs is the equivalent to a month’s worth of “junk food”.

Oh, and I also still eat pizza, burgers, and chocolate whenever I want. If my weight starts going up then I will again restart patentlean.

Molly (mollytfranks AT

I sarted PatentLean 5 days ago. I Started off weighing 159.8 This morning I weigh 153.2 I walk two miles a day and eat no more than my 2000 calories perday.

I have tried lot’s of products, this is the first one that I have actually seen results right away. I also have no side effets, It works for me. It is a little expensive, but if it works it’s worth it.

Denise (ellieit AT

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