Nutracore Hoodia Extreme Power Formula (XPF) Review -

Nutracore Hoodia Extreme Power Formula (XPF) Review

I heard about Nutracore’s Hoodia Extreme Power Formula (XPF) in two ways. First, I received spam (unsolicited bulk e-mail) in my mailbox touting its benefits, and second, I’ve heard of it from visitors like you, who have also received “spam.”

I recommend you avoid Hoodia Extreme Power Formula like the plague. Here’s why…

1. Sending bulk e-mail without the request of the recipient, is illegal in the U.S. and several other countries (yes, even if that message contains a “can-spam” reference at the end). Companies that either engage in or endorse such practices are breaking the law, and as such, have no credibility or ethics. Do you really want to do business with such people?

2. Absolutely no information is given about the product, other than it contains hoodia, one of the most hyped products on the Net (for those that are interested, a full review of hoodia is available here!). No ingredients profile, no clinical study references — nothing is presented to validate the company’s claims, or even to ensure you that their product contains anything more than packaged sawdust.

3. This company automatically adds you to an autoship program after your “free trial” expires (you have to surrender your credit card information to pay the shipping for your free trial, so they have all your vital data on file). Then, good luck getting yourself removed from the program. I’ve received tons of e-mails of people who have been “suckered into” similar programs, only to find it almost impossible to cancel their subscription. Only a trip to the bank to cancel their credit cards has had any effect.

I’ve written a complete article on this — what I call the “5-7 Day Free Trial scam.” Click here to read that article!

4. Another red flag on the Hoodia Extreme Power Formula site I reviewed? Horrible punctuation and spelling errors throughout the sales process. While this may seem silly, nothing screams “fly by night” more than poor sentence structure and grammatical errors. How many times have you seen a credible company make spelling errors in their sales copy?

Bottom line?

Purchase at your own risk. There’s little real evidence the main ingredient, hoodia, is any good for appetite suppression at this time. Additionally, I am highly skeptical of the ethics and credibility of this company. Personally, it would be a cold day in you-know-where before I’d surrender my credit card info to these people.

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