NanoSLIM Review & Information: Does NanoSLIM Work? -

NanoSLIM Review & Information: Does NanoSLIM Work?


NanoSlim is advertised as the “world’s smallest weight loss solution.” NanoSlim offers the convenience of a single daily dose — all wrapped up in an impossibly small, impossibly potent, nano-engineered “micro-tablet.”

The official web site proudly displays the endorsement of Lisa Pomranky, MD in a prominent position on the home page (the good doctor has been paid for her comments, as noted on the web page).

Clinical Study

A “clinical study” is referenced to support the advertising claims, but the journal it appears in is not.

As a result, I’m assuming this is an “in-house” study, which means it is somewhat suspect (because of the inherent conflict of interest) and does not meet the burden of proof as required by the scientific community (in my search of PubMed and other online databases, I could not locate the study they were referencing).

NanoSlim Ingredient Profile

However, that’s not to say Nano Slim doesn’t contain some worthwhile ingredients. Here’s what you can find in it…

1. Lagerstroemia speciosa (also known as “Banaba”):

Standardized for corosolic acid, this is probably the most interesting (and promising) ingredient in the NanoSlim formula. Traditionally, Banaba was used as a natural cure for diabetes in the Philippines.

To date, several credible studies validate Banaba’s ability to lower blood glucose levels, therefore providing some benefit to those with non-insulin dependent diabetes, as well as overweight or obese individuals. (Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2006 Aug;73(2):174-7. Epub 2006 Mar 23 , J Ethnopharmacol. 2003 Jul;87(1):115-7 , J Nutr. 2001 Sep;131(9):2242-7)

There’s also some early preliminary evidence to suggest another chemical component of Banaba (called valoneaic acid dilactone) may be a potent alpha-amylase inhibitor (Yakugaku Zasshi. 2003 Jul;123(7):599-605.) Amylase is the enzyme required for the proper break-down of carbohydrates into glucose.

If Banaba were indeed an effective amylase inhibitor, it would also give it “carb blocking” properties as well.

2. Cha’ de Bugre extract:

Common to fat burners such as “Brazilian Slim” (reviewed here!) there is currently no clinical evidence that Cha’ de Bugre provides any benefits for weight loss. There are some anecdotal reports, however, that suggest it may have mild appetite suppressing qualities.

3. Green Coffee Bean Extract:

It appears this weight loss supplement may inhibit weight gain by impeding fat absorption and the activation of fat metabolism in the liver.

The problem?

The study (BMC Comp Alt Med, 2006,6:9) determining this effect was performed on mice.

As of this time, there are no studies validating green coffee extract’s weight loss effects on humans (the one that was used to justify its appearance on the Dr. Oz show a few years back was retracted).

There’s also some early evidence to suggest green coffee extract reduces blood pressure in hypertensive rats and humans (Clin Exp Hypertens. 2006 Jul;28(5):439-49).

4. Fucus vesiculosus (also known as bladderwrack, or brown algae):

Because of its iodine content, bladderwrack often finds its way into weight loss products. That’s because iodine is used by the thyroid gland to make the various thyroid hormones necessary for optimal performance. Low or sluggish thyroid performance can lead to low energy levels or overweight.

Of course, iodine supplementation is only helpful if you actually have low levels of thyroid hormone, and are not overweight for other more common reasons — like the over consumption of calories and a sedentary lifestyle (incidentally, over-consumption of iodine can actually pose a health risk).

Despite this, research showing bladderwrack to be an effective weight loss supplement is “dodgy” at best. I couldn’t find any clinical trials validating its effectiveness in my research, for instance. More research definitely needs to be done to verify its effectiveness.

There’s some talk that it may be helpful for inhibiting alpha-glucosidase, an important carbohydrate-metabolising enzyme, but I haven’t seen any human-based peer-reviewed published data to validate this assumption.

Some studies suggest bladderwrack may also exert anti-estrogenic effects on pre-menopausal women.

Ingredients Summary

Clearly, the major benefits of NanoSlim lie with its Banaba leaf extract component.

And frankly, NanoSlim is not the first product to make big claims as a result of Banaba leaf’s promise. Accelis (reviewed here) sports a very similar ingredient profile and makes much the same claims.

Personally, I’d like to see more studies performed on Banaba leaf, and, as someone who experiences hypoglycemia, I’d be interested to experiment with it myself. Whether I’d experiment with Nano Slim is a different story altogether.

It may indeed offer some benefit — especially to those who suffer from some sort of blood sugar imbalance, but I’d caution against expecting miraculous results. Coupled with a sensible diet and exercise program, NanoSlim (and other corosolic acid based products) may provide some benefit. Without such a program in place, don’t expect much.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I have used this product and I found that I did loose the weight, I have found upon taking other pills this one really worked for me. I found that it helped my sugar cravings as well.

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  2. I’ve been taking this product for about a week and I can really tell that it is working. I’m gonna keep using it and I will let you know if it keeps working

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  3. I have been taking nanoslim for at least 2 weeks and I have actually gained 5 pounds. I have been doing my cardio exercises and I walk on my treadmill 6 days a week and I also drink plenty of water. This diet pill is not for me.

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  4. I have been taking them for a week and I’m way more hungry then i’ve ever been. 🙁

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  5. I’ve been using this product for two weeks and I actually gained five pounds and boy am I upset.

    I’ve been doing cardio and eating three healthy meal a day. What’s in this stuff — a weight gainer?

    Nano Slim is just another gimmick.

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  6. I have taken the Nanoslim only 2 times and can’t believe that I am not hungry at all. I have lost 1 lbs. in two days. I really don’t have a significant weight problem just really looking to take off the last 10.

    I’ve decided to not take the pill for a couple of days to see how I do. I like the fact that it is so small. I have tried other products that you have to take so many. Make sure you drink a lot of WATER!

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  7. I am on day 2 of nano slim. I weighed 189 this morning, and yesterday when I took it, I probably weighed the same.

    I was not hungry at all yesterday, but I drank a LOT of booze last night like an idiot. So I am sure I gained a pound or two overnight, because I also had the munchies and ate a lot.

    So, let me put it this way: Before I drank, the pill DEFINITELY was working. I was not hungry. I mean, I would ‘feel’ like eating, but end up nibbling a few olives or something.

    This morning I was STILL not hungry! I made myself eat a light breakfast, then I took my Nano Slim pill for today. I am telling you, this stuff works! I will write back soon to let you all know of any weight loss.

    Just remember, NO booze on any diet! Drinking alcohol is just pouring empty calories into your body that will make spending big $$$ on any diet pills a complete waste. Write back later on! Good luck!

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  8. I have been taking NanoSlim for four weeks and combined with my diet and exercise program I have lost 22 pounds!!!!! I feel great!!! This diet pill is the best I have ever tried!!!!!!!!! I love it and will keep taking it until I reach my weight loss goal!

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  9. I have been taking it for 1 week now and I have seen some results. According to these comments I deduce that this pill probably works best for people who just want to loose a couple of lbs and not a whole lot. I also am not as hungry, but I suffer from hypoglycemia too.

    Maybe the pill works for people better with sugar problems than those without? I just wanted to loose 20lbs and I admit the change in diet and doing exercise has helped a lot. I count my calories when I eat, not more than 1500 a day.

    Then again, the doctors say that not everybody’s metabolism is the same. I don’t believe in one specific diet for everyone. Just stick to the one that works. NanoSlim’s OK for me.

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  10. I have been trying these pills for 2 days but they made me more hungry — they don’t work well for me.

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  11. I’ve been taking this for about 6 months and along with exercise, I’ve lost about 60 lbs. My biggest weight problem was that I was always hungry and this pill did great to help reduce my hunger.

    1 setback I have right now is that I’ve reached my target weight, but when I stop taking the pill I get really hungry and start overeating again. Not sure what to do about that, but I would still recommend this product.

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  12. I’ve been taking nanoSLIM for about 2 weeks. I notice that I’m not hungry like I used to be — especially since the sugar cravings are gone!

    I just want to lose 15-20 pounds & I already lost 8 pounds! I’m so happy cause I always tried Herbalife & experienced nothing.

    For the people who says that this product doesn’t work I understand that everybody is different. You might check your hormones, that happened to my sister in law, nothing worked for her before until she went to the doctor & checked her hormones.

    Good Luck Everybody!!

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  13. I have been taking Nano Slim for maybe four days now but have been taking them before bed. I hate pills and was worried it would make me feel sick.

    I have not noticed any difference so I think I am going to start taking them in the morning. Does anyone feel strange while taking them?

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  14. Today was my third day. I felt so sick, with headache and vomiting, that I got scared about my health. My body just didn’t accept anything sweet!

    I don’t drink much water, but it’s hard for me to do so, since I work in a daycare and I get so busy that I can hardy eat or have a drink. I was so afraid to eat something but I did it anyway and it seems like I’m not that bad anymore.

    Does anybody know if NonoSlim has any side effects, the box or site doesn’t say. Xenadrine worked fine for me but it’s to find it.

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  15. I’ve been taking it for about 2 weeks and it did nothing for my hunger and has made me so so so so sooooooooooooo sleepy. I am returning them to GNC ASAP!

    We’re all better off just exercising and eating right. THAT works!

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  16. I’ve been taking NanoSLIM for about 3 months now. When I started, I was exercising everyday and I didnt notice any changes. Not with my weight, hunger, sugars…nothing.

    But my mother kept telling me not to give up on it (she takes it also) and guess what? It’s been 94 days and I’ve lost 35 pounds. Not to say I didn’t work hard, but NanoSLIM helped with cravings.

    I think it really just depends on your body, and how hard you’re willing to work.

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  17. I’ve been taking this product for about 3 weeks now and I’ve lost about 6lbs. I have experienced being really sleepy at times. I’ve noticed that I don’t acquire a taste for sweets or soda any longer and if you eat candy or soda it made me not feel so good. I thirst for water while taking this product.

    Overall I like it. The pill is small so it’s not a problem for me to take them. I haven’t done any exercise and I see results. This is the first time taking Nanoslim and thus far I like it.

    My male friend has even noticed my weight loss. So for now Nanoslim works well with me.

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  18. I don’t own a scale… go me! I’ve been taking this pill for about 4 days and it’s made me really CRAVE vegetables.

    Oh and it has made me very very thirsty for water. My body is still adjusting but so far I like the pill. It is small and it is very easy to take.

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  19. I tried Nanoslim for a full 30 days and didn’t feel anything. I feel like I gained weight! I still had cravings and didn’t lose any weight. It might work for other people but not me. Good luck to those on it!

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  20. I have been taking NanoSLIM for 2 weeks now and I have lost 8 lbs! I still get hunger cravings, but what pill is going to stop that?

    I have recommended this to some family members and they have lost weight also and it shows. So this is definitely a keeper.

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  21. I started taking the pill in January and I lost 10lbs that month. It did make me very thirsty like others who have tried it.

    I’m back on the pill now to try to lose an additional 15lbs. Over all the Nano Slim diet pill is doing its job for me!

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  22. I’ve been taking this product for almost exactly one month now. The first two weeks it was really helping with cravings — I didn’t want as many sweets and I was drinking a ton of water. Unfortunately though I haven’t seen anything real ‘results’ as far as weight loss or inches lost. I am about 2 lbs lighter, and I think I am about the same in inches. I am not sure if I am interested in trying another month on this pill.

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  23. I have been on this pill for 7 days now and I’m really interested in what everyone else has to say. I had quit smoking 4 months ago and gained an unwanted 15lbs. I’ve never had weight issues before, so I shopped around before picking this product.

    What I liked that it was 1 pill daily and it said nothing about not being able to drink caffeine.

    Well, it’s day 7 and I’ve gained 2 lbs. since being on it. It should either work or not. Not work in reverse!

    I’d like someone from the company to explain this. I’m drinking water and walking lots and I have a positive outlook on weight loss and I’ve been counting calories. What is going on?

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  24. I’ve been on this pill for 3 weeks now and i feel great. I’ve lost 8 lbs. But I also work out 6 days a week.

    I’m still going to take this product until I reach my goal of weight.

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  25. I felt like I had to leave a comment because I have very negative thoughts on this pill. I am not taking them or ever have, but I have a family member that is.

    She has been very sleepy — I mean sleeping almost all day and just recently she went to Disneyland and passed out.

    She was taken to the hospital and was told she wasn’t eating right and that she had very low blood pressure. So I would advise everyone not to take it especially if you have a family history of diabetes.

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  26. All last year I took Nanoslim, and along with diet and exercise, lost 38 pounds.

    This year I’m not taking it and have only lost 10 pounds in 6 months. I think this is one of those pills that has to be in your system for a period of time before you see results.

    I finally went to the store and bought some more and will continue to take them for the rest of the year. I never felt any negative side effects from this product.

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  27. I am in the end of week 3 and I still have seen no results. In fact, I have gained a few pounds.

    I exercise 5-6 days a week and am watching what I eat. I am not sure if I am ready to give up on this pill yet, but we’ll see. Anyone else have prolonged results?

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  28. I decided to try this product after recently gaining 15 pounds as a means to get my motivation back, eat more healthy, and exercise more.

    I found that only after a few days of taking it, I lost my hunger pangs, especially within the first 6 hours of taking it. After that, I had to make a conscious effort not to submit to the cravings. I found by taking it at lunch time versus early in the morning, I could stave off the pangs until bedtime. This pill never made me sleepy, or any of the other side effects that others experienced.

    So far, I feel great and my motivation is coming back. I realize this is not a magic pill and understand that I need to “work” with it rather than expect immediate results. I don’t believe any pill is responsible for weight loss or gain, I am. If I don’t eat right while taking it, its my own fault not the pill. The first step in weight loss is being honest with myself.

    I look forward to the boost this product is giving me.

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  29. Just started taking it yesterday. Already noticed changes, like I’m not as hungry, I have more energy, and actually slept better last night. I noticed a lot of you are talking about GAINING weight. What you have to understand is that excercise can in fact make you gain. Healthy body weight isn’t about the number of pounds, per sey, but about the percentage of fat. I would reccomend measuring yourself, rather than worrying about weight. A friend of mine is a fitness model, and she is really big on people NOT focusing on the number of pounds, but the number of inches lost. Remember, what you’re doing to BURN fat is also BUILDING muscle, and.. muscle weighs more than fat!

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  30. I was taking Nano Slim and lost weight (10lbs in one month).. Then I stopped taking it and I wish I hadn’t.. I have tried alot of diet pills and to me Nano slim is the one that works the best! I was only taking it once a day and I didn’t have any side effects like with you do with other diet pills (Cylaris.. Fat Burn… etc..) It didn’t make me feel like I was going to have a heart attack nor did it make me feel like I had the jitters….

    I love this product and I would recommend it to anybody that’s trying to loose weight…

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  31. I have to agree with one of your post.
    I have been on this pill for a couple of days. I do notice a difference in my cravings plus if I eat something sweet it tastes funny. So I don’t eat it.

    I am little high in sugar but not full blown. So I think in my opinion, that this may be a good pill for those who have sugar issues however those who are normal may get sleepy or sick.

    If you are working out and counting calories. You should lose weight alone. If not, than you can have an underlining issue. Doing this alone without the pill you should lose weight.

    BUT if your sugar isn’t right this could be the thing that balances your system to the point that you actually feel more energy because you are starting to feel more normal, more balanced.

    Those who get sleepy may want to rethink a bit because maybe it is changing your sugar levels which might be unsafe. If you have normal blood levels I can see why it would have this effect.
    This is just an observation and a opinion only. This doesn’t mean I am right, I just call it like I see it.

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  32. I used NanoSlim for a couple weeks to “jump start” my dieting and exercise routine. This is definitely the wrong pill for that for me. I was constantly hungry on this pill and had to force myself not to eat. At the end of the week I actually had gained weight (and it wasn’t water retention nor muscle weight). I think if you are already eating healthy, drinking lots of fluids and exercising, the product may enhance weight loss.

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  33. My “demons” are fat, sugar and carbohyrates. I have taken this product for 6 days and after the first day, found that my insatiable cravings toward these “food groups” had been eliminated. I eat a large bowl of non-fat yogurt with fruit when I get up; actually, I kind of “graze” on it and am not at all desirous of lunch meats or Italian bread and butter, fast foods or other problem foods. I don’t have a scale, but a pair of slacks I struggled into two weeks ago has now fallen lower on my hips, so something has to be working. Lots and lots of water, club soda w/lemon is crucial, I think, because dehyration is most dangerous, especially living in the desert as I do. I also like the fact that there are no stimulants in it and I have not experienced any of the side-effects listed above. Since I have a great deal of weight to lose — 50 lbs.– I plan to do it slowly and will continue with this supplement for another month to get a full picture of its results. I’m moving into a new house, so I’m getting all the exercise I need! Good luck to all!

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  34. My weight problem stared when my mother got sick and I was taking care of her. I didn’t have time to eat. I even went 4 days without eating at all simply because I didn’t remember. My metabolism is so slow now that if I eat I will gain weight the same as if I don’t eat at all.

    This is the first pill that I have ever taken, and so far (this is my third week) I feel great. I do have tons of energy (especially on the sexual side) and even though my weight is the same I’m wearing one size less of smaller pant size.

    The only bad thing that I have to say about this pill is that gets your blood sugar level very low, I think that is why a lot of people feel sleepy.

    In my case this pill works, and my husband is the happiest man of the planet.

    For me, it is a keeper.

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  35. I tried these pills and they did nothing for me. I watched what I ate, so I guess it works for some and not for others.

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  36. I have used this pill for one month now, and I LOVE it! I’ve tried dozens of pills like Hydroxycut, TwinLab, Metabolife, Slim SX, Hoodia, etc.

    I love the fact that I only take one pill a day!! It gives me energy all day long. I work eight hours at a day care, and I have two little ones of my own.

    I’ve dropped a pant size and I feel great. I’ve lost almost eleven pounds. I don’t feel jittery or anxious and I feel happy most of the time! This pill is the best one that I’ve found on the market!

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  37. I tried NanoSlim before and it didn’t seem to work for me. But recently a friend of mine told me she was using it for a while, and I could really notice her weight going down, and she looked more slim. She told me she didn’t stop eating the way she did, she only walked a little more, and it still worked. So I decided to try it again, I did change my eating habits and started walking more and drinking more water.

    I’ve been on it again for a little while, and I’ve noticed a few inches lost on my waist and tummy, and did lose a total of 7 lbs. in a week.

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  38. I was struggling in between 180-185. It seemed no matter what I did, I could NOT get below 180. After starting NanoSlim, it finally happened.

    Now I’m down to 173, but still exercising and watching what I eat. It definitely helps curb my hunger which is a BIG problem for me.

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  39. I’ve been struggling to lose the last 10 lbs for the last year.

    I’ve tried every other pill I can think of and to me, NanoSlim is the only pill that didn’t control my cravings or boost energy. I still have another box left at my house.

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  40. This product is a great help in my wieght loss program. I would recommend this to friends.

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  41. I have been taking this pill for about a week. All its done for me is make me extremely thirsty, lots of headaches, and I don’t know if anyone else had this problem but diarrhea awful with this pill. I stopped after that week, just couldn’t take that anymore!

    I will just stick with my daily walking routine.

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  42. I think it is a waste of money – all diet products are! I have tried so many on the market already, and none seem to help.

    Just plain old exercise and a healthy eating plan is what works.

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  43. Has anyone experience dizziness with this pill? Not sure if it was just a coincidence. I have about 5 lbs to lose. I only used it once.

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  44. All I can say is WOW!! I love this stuff!! I have been trying to lose 30 pounds for 3 years and have tried all kinds of other weight loss “miracles” and got nowhere.

    My hubby found NanoSlim on a clearance shelf and bought it for me. Ok, I said, I will give it a try. Why not? It is only one pill a day!

    My daily routine has not changed. I am a letter carrier so that is my exercise!

    After using NanoSlim for 2 months, taking smaller plates at dinner time and cutting down on the sweets, I have lost a total of 18 pounds and 3 pants sizes!

    My tummy is flatter, butt is smaller, legs are slimmer, arms are less flabby and my face is not as round! I feel better all together. No jitters or “nervous” feeling. More energy. With 3 kids under the age of 8, I need that!

    I wish he would have gotten more of the clearance NanoSlim, but who knew that they would be so good, and that I would absolutely love them.

    I have recommended them to family and friends when they ask me how I am dropping the weight so fast!

    I just can’t get over my surprise when I went to my closet that I haven’t been in for years and pulled out a pair of size 8 jeans and put them on. To my shock,they fit like a glove!!

    I LOVE this product and I will continue to use it until I hit my goal weight! I just need to know where to get more. Good luck to everyone.

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  45. I tried the Nanoslim and within about an hour of taking each pill my stomach hurt. I was sick to my stomach, dizzy, had a headache, and my face felt like it was burning.

    This feeling lasting all day. I finally took the rest of the pills and threw them away. Normally I have an iron clad stomach, but these pills are something I would recommend people avoid.

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  46. I have used NanoSlim and believe it has merit. It should be more readily available in stores such as Wal-Mart and others which carry over the counter diet pills. I can no longer find NanoSlim available in Wal-Mart stores.

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  47. It’s been 8 days since I’ve started taking NanoSlim. I expected a little more as I have my vacation in a month and thought that I could lose about 15-20 lbs before then (at the time I bought the pill I still had a little more than 5 weeks).

    I exercise every morning and I eat very healthy. And in 8 days I lost only 2 pounds. A little depressing.

    The thing is that I know the less weight you need to lose the harder it is to lose it. In 2 years I gained 35 pounds. And now I want to go back to my body.

    This is my first ever diet pill so I don’t know how the other work. I can say that it does make me a little nervous and cranky. Even before the pill I didn’t have bad cravings and I can’t say if it’s working on my appetite or not.

    All I wanted to say is that I would still lose those 2 lbs by simply exercising and eating right. I don’t think I should thank NanoSlim for this.
    I’m giving it another week and if the result is the same – I’m switching to something else…

    Editor’s comments: 15-20 lbs. of weight loss in a month is not a realistic goal. Additionally, most experts recommend slow and gradual weight loss — between 1 and 2 pounds a week is best. So Alison IS making progress. To get a realistic overview of weight loss, how much you can expect to lose, and how to accurately track your results, please review this blog post!

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  48. I’ve been taking NanoSlim for about 9 days now and the side effects last like 2 days. But I do still get really sleepy. I felt like I was losing weight but it seemed like it kinda came back. I think if I actually get active I can see some major results. But I’ll keep y’all posted.

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  49. I brought Nanoslim back home with me from Florida. It’s the best thing I ever I bought – 2 months worth and I’ve lost 22 lbs. They didn’t start working for the first two weeks, then I found that i wasn’t feeling hungry at all but I was eating because I knew I had to. Now I’ve run out and I’m feeling hungry again so I’m now looking to order more ..

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  50. I’ve tried everything and when I saw NanoSlim in my local Wal-mart I decided to try it. I was surprised it was truly working for me. I lost almost 20 pounds in 3 weeks (I was 2 miles a day) and I loved it!

    Now Wal-mart doesn’t carry it any more so I’m looking to get some more because I am very happy with it.

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  51. I tried Nanoslim for a month and walked and I lost only 2 pounds. How long do you have to be on this stuff to lose 20?

    Editor’s comments: Lisa, advertising claims for Nano Slim are exaggerated. Please see the full review for details on the product’s formula.

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  52. I took Nanoslim for two months last year I went from 225 to 195 in 3 Months. It also helped my cravings which is my trouble, lol. I also didn’t gain it all back when I stopped taking them. I guess it depends on the person. Nanoslim is the only diet pill I take. I was on Hydroxycut for a while and it did nothing but give he the shakes (which I don’t think can be good) Anyways Cya good luck to everyone with their workouts 🙂

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  53. I used Nanoslim for about 3 months in addition to an exercise routine and healthy eating , I lost about 15 lbs total. I ate three times a day with two snacks in between that composed of fruits and organic vegetables. Nanoslim worked for me.

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  55. Nanoslim was the first diet pill that I tried that worked. I found it at Walmart and it was affordable. What works for some just does not work for others. You have to keep searching for what works for you, at least that’s what I did. I wish they would put it back on the shelf at Walmart or wherever it was sold. If I could get it through the mail at a reasonable price, I would purchase it. Please put it back out there. I was active and drinking more water to help control my weight as well. I slept better at night and my breathing was better also. I felt really good about myself and the way I looked.

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  56. received it today , but all the instructions are in foreign languages . how do i use it ?

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    • Hi Barbara; I’d type the dosage instructions (should be the usual place – just above or below the ingredients label) into Google Translate: Hope that helps!

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  57. Hmm am 18 years old and am just to fat for my age. Actully i dnt no wht to do for me to loss weight becx i have tryed so many slimming tea but is nt work. i really need help

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