MuscleTech Thermoshred Fat Burner Review - Does Thermoshred Work? -

MuscleTech Thermoshred Fat Burner Review — Does Thermoshred Work?

MuscleTech’s Thermoshred fat burner offers a “patent-pending formula suitable for competition use only.” While this statement is based more on marketing than anything else, I do have to say that the Thermoshred formula is a pretty decent one.

And yes, I say this even though I’m as tired as you are of the ten-page MuscleTech advertisements you find in all the top fitness magazines — you know, the ones that masquerade as “balanced discussions.”

Getting to the formula, Thermoshred contains three proprietary complexes: Incinerate, HydroShed and Neuro-tech.

1. Incinerate: the fat burning element of this product, Incinerate contains 933 mg of thermogenics — various tea extracts, caffeine, guarana and yerba mate (also natural sources of caffeine) and theobroma cacao (a source of caffeine-like xanthines that may or not be useful for weight loss, data is inconclusive at this time).

Green tea (reviewed here) is a solid addition to any fat burner, and data shows that when combined with caffeine, green tea provides additional fat burning benefits (Obes Res. 2005 Jul; 13(7): 1195-204).

The only thing I would caution is that this product may not be ideal for anyone with a caffeine sensitivity — there’s a ton in this product. I would recommend starting out with a single capsule serving — 1/3 of a full dose — to asses your sensitivity to this product.

2. HydroShed: this element of the Thermoshred compilation contains 850 mg of diuretic herbs (dandelion, juniper, parsley, and cayenne extracts, plus xanthaninol nicotinate. Many of the herbs are reviewed in full here!).

Diuretics flush the body of excess water, leading to a more defined physique, and a temporary loss of weight — which won’t be fat, of course, just water.

Because any weight loss caused by diuretics is only temporary, this element of the compilation is probably really most useful to anyone who needs weight in the short term — body builders preparing for a show, for instance.

3. Neuro-tech: contains 240 mg of 4 ingredients (n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, quercetin, gynostemma, and vinopocetine) which may increase focus and intensity, resulting in more productive workouts.

Unlikely to provide much in the way of benefits though, since it’s such a tiny blend of ingredients.

Bottom line?

The potent dose of green (and other) teas and caffeine means Thermoshred is probably as good an ephedra-free fat burner as you’re going to find on the market today (of course, that doesn’t mean you should expect miracles from this product. Without an effective diet and exercise program, you’d only be wasting your money!).

I also like the fact that MuscleTech doesn’t use its “proprietary complexes” as an excuse to use minuscule amounts of critical ingredients (with exception of Neuro-Tech). Both Incinerate and Hydroshred contain a generous amount of choice ingredients.

Once again, I’d caution those of you with a sensitivity to caffeine to start with the lowest dose possible, should you decide to experiment with this product.

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