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Miracleburn Customer Feedback, Comments & Testimonials

Below you’ll find some visitor comments on Miracleburn. If you’d like to have your own comments on MiracleBurn featured here, please contact us with your story.

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Second, please recognize that there are many valid reasons why any product will or will not work for an individual person.

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Regardless, be sure to recognize that personal feedback is always highly anecdotal, so use your own judgement if you are using these reviews to influence your buying decision.

I thought I would try MiracleBurn since I was in need of something to “decrease my appetite” as the product states it does (“from day one”). I tried the 7-day free trial first. I discovered no results with the trial period.

I wrote to MiracleBurn explaining this and they replied by saying “Sometimes it needs to be in the system for a while to take effect.” So, I ordered a 1-month supply. I took it for 2 more weeks and still felt nothing. No increase in energy nor decrease in appetite. No “full feeling.”

I was skeptical and should have gone with my instincts and I wasted $50. This product did not work for me. It’s amazing how many companies can make money off of people and stay in business with scams. I think the basic common sense of more exercise, less food is best. I joined a gym 2 weeks ago and feel great!

Lisa (lmd0521ATcomcast.net)

I have been using Miracleburn for almost 2 weeks now. I want to say that this product is great because I noticed within a few days that my appetite has decreased and I’ve already lost a few pounds.

At the same time though, I do eat pretty healthy and I also work out regularily (about 4-5 days a week), however I feel that this product will help me lose the extra 20 pounds that has been very difficult for me to lose, even with diet & exercise.

Also the product is all natural & you don’t feel sluggish at the end of the day. I haven’t experienced any side effects and it’s very easy to take. The most important thing, and this is for all diet pills, is to eat right, exercise, and drink lots of water.

Cindy (cindy711 AT yahoo.com)

I bought three months worth off of the website and I did not immediately feel/see results. In fact I finished the whole box and did not feel/see results.

I did get the 7-day trial period of their Vitamins and they kept charging my credit card after I went back on the site and cancelled the automatic shipments that you are automatically enrolled in when you get the trial product.

They are a fraud, I believe.

Kelley (stilljonesAThotmail.com)

I’ve been using Miracle burn and have also bought the cream for the last 5 weeks now and see no effects at all.

It has not supressed my hunger and I have definitely not lost any weight. I was was very disappointed to notice that you are supposed to see the effects working within a number of days but as I said its now 5 weeks and nothing.

Stephen (sarchboldATilg.ie)

I started using Miracle Burn about 3 weeks ago, and I have got to say, this product really worked for me. I did not feel increase in energy, but it did supress my appetite and I have lost 8 lbs. without really doing much exercise or limiting my food.

So I can tell you as for me I am holding on to Miracle Burn.

Leylah (beaufineflygirlATmyway.com)

I wanted to share both the positive and negative effects of MIRACLEBURN. First of all, it is true that is significantly reduces your appetite and my energy level is higher. NO doubt about that.

However, there is the review going around that it deosn’t have negative side effects. I am currently under no stress and life is going pretty good. However, since I started taking miracleburn I have suffered two panic attacks, shortness of breath, and if you’ve ever experienced one of these it’s very scary. It feels like a heart attack.

The bitter orange, a stimulant, may have that reaction on some people I think it’s false advertising to claim that miracleburn doesn’t have the negative side effects.

Needless to say, my physician concluded that this was indeed a result of taking this diet pill and to discontinue use immediately. Although I was happy with my appetite being reduced and my energy levels being higher, I definitely prefer to be 20 pounds over weight than suffer from these terribly scary attacks.

Elaine (finallyelaineproductions AT yahoo.com)

I purchased a four month supply of Miracleburn and did not experience much difference in my appetite or lost any weight, but this was not the main problem.

About 4 weeks after I started taking the product, as directed, I began experiencing symptoms of arrhythmia, not previously a part of my medical history.

I wrote to the company requesting information regarding this issue. THEY DID NOT RESPOND. WHen I called, a customer service representative informed me that I was past the 30 day money back guarantee and did not appear the least bit concerned about my symptoms.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced such symptoms and also wonder if such is the case, how long it will take before they are hit with a class action lawsuit. It seems inconceivable that such a lack of concern should be exhibited by a customer service representative who sells “health” products.

Meggie (meggie_now2004 AT yahoo.com)

I notice that you are only posting feedback that supports your view on Miracleburn. Please be fair and post my feedback. Miracleburn has not only worked for me, it has worked for a number of my own friends and family. Noticeable weight loss in all. I can tell you that I personally lost 37 pounds in 4 months using Miracleburn, with no exercise or food change.

I am thinking that they must not have an affiliate program or something that you can make money with. A person with average intelligence can see that your website is designed to trash one product in order to sell others. Your embarrassing yourself. What may I ask are your credentials that make you an expert? The product works, it is that simple.

Diane (marradiane AT yahoo.com)

Paul’s comments: No Diane, I am not a doctor, nor a medical professional (not that it matters anyway — the weight loss industry is rife with doctors who are paid to sponsor products that clearly don’t work). That’s why I always use clinical study references in my reviews to validate my statements (there aren’t any validating MiracleBurn’s claims, by the way).

If you’d have spent some time reading my reviews, you’d have seen that.

And guess what?

I have been approached by an individual claiming to represent MiracleBurn, offering me a HUGE commission to promote the product.

I didn’t respond. Want to know why?

Because any business that is focused on profit at the expense of NOT looking after its customers (or in our case, our visitors) — does not last very long. If we promoted MiracleBurn, we would damage our credibility — it’s simple as that. How do you think our visitors would feel if we recommended a product that was backed by horrible customer service? If they were added to a recurring billing program that we didn’t notify them of?

It simply isn’t worth any amount of money to damage our long term credibility like that.

UltimateFatBurner.com has been a trusted online resource for fat burner reviews since 1999, and it’s that way for a reason… our visitors can trust us to look after their best interests!

I got sucked in by a supposed review site on different weight loss pills. It showed that Miracleburn was at the top of it’s list for weight loss, no side effects…yadda yadda. Well I did the little free trial.

I was late trying the product for a cold. I did email Customer Service to move the autoship date for fundage reasons. No response. Tried to call customer service. Got a message machine.

So I tried the product over the weekend. Taking the recommended dosage made me nauseated. Did not quell my appeitite in any way. The interesting thing is I was not sleeping well while taking the product. I am a 6-8 hour sleeper, not interruptions at night. But on the product I could go to sleep and when I did I was waking up 2-3 times at night. The only difference was I started taking the product.

I emailed Customer Service so will see if they truly respond. This is the second time I have let myself get sucked in by the free trial and autoship programs. Shame on me.

Michelle (michelledye AT yahoo.com)

I got MiracleBurn under the 7 day trial – where they gave a $10 gift card as incentive…. so really they paid ME to try it out – I have taken it three days and it – if anything, has INCREASED my appetite.

I was doing fine maintaining my diet – added MIRACLEBURN and by day 2 I was over my calorie goal before dinner.

It caused me to CRASH by 2pm – with my tummy growling and I am soooo sleepy i could barely stay awake at work.

I do NOT recommend this product. I did cancel the AUTOSHIP which you are entered into as part of the trial – Hopefully they will respond and get it cancelled BEFORE billing me.

I wish I’d have found this site PRIOR to entering my credit card numbers

Cory (cori724 AT roadrunner.com)

The first time I tried Miracle Burn, I ordered just a 30 day supply and a friend and I split it to try. We both lost 10 and 12 pounds, respectively.

However, when I ordered a four month supply, which again was split with my friend, weight loss was 0 and +1. Since it was during the holidays, I allowed for that, but I won’t go back to them.

Tony (ars5960 AT yahoo.com)

I have to disagree with it being a fraud. I have been using miracleburn for about a month and a half now and i have lost 25lbs. I do mild excercise like walking and eat healthy some of the time, and i have to say that it is because of miracleburn. I think everything is different with everybody.

Tara (vocalmommy2004 AT yahoo.com)

I bought $135. worth of the MiracleBurn product hoping it would help me off the diet platue I was on and it has done nothing. I have been taking this for the past three months and have had no results. I have stayed with my work outs and diet and it has done nothing. Please DO NOT get took as I did.

Kim~California USA (jk.griffin AT comcast.com)

Just want to warn diet pill users about sun exposure and dehydration. After only 3 days on MiracleBurn, I passed out while riding a horse. I was only in the sun for 30 min. The ER Dr. stated that I passed out due to dehydration and low potasium (even though I had been drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day and eating a banana daily for potasium).

Luckily I was wearing a helmet, and did not suffer serious injuries when I fell from the horse. I have never passed out before in my life. Please be extremely careful when taking diet pills, especially during activities in warm weather.

Lisa (claybrookes AT yahoo.com)

I am one of those people that tried the free trial offer of miracleburn. I have till tommarrow to cancel and I have every intention of doing so.

This is an absolute joke. Infact it says that it is a safe alternative to efedra and that it has herbs to increase your energy level and curb your appetite.

WRONG!!!! I was hungry and tired. I only took it for three days, but I think most people will agree that where diet pills are concerned you can tell if it will help or not from the begining.

They also sent a form saying if you sent them a before and after picture they would send you $400 dollars! Well hello!!!! People!!!! How many of us have skinny pictures of us taken 5 or 10 years ago??? These pictures could be totally bogus and people are collecting there $400 dollars too! Don’t buy it it doesn’t work.

Bonny Karstedt (chicksinthenest AT yahoo.com)

What a ripoff! Not only does this product NOT work, the customer service is pathetic. I signed up for auto ship program in order to get the 14 day FREE trial sample.

Not only did I get the free sample, but a full month supply as well, with my checking account being charged $28.83 (a “special offer” since they say I did not complete my order process – which I DID complete, but their web site is totally messed up!) I didn’t even have an opportunity to try the pill 14 days FREE! Anyhow, the pills were solid blue capsules…..NOT as pictured.

I emailed THREE times regarding this as I was concerned about what I actually received, especially since they DID send an ad for a BLUE pill to enhance my sex life!! I finally had to CALL the 800 #, hold FOREVER, only to be told that it was “generic” due to the manufacturers mistake.

OK! I proceed to take the pills, only to discover THEY DON’T SUPPRESS ANYTHING! In fact, I honestly think they made me hungrier. I decided, after only 1 week, to discontinue my auto ship.

Again, I sent several “cancel” notices via email from their web site, and NEVER received a response. I have deduced that they do NOT answer their email….EVER!

To add insult to injury, my checking account has been billed a WHOPPING $46.90 without one single explantion as to why, since I have NOT received any more of the product. I have now sent a registered letter to the home office, and have had to cancel my debit card and get a new one. STEAR CLEAR OF THIS WEBSITE AND THIS PRODUCT – NEITHER ONE WORKS!

Kathy (kathygrggs AT yahoo.com)

I just want to lose around 20lbs, not a HUGE deal so I read and read and found MiracleBurn.

Well, I’ve been “Burned”. The seven day trial did nothing, but in order to get the free trial you have to sign up for autoship and getting that cancelled is impossible so far.

This has done nothing to decrease my hunger, in fact by the end of the day I’m starving!! I think I’m MORE hungry with this stuff. And no extra energy whatsoever. I’ve learned my lesson!!

Marcie (pnske AT frontiernet.net)

I’ve been using MiracleBurn for 10 days. Just a week. I’ve spent two years watching the scales going up… stress, long work hours at a desk, no physical activity, even thyroid surgery (half removed) during this time frame and subsequent synthroid treatment (small dose as my TSH numbers are what my doctor calls borderline).

I do need to consult with my doctor about using both these drugs together…

But I have more energy, sleep well, have much less appetite (an INCREASE in appetite was what I was experiencing when my synthroid dosage was raised 3 months ago, and just as my doctor warned might happen, my weight was still rising). When I do have cravings, I’m now craving proteins and vegetables rather than refined sugars. Strange but welcome.

It’s only 10 days, but I’ve lost 5 lbs, and now feel like I have a trend going. I’m going to continue to take the MiracleBurn, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and because I now have a little more energy, add some of the other healthy actions that should cause my weight to drop.

I’m not usually subject to ‘placebo’ effect, having a healthy dose of skepticism myself, so I have to say MiracleBurn appears to be having some effect on my physiology.

Laura (lgekeler AT nd.edu)

I just want to lose around 20lbs, not a HUGE deal so I read and read and found MiracleBurn.

Well, I’ve been “Burned”. The seven day trial did nothing, but in order to get the free trial you have to sign up for autoship and getting that cancelled is impossible so far.

This has done nothing to decrease my hunger, in fact by the end of the day I’m starving!! I think I’m MORE hungry with this stuff. And no extra energy whatsoever. I’ve learned my lesson!!

Marcie (pnske AT frontiernet.net)

I have emailed 4 times, with no response so I don’t expect to hear from them. I called twice. Once to cancel my membership and once to find out what to do with the EXTRA box of pills I got AFTER I canceled! (they won’t just refund my $$)

Their customer service is EXTREMELY sub par. When asked questions, I am met with excuses, not answers. My satisfaction with their products, their company, their return policies and employees is NON-EXISTENT! I expressed concern with mailing in a product and was hung up on. I worked in customer service for many years and this is No way to treat a customer, because they now no longer have one.

I spoke with Gary, and he spoke so rapidly, I could barely understand him. Tasha was very helpful when I called a few weeks ago, but my phone call was prompted because I canceled my membership and STILL received a product that I did not want. Now I am stuck with a product that I am told I have to return for something else I do not want.

I emailed one last time and asked that they please take this opportunity to learn from their mistakes, and be aware that I will share my story with others of my experience with miracle burn.

Caveat emptor!!

Raven (ravendelange AT alliantenergy.com)

My main problem has always been hunger. Miracle burn has helped me with that somewhat.

I realized that I wasn’t hungry (!) on the drug – but I still wanted to be eating (it’s hard to explain, its like someone who smoked and quit – they aren’t addicted to the nicotene any longer but may crave the action of smoking anyway)

I am a naturally tense person when I started using Miracleburn I noticed that my tension was more severe.

My facial muscles were very clenched and it caused aching. However, this went away on its own after the first 7-10 days.

I’ve tried a number of pills and this was the only one that truly helped me with my hunger.

I believe that all diet pills can make you 1) feel more anxious 2) feel more tense 3) and feel like your heart is fluttery.

Because of that – it might not be right for you (either your confort level or your physical/mental health).

Sue (ssiegel AT aamc.org)

I have just started using the Miracle Burn. I am about 100 lbs over weight. I sure hope it helps me. About the price and the auto ship problems… I am buying mine off of eBay for $14 plus s&h.

Linda (critterhouse AThotmail.com)

Well, once again I blew it by not checking your website before wasting $50 on this product.First of all, I admit that everyone’s results are different and for those that have been helped by this product, I am honestly happy for you. It’s often hard to lose weight without some kind of help (thus the HUGE market for weight loss products) and we are all looking for something that works for “me”.

Unfortunately, this product was not the one. I maintain an above average healthy diet and exercise so wanted to try this product as an aid in helping me to cut my portions and suppressing some appetite urges. After 30 days, I noticed no difference whatsoever; the only good thing about Miracleburn was that I did not get any jitters or similar side effects but on the other hand experienced no help with the appetite.

In my humble opinion, this product did not even begin to deliver on any of its promises for me.

Paul, as far as the woman who castigated you for your supposed bias towards the negative testimonials, I had to laugh. If she was a regular visitor to your website, she’d know that you, sir, cannot be bought and on behalf of us poor l’il consumers in the woods, thank God for that! 🙂

Once again, I am repeating the mantra to myself: check UltimateFatBurner.com first before buying…..

Sherry (iamsmarti AT gmail.com)

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