Medical Peers Call Dr. Oz "Quack"; What Took You So Long? -

Medical Peers Call Dr. Oz “Quack”; What Took You So Long?

CNN ran a story yesterday entitled, “Medical peers want Dr. Oz fired, call him ‘a quack‘”.

The story title pretty much says it all; a group of doctors wrote a letter to Columbia University, asking them to remove Oz from his position as vice-chair of Columbia University’s surgery department.

down the toilet

Here’s where your money is going when you buy on Dr Oz’s recommendation!

The reason?

The same reason Oz had his ass handed to him by Sen. Claire McCaskill, chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance, in a panel that was looking into false advertising for weight loss products.

Oz breathlessly touts “miracle” weight loss cures to his audience of millions – who promptly turn around and spend millions on these products – despite the fact that no evidence of miraculous “effects” exists.

Oz’s own assertion (at the senate subcommittee) that he both believes in these products and researches them thoroughly is utter nonsense.

Had he performed even the most elementary research into the products he promoted, he would know better than anyone else (he’s professionally trained in the scientific method) that the evidence supporting them is either elementary, preliminary, tainted by financial conflicts of interest, or doesn’t support anything remotely resembling a miracle.

So our question to those medical peers is…

What the heck took you so long?

We’ve been calling Oz on his nonsense for years.

To celebrate Oz getting formally called out by a group of his peers, we’re featuring some of our most popular, “As seen on the Dr. Oz show” supplement reviews from the last couple of years. Read a couple for fun, and let us know what you think!

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