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Man Vaporize Review: Friendly Fats For Weight Loss?

The Man Vaporize fat burner is, according to the product labeling, a “bodyfat reducing phenomenon.”

I don’t know about that.

Nonetheless, Vaporize is a product that I believe has merit — if not for any proven weight loss benefits, than for its health and wellness benefits at least. You see, Vaporize contains a rather unique blend of fats — a fish oil blend called “Big Fish™”, which is a blend of 50% EPA/DHA essential fatty acids.

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last 20 years, you’re probably well aware of the myriad of benefits offered by a good quality fish oil. Since I’ve already reviewed fish oil in detail here, I won’t go into major detail — suffice to say that a good quality fish oil will indeed provide health benefits to anyone who uses them.

The only concern I have about Vaporize is that I cannot tell whether or not the fish oil has been molecularly distilled (I don’t see anything in the product advertising to indicate whether this is the case or not). Because fish can concentrate environmental contaminants, it’s a good idea to use only the fish oils that have been molecularly distilled to remove them. Unless you want to receive an additional dose of PCBs, that is!

The other ingredient in Man Vaporize, and the one responsible for the bulk of the supposed fat burning benefits of this product, is called “sesamin.” In this formula, it is standardized from sesame oil.

Sesamin is a “lignan” — a phytoestrogen also found in cereals, fruits, vegetables, and flaxseed. Sesamin offers all sorts of benefits — it protects the liver, demonstrates cholesterol-lowering effects and may help to prevent high blood pressure.

It’s also a potent antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

So why would you find this sesame seed oil in a fat burner?

Well, the theory is that the active compound, sesamin, increases the oxidation of fatty acids in the liver and muscle tissue (which should result in increased fat burning), as well as reducing the levels of enzymes which contribute to the storage of fat.

If that is indeed the case, then sesamin is a promising ingredient for weight loss. Unfortunately, there is a “fly in the ointment” so to speak…

Yes, you guessed it… there is a decided lack of human-based clinical evidence validating sesamin’s miraculous results. While initial studies were promising, they were not performed on humans, but on rats. As we know, results do not always carry over from species to species.

So until we have some real “human-based” evidence to verify sesamin’s fat burning ability, all we can say right now is that it is definitely a “healthy” ingredient that exhibits properties that may be beneficial to dieters (i.e., prevent high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, etc.).

So where’s that leave Man Vaporize?

Obviously, this is a great “health-focused” product. Alas, as I mentioned earlier, clinical data validating its fat burning claims are in short supply.

However, to assess the real value of this product, one has to compare its cost (I found it for $20.99 at with regular fish oil products and see how much extra you’re paying for the “benefits” offered by sesamin. A search on the net for fish oil prices found prices ranging from as low as $5 all the way up to $30 for the most potent of blends.

So I guess what it comes down to is this…

If you’re planning on supplementing with fish oil, and you’re planning to buy a decent product for between $12-15, it’s probably worthwhile to spend a couple of extra dollars and give Vaporize a try. If you’re looking for an “out and out” fat burner, you may wish to consider one that contains ingredients with a proven track record for weight loss—check out our recommendations page of you need some help making a selection!

Summary of Man Vaporize
  • Healthful ingredients.
  • Uses standardized/concentrated oils.
  • Scientific support for weight loss claims weak.

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