Review: Applied Nutriceuticals: Lipotrophin-AM -

Review: Applied Nutriceuticals: Lipotrophin-AM

Lipotrophin-AM is the first of a two stage, two-product fat blasting attack brought to us by Applied Nutriceuticals. It’s a reasonably priced product (around $20 in January, 2012) and a refreshingly simple one at that—it contains a mere 4 ingredients.

That’s pretty much a rarity these days.

Most manufacturers try to overwhelm customers with their products’ complexity—jamming them full of dozens of ingredients, which they present as a measure of effectiveness and scientific credibility. In fact, the opposite is more likely to be true; due to the logistics of capsule size, the more ingredients any product has on the label, the less likely any of them are present in a dosage large enough to elicit any effect (see the label dressing video for more on this!). On the other hand, products with fewer ingredients are more likely to contain those ingredients at helpful dosages.

When it comes to supplements, less is definitely more.

So what’s in Lipotrophin-PM?

1. Green tea (standardized for 90% polyphenols and 50% EGCG): By now, you’ve probably heard of the health and weight loss benefits offered by green tea, and especially its main constituents caffeine and the catechin EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). There’s plenty of evidence to suggest green tea (and properly standardized green tea extracts) elevate the metabolism and inhibit the action of various critical enzymes (for a complete review of green tea, plus links to all the relevant clinical studies that validate its effects, please click here!). However, its effects are generally mild and the available clinical data does not support retailers’ claims of near miraculous weight loss. In other words, it’s a worthwhile ingredient, but no miracle cure. To find out more about what you can really expect from green tea, read this article!

2. Mucuna Pruriens (Standardized To 25% L-Dopa): Elissa, our scientific and technical advisor discussed this ingredient thoroughly in her review of another Applied Nutraceuticals product, IGF-2, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, I’ll let you read what she had to say…

“Mucuna Pruriens is also known as “velvet bean”—a tropical legume used as a food, feedstock and traditional medicine. In the latter capacity, it’s credited with aphrodisiac, anti-stress and fertility-enhancing effects.

Velvet bean is also used as an alternative treatment for Parkinson’s disease, as it’s a naturally-occurring source of l-dopa (a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine).

Beyond its therapeutic uses, l-dopa has been used experimentally as a “challenge” to test for defects in the ability to produce growth hormone. In one study, for example, 500mg oral l-dopa produced significant increases in circulating GH.

There’s a catch, however. Although supplement marketers are fond of citing studies on the benefits of growth hormone, there isn’t a shred of reliable evidence that GH secretagogues like L-dopa can induce human body composition changes similar to those obtained with growth hormone injections. So while it’s fair to say that IGF-2 probably boosts GH production, this doesn’t mean it will facilitate the kind of physique changes that users are looking for.”

Since Lipotrophin-AM is a weight loss supplement, it’s possible that Mucuna is included for possible GH-related weight loss benefits, although as Elissa says, there’s no evidence it has this effect.

On the other hand, it may also be included for mood support – some people do take it for this purpose.

3. Bacopa Monniera (standardized to 40% bacosides): Bacopa supplements enhance focus and concentration, and there is some published clinical evidence to support this assertion.

4. Caffeine: Yep, caffeine. The old standard of almost every weight loss / fat burner supplement on the planet. It’s an effective, cheap “pick me up” too, which most people enjoy. And, it’s a mild thermogenic, which means it does elevate the metabolism and help with weight loss (see clinical study abstracts here and here to verify this!).

OK, so now that you know what’s in Lipotrophin-AM, how does it measure up?

Well, it’s pretty cheap, considering one bottle will last most people a month. That’s a point in its favor. It contains two “no brainer” ingredients; caffeine and green tea. The Bacopa is a nice touch for added focus; and the Mucuna may also provide some mood support. And although we can’t confirm the dose of any of the ingredients (because of the proprietary label), it’s likely most ingredients are present in a helpful dosage. That means it doesn’t make any sense to buy the useful ingredients in isolation either.

Bottom line?

If you’re in the market for a cheap, low-tech, non-revolutionary fat burner and energy product, I can think of far worse options. Lipotrophin-AM is available online at, one of our recommended online retailers.

Summary of Lipotrophin-AM
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Contains standardized green tea extract and caffeine.
  • Only 4 ingredients.
  • Proprietary blend makes it difficult to determine ingredient amounts.

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