Lipoplex Fat Burner Review: Does LipoPlex Work? -

Lipoplex Fat Burner Review: Does LipoPlex Work?

Lipoplex is one of the many hoodia-based fat burners you will find for sale on the Net, the radio, or late night TV these days. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a complete ingredients profile (always a discouraging sign), so it’s unclear if Lipoplex contains anything other than hoodia in its formula.

Like many similar hoodia products, Lipoplex claims to be a potent appetite suppressant and fat burner. And like their competitors they use impressive sounding references like…

“As seen on NBC, CBS and BBC NEWS.”

Unfortunately, where there’s hype like this, there is seldom any substance. And lo and behold, hoodia gordonii is without a doubt the most hyped and unsubstantiated weight loss product being sold on the Net today.

For those of you looking for more information on Hoodia, please feel free to read the entire review here (if you’re interested, you can also read customer feedback here!). For those of you who just want the bottom line, let me say this…

Currently, there is no real evidence hoodia is any good for anything. Additionally, hoodia is a protected species and almost impossible to obtain in any significant amounts. It’s fair to say that most hoodia products being sold today therefore contain little or no hoodia at all.

Visitor feedback on hoodia has been rather under whelming. In fact, I encourage you to review the feedback for yourself (click here to view feedback), especially if you’re considering a hoodia-based product like Lipoplex for yourself.

One other thing to keep in mind…

Many hoodia products sold through the Net offer a 7 to 14 free trial. In order to obtain this “free” trial, you will need to provide your credit card info for a “small shipping and handling fee.”

Don’t do it.

More often than not, the company will use this information to add you to a recurring billing program (where they will ship you a new bottle every month and charge your credit card accordingly). At that point, it’s nearly impossible to remove yourself from the program. Check out this feedback from these Lipoplex users…

The product didn’t feel right when I took the supplements so I stopped. I then called to end the 2nd installment of supplements per the agreement online 5 days later. Not only did they send me the 2nd installment of supplements, they charged me $99.95!

When I called and called and called (5 times before they answered and called me back) and waited on hold at one point for 23 minutes, they “customer service representative” be-littled me, called me a liar, called me irresponsible, and said, “We have THOUSANDS of customers – so what?”

Insinuating that my problem was insignificant. The Rep then continued to tell me that there were no records whatsoever of my call to cancel and they would send me to a collection agency.

At which point I let that rep know in no uncertain terms how I felt about he/she, the company, and their product. I also filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.

Please, do not make the mistake I made – DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THIS COMPANY’S PRODUCTS!!

Chris (

In May I had ordered the trial on Lipoplex, and did not realize that I only had 15-30 days to cancel before I got billed $99.95 again. Well, it is now September and I have once again been ripped off the amount of $99.95.

I called and tried to get my money back, but they threw in my face that I did not call in time and cancel the order. The pills can be returned but of course, not reuseable since they were sent out, not even opened, and I do not get my money back.

I have changed my account so that they cannot access it again, boy, do I wish I had seen this web site before I ordered it. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT, they will give all kinds of reasons why you can’t get your money back. The product does not work, I can drink coffee and get the same results.

So sad that I even associated with this outfit, spread the word to everyone that this is a rip-off big time!!

Brenda (Sittingood2 AT

I have tried Lipoplex for 2 weeks and nothing has happened.

However, this company has charged my card an additional $99.95 and refuses to give me back my money.

This company and product apparently is a rip off.

Steve Kady, Denver CO (thumpkady AT

What a ripoff this company is!

Unfortunately for me, I did not consult the web before I too, purchased the 2 week “free” trial of Lipoplex. It did not agree with my stomach at all, even though I tried it several days over the 2 week period. On exactly the 14th day, the company billed my bank account $99.95!

When I called to cancel and wanted to return the product (which 3 days after they charged my account I did not yet have), I was told by “Jordan”, the customer service rep, that it is a no return, no refund product. That’s it. He said he cancelled my “membership”, but I have a sick feeling there is going to be more trouble for me from this disgraceful company. I have notified my bank not to accept any further charges from this company, and hopefully that will hold.

I will notify the Nevada Attorney General, U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales and the FTC. But I have zero faith that any action will be taken against these theives.

I STRONGLY advise consumers to NOT do business with this company, ever.

Madalyn (melanders5 AT

I am 4’10” and 160 pounds so I am short. I wanted to lose wieght because all I’m doing is gaining the wieght and i don’t eat that much. I work 12 hours a day and not home much.

I saw LipoPlex on the internet and thought I would do the free trial but they charged me a $100.00 dollars and wouldn’t give me my money back. To this day i haven’t lost 1 pound and I’m still 160 lbs. and not happy with this company or product i wish someone would or could help me.

For I will not tell any one about Lipoplex for they haven’t done anything for me but take my money. All i wanted was to look nice for my husband. I have very little money and thay took from me. I ask the LIPOPLEX WITH HOODIA company to please give me the money back and not send me any pills but they did what they wanted to and took my money. They said they would not give me a refund or do anything for me.

Please don’t let anyone else be taken like I was. Thank you for your time

Vicki — very unhappy (vcl0089 AT

You can read more about what I call the “7 Day Free Trial Scam” here!

Bottom line?

Until there’s real scientific evidence validating the appetite suppressing qualities of hoodia, Lipoplex and other products like it are not worth experimenting with. And, if Chris, Brenda, Vicki, Madalyn and Steve’s experiences (detailed just above) are any indication, this company has little regard for its customers, and should be avoided at all costs.

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