Lipofuze Review: A Case Study -

Lipofuze Review: A Case Study

This is a somewhat unusual review, as I’ve broken it into three parts, vs. the usual one-review-per-page.

Why for? Because Lipofuze is an object lesson in why you shouldn’t take weight loss supplement claims at face value. Thus, I’m drilling down deeper than I normally do, to highlight issues that are hiding in plain view.

In a sense, this review represents a sort of “case study.” I picked Lipofuze – not because I consider it unique – but because I don’t. The marketing and formulation are pretty typical for weight loss products sold on the internet.

So let’s begin at the top…

The marketers of Lipofuze claim their formula contains “4 ingredients clinically proven to…”

  • “eliminate binge eating,”
  • “burn your fat weight,”
  • “boost your energy”
  • “build sexy, slim, lean muscles.”

That’s a pretty tall order for a bottle of herbs/nutrients… even heavily-researched prescription weight loss drugs aren’t that powerful. Thus, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the definition of “clinically proven” used above is a bit… loose. As Part II will soon make clear, there’s a lot less to this description than meets the eye.

It doesn’t mean, for example, that Lipofuze is proven to yield impressive fat burning results.

Nor does it mean that Lipofuze has undergone clinical trials.

All it means is that some of the ingredients have been trialed in a clinical setting, under conditions that may – or may not – be as well-controlled.

Although the manufacturers have dropped their silly claim that it’s possible to lose up to “10 pounds in 7 days” by using Lipofuze, the “promise” of fast, effortless weight loss subtly lingers on in two places. The first is in the FAQs:

Q: Because Lipofuze is one of the top fat burners, can I lose weight too quickly with LipoFuze?

A: If you find yourself losing more than 1 pound per day decrease the dosage. Many customers in the past have had issues with losing too much weight with LipoFuze and we do not recommend trying to lose weight too fast. It’s not healthy to lose weight too fast and we suggest careful attention to how much weight you lose with LipoFuze.

This is a “question” (and answer) contrived to make Lipofuze look more powerful than it really is. “Many” customers have had this problem? Really? In all the years I’ve been collecting feedback from weight loss supplement users, this is one “complaint” that I don’t recall seeing. Ever.

If people lose weight too quickly, it’s usually because they’re starving themselves or have a serious, undiagnosed health problem.

The second way the Lipofuze ad promotes this fallacy is by putting carefully selected testimonials front and center. As I’ve pointed out before, testimonials can’t be trusted over objective evidence. Ironically, the testimonial that got “top billing” illustrates this to a “T.”

In the first testimonial, “Erin Warwick” strongly implies that she lost 70 pounds using Lipofuze. Although she doesn’t state it directly, there’s really no other way to interpret the language she uses to describe her situation:

“I first ordered lipofuze after I had tried to shed the 70 pounds I gained from my pregnancy on my own with no success.”

No success? At all? Apparently not…

“I had tried several over the counter diet pills as well as spending the majority of my time exercising.”

While it could be doubted that a new mother (or any mother, really) has a “majority” of time to spend exercising, we’ll be charitable and assume this means that Erin did, in fact, work out regularly. The point is that she tried hard to lose the baby weight, but saw no results, pre-Lipofuze.

“I started taking lipofuze in October 2009 when I was a size 12 and within 2 months I was back to my size 8 that I was before pregnancy.”


Let’s back up and take a closer look at that statement, shall we?

For the record, I see nothing amiss in Erin’s claim that she dropped from a (dress? pants?) size 12 to a size 8 in 2 months. Based on Dr. Pamela Peake’s assessment of the average American woman, that’s a difference of 20 – 30 pounds. Certainly the low end of that range (20 pounds) is do-able within a couple of months. So far, so good.

But this simply doesn’t gibe with what Erin wrote in her first two sentences. She clearly identifies “size 8” with her pre-pregnancy size/weight and claims she was more-or-less back at her normal weight within two months of starting Lipofuze. Yet, she stated at the top that she had gained “70 pounds,” and had “no success” in losing it, despite trying other diet supps and “spending the majority” of her time exercising.

Nuh-uh. For this to be true, Erin would have had to lose 35 pounds each month! That’s more than a pound a day, every day, for two straight months – an astonishing rate of weight loss that the makers of Lipofuze clearly ID as unhealthy.

Even worse, Erin goes on to state that – after 7 months on Lipofuze (October 2009 to May 2010) – she reduced to a “size 5.”

“I didn’t expect to lose anymore, but now in May 2010, I am wearing a size 5 and I am in the best shape I’ve been in since I was 12!”

Since she was a size 8 before she got pregnant; then gained 70 pounds during pregnancy; this implies that Lipofuze helped her lose even more total weight than she gained during her pregnancy… and puberty, to boot.

Ummm, no… I don’t think so. Especially since this assessment is belied by Erin’s own 17 second YouTube ad, which is embedded next to her testimonial. In the YouTube clip, she claims to have lost a grand total of 40 – not 70 – pounds using Lipofuze, and is now a size 3.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s quite plausible that Erin lost 40 pounds, and went from a size 12 to a size 3 in 7 months. And that’s a good result… but not one that’s out-of-the-ordinary for most successful dieters, with or without Lipofuze. Thus, it appears that Erin’s written account was “dramatized” a bit, in order to make her accomplishment seem more extraordinary than it was.

This is not an accusation of lying, by the way.  Human memory is faulty, and – in the eagerness to convince others – recollections can be unconsciously embellished.  Erin may well have gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy; nonetheless I doubt that she was still packing the same amount of weight around by the time she started taking Lipofuze.

So that’s one reason why it’s important to take testimonials with a grain of salt.

And here’s another… according to her (written) account, Erin started taking Lipofuze in October, 2009 – a month before I wrote my first review of the product (yes, this is an update). What the manufacturers of Lipofuze do not reveal is that the formula has changed since then – quite radically, in fact. Thus, the Lipofuze that Erin started taking in October 2009 is not the same product as the one being advertised today (Sept. 2012, to be precise).


As we will see, there’s nothing in Lipofuze that could possibly cause dramatic weight loss. There wasn’t in 2009, and certainly isn’t now. But that’s par for the course: dieters shouldn’t expect remarkable results from any weight loss supplement.

Here’s why…

Fat is a stored energy source – each pound of fat represents approximately 3,500 calories. It does not flush off, melt away, or anything like that. There is no effortless way to get rid of it. An hour of intense exercise on the treadmill can require approximately 600 calories. To burn the caloric equivalent of 10 pounds of fat, the average person would need to spend nearly 60 hours on the treadmill.*

While there’s a lot to cover, still, I don’t mind saying this up front: any product —including Lipofuze— that offers (even by implication) effortless weight loss must be viewed with some suspicion. It is, after all, the major thing the FTC warned against with their own bogus, eggplant-based weight loss product, Fat Foe. Featured testimonials – even honest ones – are from outliers. They rarely, if ever, reflect the results experienced by the majority of users. At best, a good supplement can provide a boost; and help users stay the course; but they don’t defne the difference between weight loss success and failure.

With that said, let’s take a look at the ingredient profile…

Click here to go to Part II.


*This also helps explain Erin’s lack of earlier success – she does not mention diet – just pills and exercise. And exercise alone is not an effective way to lose weight.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. Lipofuze is working pretty well so far.

    Energy and appetite suppression with lipofuze is ALMOST as good as the old ephedra/caffeine diet pills of old. But not quite as good.

    I’ve lost 5.3 lbs in my first 2 weeks on lipofuze. And my strength at the gym has gone up a noticeable amount which leads me to believe that I’m losing fat and maintaining my lean muscle and possibly building lean muscle.

    I give the ephedra/caffeine/aspirin/yohimbine stack which is now illegal an A-.

    Lipofuze a B+.

    In the past 3 months I’ve also tried Alli (C-), Xenadrine RFA-X (C+), and Lipo 6-X (B-).

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  2. I have been taking Lipofuze for the last two months. So I was sold initially on the whole money back guarantee because it was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I wanted the best. Well I am on my second bottle and I am loving it.

    I have had my third child and I was looking for a way to get my figure back. It wasn’t easy to say the least, but nothing seemed to work. After my second, it seemed like I was trapped at 173. I couldn’t really stay on a diet or keep on regular exercise. I kept trying things on the market and after getting burned by some terrible products, I decided not to start a product unless they had a money back guarantee.

    Well Lipofuze caught my eye one day and I decided to give it a shot. My first two weeks were very slow, but I was able to stay on my diet and exercise this time. After my third week, I was seeing some real results. I got myself down to 165. On my 5th week, I am now 158 and firming up in the right places. Not sure if I will lose too much more, but I just want to maintain. The best part is that it doesn’t just get me all caffeined up, but gets me energized and focused on my daily tasks and exercise. Great product and I am going to try to get my husband on it…

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  3. I tried Lipofuze, and I had to actually decrease my dose, because I was losing about 1.5 pounds per day in the first week. So that’s definitely too powerful, and on their site I had already read that if this should happen, I should decrease my dose. I cut it in half. I didn’t feel any side effects in that first week. But after cutting my dose in half I still lose 1/2 a pound to a pound per day on average, and I feel great. So far, I have lost about 34 pounds, and I am still going strong. So I defintitely recommend this product!

    Editor’s comments: The only reason we allowed this comment to be posted is that it is a textbook example of what a “manufactured” testimonial looks like. We have no doubt Tamara is affiliated with this company. For one, it’s physiologically impossible to lose 1.5 pounds of fat per day, and second, there is nothing in Lipofuze that has fat burning capabilities of this magnitude. Tamara, please read our Terms and Conditions before posting again, please – we retain the right to reject any feedback that does not appear genuine.

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  4. I’ve tried a lot of other products before as well as different diets. I lost a lot of weight with Atkins. the only problem was that as soon as you stop using the diet, you gain it all back. Same with other diet pills too you know.

    I have been using Lipofuze for a while, I’ve been losing weight pretty regularly. I am skeptical just because of all the other things I’ve tried. But so far so good. I notice a bigger difference in my waist size so far. So I think that’s a good sign. and it seems that the pounds are coming off more consistantly and not in spurts like it does when I try to diet on my own. The true test is when you’ve stopped using a pill for at least a year. If you can maintain it, good. if you can’t, on to something else.

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  5. I have been using Lipofuze for about 2 weeks and it is relatively working well. Just do not take it after 2. During the week my routine is pretty set as far as breakfast and lunch goes but on the weekend it is whenever the my little one becomes hungry. So, I had a late lunch over the weekend and took my dose while I was preparing our food and I was unable to wind down later that night. Other than that, I am content with the results. I’ve lost 2.5 lbs in the last two weeks and that is combined with exercise. I’m not really dieting either. I’ve still been getting the occasion fast food meal!

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  6. I have been using Lipofuze for a little over a month now, and have seen virtually NO results. I have not missed a dose, and have been working out a minimum of 3 days per week, each workout consisting of 45-60 minutes of high-energy cardio and then about 30-40 minutes of weights. I have also been cutting back on portion sizes, eating healthier, lower fat and calorie foods, and drinking more water. I am losing weight no more quickly than I was in the 3 months I was just working out/eating better before I started taking Lipofuze, hoping to boost my weight loss speed. It is frustrating, but at least they have a money back guarantee, unlike some pills on the market.

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  7. Lipofuze update:

    I was the first person to leave a comment. I’m changing my rating from a 5 star to a 4 star as my results are starting to become less dramatic.

    I’ve been on it for a total of 5 weeks and have lost 9.9 lbs. I lost 5.3 in the first 2 weeks so only 4.6 lbs in the past 3 weeks.

    My strength has continue to go up even faster though the fat loss has gotten slower.

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  8. I’ve used Lipofuze for 3 weeks now and I love it! I was bit skeptical of this product at first but I’ve lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks! First week, I lost about 10 lbs. Second week probably around 4lbs and last week, probably 3.

    I still have long way to go but I hope Lipofuze keeps working. I’ll let everyone know if I lose more or less weight next week.


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  9. I tried LipoFuze. It’s now day three and I still can not get over the nausea – it’s horrible. I also had pains all through my stomach and frequent headaches. My appetite is still the same I did have to force myself to eat (because of the nausea) but even being nauseous I still felt hungry.

    I just sent an e-mail so I can send it back and get my money – we’ll see what happens.

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  10. Lipofuze doesn’t work. Stop cheating the people!

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  11. Definitely the best diet pill I ever tried. I’ve been using it for about a month and I lost 25 lbs.

    I exercise 3 times a week, do light cardio, and have high protein low carb diet. Never used the detox pills but I plan 2 try them if the lipofuze stops working so well.

    So far no crazy side effects – I just feel extra thirsty and when I burp it tastes like raspberry. But that’s it, it works for me!

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  12. Day 3 of using this product. I have a cast iron gut normally, but I have experienced nausea and dizziness with every dose. Though it is getting milder and is improved with strict adherence to package instructions. How normal are these side effects and what ingredient(s) cause it? I know I am eating less, but haven’t weighed myself yet. I normally exercise more than I have been the past few days, but I am feeling run-down. I have never used a diet pill before and didn’t know what to expect. Any advice?

    Editor’s comments: Renee, it’s impossible to say whether it’s a single ingredient or a combination of any or all of them that’s causing this. There isn’t anything in this product that isn’t normally tolerated well, but that doesn’t mean it’s the case for you. Sorry about that.

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  13. I just finished my first week using Lipofuze and I’ve lost 3 pounds. I find that it works really well to control my appetite but I haven’t noticed much difference in my energy level. It makes me feel a little nauseous for the half-hour wait before a meal but not too bad. One thing I did notice is that I cannot drink alcohol while taking it. I’ve never been one to get hangovers but after a night with a couple drinks I was really sick for the whole next day. Guess that’s not a horrible thing though…alcohol isn’t great for losing weight anyway. So, not the EXTREME results that I was expecting but not too bad. I’ll keep taking them (at least for the month) and see how things go.

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  14. I have been on Lipofuze for 4 days and I’ve lost 5 lbs. I have also changed my diet a little bit (not eating much after 9pm, no soda) which may have skewed the results. I also have felt a dramatic increase in energy without a drop-off. I am noticing a big difference in the way my clothes fit. I love this stuff.

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  15. I have only taken two pills of lipofuze, even though I have been on it for 3 days. I am only taking one pill a day instead of two, and I had to skip a day because I was still not hungry and had some nausea, so didn’t feel the need to take it the next day. Lipofuze seems to be working pretty well, I have lost 2 pounds already in 3 days. It really does take away any appetite! Although it does seem to be doing its job, it does still have its disadvantages. Every time I take it, I feel a burning sensation in my stomach… almost like acid reflux. Not to mention the nausea and headaches. They are awful. These headaches do not go away for a while… I mean 2 days. I have read where people have more energy… it has the opposite effect on me, it drains me! It is probably a reaction from the headaches and nausea though. I am still going to give this a shot, because as I said, it is helping me lose weight. I am just hoping this is just the beginning of lipofuze, and these issues go away after a while.

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  16. I did submit a previous comment (more of an essay really) but can’t see it here. Essentially been taking 2 capsules per day for 5 days now, results are gradual, but clear.

    Appetite definitely down and I also have the slight sick feeling and very very slight burning sensation (no doubt from the pepper and chili extracts), but only immediately after taking the capsule. Not once have I experienced a headache.

    Weight loss has been gradual with regular exercise I seem to be losing around half a pound a day. I am also drinking plenty of water and have noticed (on the very rare occasion) a few oily droplets in my urine, but nothing to worry about I’m sure.

    End of the day (and as I fully expected when I bought it), Lipofuze works well, just not to the near-impossible radical extent it claims.

    Still, I recommend it.

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  17. I wrote a week ago about my results and had lost 3 pounds after one week. It is now nearing the end of week two and the 3 pounds are back!

    I wonder if the people who see the extreme results are those who need to lose quite a bit of weight? I only need to drop the last 10 pounds. I started dieting and exercising years ago and dropped 30 pounds that way with no help and then the weight loss tapered off. I was hoping to use this “wonder pill” to help me lose the last 10 but it doesn’t seem to be doing it’s job.

    I’m not giving up yet but the results aren’t that encouraging. I’ll stick out the month and see what happens but it’s not looking good.

    Editor’s comments: Tracy, the weight you probably lost was water weight… that’s why you lost it so fast, and why it came back so quickly. Each pound of fat is the equivalent of nearly 3500 calories – and you can only lose it by burning it as “fuel”. Fat burners may help somewhat, but they only burn minimal calories – the rest of the real weight loss comes from your hard work in the gym and a smart diet.

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  18. I took this product as suggested on bottle. I have finished the first bottle and have seen no results. I’m going to take them up on getting my money back.

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  19. In 3 weeks I’ve lost 8lbs! I hope this pill has consistancy!

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  20. So far, I have lost about 16 pounds, give or take half a pound, and I have definitely seen better results than I did without it. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to lose just 10 pounds for the past year, and I’ve lost 16 pounds in less than a month. My inability to lose 10 pounds in the past year stems from the wrong regimen, my tendency to cheat, etc. But this is definitely better than I expected, and I’m more motivated to try because there are somewhat immediate rewards. So a better plan and effort could definitely be part of it now. I’m just impressed that I keep seeing results.

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  21. I have given bottles to some of the people I know who are trying to lose weight, because it works for me. For the results you get, it’s pretty cheap in price. I lost about 30 pounds my first month or about three times what I do when I’m running about 7 miles per day and dieting. I used to lose more for that effort, but obviously things have slowed down as my body has gotten used to it. I’ve been on that regimen for a while. It’s been working the same way for the last 6 weeks or so. Obviously, there is a definite difference.

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  22. I tried my first bottle of Lipofuze last month. It wasn’t quite as quick as I was expecting. But I really didn’t diet and exercise during that time. Still, I lost a few pounds, and now I am on the second month. This month, I have been applying myself more thoroughly, and I have seen significantly greater results. I’ve definitely been losing more weight than I did just doing things on my own before. So I’m definitely happy with Lipofuze right now. And I also haven’t experienced any side effects, which is a big thing for me.

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  23. I started taking Lipofuze and started seeing results immediately, especially in my tummy-area. It definately helped to curb my appetite a bit. I lost my bottle and have been off for a couple of weeks and I can feel the weight coming back on, I just ordered another bottle, can’t wait for it to come in.

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  24. I am trying my best to give lipofuze a decent trial run but the burning sensation is awful. I do not suffer from heartburn unless I take these pills. I have tried to drink plenty of water as mentioned in other reviews which does help to an effect. I have noticed a decrease in appetite and cravings yet no change on the scale in a week. I wish the side effects of this pill were not so prevalent. It truly burns…

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  25. I have only been using Lipofuze for 2 days and the nausea and heartburn I have felt has been so bad I can’t make myself keep taking it, no matter how much weight it would make me loose. Instead of having increased energy like it claims I have felt more tired and drained.

    It seems like many people have had this same problem with the product and it should be listed on the website has a side effect, instead they claim that there are no negative side effects. I am hoping they honor their money-back guarantee.

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  26. I do think this product is decreasing my appetite and increasing my energy, however, it is also increasing my emotional state. I’m weepy and really quick to anger. Any studies done regarding this?

    Editor’s comments: To my knowledge, none of the individual ingredients have this specific characteristic (one ingredient, 7-Keto is a metabolite of the steroid hormone DHEA, but it doesn’t have any side effects or affects on hormone production). So it’s either the combination of ingredients, or perhaps your unique response to stress (as Lipofuze contains central nervous stumulants which stimulate the body’s “fight or flight” response) that’s causing this.

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  27. I have lost weight but so far lipofuze makes me feel sick. I have stomach pain, I feel “pukey”, and I have a headache kinda like I am drunk or something. On the upside though it does make you lose weight. I have been trying it for about 2 weeks and have noticed my pants becomeing baggier and stuff like that. The scale says I lost about 8 pounds so I would say it makes you lose weight.

    I dont know how long I can deal with the sick feeling. I noticed on here other people saying it makes them feel sick so I would say it is a side effect. Just wondering… did it wear off for anyone after using it for a while?

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  28. Just finished my first week, and after reading a lot about Lipofuze, I decided to start on a 1 pill per day cycle. First 5 days, I felt the sensation of acid reflux and dizziness (no headaches though). It felt similar to how I felt when I first started working out a year ago.

    So for the past 2 days, I have doubled the amount of water I drink, taking a water bottle with me everywhere I go. I work long days where drinking water isn’t always available, so in reality I went from maybe 4 glasses to 8 glasses a day (so not a huge amount like gallons of water a day, lol). So far, these past 2 days I have felt fine after taking the pills. It worked for me to get rid of the side effects (so far) but maybe not for you, but just a suggestion.

    On to my weight loss. I started taking the pills because I was within 13 pounds of my target weight. I could have probably got there in the next year, but I started a new job that takes up most of my daylight time.

    So I decided lets give this a try…even with outlandish claims of losing thousands of pounds without leaving the couch, I figured it could help with a few extra pounds and love handles when I exercise 3 days a week now (I box, in case you care). First week done, and I lost 1 pound. That, in my opinion, is pretty good, but what I offer to you in my review is if it is worth the money. It works, thus far, but there are much cheaper solutions/products out there that I am sure do the same job.

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  29. Lipofuze is effective, it gave me energy which I needed after reducing my calorie intake. It is a great appetite suppressant almost to the point I was forcing myself to eat so not to feel dizzy. Taking the tablet will give you heartburn unless you drink a lot of water with it.

    I’ve been using it for a week and have lost about 8lbs so far. Most of that is probably water weight but as I said it is useful simply for the extra energy it gives you.

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  30. This product has not given me the results I wanted. Good thing they have a money back guarantee!

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  31. Its me again. 😉 So far I am loving this product… NO side effects for me. I have more energy and I’m losing weight. Got on the scale this morning and I was 140.6!!

    I know that mostly this has to be water weight… but I’ll take it. The best part about this pill, is it makes you NOT hungry! I’ll keep updating with my progress!!!

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  32. Lipofuze really helped me to lose more inches and pounds. I saw a pretty good difference after about 5 or 6 weeks. I love the fact that there were no side effects. I still diet and exercise – nothing works without it.

    But I definitely notice the difference in my workouts and weight loss when I’m using Lipofuze. I really think diet and exercise is key, but Lipofuze really gives it a boost.

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  33. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem but I definitely have. The problem is I haven’t even received it yet. It’s been over one month and I’ve sent several emails to the company without receiving so much of a peep in response. It’s sad because I was really looking forward to trying it. Shall I stop holding my breath?

    Editor’s comments: Erinn, we haven’t received any complaints about the quality of customer service for this company. One thing you have to consider is whether you not your e-mails are being flagged as “spam” by the retailer’s ISP. In such a case, they would not be delivered. Try sending another e-mail from a different e-mail address. Also, have you confirmed with your credit card company that the charge has been processed? Maybe your order didn’t go through.

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  34. Okay so I have been on Lipofuze for 2 weeks now, and I’m not seeing any results hardly. I have had 2 children very young and my body is dying to lose this weight. I seem to be stuck at 173 lbs. I saw Lipofuze on a website claiming it is the best, but so far I think I have lost 1 pound.

    Some days I will check and I will be 173 and others I will be 172. I’m going to stick out my month trial but so far I am so disappointed! I was really hoping this would work for me?!

    Editor’s comments: Amber, the fluctuation that you’re seeing in weight is simply that of water weight, which can vary depending on how hydrated you are, or what point you are in your monthly cycle. Additionally, most web sites recommending Lipofuze as “the best” are earning a huge commission on referred sales. Therefore, you have question how genuine these recommendations are.

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  35. It’s works wonders. I’ve lost about 20lb with a steady diet, and my occasional workouts. And within a mouth and a half time too. But the side effects that this pill carries, is what makes it scary. Heartburn, a faster heart rate than normal (not good), sometimes feeling groggy, or out of energy, similar too a energy drink after effect.

    This could honestly be the best Diet Pill you’ve ever taken in your entire life, cause regardless of your diet it works. On the flip side though, this could be your worst nightmare, cause it side effects are no joke. Even perfectly healthy folks are getting this, so something up.

    The website overall really needs too label down the side effects mention or do more tests on there product, before something bad happens to someone unexpectedly. And then they’ll get a big old fat lawsuit knocking on their door.

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  36. I have been on a diet for three weeks now. The first 2 weeks I had lost exactly 12 pounds. Went from 282 to 270. The start of the 3rd week I began using lipofuze. I weighed myself this morning & have only lost 1.2 pounds. May need to let it kick in but very disappointed in this product. Will update you all next monday after my next weigh in. Wish me luck!

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  37. I started taking Lipofuze this week and I got real bad heartburn, I mean real bad! Then I get diarrhea, then a headache and after about 5 hours I feel like I could sleep 8 hours. I feel drained like after a sugar rush. I am a nurse and I haven’t noticed an increase heart rate or anything like that but with the other side effects, I am not sure I will be able to continue to take this.

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  38. This pill is horrible!! Right after I took the first pill I started getting horrible blurry vision. Unfortunately that was only the beginning. Shortly after I got overly dizzy, uncontrollably sweaty, with a pounding head ache that was borderline migraine and chest/ heart pains that lasted almost three days! Not to mention the weird skin reaction I got that left me with breakouts and rashes. I wouldn’t recommend this pill to anyone. It seems dangerous to me.

    My doctor also pointed out to me that Lipofuze doesn’t list the amount of each ingredient in it, therefore there’s no proof it’s even healthy for you.

    Editor’s comments: Alice, your doctor is right; the ingredients are revealed, but just how much of them is not. It’s one of the reasons our review of Lipofuze isn’t exactly glowing.

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  39. I been taking this pill for the past 3 weeks with no results. I have not lost any weight whatsoever. So, I stopped taking the pill and I started noticing after effects. The most concerning one is hair loss.
    I am seeing my doctor tomorrow.

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  40. I took this med one week – on and off – my husband left town with the bottle by accident the first weekend we tried it (he said he thought I’d bought 2 bottles). I take meds ONLY with food and I am still prone to nausea. Well I did get some nausea and some loose stools…

    Day one: One cap in evening. Had mild diarrhea and my appetite seemed suppressed.
    Day 2 & 3: No pills: Daddy had it with him. On day 2 still had loose stools – it was enough to stay home and cancel plans.
    Day 4: One cap. Had mild diarrhea and weighed 2 pounds lighter.
    Day 5: 2 capsules, breakfast and noon, had nausea and diarrhea.
    Day 6: 2 capsules, breakfast and noon, LOTS of nausea, dizzy, had to go to bed. Next morning my appetite is still suppressed weight loss – 6.4 pounds.
    Day 8: I skipped Lipofuze yesterday for a day to recover and take Immodium. Weight gain already of 2 pounds. Took one capsule with lunch.. I don’t think I will try two pills 2 days in a row again any time soon.

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  41. I’ve taken the pills for three days now and everytime I have taken the pill, I get dizzy, light headed, nauseous and have had difficulty breathing. I have also had insomnia for the last couple days. It’s probably too soon to say, but I haven’t seen any change in weight, but I feel miserable. I will be stoppping the pills and will def be getting a refund.

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  42. I was very excited when I purchased Lipofuze from the net last Monday. My starting weight was 154 lbs. It has been exactly 1 week today, and I am still at 154 pounds. I started rebounding on a mini trampoline, and lifting 3 lb. weights on Friday, plus I reduced my calories to 1200, and I haven’t lost an ounce since. I am very very upset.

    What am I doing wrong, and why am I not losing weight? Not to mention… on day two of taking Lipofuze I started getting headaches. I still have headaches off and on. Thank goodness I only bought 1 bottle and not more. Is there a diet pill that out there that can help me?

    Editor’s comments: Natasha, please read the Lipofuze review; you’ll see that manufacturer’s claims are not reflective of reality.

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  43. I have followed the recommended course to the letter. I even purchased 2 bottles & received my free ‘Detox’ product. Almost every day approximately 5 minutes after taking the pills I had extreme indigestion, but I thought that it must be part of the process.

    After the third week I had a constant extreme feeling of nausea & a bloated stomach. However, I persevered and I am now into my 8th week with the same feelings every day. I am really looking forward to stop having to take these pills. Oh & guess what…


    Another sham product!

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  44. I lost 15 lbs in 7 Days! I absolutely love it. I heard that different diet pills work for different people. I guess this one works for me.

    I’m happy with it.

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  45. I just start taking LipoFuze and as soon as I took the first pill, my stomach was so upset, I had diarrhea, I felt dizzy and my stomach was burning. I was also throwing up everything I ate. This is a bad product.

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  46. This stuff works better than other pills I’ve tried. It gives me more energy and helps me eat an average of 300 calories less each day. I’m only taking one pill because I’m scared of side affects but just one pill works pretty well. I’ve been lazy about taking it now, but when I took it every day I lost about 4 lbs that week.

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  47. Save your money. My cravings never decreased and I actually put on about 4 pounds the month I tried this product. I felt zero effects at all. I’ve requested my money back. I’ll post again on whether or not they back up their guarantee or not.

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  48. I ordered the 3 day detox with my order of Lipofuze. Today was my last day in the detox stage and I have seen no results whatsoever. The plus side to that is I’ve also had no side effects. Hopefully I’ll see some changes once I start on the regular pills. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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  49. HAS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCED A VERY RAPID HEART RATE THAT LASTS ALL DAY LONG? I have felt this way for two days since i started the pill. How much caffeine is in these pills? I am stopping. I just counted my pulse at 105 beats per minute.

    Editor’s comments: Jenn, Lipofuze does not list caffeine in its ingredients profile (at least, not in the version we reviewed). It does, however, contain an undetermined amount of synephrine, which is a stimulant and can bring about the symptoms you’ve described in sensitive people. Quitting is a smart idea.

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  50. I was happy with Lipofuze at first because I went from 140 to 128 in about 2-1/2 weeks. I dealt with the diarrhea during the first 3 or 4 days ’cause I figured it was cleaning me out. After the 12 pound loss, I just stopped losing any more even though I took the pills for 2 more weeks. I workout, I watch what I eat and I drink lots of fluids.

    My doc says I need to weigh 115 because of my BMI, but I can’t seem to get there. My youngest kid is one year old so I really have no excuse to be overweight anymore. Is this pill just taking all my water like all the other ones? It’s not working anymore.

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  51. I’ve been on lipofuze for 2 weeks. While it is not a miracle drug, it has given me enough of an energy boost to get up and exercise. One of my main problems before I started using lipofuze was that I was drinking a TON of coffee, with a TON of milk and sugar in it, all day long, because I was always tired.

    Since starting the lipofuze, I’ve quit drinking coffee, and drink a lot more water, some green tea, a glass of skim milk a day. I attribute the weight lost so far (7 pounds in 2 weeks) to my modified diet and exercise, but lipofuze has given me the energy and the motivation to change those aspects of my life.

    It doesn’t make me jittery at all, but I have experience the nausea and heartburn on occasion, usually after the first dose of the day, but it doesn’t last long.

    Editor’s comments: Nyssa, just for your information, recent studies (see American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 87, No. 5, 1254-1261, May 2008) indicate coffee consumption may impair glucose management and may be a risk factor for insulin resistance. In other words, it may have been all that coffee that was making you tired.

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  52. I have been using Lipofuze for about 3 weeks now and haven’t seen any results at all. The only positive things that have come from using this product is the boost of energy that you feel after taking it and the loss of appetite. Of course like many other users, the loss of appetite that I feel might come from the nauseous feeling that I get almost immediately after taking the pills.

    Would Definitely NOT recommend this product.

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  53. I have been taking lipofuze for a week now and have lost almost 10 pounds. I notice a few side affects like indigestion after taking it in the morning, and a little anxiety if I don’t wait at least 5 hours in between pills. Other than that it is working great. I hope it works this well through all 4 bottles that I have! Just to note I have been following the slim fast diet but not exercising.

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  54. Just a question for those of complaining about lack of weightloss. Have you taken your measurements? The ingredients in this pill are supposed to increase lean muscle mass while helping increase fat loss. I am about to start taking this pill, and weight is just a number to me, I am curious about actual size loss, etc.

    Editor’s comments: This commentor is discussing the importance of measuring your bodyfat percentage, and not relying on the scale to be the guage of success or failure. It’s a good point; learn more about the importance of tracking your bodyfat percentage here!

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  55. I started dieting March 24th and lost 6 pounds but I couldn’t break through the 170 mark. So, I started taking Lipofuze May 12th and have lost an additional 16 pounds. I’m now down to 154 and have 8 more pounds to go. I only take one pill around 10:30 and it curbs my appetite for the rest of the day. When I don’t take Lipofuze, I fight hunger most of the day. This product works for me. I hope others get the same results.

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  56. I’ve tried Lipofuze and became very ill. After about 1 week I stoped taking the product. I started eating and working out. The pounds came off quickly – in my opinion there is no such thing as the miracle pill!!

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  57. I’m waiting for the pills to come in the mail. I’m wondering does the weight stay off once you stop taking the pills?

    Editor’s comments: Mary, please check the LipoFuze review for an accurate assessment of what you can expect from this product.

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  58. I’ve been on lipofuze for two weeks now and haven’t lost any weight. Although I have maintained my weight going up and down one pound. Using lipofuze I have had no bad side effects. Using it I have gotten extra energy and had better performance at the gym.

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  59. I started Monday and have lost 3 pounds in 4 days. I have no desire to binge eat. That was my main problem was I could not follow any diet plan because at the end of the day I would binge eat .
    Taking this pill 2 times a day breakfast and lunch 30 min. before a meal has saved my life! I am now able to stick with my high fiber diet witch I never was able to. This pill works and I will buy more in the future because I am addicted to food and I feel if I stop taking this pill my binge eating will come back .

    My advice is try it out, I know I am glad I did because I was at rock bottom .

    It takes about 5 days for you to recive the pills in your mail box. I do wish they would send you a tracking number but they don’t. The only bad thing is if you try calling the number on there website it just keeps ringing but they did answer my e-mail as to why they do not mail us a tracking number it’s because it would cost more.

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  60. Hi everyone! I have just started taking lipofuze and so far the pill gives me heart burn every time I take it. I get this burning sensation that seems to start from my stomach and moves up into my chest area. I also feel dizzy after taking it, I have no idea why though. I don’t know if it is just my body getting used to the pill or if it is going to be a continual thing. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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  61. This is my second day taking Lipofuze. Yesterday I took a pill 30 minutes before I ate, and I felt sick and nauseous all day long with a horrible headache. It did help me with my appetite, but felling sick was terrible. Today I ate first then took one. I feel a little bit nauseous but no where near as bad. I found this is the only way I can take it (although I still have a headache). Not to mention, if I burp it tastes like mustard! So I’m trying not to burp to prevent more nausea.

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  62. I’ve been taking Lipofuze for about 2 weeks now. It does seem to be working. I was working out previously (cardio and weights for 4-5 days) before and always stayed at 220 mark. I’m now down to 214 and have leaned out a bit.

    Pro’s of Lipofuze: less appetite
    gives you a “high” sometimes
    lose weight
    more energy

    Con’s of Lipofuze: hard to fall asleep (jumpy)
    bad heartburn at times with the 1st pill
    one really bad night of lower back pain (it happened while I was sleeping, lasted about 2 hours and then just went away)

    Also my girlfriend tried it for two days and had a really bad experience. I almost had to take her to the ER because of all the pain she was in. Symptoms included heartburn, a high (or floaty) feeling, nausea and back pain.

    Editor’s comments: Symptoms that include “back pain” are very concerning, since this is more likely to be pain originating from the kidneys – if these symptoms are attributable to this product. It’s extremely unlikely, for instance, that the ingredients in Lipofuze are going to trigger a muscle spasm in your back; on the other hand, kidney pain is entirely possible.

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  63. Product is a scam. No diet benefit. Nothing more than a shot of caffiene.

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  64. I started this product today after reading all the reviews I could find.

    I took one pill this morning and was pretty wired after that so I didn’t take the second one before lunch. I had the energy for a workout today and have been able to control my appetite.

    I didn’t experience any nausea as some have reported. I did have a slight heart burny feeling for a few minutes but it went away fairly quickly. I don’t think I drank enough water with the pill.

    I will report back every few days with any updates and observations.

    Editors comments: Tina, instead of commenting every few days, please take the product for the full 3-4 week cycle before making any more observations. It may be that they will change over this period, and it’s easier for our readers if all your comments are contained in a single post. Thanks!

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  65. I ordered the promo 2 bottles of Lipofuze with free bottles of colon cleansing capsules.The product did not work at all so I decided to return it as per their advertisement that they will refund the money. I had my mail registered just to make sure that my packaged will not be lost.

    My mail was returned after a month marked “scam.” I really want a refund of my purchase.

    Hopefully I will get feedback from my comment.

    Editor’s comments: Just to clarify, Nerissa; someone at Lipofuze opened your package, marked it “scam” and returned it? Or was it never delivered at all? Were you provided some explanation as to why your return was deemed a scam by Lipofuze?

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  66. Well, this is my second day on lipofuze and so far this pill seems -I would like to emphasize “seems” – to meet my personal needs. I did feel an increase on my heartbeat and dizziness, what made me uncomfortable for a while. It did not last too long. There was a noticeable increase on my energy levels and when eating I felt full much faster, what stopped me from binging. This is quite important to me, because my biggest problem is food related. You do get hungry, make no mistake; but you don’t get “out of control”.

    I seem to have lost 1.5 lbs, due to water loss, of course! However I was able to exercise more, and hopefully lipofuze might help me with keeping it going on the long run. I will post again on a week from now.

    Editor’s comments: Julia, instead of commenting every few days, please take the product for the full 3-4 week cycle before making any more observations. It may be that they will change over this period, and it’s easier for our readers if all your comments are contained in a single post. Thanks!

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  67. I’ve been taking Lipofuze and having been having some side effects such as nausea, headaches, some chest pains.

    I have noticed that I have an appetite that’s all over the place. One day I don’t feel like eating and the next day I’m eating everything in sight. I exercise 5 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour. I have lost some weight (5-10 pounds) but might have gained muscle weight – who knows?

    I believe this diet pill does help with burning calories & muscle weight, but honestly, IT’S JUST WILL POWER. Eat healthy, exercise more, drink a lot of water and stay away from foods that make you gain weight.

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  68. As individuals review this product, many left out their overall weight prior to using the product. Please include your starting and ending weight in your reviews.

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  69. Dear Editor,

    My package has never been opened. It took the post office more than one month to reached the destination. Then I was informed that there is no such address. The post office marked my package as scammed so what will I do now . Can you give me again your address where to send the unopened bottle? Do you want me to include the detox bottle? Please keep me posted . I am hoping that your money back guarantee is true.


    Editor’s comments: Nerissa, we have no affiliation with the makers of Lipofuze (or any other product, for that matter). So we can’t send you their contact data. We were interested to know more about your issue, so we could more accurately assess whether this problem was an honest foul-up, or the action of a deceptive retailer. If they sent you an address that doesn’t exist for your return, we’re betting its the latter rather than the former. We’re sorry for your troubles – we highly doubt you’ll get your refund. But at least other visitors can learn from your experience.

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  70. I have no thyroid and have gained a huge amount of weight over the last 20 years. One month ago, I weighed in at 244 lbs and today, I weighed in at 217. I have been on Lipofuze for only one month and take 2 pills daily with lots of water! I was having severe pain in my foot and having cortizone shots every 2 months just to be able to walk. I HAD to get some weight off to help my foot, and even if I still needed surgery, it would be easier to get around if I was smaller. I have NOT been able to exercise due to my lameness.

    I initially ordered 2 bottles and have placed another order for 2 more. I hope to be 50 lbs thinner by Christmas! What a lifesaver Lipofuze has been! Any small side effects are greatly repaid with results! Nothing has worked better for me than this! I do not work for Lipofuze and can show DR documentation of my results. I have no clothes that fit any longer and just bought 3 pair of pants and three sweaters from a Thrift Store as I know I will go down even more very soon!

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  71. I have just read all these reviews and was ready to order the product; I tried their 877-641-9564 number and it says “mail box is unavailable.” This is not a good sign! If they were a legit company I feel they would make sure to maintain their phone number they have on the website. Its obvious they could care less about customer service. My intuition says don’t go for it!

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  72. I started taking this about 4 days ago, and have been bed ridden ever since. I have nothing but bad to say about lipofuze but wonder if my nausea and headaches are normal and common? More importantly, how do I get it to stop? Should I half the dose? Should I eat more before taking the pill?

    Editor’s comments: If you read through the comments on this web site, you’ll find that side effects like yours are fairly common. It’s hard to say whether they will stop or not. Your best bet is to take half a dose with a meal to assess your tolerance – most people experience greater side effects when they take these supplements on any empty stomach.

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  73. I am a student of nutrition so 2 things I know at the outset. You have to drink all the water recommended, you should be consistent and you must eat properly. I am also a proponent of regular exercise but even so I have trouble losing weight. I needed some help with fat burning since I tend to eat light or skip and I think my body retains the fat. I tried Lipofuze and I am thrilled. I have been on a regimen about 1 1/2 weeks and lost 9 pounds. So this is good because I exercise 3 or more times per week. I want to see some results on the scale and I now I am. I’ll follow up in a couple of weeks and see if this continues or is just water weight.

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  74. I love the idea of Lipofuze but the pill makes me want to throw up. I have to drink twice the amount of water recommended and eat AS SOON as the pill hits my stomach or I start gagging. I don’t eat a lot when I take the pill but I still NEED to eat or I feel really sick. I feel like the pill is too intense for my tummy. It’s only been my second day, but I don’t think I should be taking 2 pills a day.

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  75. I thought I’d give it a go so I ordered one bottle. One has to take 6 of these horse pills with alot of water a half hour before breakfast, and lunch, so for starters, you are full before you consider a meal. Secondly, for me, the pills were very hard to swallow and I had to fight to get them down.

    I only lost about 6 pounds in 2 weeks on them and that was with 30 min of biking and light wts. I eat healthy presently and had during my experience with it but when I went to find out how to get a refund, no address on the bottle…oh well…..

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  76. I live in Canada, I’m 23 years old, 5’5 and my starting weight was 203. I started with the 3 day detox, then I began Lipofuze on Dec 20. It took about 2 weeks to receive my package by USPS. They are the normal size as any other capsule. You take 1 Lipofuze pill 30 mins before breakfast and lunch, everyday. Not 6! I weighed myself last night and I am now 198. I haven’t had any side effects but you HAVE TO take it 30 mins before breakfast and lunch with enough water. My first day I took it too late in the day and ate too soon and had a bad stomach ache and I couldn’t sleep. I also had a beer after my 2nd dose on the first day and felt nauseated. I will update in January as to what my weight is at then. So far, so good.

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  77. I’ve lost 11 pounds while on this diet in about 3 weeks. Its not powerful, but it controls hunger and enables you to carry out your diet.

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  78. Another 6 days, and not so sitcking to the diet, i have lost 2 more pounds, 13 lost so far.

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  79. I have been taking lipofuze for 5 days. I have had the box for about 6 months but the first pill I took made me feel dizzy and sick so I stopped taking it. I started it again 5 days ago and I think my body has adjusted to the pill and the side effects are beginning to become bearable. I did however have a couple of days where I felt sick, with heartburn, dizziness and jittery.

    I definitely have noticed a decrease in appetite and am getting full really quick. I have not weighed myself as I only do this weekly but am going to stick to the 4 weeks and see if I get the results…. will let you know when my 4 weeks is up.

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  80. I started taking this product a couple months ago, but switched to something else halfway through the bottle. I have since started back on this product and am doing well.

    Does it do everything the website claims? No.

    Does it mildly suppress your appetite and give you enough energy to feel like exercising? Yes.

    The same can be said for most diet pills.

    I am a big guy and have never had problems with diet pills upsetting my stomach, but be warned…..this one will make you feel like vomiting within minutes if you do not drink AT LEAST the recommended amount of water with each dose.

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  81. It is the first day but honestly I want to rip my insides out my stomach hurts so bad. I don’t know if I should drink more water or what. Is this going to last all day every day?

    Editor’s comments: CB, different people can experience different side effects, varying in severity, for different products. Since it’s impossible to determine what is causing your reaction, it’s also impossible to provide a helpful solution. Our recommendation would be to stop taking the product and ask for a refund.

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  82. I just received my first bottle and have been taking it for three days. I have not lost weight instead I have gained two pounds. I really haven’t changed my diet but I don’t eat badly. I just had a baby four months ago and am starting to think this weight is going to be stuck with me forever! Should I have already lost weight?

    Editor’s comments: Erica, to provide the greatest value to our visitors and this web site, please use the product three to four weeks before sharing your comments here. Chances are you may feel differently about it after you’ve used it for a full cycle. Also, please read the Lipofuze review to get an accurate assessment of what you can expect from this product.

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  83. I have been using lipofuze for 1 week. At the beginning I hated the taste. It made me nauseated. I now have gotten used to it and I have literally lost 10 lbs. I am sure some of it is water weight but I can see the difference plus I have more energy.

    Now I also did consistent cardio daily plus I have cut my calorie intake in half. I also have cut out sugars and reduced my carb intake. I will report if lipofuze does not continue to work if so I have two other supplements I am interested in trying.

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  84. Anybody with any luck on money back guarantee if it doesn’t work? Im curious on getting this product.

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  85. I am on day 4 of Lipofuze and I have gained 4 pounds. I also started taking the pills on the day I started my period (just a coincidence) so I am not sure if this pill just really sucks, or I have horrible luck or this is weight gain from it being that time of the month. All I know is that I work out hard and eat healthy. Lost 4 pounds the first month of training hard with no pills, started this stuff, now I’m back to the beginning. And my stomach is visibly bigger, poofed out, even when I have not eaten. Ugh, ugh, ugh. This sucks.

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  86. Started the pill two days ago. Didn’t do enough research apparently, because I’m having the same side effects as most. Nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, and minor headaches. But I made the mistake of not eating on my first lunch dose. Wont happen again. I’ve lost two pounds. at a start weight of 184, now 182. I will stick with it and let you know in a few weeks of my results. Also if it doesn’t work, I will try for a refund and let u know if that is bogus too. The side effects are bearable if the product works. I think a lot of the sickness is in my head from the first day and not eating with the pill. Keep you posted.

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  87. I have been taking lipofuze now for a week and have lost 4 pounds. I did not get any of the side effects. I drank about 18 ounces of water after taking the pill and it worked fine for me. Even more than the weight lost, I see results from just fat loss around my belly. I work out 4 times a week; heavy lifting and cardio. I am not expecting to lose mass weight just fat in order to gain lean muscle.

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  88. I got hit by a truck in September and I got put on pills that made me gain weight. I went from a 00 (double zero) weighing about 115 to a size 9-12 (depending the brand of jeans) weighing 170.

    In my first month I’ve gone from 170 to about 150 give or take a pound or two. I’m extremely happy with the product and it was well worth the money. Maybe now I will go back to modeling competitions again!

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  89. I have been taking Lipofuze for almost 3 weeks now and I have lost 10 pounds.

    I would like to point out to those who are complaining about the pill that if you follow the directions on the bottle perfectly the side effects don’t happen. If you drink 16 oz of water you don’t get the heart burn or head ache and if you eat within 30 minutes of taking the pill you don’t have the side effects either.

    I like lipofuze and will most likely use it the remainder of my diet.

    I do hate the Razberri K though…but I just hate raspberries in general.

    Editor’s comments: Andrea, sorry but side effects can STILL happen, regardless of how well people follow the label instructions. Just because they didn’t happen for you, doesn’t mean you can dismiss all complaints and attribute every one of them to an inability to follow instructions.

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  90. Me again! I took the product for a month and lost 18 pounds…

    My only exercise was at work (busy ambulance driver). So after lifting people all day I was way too worn out to go to the gym.

    My Diet (Mon-Thurs) was Slim fast or Weight Loss Snake by Equate, lunch was a 21G Protein Bar by Snickers, and at dinner I ate a small meal. Weekends, I did some things I shouldn’t have…

    The side effects are bearable if…

    #1 You drink water

    #2 Don’t let it digest on an empty stomach.

    This pill helps control hunter, and give mild energy. I have no idea if all the fat burning sides work. But I did lose weight, and about to start the diet again to see if I can loose another 18!


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  91. I’ve been trying very hard to lose some weight. I started weight watchers and lost twenty pounds. After getting fed up with the tedious measuring, I stopped. Now I’ve gained back the twenty pounds plus some 🙁

    Does this stuff REALLY work? And if so, do I have to take the pills for the rest of my life to keep the weight off?

    Editor’s comments: Brittney, the retailer’s claims for the effectiveness of Lipofuze are vastly exaggerated. Please see the full Lipofuze review for a full assessment of this product’s capabilities.

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  93. Lipofuze has been great for me. Today is day one. I took my morning pill at 9:10am. I drank 2 9oz water bottles within 15 minutes (very hard for me!). I never felt any side effects except for nausea which lasted for about 20 minutes. I tried drinking a “carb control” drink but it tasted too much like vitamins so I just had one pickle at 9:40 and that was enough to fill me up.

    I have been exercising non stop since then… squats, reflex bag, 100 situps, the dallas cowboy cheerleader workout (chanel 1 on demand), etc. it is now 12:35 and I am ready for a nap!

    I have gone “number 1” about 10 times lol. No diarrhea. I have lost 4 pounds so far. I am 5’4 and i started at 132. I am now at 128. Water weight or not, 4lbs is 4lbs and i am happy about it. My goal weight is 105-110. Planning on taking 2nd pill at 3pm. Water is key to reducing the side effects to minimal or none at all. and obviously the more you workout, the greater the results. Good luck!

    Editor’s comments: Samantha, we encourage visitors to spend some time taking the product before they post feedback or comments. I know your comments are well-intentioned, but how can you really call this product “great” after a single, one-pill dose? Take the recommended dose for the course of a bottle, and then come back and share your feedback and ratings then. It will be of much more value to our visitors! 🙂

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  94. I have taken Lipofuze for 3 weeks. I have shredded 9 pounds. Extremely satisfied. I workout 3 days a per week, 45 minutes each time.

    What this does is a few things – gives you crazy energy, which slowly fades after 8-11 hours any given day depending on activity and meal consumption. Almost eliminates your feel of hunger, so nausea will take place if you don’t eat. You won’t have much of an appetite so you have to have small amounts of food every few hours. Water is a must. I love this stuff, I recommend to take a bottle, then maybe a couple weeks off and resume as needed so you don’t get used to the intake and your body gets adjusted.

    Good luck to all of you.

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  95. I am interested in ordering this product, but after reading Nerissa’s issues with returning this, makes me wonder. Has anyone else has issues with returns?

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  96. I’m not really sure what happened. I’m kind of freaking out. I wouldn’t recommend this pill. I’m not sure if it was because I took the pill at the same time as the three day detox, but I only took one pill and that was enough. I got a really panicky feeling and my heart started racing uncontrollably. I felt a constant feeling of anxiety all day. I also couldn’t even look at food, let alone eat it. This morning I woke up and I lost 3 pounds. Yay three pounds! BUT NOT WORTH THE FEELING OF COMPLETE PANIC I HAD ALL DAY.

    Not to mention I have kind of a lipofuze hangover the next day. I still feel nauseous and irritable but without panic. Oh and I forgot, I spent all yesterday with tingly finger tips.

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  97. I have been taking this product for about 4 days. The nausea is terrible. I feel a burning sensation in my stomach as well. I cannot even conceive of the thought of taking two pills a day. I hope that once I get accustomed to taking this pill, the side effects will go away. I do notice an increase in energy. If I eat, I get even more nauseated. I have to wait about an hour or so to eat after taking it.

    Oh, a suggestion…

    Before ordering any product, check the Better Business Bureau. I wish I had done so before ordering this product.

    PS. I doubt “anyone” will get their money back for that fact.

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  98. I just started taking Lipofuze on Saturday. It is now Tuesday. I finished my detox and lost a little water weight, but today I have noticed that when I go pee, it looks oily. Is that normal? A side effect? I know some of the fat blocker pills will make your poo that way, but I never thought about my pee.

    Editor’s comments: We’ve never heard of this side effect before. Any issues with kidney /liver function?

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  99. I have only been taking Lipofuze for 3 days and I have completely zero appetite! I haven’t experienced any side effects, but I think I should force myself to eat something or I could become really sick after awhile. I’m experiencing a bit of a brain fog from lack of eating but I’m satisfied and I think I could lose some weight in a short amount of time. It’s like 1:30 in the afternoon and I’m not even thinking about food. Usually I am food obsessed to the point of extreme cravings, but not anymore. Kinda freaky. I’m wondering, what’s in this stuff and is it healthy?

    Editor’s comments: Minny, for a complete breakdown and thorough analysis of the ingredients in this product, please read the full Lipofuze review.

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  100. I would give it a 0 if i could.

    My results were…heartburn, racing heart, light headedness, and the biggest one of all… no weight loss, its been almost 2 and a half weeks. Time for a refund? I think so, especially since the site had so many “great” things to say. Let’s see how fast the refund works!

    Editor’s comments: Nicole, if you could report back on the refund process, that would be great!

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  101. I’m on my first bottle and about to order my second. I haven’t been exercising but have noticed some small weight loss. The product does work well as an appetite suppressant. I am able to avoid all snacking and my food intake has probably dropped by one half. I’m curious to see if regular exercise will kick in a more dramatic weight loss. At the moment however I anticipate that the reduction in caloric intake will cause a slow and gradual weight decline. Most likely I will give this product three or four months and see where my weight is at. Without any weight loss aid I’ve had no success in reducing my weight which I attribute mostly to slower metabolism normal for my age (56). Haven’t used any product before Lipofuze.

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  102. Best product I have EVER used. I’m almost down 40 pounds and a lot of what I lost was fat which would have taken years to get rid of… it’s AMAZING!! I work out in addition to taking the pills, and I can’t believe how different I look 3 months later… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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  103. I can’t give it more than a 3 yet…

    I just started within the last few days – and I have promised myself I won’t “weigh-in” in the beginning, so as not to disappoint myself.

    I began taking the 3 day detox with my first bottle of Lipofuze. That at least I can tell works.

    The lipofuze has curbed my appetite and NO strange side effects yet either… I do have that funny “herbal” taste every time I burp though. That kinda sucks, but is tolerable as long as I don’t get the headaches and stomach aches everyone complains about.

    We’ll keep taking it and see what happens – and report back again.

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  104. I’m only giving it 3 stars because I’ve only been on it since yesterday but I have lost 3.2 pounds in the 24 hours I’ve been taking it. I hope that it keeps on working! I felt very shaky the first time I took it, I found that eating within 10 minutes vs. 30 minutes after I take it, I get no side effects.

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  105. I took Lipofuze for 3 weeks didn’t lose any weight just got sick, had a terrible burning in my stomach. I am about to request a refund, I hope to get my money back.

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  106. I have been taking this for a week. Nothing! No increase in energy no decrease in appetite or pounds. I even increased the does to 2 pills in the am and lunch. Still nothing.

    I am slightly upset that I wasted the money.

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  107. Lipofuze had “great” reviews and so i decided to try it.

    I don’t know why I get so caught up in these scams, I am not even overweight. I weigh 160 and I don’t really mind it. I work out daily and eat pretty healthy. Lipofuze gave me a headache and stomach burning. What the hell!! I was in cramps and had to take off work for two days, and I was only on it for three! I am quitting this pill immediately. I will not be trying any more diet pills ever no matter how “safe” they are. It’s just not worth it!!

    So far, they haven’t answered my calls, so just to be safe I canceled my credit card and I am emailing them about a refund. Did they get back to anyone on this site?

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  108. I give Lipofuze 10 stars. I have only been taking it for five days and has lost over 10 pounds. I can’t believe it. I have been a little sick the first two days but the results are worth it. I only ordered one bottle though but I will definitely order more.

    Starting using this I weighed 221 pounds and I weighed myself today and I am at 209.4 so I am very very pleased with this product. It may not work for you but it is working for me… great job Lipofuze!!!

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  109. I have been on Lipofuze now for 3 weeks with my first ever bottle. I have thus far been very pleased with the results. My pre-lipofuze weight was 172.6. After weighing myself this morning I was 167 even. It does a fair job curbing my appetite.

    I do get that nice raspberry taste in my mouth after taking it, but it is tolerable. I have tried several products in the past. This one actually feels like the most consistent one. I don’t get any headaches, and have no problems sleeping.

    I will post again after I take the 3 day detox. Overall 3.5 out of 5 which for a liberal like myself is very good.

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  110. I have only taken 1 dose but I can not bring myself to take anymore. The burning in my stomach was so bad. I had heart palpitaions, very dizzy all day long, I was shaky and just as worse was the nausea. I am a nurse and I was having a hard time working at my job

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  111. I have been using lipofuze for 3 weeks. I’ve only lost 4 pds but have gone down inches and am getting ripped (built) w/o working out. Although I haven’t seen the dramatic loss in weight promised by the company, I am happy with my results so far. The fat in my problem areas has been dramatically reduced (stomach). I’ve gone down inches and don’t feel as bloated.

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  112. I haven’t tried it yet but I was wondering if it is only working for people who have a lot of weight to loose? I was thinking I need 10-15 lbs dropped..should I bother??

    Editor’s comments: The fundamentals of weight loss are the same whether you have 10 lbs. or 100 lbs. to lose. For an accurate assessment of what you can really expect with Lipofuze, please see the full review.

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  113. Well I am on day three of lipofuze. As of this morning I’ve dropped 2 lbs!!
    Day one: Only took one pill since mail came in the afternoon.
    Day two: Took pill before breakfast and lunch
    Day three: Took on pill before lunch

    I don’t want to lose too much weight so I’m going back and forth between one and two pills per day. It’s working great for me. My appetite is down and I’ve had none of the headaches, heartburn, or nausea so far… Since I read these reviews prior to starting, I’ve been taking the pills with LOTS of water as some have suggested… Maybe that’s why I haven’t experienced any of the negative side effects. I’ll keep you all posted.

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  114. I’ve been using the Lipofuze product for a week now. I exercise 6 days per week, 30-4 0min cardio, 30-60 minutes of weights.

    So far I’ve gained 2 lbs. I eat low calorie foods – chicken/turkey salad and bread.

    I follow the “30 min before meal” instruction, and that gives me a stomach ache, and it feels as if my stomach is “on fire”.

    After taking lipofuze I don’t sleep well at night, I will give the product 1 more week, if I don’t see improvement I’ll return the 4 boxes I procured.

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  115. I started walking daily and thought I’d try this product Lipofuze. I have only tried it two days and it has made me seriously ill. I have followed the usage exactly by taking one pill 30 minutes before breakfast and then eat. I feel great for about three hours and then nausea hits and finally vomiting my breakfast. Then I lose ALL energy and have to sleep off the nausea and vomiting. I haven’t made it yet to even take the second dose, so I am not sure what’s up with this pill. Is there something that is causing this great of a response to the pill? What ingredient is making me vomit?

    Editor`s comments: Rebecca, it is impossible to tell whether it is a single ingredient, or a combination of any number of them that is causing this problem. One thing is for sure though; this product does not agree with you and it is time to quit taking them altogether.

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  116. I am considering Lipofuze, but have a question. Has anyone with thyroid problems had success with this product? I know that those of use with hypothyroidism seem to have more difficulty getting weight off. I was just wondering if anyone with this same problem has been successful (or unsuccessful) losing weight with Lipofuze?

    Editors comments:
    Meg, normally products like these are not recommended for people with any sort of thyroid disease. Please see your doctor if you are seriously considering trying any over the counter fat burner or diet pill.

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  117. If there was a zero, I’d give it.

    My experiences over the last month of taking this product every day included severe indigestion all day, burning sensation right after taking it (no matter how much water I drank it always happened). Plus, my menstrual cycle started two days after I started taking this product and was continuous the entire time taking it.

    I stopped taking it and it stopped within two days had head aches, sick to my stomach, irritable, oh and lost absolutely no more weight than I would have by not taking it.

    I bought this product to boost my motivation hoping to lose some weight to get me going but instead I got pain and moodiness,… bottom line, change your diet, exercise and drink more water.

    Editor’s comments: Kathy, the side effects you experienced after curtailing the use of the product are consistent with caffeine withdrawal.

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  118. This is my first day taking Lipofuze and I haven’t had any negative side effects. I took the 2 pills as directed. I had a lot of energy in the morning after my first pill, felt a little jittery a few hours later. Also some muscle weakness going up 4 flights of stairs – I don’t know if that’s my body getting used to this pill, but I hope that goes away.

    I’ve definitely experienced the curve in appetite. I am not hungry at all.
    Current weight 207. I’ll try to post every week on the updates. I read a lot of negativity lately from people and just wanted to put out there that I haven’t been sick – and we’ll see if it helps with the weight loss.

    FYI, I am dieting, and at least walking 45 minutes a day.

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  119. Just an update. Today is 12 on Lipofuze. As I had said before, I didn’t want to lose too much weight too fast so I varied between taking one pill one day and two the next.

    As of this morning I lost 4 pounds! At first I thought it was all water weight but my eating has completely changed since I’m never hungry! If I am hungry, I usually only can eat a salad or fruit… I haven’t changed my work outs much either (sit ups every day, some lunges, hikes)

    On the down side: In my second week I am having some slight side effects.

    1) Slight burning after I take the pill… it’s only last for about 5 min or until I drink water.

    2) Sometimes I wake up late and take a pill at 10 and one again at 2 and when I take it that late I usually can’t sleep until 1-2am. No big deal, just an observation.

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  120. 2nd day taking the pills my jittery feeling is completely gone. So I think that was my body getting used to them. Also my 2nd pill I took today I didn’t drink enough water with it and experienced a little of that “burning” sensation in my stomach that people were talking about. So DRINK WATER and you will be ok.

    Still haven’t weighed myself – I’m waiting one week. My appetite is still WAY down, forcing myself to eat because I know I should.

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  121. Im on my second day of Lipofuze. Day one was amazing I exercised and ate healthy and I lost about 3 pounds. I could weigh myself and come back in a few hours and I would be a pound lighter. The only drawback was that I felt very anxious and had a hard time falling asleep.

    Day 2 I didn’t exercise but still ate well, I still feel jittery but didnt see any weight loss. I think that in order for this to work you really have to be on a good routine, but Ive only just started so we will have to see.

    Editor’s comments: Jay, to provide greater value to our visitors, please provide your feedback after you’ve have been on the product for several weeks. 😉

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  122. Lipofuze made me feel horrible. Probably works with losing weight but i can not tolerate the way it makes me feel.

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  123. Hi, this is my 2nd day on lipofuze. I couldn’t believe that I lost 2 pounds already within a day. BUT this might also be the effect of watching what I ate and my increased bowl movement. BTW it burns. Also, I feel like I had way too much caffein. I have sweaty palms, am hyper all day. Energized in a bad way. I am hungry, but when I take the pill with the recommended amount of water, hunger goes away. After I took it I get a light headache and a sick feeling, but not very intense.
    I will leave a posting on my progress after some more days and let you know, if the weight loss continues.

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  124. I have used Lipofuze for the last 3 days and I feel like its already working. It gives me so much energy, like I could run a marathon or something, maybe a little too much energy though. It is hard to wind down at night. It does help with my appetite. Downside, about 30 minutes after you take it, it makes you feel sick. It passes though. Overall pretty satisfied so far. 2 pounds already, with exercise

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  125. Hi there, I see a lot of posts wanting to return the product for refund – but no follow up on any of these. Did you in fact get any refund for the product you returned?

    Or maybe the people who are definitely wanting more can purchase it from those who are wanting a refund? this way both lots would be happier – the ones wanting their money back could sell to those wanting to buy more, sort of ensuring a refund of sorts, this is just a suggestion, but may work.

    I’m still unsure of whether I should try it, have a few medical problems – displaced hip, bad knee, that make exercise much harder, but the idea of being able to lose some of this weight has merit. I’ll continue to read some of the posts, researching before spending money.

    Thank you all for your heartfelt comments, I’ll take them under advisement, and wish you well.

    Editor’s comments: Jennifer, regarding your second post with a link to Devore Labs’ info and BB report – we’ve got all that covered here!

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  126. I never believe comments on here, but I actually have been on Lipofuze for 3 weeks and have lost 14 pounds. I do exercise 3 days a week but this stuff actually works. I havent experienced anything like it since they banned the good ephedra. I put this up just because I have a problem believing stuff on the internet.

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  127. Hey again, so good updates. I’ve lost 8 pounds. The hard time falling asleep thing people keep talking about, just letting you know – I was the same way, but once my body got a little more used to the pill I didn’t have that problem.

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  128. YES, I have lost weight. About 7 pounds in the first week. But I ask myself, “is it worth feeling like crap for the whole day after taking the lipofuze pill?”

    Right after I take the pill I prepare myself for the HORRIBE burning in the throat and wondering if I will puke it up. Yeah, it’s really that bad. So yes you lose the weight but is it worth it?


    I took one pill early in the morning and didn’t take on later because I knew I was going to drink later that night. That night I felt just fine. The next morning was a TOTALLY different story!

    I couldn’t get outta bed. I was shaking with the worst headache in the world. When I tried standing up, I fell. I was one shake away from going to the hospital. I’ve never had a hangover, so yes I’m going to blame it on the pill. WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD!

    The bottle needs have a warning not to take with alcohol in BOLD letters! I will keep updating.

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  129. I started taking these pills 2 days ago. Haven’t lost any weight yet but eat less. There was no instructions included in the package on how to take the pills but I take one in the morning and one at lunch. I hope I am doing the right thing.

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  130. Well I only rated a 1 because I ordered my first supply on the 23rd of this month and haven’t recieved it yet but it was suppose to be shipped 1st class. Is there anyone on here that ordered directly from the lipofuze website that’s recieved their order if so how long did it take to recieve? I am kind of ready to see if it works for me because I have read bout the same number of people that have positive and negative results. I am praying that it works for me….

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  131. I am 30 yrs old, 5’9″, and 160 lb, mom of 2. I have a goal to lose 20 lbs, I am not overweight by any means but would like to get back to my pre-baby weight. As of recently I have been trying to work out at least 2-3 days/wk and eat well. I have been using this product for less than a week now. The first day I had a hard time sleeping, but since then I’ve been sleeping fine.

    I haven’t noticed a change AT ALL in my appetite or energy level. I honestly get a better energy buzz by drinking a couple cups of coffee, but have cut off the caffeine since I’ve been using this product. I’ve maybe lost a pound or 2 but not sure if it’s because of Lypofuze. Maybe I just need to try it a little longer, not sure?

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  132. It is 4:36am, luckily tomorrow is Saturday. I am writing review from my iPhone. I have been over weight my whole life and I finally decided it’s time to change. So ordered Lipofuze Monday and got it today July 9th. I took one just as instructed and I didn’t get any nausea or headaches or stomach burning.

    But as the night has gone on I have become more and more restless in the sense that I am wide awake and full of energy? Why, maybe because I took right before dinner around 5pm. I am going to write another review at the end of my month supply an see how it goes. I am going to jot down day by day anything (i.e. side effects I feel and any weight loss).

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  133. Hi, I just started on Lipofuze yesterday and I am keeping an online blog to record my weight loss and feelings everyday for one month. Check it out I hope this helps people on deciding whether or not to try this diet pill.

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  134. I’m not satisfied w/ this product. It’s already been 3 weeks that I’ve been using this but nothing – as in nothing’s changed. In fact I gained 2 lbs when I eat and if I don’t, I just go back on my original weight.

    I’m just wondering if the people who testify here are real, because honestly this product is fake. I want to give this a negative feedback. I know mybe the editor will tell me to finish the whole bottle before I comment, but it’s been 3 weeks and nothing happened and I gained weight. It sucks, I can’t handle the taste anymore, doesnt work at all, and the costumer service is not friendly.

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  135. I was actually just wondering, if I am currently 135lbs & just want to shed about 15 lbs. (if I don’t ,I lose my modeling job) is this the right product for me?

    Editor’s comments: Gloria, please read the Lipofuze review. You’ll see the benefits are grossly exaggerated.

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  136. I just started on Lipofuze yesterday and unbelievably I lost 1 pound and it stayed off so far. Although
    it gives you diarrhea & a slight burn feeling in your stomach, I pretty much like it.

    I workout using cardio max by the biggest loser workout series dvd $10 at walmart and i count my calories by eating Lean gourmet by michelinas only $1 at local grocer. Also, I had to drink 4-5 bottles of water, in order to avoid that sick feeling everyone is talking about. I read on a the biggest losers website, if you’re counting your calories to lose extreme weight, multiply your goal weight 6 times and thats the amount of calories you should consume. For example, goal weight 130 X6 equals 680 calories. That’s going to be my weight loss regimen, I’ll keep you updated.

    Editor’s comments: Moniela, two things; first, please finish your bottle of Lipofuze before you leave any more feedback. It provides much more value to our visitors. Second, 680 calories daily is too little, regardless of what the “Biggest Loser” says. Your metabolism will slow to a crawl, and you’ll lose muscle mass, which contributes to an elevated metabolism. Your goal weight times 10 is a better starting point, which should be consumed in 5-6 small meals/snacks.

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  137. Well, I took lipofuze for 2 weeks religiously. It did kill my appetite and made me feel a little quesy everyday, but the bigger problem that I had with it is that it made me feel very gloomy. Almost depressed. I kept expecting it to go away, but it didn’t, and then as soon as I quit taking it I was back to my normal happy self(the next day).

    It doesn’t make much sense to me how it would effect my mood that way, but it did, and that is just not worth it to me. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced that. My husband took it for 2 days and said he couldn’t handle it because it made him feel like the world was coming to an end.

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  138. I am on day 2 of using lipofuze. Yesterday I felt like crap all day and didn’t want to do anything (headach, nausea, heartburn).

    Today I only took one pill and downed a 16oz bottle of water and I don’t feel nearly as bad. This produce definitely decreases your hunger (because you’re nauseous). The headache is not as bad today either.

    My advice is to follow the instructions and drink a ton of water when taking this product. I would only start with one pill a day until you know how it effects you, and you get used to that feeling.

    I started using lipofuze in conjunction with the cabbage soup diet, so my energy level on my second day is in the toilet (only fruit and veggies so far). I am allowed a backed potato with butter today, and I am thinking that it is going to help my energy level.

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  139. I am 17 years old and I am thinking of buying lipofuze, but seeing people say it’s a scam, or it didn’t work is making me think twice. To those people who tried it and got NO results you should probably list what your diet and excercise plan was. that would help A LOT!

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  140. I took my first pill today and have not experience the side affects I read about (nausea & burning stomach) although I felt some anxiety and it may be due to my nervousness since this is my first time taking diet pills and didn’t know what to expect.

    I do want to report though that the customer service phone # listed on their website is not a working # and sending an email will not get you a response. I was charged for international shipping fee due to an error of mine but tried to correct it right away but got nowhere.

    I was afraid this may all be a scam but the product did arrive but I never got a refund of the extra shipping charge.

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  141. Today was my first day taking Lipofuze. At first I felt fine, then I took a hot shower and immediately felt sick to my stomach and was dizzy. I’ve lost 3 lbs, so I guess the 10 lbs. in 7 days might be true.

    Bad news though; I’ve been in the bathroom with diarrhea all day, pretty sure that’s how the 3 lbs came off.

    Ugh… if it goes like this on day 2 I am going to stop taking it. I only took 1 pill today.

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  142. I am like so many others on this blog… just bought my 1st bottle.

    I’m a bit skeptical of this product due to the fact I just watched an episode on a national local channel about what would you do – is this product for real – are the bloggers real or are they paid to type certain comments.

    Hopefully I won’t have a huge fish hook in my cheek and a little person on my shoulder calling me a “sucka”
    Like others before, I will wait patiently for mine to ship and I will post a comment on my 1st week of results (if any).

    Just think positive right? Drink lots of water and exercise more! Hope all goes well and hope that I don’t experience any “sharting” LOL

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  143. This is my 3rd day taking the Lipofuze pill. I can see a difference already. Sometimes people’s comments can prevent you from purchasing products, but not this time.

    You have to exercise and diet at the same time in order to see results. Please do not solely depend on this pill to do all the work. You have to do your part. This pill will give you a jump start and teach you discipline on your eating habits. Will keep you posted.

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  144. I agree with DEE (8/2 post)! I’ve been on LipoFuze now for 1 week (1st post 7/28) and have seen some results (3 lbs gone) and my pants do feel a bit looser. I am not depending solely on the pill and have been exercising and watching what I eat. The pill gives me a mindset and prevents me from overeating (my bad habit). Whether it’s the pill or psychological, it’s kept me focused. I did not experience any side effects in the first 2 days due to only taking 1 pill and with tons of water, however, when I tried to take 2 (as instructed), I did feel some nausea & some difficulty sleeping (not too bad tho). I am now back to 1 pill a day….BTW, I am 140 lbs and exercises regularly (3-4x wk) before I started the pill. I need to lose 10+ lbs and am at a plateau with my workout and thought the pill can help! So far so good…Will keep posted….

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  145. well its been 30 days for me. Let me start off by saying 2 weeks before taking this, I underwent a mission to lose weight. I started eating right, drinking water instead of soda, and pretty much getting off my behind to work out. Cut to day one, I lost only 2 pounds on my own. My 1st week I lost 5 pounds or so. And after 2 weeks I noticed I lost 6 more pounds. I stayed with it. I stayed active most of the day. Right now I have lost 27 pounds.

    The thing with this is there are days where I felt so tired or lazy, (personal reasons – my job sucks) that after laying around the house for 2 days I checked my weight and I didnt lose any. In my opinion if you are someone who thinks they can take this pill and sit on the couch and lose weight, this isn’t the pill for you. if you think you can go grab a burger or some tacos and lose weight with this… nope.

    If you try to make an effort, eat right, and stay active, this pill is for you. Regardless what the adds say about this pill, diet and exercise multiply the weight loss for this pill. And no exercise or diet only keep you the same.

    As far as side effects, the only thing I felt was the stomach burning. By the way it did not hurt at all, but it is noticeable! But for me, it’s not heartburn like everyone else says. I suffer from heartburn when I go to a “well known” taco restaurant. It starts about 5-10 minutes after you take the pill on an empty stomach and lasts until you eat. After I eat it goes away.

    i ordered my 2nd and 3rd bottle so hopefully i can keep losing weight. i will post at the end of my second bottle to tell you guys if I’ve lost any more.

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  146. I was sketchy on the product at first, I figured if it didn’t work I could return it. I’ve only been using it for three days, and I have lost five pounds! Totally impressed.

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  147. I’ve only been taking lipofuze for 2 days.

    The first day, I felt SO SICK and nauseous. I was so dizzy whenever I stood up, and I couldn’t even walk 5 feet without seriously squatting on the floor, or laying down. I of course, have not seen any results yet.

    I only even take one pill a day in the morning also. Should I keep on trying to take this pill for at least 30 more days, or should I stop?

    Will this product really work? It seems like it is giving me a horrible side effect with no changes in my body…but at the same time, I am not fat. I just need to lose another 10 lbs or so because I only weigh 127 lbs. Is this the reason why this product is not working out so well for me?

    Editor’s comments: Jen, the claims for Lipofuze are outrageous and not based on anything resembling real evidence (see the Lipofuze review for more details). The fact that you cannot tolerate this product has nothing to do with how overweight you happen to be, but is more likely to be attributable to your unique physiology.

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  148. I started the pills today. Took 2 pills and after the first one had heart burn and bad tummy ach but it went away quickly. I will let everyone know how the next few days go :)…

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  149. Hi…I just started taking these pills…I am excited but I get nauseous 15-30 min after taking the pill…I want to continue taking the pills but is there anything I can do to subside the nausea feeling? I am looking to lose about 15 lbs.

    Is it worth taking the pills if I am feeling a bit sick?

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  150. I did A LOT of internet research and decided that Lipofuze was the best product out there. It may work great but I couldn’t stay on it long enough to find out. Day 1 was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. Light-headed, dizzy, heart racing, shakes, loose stools and an inability to concentrate. The day after I took these pills I felt “hungover”. Terrible experience……

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  151. I’ve been on Lipofuze for 3 days now and I’m not sure if I am going to continue taking them. Like many others, I am experiencing the same side affects like lightheadedness, dizzyness, headaches, racing heart rate, and a hungover feeling. I do drink 12 to 16 ounces of water with the pill 30 min before breakfast and also before lunch, so I am following the directions.

    I am losing some weight, but is it worth it by dealing with the side effects? I’m not sure if I want to feel this way everyday while taking the pills. I feel like I am nursing a hangover at work all day long.

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  152. I have been using Lipofuze for about a week now so I think it’s a bit quick to judge whether or not it is going to work, but I definitely got the very bad heartburn feeling for the first few days. I found that the more water I drank with it the less severe the heartburn. I am taking one before breakfast and one before lunch and I am so jittery I cann’t stand it. It is really making me anxious. I am, however, an anxious person anyway. I gives me energy but I have an office job and sit all day so it is very hard to sit still when taking these pills so it adds to the anxiety. I’m going to give it a bit more time to see how it works.

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  153. I only tried Lipofuze for 1 day. I felt so sick and like I was going to vomit, I had to stop taking them right away. Does this feeling go away over time? If so I’m willing to give it another shot.

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  154. I have been taking 1 a day as my friend told me that is to strong to take two a day. but I decided to take two yesterday which was a nightmare. I thought that I was gonna die! I was dizzy and feeling sick and everything.

    But the result was great – I lost 2 pounds in one day. The only thing is I find it I don’t really lose much weight if I take one a day. And I cannot take two a day as it makes me really dizzy!! So I don’t know what to do. Anybody?

    Editor’s comments: Obviously, you can’t continue to take this product at the full dosage if it makes you that sick. Don’t worry; there’s nothing in Lipofuze that will make you lose 2 lbs. of fat in a day. Your weight loss was likely entirely water.

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  155. Well, I’ve been up all night long. The effects of the one pill I took, yesterday, at 10 am are still with me. I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight but I also did not experience any nausea. I did, however, take a zantac before bed for the heartburn. I had energy yesterday, though, woo hoo. I don’t know if I can keep taking it b/c I am a Mom of 3 and need my sleep….maybe it will get better?

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  156. I’ve been taking Lipofuze for the last 5 days. I have not seen any change in weight. The only thing I experience is heartburn and acidity, but one thing is that I am not feeling as hungry as I used to feel and I feel less temptation for sweets.

    I’m gonna try it for couple of weeks. If it helps me in losing weight I will continue otherwise I will return the product at the end of month.

    Hoping for best!

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  157. I started lipofuze on saturday (9/11/10). My start weight was 144 lbs. I checked it on Monday and I was 139.

    It doesn’t make me feel sick or jittery nor do I feel it really suppresses my appetite. I workout almost every day (30 to 1hr on the treadmill and free weights) and I eat pretty regularly too. I don’t drink much water but have started to because of the comments I’ve seen on this forum and others about this product.

    I do feel something when I take these capsules but I can’t really explain what it is (kinda a warm feeling) so I guess it is working.

    My goal is to get down to 130 lbs before my birthday in December so hopefully I will make it.

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  158. I have been taking Lipofuze for two months now and I have actually gained weight. What am I doing wrong?

    Editor’s comments: Kristin, you may not be doing anything wrong. Have you read the Lipofuze review? The manufacturer’s claims for this product are vastly exaggerated and not based on any credible science.

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  159. I’ve been taking Lipofuze for a month and so far lost 6 pounds…but, I’ve been experiencing a strong sense of smell since…especially a very acidy smell, ammonia like…anyone else experiencing this?

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  160. Alrighty then my husband and I both take this product. My husband has lost 40 pounds his first month. We couldn’t afford it the following month so he was on a month and off a month. He seems to be stuck at 230. I have been on it for about 3 and half weeks and the first time i took it it made me sick, but i built up a tolerance for it. I have not lost anything. My husband works 10 hrs a day and he is in construction. I do not get to work out as much i am a stay at home mom of two and one kid in school. My guess is if i get the chance to work out maybe i will see a change. praying for the best.

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  161. I’m about done with my first bottle and I have lost 8 to 10lbs with no change in my exercise which I do both cardio and resistance. I divided the pills by half and put in capsules that I bought at the Vitamin store.

    The first few days I took the full dose (1 before breakfast and 1 at lunch) but it was to much jolt for me but not a jittery feeling. That’s why I decided to divide the dosage and it still suppressed my appetite and kept up energy with out excessiveness. I now take the half or the full pill depending on how I feel. I have also supplemented it with Hoodia P57. I only take 1 in the morning with half of the Lipofuze and the same before dinner. At lunch I usually take only Lipofuse – either half or a full pill at lunch (I do mix it around depending on how I feel).

    I like the fact that they don’t keep me awake, since I’m a lite sleeper.

    Piece of advice; don’t expect a pill to do all the work for you and only expect it to assist you with your goals. Also muscle weighs more than fat and if you start working out, you may see weight increase but it is most likely muscle. Losing to much weight too fast isn’t a good thing (2 to 4 max a week. If you loose more it is probably muscle. Also don’t get stuck on the scale, it’s misleading.

    I lost 8 to 10 but the best thing is the way I look, the way clothing fits (much looser) and people are noticing it.

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  162. My 3 is a rating of uncertainty.

    When I took my first dosage yesterday I experienced hours of nausea, light headed-ness and general discomfort. After my stomach calmed and my head started feeling fine again I put it down to a bad reaction to breakfast until I had my second dose and it came on even stronger than the first. I felt like I needed to be sick, so I tried to vomit which eased the nausea up a bit but in hindsight I don’t recommend doing that because it’s not exactly healthy.

    I was going to try and get my money back until I weighed myself this morning and found a noticeable drop in weight – 1.5 kilos. Which is insane to happen over night and I’m not sure exactly why it has happened.. whether it’s just the Lipofuze or if my weight is fluctuating or both? ..but I haven’t seen the scales read this low in a very long time, so I was very surprised, but I wanna keep trying this just in case it actually is working.

    I’ve just taken my first dose for today and while I have a mild sickly kind of feeling, the nausea I experienced yesterday doesn’t seem to be coming back. Hopefully it subsides with time and my body will just accept the pills and it’ll work.

    I’ll keep posting!

    Good luck everyone 🙂

    Editor’s comments: Your weight can vary significantly during the day (depending on hydration, etc) and for women, significantly over the course of their monthly cycle. If you are going to use the scale to assess the success of your diet program (and it’s never a good idea because it doesn’t measure your body fat percentage which is the only thing that matters) you should weigh yourself regularly, and at the same time. First thing in the morning before breakfast is a good time.

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  163. It seems to be killing my appetite and it’s awesome. I’m not overweight but extremely bulky from muscle, I’m trying to loose fat on my midsection which my boyfriend says is non-existent. But I see a huge stomach.

    Right now all I eat is 3 eggs and 1 can of tuna with a few rice cakes. I’m not hungry or weak. I noticed a small loss in inches but I’m experiencing extreme brain fog, inability to bring up certain words. Poor communication skills. And I’m extremely aggressive and irritable. I feel my temper is off the hook and feel like exploding. Anyone else experience this?

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  164. I wanted to buy this product cuz I thought it will work… some say it does and others that it doesn’t. Does anybody have pics that can really give me “real results”? I really want to lose weight… I’ve tried everything so please help me!!! thank you 🙂

    Editor’s comments: Lily, photo testimonials are not proof of this product’s effectiveness – they can be easily faked with with readily available software. For an accurate assessment of this product’s “effectiveness” please see the full review.

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  165. I have been able to exercise for the last two wks. I try to stay off the scale because it only depresses me. I stop taking them for about 2 wks now and im experience headaches and a little nausea. It feels like im still taking them cause i can feel that burning feeling in the upper stomach every now and then. What up with that. My husband has completeted his bottle for the month and he seems to be gaining weight back. Do we have to take this pill for the rest of our lifes to keep the weight off. That is not ideal or an option. Will weigh myself in the morning for the first time in 1 wk and post the results.

    Editor’s comments: Patti, Lipozene is basically glucomannan, a fiber supplement. Clincial data indicates that glucomannan-based supplements can pose a hazard for individuals with upper gastrointestinal pathology. Please see the full glucomannan review for more details.

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  166. Been taking this for a few weeks. Love it. The first few days I was very jittery and I did have heart burn, but I am fine now. Just take take this before 3 or 4 in the afternoon or you wont be able to sleep.

    I know there are good and bad reviews, every one reacts differently to this, if you are caffeine sensitive dont take, if you drink coffee or soda you will be just fine. I never got sick to my stomach like some.

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  167. I have been taking Lipofuze for almost two weeks and have lost only 2 pounds. Not very happy. I eat good and workout 6 days a week. What am i doing wrong?

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  168. Well I cant tell you my results because I’ve been waiting three damn weeks to receive it! Every time I try to contact the people I get no response and their phone number is invalid or something?

    Sorry I know I’m only meant to comment on my results and or side effects but I do want people to know that if you’re OK with snails delivering your order… go ahead and buy it 🙂
    ‘ll report back when/ IF i get my order.

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  169. To Ash,

    Did you get a receipt in your e-mail?
    It should have a tracking code that you can look up and see if it had ever left or where it was delivered.

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  170. I am living in Denmark. I recieved my parcel after 2 weeks. I was so surprised it come so fast. Then first I tried 3 day detox and I lost 2 kg I think (my weight is 60kg right now). Now I am taking lipofuze. It doesnt make my stomache hurt or gives me a headache like some people write. 🙂

    And thats good, because that was what I most afraid of. Let’s just see now if I will lose some weight with them or not. I will write here again after a month,then you guys can hear about it. 🙂

    Happy weight loss to everyone 🙂

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  171. I haven’t purchased this product yet but I’m considering it – I just have one question. I work 3rd shift being from 10pm to 7am so I sleep during the day and am up all night. This being said if I took the pills at breakfast and lunch as instructed it would cause me not to be able to sleep during the day which would make me tired at work.

    Could I switch it around to where I took it at night? Maybe taking one at 10 when shift starts and the next around 2 am at my lunch break so it would give me energy at work instead of during the day?

    Editor’s comments: Yes you could. However, we’d really recommend reading the Lipofuze review before you purchase.

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  172. Update from an earlier review; I didn’t reorder lipofuze after the two bottles. Overall it does cause some discomfort and wouldn’t care to continue taking it even if it did a great job at loosing fat/weight.

    I’m taking MXLS7 and I like it much better. I started with the lower dose (two pills twice a day) for a week and now I take the regular dose (three pills twice a day). I’m glad I bought two bottles and they give one extra.

    I do feel the suppressant appetite effect and extra energy without any weird or bad tasting and other crap you get from other pills etc.

    If you are going to try anything get MX-LS7.

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  173. I started taking this product with the first bottle of detox 4 days ago. No side effects. I weigh 290, gained 4 pounds, and do treadmill about 20mins 2 days/wk. I want to see what happens after a month.

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  174. Can you consume alcohol while taking Lipofuze?

    Editor’s comments: While it’s not likely to be harmful, it’s never a good idea to mix stimulants and alcohol; the stimulants can mask the effects of intoxication, causing to believe you’re less effected than you might believe. Additionally, alcohol is incredibly high in calories, so it’s counter productive to take a weight loss product while drinking.

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  175. Here are the Fatburners I have tried in my life:
    – Stacker (original one with Epehdra, back when it was legal)
    – Stacker 2 (ephedra free)
    – Hydroxycut
    – Animal Cuts
    – Lipo6

    I constantly take Whey Isoloate and Amino Acids, without them I end up losing a lot of muscle and train for nothing basically.

    Lipofuze is by far the best fat burner I have ever come across.

    I just purchased LipoFuze, and I combine it with Whey and Leukic. Here is how I take it:

    I go to the gym every morning before work at around 6:00am until 8:00 am. Before my workout I take one dosage of Leukic (6 pills), this keeps me at a fully anabolic state. Straight after the workout I take one Lipofuze with a whey protein shake. I have breakfast 30 minutes later. I also take another lipofuze pill 30 min before lunch.

    All i have to say is .. WOW. I am not in any way associated with this product and am NOT trying to advertise it. However, this product when combined with the right amount of exercise (cardio and weights) as well as a sufficient diet, is simply amazing. I lost 3 pounds within the first couple of days, 10 pounds within the first 11 days, and 19 pounds by day 30.
    I would recommend it to anyone serious about losing weight. However if you are looking to just sit around and not do any work (proper diet and daily workouts), then you may as well leave this forum because you are just wasting your time. Everything comes with hard work, no exceptions.

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  176. I have been taking Lipofuze for two weeks now with no results. I have had the nausea, and mild diarrhea the first week. I do feel the burning sensation in my stomach shortly after taking the pill, but this goes away quickly after eating. It does not suppress my appetite nor does it give me an increased amount of energy. I will continue to take the pills until the bottle is empty. If I still have no results, I will request a full refund.

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  177. I just started taking Lipofuze and I’m currently on my fourth day. I haven’t experienced any bad side affects yet but I noticed that when I don’t drink at least 16 fl ounces of water I get a burning sensation in my stomach. If you are going to buy lipofuze I suggest u buy it from amazon because the shipping process from the actual company sucks.

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  178. Okay,

    I have read over 90% of the reviews for this product. I too am extremely skeptical of a “pill fix” myself. However, my high hopes of someday returning to a decent weight if not my former pre-pregnancy weight override any skepticism that I may have. So, that being the case, I did indeed order one bottle for myself today. I am going to be extremely careful in my dosages (meaning, I plan on taking one pill a day) and I also plan on drinking lots of water and starting back up my exercise routine. I also plan on either praising or dogging this product after testing it out thoroughly. I am 40 with 3 kids, the youngest will be 3 at the end of this month and I weigh about 180lbs (haven’t checked it in awhile for fear that it may have jumped up higher since the last weigh in). I am 5’5″. I am tired of my cardiologist brow-beating me about being “obese” and as cute as I know I am, it can always be better. So, whenever the product gets here and I am able to start it, I will be sure to come back to this site and honestly let everyone know if it worked for me or not! Here’s looking toward my hopes not being dashed once again!

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  179. I have only taken this product for one day so far. The lipofuze makes me feel a little strange but drinking water like it says it did not make me dizzy but it gave me a lot of energy and made me work out harder in the gym today. I’m wondering about the 3 day detox though. It has not made me have to poop really bad or anything. Isn’t it supposed to make you poop to “detox” or what is the purpose of it?

    Editor`s comments: Ashlee; detox products are a total scam. There`s nothing in the 3 Day Detox that will remove toxins from your system. Most contain nothing more than fiber and diuretics (which may make you go more), which gives the impression the product is doing something. It is not.

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  180. Thank You for that information.I will know not to waste money on that next time because the 3 day detox hasn’t done a thing for me. The diet pill increases my energy levels but I feel kind of strange in a way I cannot describe. I am wondering will this feeling go away after a certain amount of time taking it?

    I drink 16 oz of water with it so I don’t get sick or feel dizzy but I feel little out of it. Its good for gym time because I can work out harder and longer but this feeling is strange. Also along with diet and exercise and eating smaller portions all of which I have been doing the past two days how long will it really take me to notice weight loss? An estimated time how long would it take me to go from 118 lbs. to 107 lbs. If I am taking the diet pills, eating healthy and the right proportions and exercising 3-5 times a week?

    Editor’s comments: Ashlee, it’s impossible to tell if you’ll “acclimatize” to this product. It may be that it won’t bother you after a week or two, or it may always bother you – it’s impossible to say. Ashlee, if you’re running a caloric deficit (you’re expending more calories than you’re taking in) how long will depend on how big a deficit it happens to be. A smart “do-able” program should see you lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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  181. I took this product as recommended for two full weeks and saw no results at all. In addition to that I was on a weight loss diet and worked out 5 days a week. The diet and exercise alone should have helped me lose weight but I only saw a loss of 2 lbs in two weeks. This tells me that the lipofuze did nothing to help out with weight loss.

    I contacted the company for the “money back guarantee” they offer if not fully satisfied at that turned out to be a bogus claim. They will not refund money for opened bottles. I had opened both bottles, one to leave at home and one to have a work. Do no waste your money on this product.

    Editor’s comments: Wendy, we’re not surprised. Lipofuze is retailed by a company called ENR, which has a D rating at the Better Business Bureau, and many complaints of customer service issues, some relating to its refund policy. Check out more Lipofuze complaints here!

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  182. I’ve been taking lipofuze for three days now and so far I am impressed, never with just diet and exercise or any of the other supplements, have I had this effect. Ive lost around 3 lbs so far! Ive been taking one before breakfast and another before lunch with LOTS of water, eating relatively healthy and working out. Besides the first day, I’ve felt absolutely no side effects, no headache, stomachache, nausea etc. The first day, I had an odd/jittery feeling a couple hrs after taking the 2nd pill but I haven’t had it since. I also noticed that it takes you to the bathroom a lot, for both. I immediately noticed the lack of appetite, you kind of have to remind yourself to eat, especially before a work out. I made that mistake and forgot I hadn’t had dinner and during a cardio class felt very dizzy, so lesson learned! So far I am pleased with the progress and will keep updating, since that’s one of the things that I could not find when I was researching, the long term results/effects of taking Lipofuze, so I will update after more time.

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  183. I just took my very 1st pill about an hour ago. I had this weird reaction about 15 minutes after, where I felt like my throat and stomach were on fire. I then had to throw up and had this strong burning sensation. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I’m concerned if I should take the 2nd pill before lunch.

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  184. I took Lipofuze for five days last week and experienced the same stomach and throat burning sensations as described by many. I have not lost a single pound. I feel bloated and constantly feel gassy.

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  185. Just started taking this morning and absolutely no symptoms. Just made sure I took the recommended amt of water, plus more. Feeling really hyper right now which is really fun since I’m kinda lazy :). Now just looking to see if I lose any weight. Will be sure to update in a few weeks

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  186. I received Lipofuze in the mail a couple of days ago and was very excited to start taking it. I’m 20 years old and definitely overweight. I’ve tried numerous diets, but nothing has seemed to work for me thus far, so I decided to give Lipofuze a try.

    I took it 30 minutes before I ate breakfast the first day and, about 10 minutes after taking it, I felt severely sick. Thank god I didn’t have to work that day, because I surely would’ve had to go home. I felt the burning sensation that others have complained about, but I’d describe it more as a fire in your throat and stomach. It’s a horrible feeling. I also had headaches, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, and heightened anxiety. It also gave me heartburn and had the worst after taste I’ve ever experienced. I felt absolutely terrible.

    I couldn’t even bring myself to take the pill again that day because the first one had left me feeling so sick. I decided, on day two, to give it another try and see if maybe I just had a bad first-time reaction. Wrong. The second day was just as bad as the first, and I ended up going home from work because I felt so sick again.

    I would not recommend Lipofuze to anyone and I think that the reviews that have given it five stars are, without a doubt, from people that work for the company. I will never take it again and I fully intend on returning the product and getting my money back.

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  187. Lipofuze is a ripoff don’t waste your money. We took it as directed and did not lose one pound, not to mention the horrible heart burn you get from the pills. Please don’ t waste your money. By the way the money back gurentee is not true. If you use more than one bottlebrush won’t refund you a penny.


    I will put this comment on all web sites I can post.

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  188. Just ordered! Read all the reveiws, it’s a 50/50 product for me until I try it. I have tried other pills in the past, but nothing with any results. I dont have a scale at home, but I will measure before starting. I’m not a water drinker, but I think that will have to change. Cant wait to see how effective this product will be for me. I’m about a size 10 and I would love it if I can fit back into my size 8 jeans.

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  189. I had to discontinue using this product. I took the 3 days detox and proceeded to taking the pills as directed. The first time I went to the gym I did a very moderate cardio workout and felt light headed. I then fainted 3 times and had to be taken to the ER. The Dr told me I was extremely dehydrated. I drink a lot of water before and during workouts and throughout the day so the only thing I can think about is this pill just makes you loose water. I am just too scared to take it again and the feedback I got from customer support amounted to nothing.

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  190. to errin, yes. i did have the same problem with getting my pills, but after sitting in hold with the company for 45 minutes (no exaggeration), I finally found out what the issue was. It was on back order. i recommended using the tracking number provided and tracking it with USPS.

    As far as the effectiveness, I have been taking it for 4 days now and i feel great. The 3 day detox that came with is has worked well. I have not weighed myself yet, but my pants are getting a little saggy in the waist area. I have also noticed that I am very energetic, sometimes a little too energetic lol. I love the feeling though. i do not have the issue of never feeling hungry, but rather only feeling hungry for smaller portions, which is great. i do experience stomach burning within the 30 minutes that you wait to eat, but once i eat, i feel fine. my water intake is about 11 bottles a day. thats way more than before, but i like that as well. thus far, I am happy, but i will keep you all posted. would i recommended this product? Yes!!

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  191. I took this product for 3 days as directed and felt sick everyday. I had a lot trouble sleeping at night. It made me feel very tense about 1 hour after taking it and ended up eating more to help reduce the side effects. I feel dizzy and light headed for about 5 hours after the morning dose. Have not taken an afternoon dose. I have decided this product is not for me and will be returning it for a refund asap.

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  192. Day4 Lipofuze –better and worse– It made me so sick this morning I threw up! I have found after the second pill today – that it says drink 16oz and eat after 30 minutes BUT The only way I can stomach it is to drink durring taking the pill (as in start before) about 32oz and eat directly after other wise I get so nausious! THEN KEEP DRINKING LOTS OF WATER or I willfeel sick again. The first few days made to sooo tired — I didnt get it because everyone else got energized but I literally fell asleep directly after taking it the first 3 days. But today -after my second pill- I actually do feel engergized! I do get the “drugged” feeling but today it’s better than before so I’m hopping still! I exercise 3x a week – I’m almost 27 but had two kids in three years and got all the way up to 165 –I’m only 4’11 so… yea. Exercise and diet alone for 4 months and almost no wieght loss so sense Friday I’m down 5 pounds! I know a lot is probably water wieght but I’m hoping to see some turn around now! I’m sureeveryone is differentbut for those you feeling sick – dont wait 30 minutes to eat! 🙂

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  193. I received my first bottle of lipofuze yesterday with high hopes. I took my first pill as directed half an hour before breakfast with plenty of water followed with a substantial meal. Well I feel horrible! I feel groggy and out of sorts, my arms and hands are weak, and I have very blurry vision. I actually forced myself to lie down to try and sleep it off. I woke up a few minutes ago and feel alittle better but no where near 100%. This product is scary, and I will never take it again. Losing a few pounds is not worth feeling this way!!

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  194. I sure wish I would have read reviews before purchasing this product. However, I am one of those people who doesn’t like to form an opinion until I’ve tried something out for myself.

    I’ve been taking Lipofuze for 3 weeks now. Haven’t lost a single pound, in fact, have gained 4.

    I’ve been eating healthy, exercising regularly and was hoping this “rapid weight loss” pill would help me shed my last 10 pounds.

    The heart burn sensation others have mentioned is true if you do not down at least 16oz of water almost immediately after taking one of the pills. If you look at the ingredients this is most likely caused from the cinnamon and capsicum that is in the product.

    The positives of this pill are decreased appetite, and that you only have to take 2 pills a day. Almost have to remind yourself to eat because you never feel hungry. Also, increased energy and alertness during the day. I did not feel “jittery” or “anxious” as others have mentioned, nor have I had any trouble going to sleep at night.

    All in all, I feel Lipofuze is WAY over priced and a waste of your money. You would be better off sticking to the old practice of losing weight the hard way, but the right way. Diet and exercise. But if you want a good appetite suppressant and alert pick me up, go ahead and try it for those reasons. But I would not advise purchasing this product for weight loss.

    I am thankful I only purchased two bottles, and will definately not be purchasing any more.

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  195. Just received it today! I will start tomorow my measurments are
    chest 38.5
    waist 37.5
    hips 41.0
    theigh 24.0
    Here we go!

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  196. I’ve been talking Lipofuze for three days; my energy is very high and my appetite has decreased some.

    I haven’t really seen any weight loss results, then again it has only been like three days.

    The heart burn can be intense but not unbearable. As far as nausea, Im lucky to have not experienced it that much, only when I’ve exceeded the thirty minutes that you’re supposed to wait until you eat after taking the dose. Nothing can beat pregnancy nausea.

    I’ll keep posting as I go through the bottle…hopefully it works. Currently I’m at 160. Let’s see if I can manage to make it to 130. If the results are as good as they advertise I shouldn’t have any problem. Let’s see…

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  197. *I got the pill in the mail last week , I was hesitant to take them seeing as I`m going to travel , impatient with the way my jean fit me im hoping to lose some sort of weight by thursay ( my travel date) so rather then wait til morning I took it before bed *

    I just took lipofuze about 10 minutes ago and im currently sitting on the toilet. It was hard for me to went down wrong . My belly burned a little not as bad as everyone else made it seem and i kinda have a slight headache . As soon as im off this toilet Im gunna go work out !
    *keep you posted*

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  198. Side effects of LIpofuze depend on each individuals body mechanism. Mine is ok; no bad side effects. But there was no weight lost and I always feel hungry more than when i wasn’t taking the pill.

    I took the risk of taking it because I want to lose weight. But nothing happened. I have decided to stop taking Lipofuze and start doing the natural way of dieting.

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  199. I received my package of Lipofuze yesterday. I took one tablet 30 minutes before breakfast today and within a short amount of time I felt TERRIBLE! Was extremely sick and wanting to vomit!

    I didn’t take my 2nd one – I was way too scared! I have a store and I had to close early I am that sick! Product is a scam obviously and I regret buying it. I’m trying to get a refund and it better happen! Don’t buy it! Go to a health store and talk to someone IN PERSON!

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  200. I have always been heavier than the people I grew up around.

    I am 21 and have two children and I decided that enough is enough. I have to lose this weight so I can be healthier for my kids. So I started counting my calories, fat intake and exercise along with Alli.

    Then a friend told me about Lipofuze and how she lost 7lbs in her first week so I bought 3 bottles and my husband and I are both taking them twice a day. If you don’t drink at least a glass full of water with them you will feel sick but the more water you drink with it the better you will feel. So if you take it and feel sick drink more water you will instantly start to feel better.

    Anyway, it has been 6 days and both my husband and I have each lost over 10 lbs!! My only concern is that I have developed a rash on my stomach and have no idea what is causing it. I just hope its not the Lipofuze because it is definitely worth the money amd I feel great!

    Good Luck to everyone who is sticking with it, and to those it didn’t work for I’m sorry to hear about that. Everybody is different you just gotta find whats right for YOU and good luck on your weight loss journey as well. = )

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  201. I’ve been using LipoFuze off and on since November. On the days that I do take it, I only take one pill and I take it with food, not 30 mins before, b.c I find that the heartburn that I get while taking two aday and without food is too much for me. Over all I’ve lost about 12 lbs and 2 pant sizes. I’m pretty happy where I’m at now.

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  202. I do not recommend the detox. It upset my stomach day 1 which made me more hungry as I could not feel satisfied after a meal. By day 2 my stomach was used to it but I had no appetite suppression and my skin broke out terribly! By day 3 I had broken out all over my forehead, chin and nose- I usually have great skin and drink lots of water. For the 5-10lbs I wanted to lose, it did nothing but give me acne!

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  203. I plan on trying Lipofuze. Im excited to get started. However I have been reading most of the reviews and I must remind all the users of Lipofuze and any other weight loss product that these are not miracles, these are “supplements” which are created to ‘aid’ weight loss and not do the entire job for you. I was on a weight loss supplement before but I still worked out harder and ate smarter, and lost tons of weight. These supplements boost the weight loss process, but dont expect to sit there and pop a pill and see divine results…welcome to reality, you still have to work hard to egt the body you want…Nonetheless Im excited to get my first bottle!!

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  204. Even though I have only been taking this product for two days, I felt compelled to post something after I weighed myself this morning.I’m only 21 and so uncomfortable with my weight. Not fun. Before I took the first pill on Monday I was 141 even. This morning I am 138.6. That’s pretty much true to advertised weightloss. Which never happens. I’ve noticed that right when I take the pill I get some heartburn-like symptoms but as soon as I drink water I feel fine. Same with some random nausea. Water and its gone. I hope this continues to work!

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  205. This is a awful product. If it makes you sick and doesn’t work for you don’t think you will get your money back. They have the Worlds Best Money back Guarantee!!!! God help us ALL

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  206. So I’ve just received my bottles of lipofuze yesterday, and started this morning (1st pill 1/2 hour before breakfast 7:15am) Did not feel any symptoms, maybe a slight nauseating feeling but not too bad.

    For lunch, I took my second pill at 1:30pm, waited 1/2 hour before consuming anything. Felt fine, no symptoms.

    From what I can say so far, it that I do feel a sensation in my stomach (buring feeling, more of a “FAT Burning process to be exact”. I have been drinking A LOT of WATER, along with some Vitamin water. I have been urinating quiet a bit today so I think there is definitely something good going on. I will keep you posted on my future experiences but so far so good.

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  207. I have been taking Lipofuze for a little over a month now and love it. I had to take a small break from taking it due to some family emergencies but I still watched what I ate and kept track of my calorie intake. Somehow I have all the sudden become lucky and have been losing weight without taking it and without exercise, just by calorie intake(yes I am eating a healthy amount of calories, I have been overweight all my life and I want to be HEALTHY not anorexic = ) ), which is weird because that is something I have NEVER been able to do… has Lipofuze given my body a boost to get working right on its own? IDK however I do like Lipofuze and would recommend it to anyone! = )

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  208. I just finished the second week of taking Lipofuze, and I am disappointed. I’m exercising 5-6 days a week for atleast an hour, and I haven’t lost a single pound. I will continue to take the pills though because it gives me energy through the afternoon

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  209. It’s now been 5 days that i’ve been taking lipofuze, I have seen a difference! So far I’ve lost 6 pounds! This is great stuff! I drink about 3 liters of water a day, maybe more if so, eat healthy! So far I haven’t done any exercise due to my days being busy at work or things to do at home. I will be going to the gym soon enough so i’m guessing this will work even better then! DRINK GREEN TEA AND LOTS OF WATER!! =)

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  210. So I just started this product this morning.. Took it 30 minutes before I ate like it says.. Within about 15 mins of taking it I started feeling kinda nausious, but nothing too bad. Once I started eating I got some wicked stomach pains as well. They didn’t last too long tho. I think I may just start out only taking 1 a day until my body gets used to it. As of right now I’m at 142, so we’ll see in a few days if this stuff makes any difference! *fingers crossed*

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  211. Well, bought this stuff a month ago. My weight loss (with no pills) stalled for a while so I used it to get “over the hump”. During the first week I gained weight, it took the next 3 weeks to lose the same weight! It did not make me lose 10 lbs in 7 days nor did it make me lose any weight other than the few pounds I gained the first few days on it and I doubt it was the pills doing it. For those who might think I depended on it to do all the work; I eat right and work out regularly so that isn’t the problem. Granted, muscle weighs more than fat but shouldn’t I have lost something during the month I’ve been on it? This product is not worth the money spent. Please don’t waste yours. As for those who still try it anyways, (1) the side effects were not bad for me (2) is cheaper than other sites. Just remember to eat something 15min or so after taking the pill or you will have an empty/queezy feeling until you do. Looking back at the ingredients, they are good but I should have known that so much in one pill is probably not enough of each to do anything even taking 2 pills a day. The biggest additive is whatever gives the “caffeine” boost. I could have downed a blue mountain dew for that! So bottom line, try if you like, maybe you will have better luck than I did, but don’t be surprised if nothing happens!I’m done with pills! Sticking to the old fashioned way. Good Luck!!

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  212. I’ve been taking the pills for almost a week. I’ve gained two pounds. I’m a healthy person, just wanted to lose about ten pounds that I haven’t been able to get off. I run 2-3 miles 2-3 times a week, lift weights, do yoga, etc… I have felt terrible on the pills. I feel dizzy, I get the heartburn after taking them, and I’m very tempted to not go the whole week which was my plan. On the flip side, I swear my hips look leaner even though I’ve lost no weight. I’m totally stumped. So, maybe I’ll give a couple more days and see what happens but I’m very disappointed they haven’t worked better.

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  213. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m considering it.

    There are some posts that confuse me; some people are saying that they using this and working out 5-6 times a week while dieting isn’t causing even one pound of weight loss. I was under the impression that’s EXACTLY what causes weight loss (exercise and dieting) without the aid of a supplement. Are you really doing it right or just saying that so people wont buy the product? Everyone deserves to know whats really going on to make an informed decision.

    Editor’s comments: Kristine, this is a good question. However, there are plenty of reasons why people may be dieting, exercising, taking the supplement and not losing weight. For example, maybe they’ve haven’t given it enough time yet. O perhaps, despite the exercise and diet, they haven’t kept close enough control over their calorie intake and continue to consume more than they need. Or perhaps they have implemented a intense weight lifting program – and since muscle weighs more than fat, newly created muscle may offset the loss of weight, leading to a leaner individual who still weighs the same.

    Make sense?

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  214. HI, well after reading the majority of everyones comments, despite the one star rating and the side effects I read about, I decided to give lipofuze a try myself. I just recv. my first bottle yesterday. I woke in made me a egg,cheese, and turkey toasted on whole wheat sandwhich. Before I ate I drank 2 bottles of water 9oz each. Took the pill at 7:35am and drank the water bottles. I didn’t wait 30mins to eat, instead I ate 15mins after taking the pill. It is now 8:15am, and I do not feel any of the heart burn, headaches or nausea..yet and hopefully will not have to. But, I do feel good, good enegery. I have to say I was skeptical like everyone else. I have tried a few things in the past like Jillans fat burner, drank isolated whey protien shakes, tired metabolife years ago, slim fast, and few other stuff. I gave up on products like those and just decided to go the right and healthy way, which is to excercise and eat healthy. I did great lost almost 50 pounds without any supplements, went from 206 lbs to now 160. Took me almost 2 years to attain that goal. But, now im stuck at 160 and wanted to loose an extra 10 to 15 pounds. I try to workout at least 4 days out the week 3 days of cardio and 1 or 2 days of strength training. I seem to build muscle quickly, so I am trying to focus on applying more cardio to my workout. I hope lipofuze can help me drop the extra pounds but guess we will see. This is just my first day taking it, so I will post again and see what happens.

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  215. It’s been a month now since my last review APRIL 28th.

    I’ve respected the indications, taking my pill in the morning and one before lunch. I’ve noticed and significant amount of weight loss during this month. When i started, I was at 220 lbs, today I’m at 203. I’ve been playing sports (Soccer and rugby) 2-3 times a week. Drinking lots of water, maybe one soda can a week during lunch, and never in the evening before bed. Got to admit it does work!

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  216. I used it for a few weeks. At first it made me feel sick and lightheaded but I was determined to keep going as I managed to lose 4 pounds the very first day.

    Then even though I have been working out everyday the weight came back.

    Not happy!

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  217. Did not like this product didnt give me energy, made my bowels more active, didnt lose weight with tried it used the whole bottle. I do not suggest you to use this product dont waste your money. Bought this product through the there website said money back, yea right tried to call several times keep getting a recording, never got my money back.

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  218. I just started lipofuze a few days ago and so far my weight hasn’t changed… then again I haven’t really been dieting and I’ve only exercised twice using the Winsor Pilates series. I’ve only experienced a few side effects that don’t seem too bad such as being anxious, having minor jitters, and feeling nauseous. It’s a small price to pay for what I want. Just so you know a little bit about myself. I am 5’2″ and currently weigh 165. I plan on doing pilates 40 mins everyday and eating healthy (eating around a 1000 calorie diet), and of course taking the lipofuze. I’ll check back in a week and let you know the results.

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  219. I have been using Lipofuze for 10 days. I started out only taking 1 pill a day and after day 6 increased my dosage to 2 pills a day.

    I am 24 and 178 I am most often described as “skinny” but I’ve developed some very noticeable love handles, a pot belly and even a small case of man boobs (thanks college). I thought by taking this product with a strict diet and rigorous work out routine I would be able to see results faster than without the product. Well here is what I can tell you so far:

    The pills definitely curbed my appetite. Before taking the pills I was hungry all the time and now, I can very easily skip a meal if I want to (This is a bad thing for me since I am trying to maintain protein rich diet of 2,200 calories).

    The pills also gave me a slight burning sensation in my stomach (similar to heartburn). Occasionally, it gets worse but it is always bearable.

    They also make my heart race (when sitting) and cause me to have the shakes. It has not been to the point where I fear my health but it is definitely noticeable. The best way to describe it is, feeling like I am on the verge of an anxiety/ panic attack.

    Finally, when I work out the pills cause my heart rate to increase incredibly. When I have a heavy cardio work out my heart rate is usually between 220-260. This is a RED FLAG for me. I shared this information with my sister (a physician) and she told me to stop using the product immediately.

    So what about the result? Well in 10 days I have not lost a single pound. This might be because of my body type, but who knows. Other than that, I don’t feel more energized or healthier by taking the product. In fact, I feel worse.

    I plan on using the one bottle supply I purchased just to give it a fair shot, but once I’m done. I’ll be done for good.

    For those people that have seen “amazing” results in under a month, all I can say is that its not going to last. A good weight loss program (diet and exercise) you should expect to lose a 1-2 pounds a week. Anything more than that is probably just water weight and can come back just as fast as it left.

    So I’ve learned my lesson, cutting corners doesn’t work and can be dangerous. I’ll be sticking to the traditional route from now on.

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  220. O.k. This is only my full third day taking it. I like to read reviews normally, but honestly I feel that most of these reviews are done by people who have only taken it for a day or less than a week, and then give it a bad rating. Ummm, that is NOT enough time for a product to start working. There is no pill that will make you start loosing weight as soon as you put it in your mouth. I have had 0 side effects, it gives me the energy so that I can finally get motivated to workout. I have no jitters, stomach pain, nausea none of that. Pills like this are to help motivate you to change your lifestyle, diet and exercising.

    If you think you can eat mcdonalds for lunch, and eat a bowl of ice cream and be a couch potato and pop a pill and loose weight….you need psychiatric help. Not trying to be a jerk, but I am an ex-athlete, and know about a healthy lifestyle, I just want more energy to work out after work as my job is VERY stressfull. This pill helps me do that. Has helped my mood, my energy level, no more cravings or out of control binges and a lot of other stuff. I have no idea what I weigh right now. It has been less than a week. But i feel better in general. Being that i am manic depressive having anything help my mood is a MIRACLE! NO other anti-depressant has done that! So, the reason I give only four stars out of five is because of the reviews.

    I dont think people are being honest on here or with themselves. Lets face the facts people this is to help increase weight loss with a decent diet and some kind of exercise. Hope I didnt offend anyone, but that is life. You can either take your weight loss seriously…or stay overweight, your problem. But dont rate something poorly becuase you got the wrond idea about what weight loss pills are supposed to do! ok…bye!

    Editor’s comments: OK Ashleigh, let’s see if we get this straight; any negative reviews of this product from people who have been taking the product less than a week aren’t valid because…

    “…that is NOT enough time for a product to start working.”

    Yet you feel you can rate this product a 4 out of 5 stars (and you’ve only been taking the product 3 days) and your comments are to be heeded while everyone else’s are dismissed? Sorry, that doesn’t make any sense…

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  221. I’ve been on this for 17 days and I’ve dropped 17lbs. I’ve changed my diet as well but if I wanted something sweet every now and then I got it. Ive alos been doing 30 min of inclined walking on the tread or 100yd sprints in the mid day.-in Houston, tx-…This stuff is pretty nice vs some of the other pills I’ve used in the past. The only one that could touch this on was Slim Xtreme. I’ve said all that to say this, keep in mind these pills are weght loss “aids”. Meaning they won’t magically zap you down. So if you’re one of the ones complaining but you know you haven’t put the work in then please shut up. Diet and exercise alone can make a difference but these pills are very good.

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  222. Here I am again week 1 is over and I’ve just lost 2 pounds while taking the Lipofuze. I was expecting something a little dramatic considering its claims, but I know that its been my proper diet and exercise that has gotten me to where I am at now. It wasn’t easy. I’ll keep trying to lose weight with the Lipofuze, but as of now I don’t have high expectations just to lose at least 2 pounds per week and I’m happy. Baby steps are all it takes sometimes.

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  223. My hopes were high with Lipofuze, but I am beyond disappointed. If I lost any weight, it’s only because I was so extremely sick! I didn’t have any extra energy on it — I was DRAINED!! When I wasn’t curled up in a ball with excruciating burning pain in my stomach and esophagus, I was throwing up or gagging. This even happened in public! After a week and a half, I ended up in urgent care needing 2 bags of fluids because I was so dehydrated.

    Please use caution if you’re going to try this. I don’t believe it is safe and it can make you extremely ill.

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  224. Are the side effects worth it? Day 3 now and my stomach is in knots, with no weight loss yet. I feel hung over and dizzy. I’m going to lower my dose and keep taking them to see if the side effects wear off. I’m giving it a week, if the symptoms persist I will get my money back.

    I would rather lose weight the old fashion way then go through this. I was 174lbs and I lost 15 lbs on my own. I got this product to get me over the weight loss hump. My goal is to be between 135-140lbs.

    The dizziness is scary, do not drive until you know how this product effects you.

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  225. I have used Lipofuze for the past week. I know most pills don’t usually work but on every site it claimed that this actually worked and many people saw decent results. Though lipofuze did help me control what I had and how much I ate I still really did not loose much weight. Maybe a pound but that’s pushing it. Ill give it a few more days otherwise Im getting my money back!

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  226. Hi

    I took my first pill today. After an hour I developed terrible fatigue and ended up sleeping for 3 hours.

    I have experienced no heartburn,sickness, rapid heart beat, diarrhoea. Yet

    I will let you know how it goes after the month is up

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  227. I came here to see if anyone else had any of the same problems and I see there are a few. I took it for a couple of weeks and actually lost about 10 pounds. I noticed that right before my 30 minutes were up (until eating)I started to have serious heartburn. I do take med for acid reflux so I assumed I was reacting to the Lipozene more because of this. I was working out and trying to eat better and kept using it, but I was a little concerned. I did notice that it really stopped my cravings!
    However, I got more concerned when my blood pressure went up slightly. I take meds for that too, but when you are trying to loose weight, you will try anything! I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks and started it again this week, but the first day I got heartburn so badly that I vomited.
    I feel so frustrated because I think it might work, but it’s probably not worth it.

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  228. So I’ve been on Lipofuze for 4 weeks already, when i started i was 142 lbs. Today I’m 125 lbs and very happy of how i look.

    I did have some side effects on my first week, some heartburn, lost of appetite and occasionally diarrhea but after a week they all disappear. I haven’t made any changes on my diet (I eat very healthy) but I do workout 4 days a week, with regular cardio for like an hour.

    I would say Lipofuze is NOT for everyone, in some people may work differently and cause more dramatic side effects.

    I lost already 17 lbs i n 4 weeks and I will add 1 more star when I hit my goal of loosing a total of 27 lbs …. so i have 10 more to go…Let’s see how it goes… i will keep you posted!
    Good luck to everyone!

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  229. I have been using Lipofuze for 2 weeks now. I am one of those people who has to see quick results when starting a diet program. I am 5’6″ and weigh 150lbs. My goal is to shed 20lbs. Any who, after taking the first pill, I was extremely nauseous….ate a piece of toast 30 minutes later but could not keep it down. I also developed a serious headache and was really dizzy. Nevertheless, I still took the 2nd pill around noon…could not keep anything down the entire day. Day 2 was better, although I did not like the headache that I could not shake. What I did like was the noticeable change in my appetite…I didn’t have one. I actually had to remind myself to eat.

    I have lost a solid 7lbs in 2 weeks…I say solid because my weight tends to fluctuate. I do have to add that I eat pretty healthy now and workout 3-4 days a week. So I honestly can’t say that Lipofuze is 100% responsible for my weight loss, but I do feel it has helped and will continue taking it until I finish this bottle. Then I will see if their claim on the long term effectiveness is valid.

    My rating for Lipofuze at this time is a 3.5. I did not loose 10lbs in 1 week, but I am ok with that. My rating is based on the side effects, which were somewhat bothersome, and not sure of long-term effectiveness. Will update 30 days after I stop taking it.

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  230. Out of maybe 30 supplements i’ve tested over the years without a doubt this is THE BEST appetite suppressor hands down. I normally eat 3500 calories a day, with this stuff i have to force myself to eat 1000! Some of my weight loss is due to will power and only drinking water, no added sugars juice alcohol,n etc…I’ve lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks.

    I work out 20 min a day, no cardio yet. Drink plenty of water and do light workout everyday, nothing hardcore or you’re likely to give up, limit carbs and sugars by 1/2 the recommended value and I’m sure you’ll be impressed…

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  231. I have took this pill for a week now. I’ve always eaten a breakfast with it. Gives me lots of energy and I don’t feel hungry. I took it this morning and failed to eat breakfast…I got real jittery and threw up and haven’t felt “right” all day. I blame myself for not eating with it. I will continue with it and see how it goes.

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  232. I have read that the ingredients in Lipofuze may contain carcinogens?? I have already bought the product which arrived today, but I am afraid to take it now. Does anyone know anything about this?

    Editor’s comments: None of the ingredients are carcinogens (see our overview of the Lipofuze ingredients here). However, we don’t know anything about where they are sourcing their ingredients. If there’s any valid concern about carcinogens, it may be because the products are sourced cheaply; perhaps from China where there are valid concerns about ingredients being contaminated with various nasty chemicals.

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  233. I ordered this product about 7 months ago from the original website. I followed the directions to the t but it DOES NOT WORK! The side effects were bad but on top of all that I am STILL in the process of trying to return the product. Lipofuze is under investigation by the BBB as it pays websites to give it high rating and rips off customers. My advice– do not waste your time! Four months ago I did the hHCG diet. It was much cheaper, I lost 18 pounds in 23 days and dropped 4 sizes!! HCG is the ONLY diet I have tried that works. Lipofuze is a scam!!

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  234. personally, i don’t like what is LipoFuze doing to my body. in my first day of lipofuze, by night time, i experienced involuntary muscle movements, like my tongue was twitching anywhere, which really got me scared! i felt dizzy also, but i can’t sleep! it’s like my body was so relaxed but my mind was so awake! i also experienced tightness on my left chest that by the night of my second day it felt like my heart is slightly burning. by second day, i do believe i had GERD because of the bubble-sound like burps, which might also explain the burning sensation around my left chest. by my second night, insomnia did really got into me. i didn’t sleep till thrid night.. also since i started taking lipofuze, i can’t really finish what i’m eating. after like 5 spoons of my meals, i don’t wanna eat anymore. i don’t think appetite suppressing supplements are good, ‘cuz it means when you stop taking them you’ll start eating the same way before you started using them.. i have lost 3 pounds on those two days though but that was scary for me! i don’t think lipofuze is safe based on how much i’ve lost and the symptoms i have experienced. LipoFuze is the first weight loss pill i have taken, and for what i have experienced with it, i made up my mind that i won’t never ever will again take any weight loss pill as aid for losing weight. for those who is taking LipoFuze and enjoying their results, this is only my opinion and it is only based on my personal experience…

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  235. i wouldn’t recommend it. had no weight loss effect and the money back guarantee is almost impossible to get back, especially if your not in the USA

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  236. i have tried Lipofuze and i have to admit i did experience the symptons that most people have stated below. but after a week of taking this product the syptons subsisded and i was loosing weight, i dont have alot of weight to loose maybe 5kgs, but in my line of work i need to keep fit and thin. i did expereice heart burn but that has no subsided as well.
    fast shipping and great customer service, i contacted them when i was feeling ill in the first week and they were nothing but supportive and told me that they would give me my money back, after i week i contacted them and told them not to bother because the sysptems had gone away and now im 4kgs lighter and i only take this product twice every 3 days with a healthy diet and excerise.

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  237. I have been on Lipofuze 7days. I have lost 3.8pounds, no exercise, but totally watching what I eat. No snacking after dinner which was my downfall. I am happy with the 3.8 lb loss, any more I would worry as they say 1-2lbs week is the safe way to lose. Here’s hoping it continues. Oh, and I have NOT had any nausea, but I drink A LOT of water everyday…always have. Im not jittery and have not had any problems sleeping. Havent noticed any increase in energy, actually feeling a litle more sleepy…… weird.

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  238. I am about to start Lipofuze, but I also have the 3 day detox pills, do I take those along with my Lipofuze or do I take the 3 day detox first before I start Lipofuze?

    Editor’s comments: Lisa, you should follow up with the retailer about this, or check the label directions.

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  239. What is the recommended dosage for lipofuze per day. Is it one pill for every meal, or one pill for everyday?

    Editor’s comments: Kique; either check the product label or with the retailer.

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  240. I just started Lipofuze yesterday and I feel awful. I’m dizzy and have no motivation to exercise, or even eat because I feel like I will vomit anything I eat. I didn’t have too much i needed to lose when I ordered this, just 10 lb of baby weight and honestly I can’t even run anymore, even though it recommends exercising. Maybe I will see some results, I hope so because this feeling is worst than morning sickness

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  242. Just started taking lipofuze yesterday, so far so good no side effects but I will keep you posted!

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  243. Ok, I have read most all of the reviews here. I need to note i took lipofuze for almost a yr. and have learned some tricks to taking it. i started in January 2011 at 198 pounds, i’m a mom of 4 boys at 43 yrs old and had a hysterectomy that caused permanent weight gain and a lot of belly fat. any way by may of 2011 i went from the 198 to 145 and it was the first time i felt healthy in a long time. the trick with this amazing diet pill is LOTS of water. NO Soda, not even diet. i do flavored water. i eat grapes and fruit for sugar craving that will come along with it and string cheese fills me up fast for breakfast and yogurt and healthy for you and always eat dinner but not after 5 pm. i went from a size 16 to a 9 and looked good. i did have problems with water weight gain and acne at first but that went away so did the headaches and dizzy feeling, most to do with my body getting used to not eating all the time and sometimes through the night. i stopped using lipofuze august of 2011. didn’t gain weight back until here recently due to stress and eating really bad again, so i’m going back on it to loose my weight again i’m at 160 pounds right now and ready to get the weight back off. i can see people giving up before they start but give it a chance more than just a couple of weeks.:)

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  244. Been takin lipofuze for almost 3 weeks ,honestly I haven’t weight my self yet ,but since I stared using it I have a really bad heartburn almost like acid reflux ,I don’t feel energetic, !!! So I think I’m gonna to return it 🙁

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  245. I started taking the product and have been so sick that I am throwing up everything I eat. Not the way I want to lose weight. The pills are going in the trash.

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  246. I used as directed, even tried two at a time. I didn’t lose a pound. On the other hand, I didn’t gain any additional weight. I need to lose about 30 pounds…I expected to at least lose a few pounds after a couple weeks. A lot of hype!

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  247. I have been using this product for two weeks and have seen no Results. I am constantly hungry and eat all day long, before using this product, I had no problems with eating my 3meals a day, now i feel like im over eating because im always hungry. I have lost no weighht and have been working out about 3days a week. This was a waste of my Time and money.

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  248. exactly i want to this product really work.iam from Bangladesh…….i want to buy this product…but am not sure about its benefit…….i’ve already cheated by many am afraid of buying this…would u plz help me?

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  249. hi! just ordered lipozene. can anyone tell me the results if you don’t exercise and just watch your diet?

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    • Editor’s comments: Lipozene is a fiber supplement; it fills you up without adding calories. Your results will depend entirely on whether or not you consume more or less calories than you need on a daily basis. Basically, you need a 500 calorie deficit per day to bring about a 1-pound per week drop in body fat.

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  250. The only thing this pill has done is give me extreme pounding head aches.

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  251. After deciding I needed to lost some weight, i decided to do some research to help find the best pills to assist me. Most friends and websites recommended lipofuze, so I decided to order a bottle.

    After a month trial run, this is my review:

    Efficiency: Works great, and with a steady diet and exercise, I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds.

    Side-Effects: Heartburn immediately after the capsule dissolves, but goes away quickly (Though it is a very strong burn.)

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  252. Love it! This product has works very good. I’m not sure why this has gotten some bad reviews, but I lost 8 sizes with this product so far. I am very satisfied.

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  253. I only started taking lipofuze yesterday and it seems like all yesterday and even today I would get moments where I felt like I needed to be sick. Ad I’m the kind of person who never gets sick. I don’t know what I should do? I am not sure if the pills are causing me to be sick or if it may be something else?

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    • Editor’s comments: Stop taking the pills and see how you feel.

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  254. I tried so many other products on the market with no results and figured this product would be the same, but I was amazed by the results. I lost noticable weight for my hieght in a matter of 2 weeks. 20 plus lbs! Everyone noticed as well. I only experienced a little bit of heartburn but disappered after I ate. No jitters either! I would really recommend this product.

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  255. I’ve been using Lipofuze for almost two weeks and WOW!! I can see and feel the difference. I haven’t weighed myself yet I’m waiting til I complete two exact weeks but I have already dropped maybe a waist size or two in my jeans. I have been eating clean, organic and whole foods as well as free range. I work out everyday as well. Lipofuze definitely gave my weight loss plan the boost it needed!

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  256. My order never arrived and after 5 weeks I became inpatient so I contacted Lipofuze. Luckily the person who I got in contact with gave me a refund instantly because my order was ‘overdue’. The refund was successful.

    Overall not very happy that my order never arrived because I was looking forward to trying it, but happy that the refund was quick & easy.

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  257. Love it. I have been using it for 6 months now and I have lost 67 pounds!

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    • Editor’s comments: Really Chad? We’re of the opinion your personal connection with this company that makes your testimonial more than a little suspect.

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  258. This product is a over priced laxitive. It does not work for the long term. If you want to loose weight, dont waste your money……If your stopped up and unable to take a crap also save your money and go get a $3.00 bottle of laxitive.

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  259. my rating is somewhere between a 1 and a 2. it does help you lose weight quickly but at a very high cost. This pill causes anxiety, nausea, headaches, and dizziness. I would highly suggest you find and try something else before buying this product. i know they say they have a money back guarantee, but i emailed them and tried to return my two bottles for a full refund and they never got back to me and i never got my money. Still though, i flushed these pills down the toilet because i felt like the side of me that wanted to lose weight could end up stronger than the side of me that wants to stay healthy doing it (and after taking these pills for just one week i can tell you, they seem dangerous). If youre seriously looking to lose weight i would suggest weight watchers. i started it two months ago and am down 16 pounds already! and i feel great every day as a result. if youre just trying to lose a few extra pounds for the summer try eating just a little bit less and start going to the gym a little bit more and youll see results that this pill could never give you!!

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  260. i took 30 days supply and lost nothing in fact gained 2 pound, with daily rigerous exercize, calorie counting and eating healthy… very disappointed!!!! Still waiting for my RMA number to get at least someone my money back….

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  261. I love lipofuze. In 2012 I first ordered the regular lipofuze and it helped me to lose approximately 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I will admit I got a few headaches when I first started taking it but those subsided as time when on. I just purchases Lipofuze extreme and pm. And I have no complaints. They did mentioned that they product might work for some and not others. After all it is not a miracle pill. As for me I will continue to use their products since I personally have not had any issues with them. I will keep you guys posted of the weight loss I experience during my usage of LipoFuze extreme and Lipofuze PM.

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