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Fat Loss 4 Idiots: Visitor Feedback, Reviews, Testimonials

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have several Fat Loss for Idiots users send us their comments about the program, which we reviewed in full here. We include them below for your reading pleasure.

And, while these reviews are just the way we received them, they can only be viewed as anecdotal evidence—personal commentary can in no way be considered an alternative to properly performed clinical studies.

Additionally, it’s impossible to authenticate any online testimonials (including the ones presented here, of course) so keep that in mind as you review these comments. If you’d like to share your own experiences with our audience, please do so here!

I really never had a weight problem until I hit 40! I returned to school and found myself not as active, even for a single mom of 3. I gained 60 lbs in 3 months. When I tried to get the weight off, I couldn’t. I could not forgo the costly box meal and quite simple I never felt satisfied leaving me to eat foods that would only pack on the weight. When surfing the internet I stumbled upon the Fat Loss for Idiots diet.

I thought, well I’m no idiot but…. I did the diet for 6 sessions (11 days each) and lost 45 lbs. During the 2007 holidays I did not follow the program. I only gained 6 lbs.! I have returned to the progam to lose my remaining 20 lbs. I have been on the program for 9 days and have lost 8 lbs.

This diet works. You must drink the water! I do not exercise – who has the time work full-time, full-time student and single mom of 3!!

Michelle Smith (michelle.smith AT motion-ind.com) Leeds, Alabama

Today is my 11th day on the Idiot Proof Diet and as of this morning I have lost 8 pounds!!! I don’t really know how it works or why it works, but it does and that is good enough for me. I have been very strict in sticking to exactly what is on my menu. I feel that if a person who might be interested in this program is not willing to eat only what is on the menu for the day, then it may not be the program for them.

I am going to take my 3 days off, eat healthy and not ruin the great progress I have made and start back on it again for another round. I would like to loose and additional 30 pounds. I also recommend some type of exercise, I have been jumping on the mini tramp for two 15 min. sessions, anything to get the heart rate up.

Nicole (drl9er AT ctcn.net)

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My husband & I tried the diet and are on day 10. We have lost 5 kg each and we still have one day to go. We miss carbs but the results are making us review our consumption of them. I have noticed I am less congested which I am thinking points to a yeast allergy (I always ate loads of bread so it is a bonus to discover this).

We live in New Zealand and had no trouble sourcing the foods so it is an internationally friendly diet. The diet can be a bit boring but it is definitely not hard.

Kerry (cgray AT xtra.co.nz)

I’ve tried the diet off and on for about year and half now. I always lose weight on it. I always do the diet generator rather than the handbook and I still exercise. I feel way better on the diet and tend to hate my food choices on the 3 days off.

I like the guidelines it provides on the generator. I’ve done the diet so many times that I vary on the choices. Such as I’ll pick sausage links and maybe eat hot dogs instead (w/o bread of course). Or I’ll pick the banana orange smoothie just so I can eat a banana (diet doesn’t let you have them too often).

For the fruit I usually go to the store and pick what good in stock and then go home and generate my diet. Overall, I’ve found this to be the best diet for me. Tresha (tresha040876 AT yahoo.com)

My son lost over 100 lbs. on the Idiot Proof Diet. He has kept if off for over 3 years! Because of the weight loss and life style change, he was able to become involved in sports during his last couple of high school years and eventually enter the Navy.

I also lost 20 lbs. myself!

The Idiot Proof Diet is not only the best and easiest diet I was ever on, but it promoted a life style change that I still use today. I continue to eat frequent meals, drink plenty of water, eat whole foods, and never lapse back into a routine of eating the same thing over and over. I highly recommend this diet!

Kitty (Kittylee4 AT aol.com)

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My wife has been using this diet off and on for several months and it has worked extremely well for her. Now she is doing one 11 day regimen monthly to keep her weight in check. She has lost a total of 40lbs.

I have also used this diet and it has worked extremely well for me also. I lost 19 lbs. on the first 11 day cycle and have been doing one cycle per month to prevent gaining back what I lost.

BTW, the “vegetable day” is a tough one to handle, but other than that a pretty simple approach.

Beau (tat2rtist1 AT hotmail.com)

I just finished my first round and lost 12 lbs. I have about 75 to lose. It has been easy except maybe the 2nd day of nearly all fruit. The food choices are easy and it is relatively inexpensive compared to other plans. Carrie (cbaird AT me.com)

I have used the Idiot Proof Diet on and off for about 5 years now and I have never had a negative experience while on it. It helped me lose nearly 100 pounds in about a year and even helped me to keep it off.

The diet is very easy to use, gives you choices with the menu generator, and even provides a guide for eating out and maintaining your weight loss in the future. It is honestly the only diet I have ever been on that has provided results, did not leave me feeling tired or hungry, and was easy to maintain.

I recommend the Idiot Proof Diet to all my friends looking to lose weight. Jennifer

(jennifer.chura AT yahoo.com)

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As someone who doesn’t have that much weight to lose (I’m 137 lb, and want to get back to 125 lb), this is one of the few diets that has worked for me. Within maybe 1.5 sessions, I was down to 130 lb! Also, the quality of my skin looked better. Exercise during the diet was walking at a medium-tp-fast rate 15-20 min from the parking lot to my place of work, listening to my tunes on my ipod….not a terrible thing 😉

I missed alot of my junk food but found that, on the 3 days off, when I had them, they weren’t as amazing as I was expecting them to be. Still enjoyed them, but wasn’t going to die without them. Stuck to the diet religiously (got bored sometimes with nothing to snack on, so went to bed eartly-ish), and it worked!

As someone who has never had to watch what I eat before, and thus not really known what to eat to lose weight, this diet made my life easy! If you don’t mind cooking (which I don’t), the diet is probably even easier. My recommendation is to eat your second meal as your lunch, as late as possible in your work day (if you work outside the home).

This way, you can have your third meal for “supper” and your fourth meal later in the evening. This way I felt like I had food throughout the day. If I ate two meals at work….one as lunch and one as a snack, I ended up eating my 4th meal as supper, and had no scheduled food left for the day.

As I said, I got bored and went to bed. I recommend the diet for losing weight, for sure! Once reaching target weight, I’d probably switch to WeightWatcher’s points maintenance diet, though….I think is probably more healthy overall.

Deela (deelazed AT gmail.com)

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