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Hydroxycut Hardcore: User Reviews, Customer Comments & Feedback

Below you’ll find some unsolicited customer comments on Hydroxycut Hardcore. If you’d like to have your own comments featured here, please contact us with your story.

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I know everyone works differently so I’m sure there will always be conflicting reviews about anything. Yet, my experience with Hydroxycut hardcore wasn’t what I’d call pleasant.

I’d have the jitters like crazy, inability to really focus ’cause my nerves went insane. Then on my last day of the meds, which is obvious why it was my last day of taking the medication, I had an extremely high heart rate, difficulty breathing and actually nearly passed out. I had a hot pan of buiscuts in my hands too so go figure what COULD have happened.

I don’t recommend this product at all due to what it did for me, there were no benefical factors in Hydroxycut for me. But I’m sure it’s great for other people. I just figured I’d tell my little story on the product.

Katie (kestesATmailcity.com)

I was a faithful user of the initial formula Hydroxycut and was disappointed to see it discontinued. I was happy to see the Hardcore product thinking that it would be similiar to the old product. It was not the same for me as it caused a great deal of a hot-wired feeling with difficulty staying focused.

Tom (mould1947AThotmail.com)

I tried Hydroxycut Hardcore for 2 months combined with my lowfat diet and daily powerwalks and pilates.

I notice (sorry) I had increased bowel movements which were (super-sorry) purple, and a little sped-up metabolism.

I also noticed my concentration at work increased a bit.

However, I did not lose the amount of weight I expected to lose nor do I think I lost anything.

I will give it some credit that I did not gain any weight on the days I could not work out. I am 5’6″ and weigh 148lbs.

I was trying to reach my first goal weight of 135lbs. within the two months, but have now moved on to another product.

Linda (Etherial2000ATaol.com)

This product is expensive and worthless I used an entire bottle and saw not even the smallest results — no changes took place on my body and I was exercising.

The only changes that took place was that it turned my poo-poo red well those are not the results i spent all that money for!!! You can do that with food dye and come out cheaper. I would advise anyone considering investing in the pricey product save your money.

Dorian Frost (jfrosty40ATmsn.com)

I have been on hydroxycut hardcore since april 22 of 2006, it is now the middle of june and i have lost 48 lbs, all I have changed in my lifestyle is take the hydroxycut (3 PILLS) when i wake up and around 6 in the evening.

I also walk almost every night for at least an hour. Another thing is I only drink water! Nothing else and watch what I eat, low calorie, nothing after 6 in the evening.

My walks are at night before i go to sleep, this way i am tired and i feel like i have burned what ever calories i happened to take in during the day.

My initial weight was 296.6 (April 22nd) and now it is June 16 and i am at 248.8. I stack the Hydroxycut Hardcore with Tonalin CLA at night, which has dramatically helped take the weight away from my mid-section.

I am spending this time telling people how to do this because i wish that before i began my diet i had SOME kind of direction, but i didn’t. So this is a good product and i do recommend this to anyone. Im half way to my ideal weight of 191!

Anthony (AnthonyCaruso1987ATyahoo.com)

I use Hydroxycut Hardcore as a pre-workout energizer! It works great for this!

Jackie (sjackiesueATcharter.net)

I have been using Hydroxycut Hardcore for approximately 5 months. I needed something extra to get over that, “Hump” if you will, and it has been working so far.

I have lost 50 lbs. since January with majority of the weight coming off after the use of Hydroxycut Hardcore.

However, you do need to have a regular workout program in place. If you do not, do not bother using it. It does help you maintain your weight/fat loss during a break period. But do not depend solely on it. If you’re dedicated, then try the product.

KK (loprohitta66ATgmail.com)

I’ve been using this product for about 20 days and I can say, I’ve lost at least 16lbs.

How it works I don’t know — all I know is that since I started using it I can follow a low-carb, and low calorie diet without a problem, something that was impossible for me.

I should also mention that I haven’t been exercising so far. But I promise I soon will. I don’t know if the pills burn fat or not, but they take away the desire of eating every two seconds. My recomendation, create a low-carb, low-calorie diet and take the pills, along with at least 12 glasses of water per day and you’ll see the results you never expected. This product works!!

Luis (luiggi_11ATyahoo.com)

Hydroxycut Hardcore gave me a big burst of energy. My typical run went A LOT longer in the heat of Qatar, Doha.

Only problem was I got a twisted gut feeling about 30 mins into my run which meant I’d better find a restroom QUICK. And if that wasn’t enough, when I did “go” it was RED which scared me at first. Awesome pill though if you can exercise VERY close to a restroom!

Jessie (jesseka.gebrezionATeielson.af.mil)

Hydroxycut Hardcore was great the first 7 days. I only took 1 pill 2x a day. I drink one cup of coffee and 2 diet pepsi’s per day so I cut out the coffee and one pepsi.

When I increased the dosage on Monday to 2 x 2 I felt “not there.”

Monday night I felt so bad I couldn’t even enjoy a child’s cartoon show.

Tuesday i went home from work with dry heaves and I was so sick I couldn’t function.

I had read that the side effects included nausea but didn’t think it would affect me. I had taken the original Hydroxycut about 6 years ago w/great results. This stuff will mess you up. I am going to return it.

Also, some other side effects i read about include red “poo.” I did not take the product long enough to test this!!

Absolutely start w/the minimum dose of this product and try to up it on a friday or saturday to make sure you have a day to determine the effects on your system.

Tina (medusa512ATmsn.com)

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  1. I using hydroxycut hardcore from last 2 months but my weight n body shape z same no changes even m doing hard dieting n workout having lots of water but still not working now i dont know how to trust any other fat burner i really want to loose, ;(

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  2. Hi just got my first tub of hydroxycut hardcore .. it was recommended to take 1 tablet twice a day to start but because i am so impatient i started off with 2 twice a day. I have felt a bit like i had taken some kind of amphetamine little restless and a noticeable increase in energy levels (which i really quite like ) i have no scales so haven’t taken a start weight so just judging on how my clothes fit . i have noticed a slight decrease in appetite but over all have maintained a good attitude towards food.
    I have experienced a few headaches since taking the pills but nothing that bad , also i dont think taking them too close to bed time is a great idea as i have found it harder than normal to get to sleep on the occassions i have.
    i will keep you updated on my progress got a good feeling about these tho :o)

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  3. What will happen if I only took 2x pills a day? It has been 2weeks since i started Hydroxycut Next Gen and i still take 2x pills a day.. I missed to check that i have to take 4x pills a day after 7days and beyond. Will i still lose weight? Need answers

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    • Jo, double the dose means double the ingredients, which increases the likelihood that you’re consuming critical ingredients at their proper dosage. Will you lose weight? It’s really hard to say – the product might be more effective, but your results are still largely dependent on diet and exercise.

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