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Hugo Rivera Body Re-Engineering Program Reviewed!

Those of you familiar with Hugo Rivera — pro level natural body builder, best selling fitness author, engineer, Labrada Nutrition spokesperson and weight loss specialist — will probably not be surprised to hear that his publication “Body Re-Engineering” is exactly what it claims to be…

“The Ultimate Manual for the Ultimate Physique.”

That also means that if you’re not serious, passionate and extremely dedicated to building a world-class physique without the use of performance-enhancing drugs…

… there’s no point in reading any further.

I should note, however, that although the strategies outlined in this book are specifically designed for male and female body builders, you can use it to “lose weight” and achieve a “toned” physique by implementing the series of tips outlined on page 10 (the biggest change is cutting the number of workouts down from 6 to 3).

According to Hugo, this should enable you to gain between 5-10 lbs. of lean muscle while losing enough fat to maintain a body fat percentage of 10-12% for men, and 12-15% for women.

I imagine that will be results ‘o plenty for most people! 😉

Hugo begins the program by dispelling 5 popular body building myths, and then follows that with his 10 commandments for achieving success. After that he reveals his formula for success…

S=D X (T + N + R)

(Very briefly: S stands for Success, D is for Determination, T is for Training, N is for Nutrition, and R is for Rest. Each variable can have only one of two values — 1 or 0. If you follow all aspects of the program, the maximum score you can attain is 3. I’ll leave it to Hugo to explain things further).

Chapter 2 begins by outlining the rules for gleaning the maximum growth from the program…

  • Weight training sessions can last no longer than 75 minutes
  • Rest intervals must not exceed 60-90 seconds
  • Sets should be between 5-7 or 8-12 reps
  • Training must be progressive
  • Training must be varied
  • Training must consist of basic freeweight exercises

After this, and a basic description of the exercises you’ll be performing, Hugo takes us right to the training. The first program is for those of you who do not have much experience with weight lifting — a “pre-conditioning” routine Hugo recommends so “newbies” will get the most from the intense “pro” level workout which is presented next.

Mostly, the “beginner” routine is a fairly intense variation of modified compound supersets, supersets, and giant sets (used very sparingly).

The training is broken down into 5 4-week cycles, the details of each one is clearly presented so there’s no confusion as to what it is you must accomplish.

Ready to move on to the advanced routine?

It’s constructed to focus on strong variation between exercises, volume, intensity, and rest periods. This program is divided into two three week long phases and one single week phase which will be repeated over and over.

Phase 1: The “loading” phase. Focuses on high volume exercises with short rest periods. This will increase GH output, stimulate muscle hypertrophy, and increase the body’s recuperation abilities.

Phase 2: The “growth” phase. In this phase, you’re lifting heavier weights, and taking longer breaks between your exercises. In this phase, it’s the heavy weight that is stimulating the body, not the volume of training. Testosterone levels are boosted and help with additional muscle building.

Phase 3: The “active recovery” phase of the program only lasts a single week. In this phase you only train with weights twice, on a full body routine.

After this, you return to Phase 1 and repeat the process, except you train with different exercises. And don’t worry; you don’t need to figure this out on your own — a full 21-week program is completely laid out in the Body Re-Engineering manual. Every exercise and the number of sets/reps and accompanying rest periods is fully outlined.

And Hugo doesn’t leave things there. At this point, he embarks on a discussion about modifying the routine based on body type (mesomorph, ectomorph, etc), options on the frequency of training, overtraining, and so on.

Next, Hugo discusses nutrition. No real surprises here. The focus is on smaller meals spaced throughout the day (to elevate the metabolism) built on the correct ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

The exact ratio will vary depending on your body type (mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph) as well as the total caloric value of your day’s food intake. You’ll also be able to use caloric cycling to help achieve your goals (eg, “gain muscle mass without increasing body fat”), and Hugo demonstrates how to do that as well. Food tables are also included to make life easier.

Hugo prefers whole food meals rather than meal replacements and shakes (although shakes are acceptable in a pinch) as whole food meals have a greater thermogenic effect and will lead to better results. You must eat at least two “real” meals per day.

Hugo’s “Body Re-Engineering” program includes membership in an online site which includes a ton of goodies. These include a nutrition log, exercise charts, sample diets, and of course, a great forum — where you can chat with Hugo yourself!

Of course, no publication on building a fantastic physique is complete without a discussion on supplements, so it’s no surprise that they are here as well. Heck, it’s all discussed… rest and recovery, set extension techniques, eating on the run… it’s all here!

Aesthetically, Body Re-Engineering is a well written, professionally formatted and edited, attractive PDF document. It’s easy to read on the computer, or you can always print and enjoy from the comfort of your favorite easy-chair.

Bottom line on the “Body Re-Engineering” program?

Intense and intelligent, this is a smart program put together by a respected guy who “walks the walk and talks the talk.” I have no qualms about recommending this program… and I have no doubts that should you follow it, you will achieve great results!

Click here to learn more about Hugo Rivera’s Body Re-Engineering program!

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