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Homemade Supplement Secrets: Make Your Own Supplements!

Learn the deceptive, underhanded secrets of the giant supplement companies, save money, and make your own homemade versions of the most popular fat burners and body building supplements on the planet… all at the same time?

Sounds a little too good to be true, right?

Wrong. As you’ll find out in a moment, Homemade Supplement Secrets is a relative rarity among publications… in that it delivers exactly what it promises. In fact, I’d say it OVER delivers on its promises. With that said however, inquiring minds want to know…

What will you find within the virtual covers of Jeff Anderson’s Homemade Supplement Secrets?

Well, this is a lot more than a simple recipe book, that’s for darn sure. The publication begins with a thorough discussion of supplements — including a fantastic chapter (chapter 3, in case you’re wondering) that outlines the various legal guidelines companies must follow when making product claims. Why is this so interesting? Well, it gives you a great perspective on how it easy it is for companies to manipulate the rules to their own advantage, and make claims that have no scientific validation.

Chapter 4 covers the “Top 10 Deceptive Marketing Strategies” used by supplement retailers. Many of these I’ve discussed in different product reviews on this site, but it’s nice to see the whole gamut of scummy tactics all presented clearly and in depth here in Jeff’s publication.

Chapter 5 provides you with the tools to differentiate between valid claims made by ethical, credible manufacturers, and ridiculous, bogus claims made by scam artists. This chapter alone is invaluable as it reduces the chance you’ll fall for deceptive marketing tactics in the future.

Chapter 6 covers everything you need to get started with your own home-based supplement lab, including where to source gel capsules, capsule fillers and so on (you don’t really need much to get started, so don’t be intimidated by the thought of making your own supplements. The basic tools are relatively inexpensive as well).

From chapter 7 onwards, we get right to the root of the publication, with Jeff analyzing the top three products in each of the following supplement categories…

  • energy/pre workout aids
  • mass gainers
  • muscle builders
  • fat burners (covers Lipo 6, VPX Redline liqui-caps, and Hydroxycut Hardcore)
  • sports performance
  • post-workout recovery
  • nitric oxide enhancers
  • hormone boosters

… as well as showing you how to create your own potent, yet significantly cheaper version of the product. For instance, according to Jeff, a 30-day supply of Hydroxycut Hardcore will cost you around $80. Your own “knock-off” version will cost a mere $5!

And, as indicated by the extensive list above, that’s a mere sampling of the savings as well as the products covered in this publication. You can make your own homemade, low cost versions of many of your favorite supplements quite easily. (Into nitric oxide or “pump” products? Not surprising, as they are so popular at the moment. Jeff covers BSN’s NO-Xplode, MRI’s NO2, and MHP’s Anadrox).

Best of all, Jeff dissects the formula of each product he covers, so you’ll get a complete breakdown of each of the ingredients included and a through overview of its effectiveness (or lack thereof, as the circumstances merit!).

Aesthetically, Homemade Supplement Secrets is a well written, professionally formatted and edited Adobe PDF file. It’s easy to read on the computer screen, with plenty of colorful illustrations and white space to break things up. Of course, you’re always welcome to print and read this publication from the comfort of your favorite easy chair, should reading on a computer monitor not appeal to you.

Bottom line?

It’s seldom that I find a publication that excites me as much as this one does — one that educates, dissects and analyzes the formulas of the top body building and fat loss products, and provides you with alternative formulas to create and manufacture low-cost versions of your own.

The included bonus files show you exactly where to source the raw materials you need to create everything in the publication. One bonus file covers effective supplement stacking and cycling as well as a list of “star” supplements. You’ll also get a nice fat bonus file on how to boost your testosterone levels naturally… without drugs or anabolic steroids.

My recommendation?

Even without the “recipes”, Homemade Supplement Secrets provides enough “informational” value to be worthwhile to just about any visitor to this web site. If you’re only into the “recipes”, then this publication definitely provides more value to the performance athlete or body builder — as all 7 categories of supplements will be of interest to you.

For those looking for an alternative to high cost fat burners — Jeff provides recipes for three top sellers in his book — Lipo 6, Hydroxycut Hardcore, and Redline Liqui-caps. Despite there only being three weight loss products covered, those of you interested in fat burners will still find it’s a great bargain — the information covered in the first 6 chapters is priceless for anyone in the marketplace!

And of course, this product is fulfilled by ClickBank, the largest and most trusted digital retailer in the world, and it is backed by a money back guarantee. That means you assume very little financial risk should you decide to experiment with this publication, which I highly recommend you do!

Homemade Supplements Secrets is a great read and well worth the money, especially if you’re looking to make your own fat burner (or body building) supplements!

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Author: Paul

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